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Viagra fun It feels like the Mets are in a holding pattern as is the fan base and yours truly as we wait for the spike show to drop a/k/a the trade of Carlos Beltran.

Viagra fun It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how much teams with post season aspirations are willing to pay and by pay I mean with a top notch prospect. Viagra fun Sandy Alderson has made it known that he will cover the Beltran nut for the remainder of his contract but he must have one of your finest farm hands in return.

Viagra fun So, viagra fun how bad do the Giants need Beltran’s bat to repeat as World Champions? How much will Theo Epstein pay to add a solid bat and right fielder to put the fear of ash into the American League? How about the Phuck Phaces? I have no problem dealing with the enemy but I doubt they have the prospect we need to deal. Viagra fun Step right up those who feel they can make a run at the World’s Championship but be prepared to pay the freight as Sandy Alderson means business.

Viagra fun If I had my druthers, viagra fun I’d love to see Beltran go to the Old Towne Team and contribute to another post season and with any luck a World Series championship.  He deserves it.

Viagra fun Terry Collins passed his first test early in the season getting the Mets off the matt after a 5-13 start to go 42-35 after that with a team, viagra fun the main stream media ridiculed as less than major league quality. Viagra fun Collins went from a question mark choice as manager to a Manager of the Year candidate. Viagra fun The final exam for Collins and his new found leadership qualities will come as soon as Beltran is sent away.

Viagra fun As we of the Blue and Orange persuasion know too well, viagra fun in prior seasons, viagra fun poorly managed Mets teams would lay down and died in the second half of seasons. Viagra fun This was due to the Laissez-Faire attitude of the previous field bosses. Viagra fun  How Collins gets this Mets team to finish will be what Mets fans will remember most of this season. Viagra fun I don’t mean wins and losses I’m talking about giving 100 % busting ass to win games. Viagra fun If this team continues to play like it has with passion and determination it has all season then we’ll know the “same ol’ Mets” are no more.

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Viagra pfizer God almighty I’m so sick and tired of this and it seems I’m not the only one. Viagra pfizer Bob Ojeda it seems took an ax and gave Jerry Manuel 40 whacks. Viagra pfizer The night before when asked about the Toxic Ollie situation, viagra pfizer Ojeda gave a great reply by saying he fought through three work stoppages to get guys like Ollie Perez the right to make a decision to either go to the minors or not because of tenure. Viagra pfizer Ojeda then said that he will keep his opinion on what Ollie is doing to himself which to me says while he defends OP’s deciosn to invoke his refusal to go to Buffalo, viagra pfizer he would love to ring his neck for being a selfish prick.

Viagra pfizer Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest has a post about the Mets players not taking losing personally and how they get this from the manager and management, viagra pfizer here is my comment that I posted on Mike’s site:

Viagra pfizer  The players are taking their queue from management as the owner has not countered the claims that the team has money trouble. Viagra pfizer When players see Ollie Perez come back just as bad as when he left and know the only reason he’s here is the money he’s due. Viagra pfizer Same with Castillo. Viagra pfizer Now the team has 3 catchers on the roster as no one will pull the plug on Rod Barajas with either a trade or his release. Viagra pfizer Same with Jeff Francouer. Viagra pfizer Then you have Alex Cora who for all his “leadership” qualities produces next to nothing on the field.

Viagra pfizer Same reason Jerry Manuel still has a job the Wilpons would rather lose and pay a manager than try to win with a new manager while paying his replacement.

Viagra pfizer  The fans are on to this con set by the Wilpon’s no wonder they were friends with someone like Bernie Maddoff.

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Viagra pfizer Even when this team wins, viagra pfizer we don’t enjoy it as Mets fans are preoccupied with the awful in game moves by Jerry Manuel. Viagra pfizer Now it seems he is losing the clubhouse, viagra pfizer especially after Grandstand Cora took Mike Pelfrey to task for his jovial behavior in the clubhouse. Viagra pfizer That should be the managers’ job in fact why not just make Grandstand the bench player/manager since he so full of piss and vinegar? The guy should do something to earn his $2mil a year than to just be a grouch. Viagra pfizer Oh and speaking of Grandstand Cora, viagra pfizer it seems as per Kevin Kernan that Johan Santana and Frankie Rodriguez were sharing a smile as well in the clubhouse but Grandstand Cora must have had his hearing aid off:

Viagra pfizer After Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, viagra pfizer Rodriguez and Johan Santana were seen laughing in a corner of the clubhouse. Viagra pfizer A few minutes later Mike Pelfrey was joking with a group of reporters. Viagra pfizer Alex Cora yelled in the direction of Pelfrey’s locker and reporters to “show some respect.”

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Viagra pfizer I just want the Skill Sets to be honest with us about whether or not they have the coin to compete for big ticket items. Viagra pfizer If they can’t, viagra pfizer it’s no disgrace; in fact it may be to the Mets advantage. Viagra pfizer Just think, viagra pfizer how happy was the fan base when we saw the home grown infield this season? How great is it to watch Ike Davis and Jon Niese and Josh Thole?  The franchise is 323 games BELOW .500 since its inception so losing is not a deterrent for Mets fans but indifference; lack of a plan and deceit from ownership will not be tolerated. Viagra pfizer So com’on Skill Sets free your conscience, viagra pfizer the truth shall set you free.      

Viagra pfizer So now what, viagra pfizer well there are reports today that the Mets are looking to move Jeff Francouer. Viagra pfizer That’s a good start. Viagra pfizer Next should be sending Rod Barajas somewhere and letting Josh Thole catch when RA Dickey, viagra pfizer Jon Niese and who ever the fifth starter is and then give Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey to Henry Blanco. Viagra pfizer Let Chris Carter be the 4th outfielder, viagra pfizer I know his arm is atrocious but his bat is wasting away on the bench. Viagra pfizer I love defense but I’m willing to sacrifice some of it for offense. Viagra pfizer Then it’s time for the obvious move, viagra pfizer relieve Jerry Manuel of his position as manager. Viagra pfizer It doesn’t make sense to bring in a big name manager right now, viagra pfizer give the job to Ken Oberkfell or Tim Teufel as interim managers but if Omar Minaya is more than a figurehead he needs to go into the clubhouse along with Jeffey Skill Sets and let the team know it’s time for a change and jobs are on the line no matter what kind of contract you have. Viagra pfizer      

Viagra pfizer Awwwww who am I kidding this will never happen, viagra pfizer I’m so fucking delusional, viagra pfizer   forget that motto of Prevention and Recovery that real motto of the New York Mets is “Same Shit, viagra pfizer Different Day”

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The starting pitching sucks except of the Almighty Johan. Generic viagra uk supplies The starting eight are as timid as a bunch of pussy cats. Generic viagra uk supplies The bench players don’t really fit. Generic viagra uk supplies The new ballpark doesn’t feel like home yet and the fan base is slowly slipping into “don’t give a fuck” mode so what are the Mets contemplating to wake up this dead team? Fire the coaching staff. Generic viagra uk supplies UGHHHHHHHH!


What do the coaches have to do with any of this? It’s the old chicken shit/chicken salad refrain as much as I’ve backed Omar Minaya and still think he has done some good here if this were The Apprentice board room and I’m Donald Trump I might have to say:


 “Omar, generic viagra uk supplies you know you’re a great guy and you’ve done some really, generic viagra uk supplies really good work here. Generic viagra uk supplies You’ve built up the farm system and for the most part your deals and signing have been terrific but the bottom line is this team is broken and some of the parts have been here too long and there is not sense of urgency when times are tough as there are no real alternatives for the problem areas, generic viagra uk supplies. Generic viagra uk supplies The fans are looking for some one to show some leadership qualities and telling them it’s early and at the end of the day it will work out just doesn’t cut it here anymore. Generic viagra uk supplies Omar you know I love you and you’re a great great guy but you’re the GM and the team you are in charge hasn’t shown it is making any progess, generic viagra uk supplies   so Omar as much as I hate to do this I have to say, generic viagra uk supplies YOU’RE FIRED”


Maybe all you Omar haters are right maybe it’s time for a new voice in this organization but who? Who would you bring in to run the Mets? Is it too early to think this way? Not really. Generic viagra uk supplies This isn’t a three week knee jerk reaction here this is a two year and three week reaction as the Mets we see today are the same listless, generic viagra uk supplies uninspired lot the we lived with in September 2007 and September 2008.


Omar fired Willie Randolph and hired Jerry Manuel. Generic viagra uk supplies I get a strong feeling that Omar and Manuel are not on the same page as far as personnel goes but they’re not even reading the same book. Generic viagra uk supplies  Manuel for the most part has played the loyal employee but as the losses pile up and the bad pitching and listless play in the field mount up it won’t be long before J-Man goes Gangsta’ on the front office. Generic viagra uk supplies What are they going to do fire him? HA!


Sure it would send a message to send Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey down to Buffalo (down to Buffalo? That makes no sense unless you’re Canadian) and moving Wright to the 5 hole is a start and I know we are not to take David Wright’s name in vain but maybe he needs to be in a less pressurized spot in the order so as to get max performance out of him? This team is very hard to figure out some days they play with passion but most days they’re as limp as overcooked linguini. Generic viagra uk supplies It doesn’t seem like the manager is getting much help from the front office so he may have to take matters into his own hands. Generic viagra uk supplies We are seeing some signs of that by his calling for an eighth reliever due to the incompetence of the rotation and the fact that he announced yesterday that both Gary Sheffield and Fernando Tatis will play tonight, generic viagra uk supplies meaning that Murphy and Church take a seat which is stunning to me. Generic viagra uk supplies But I think this J-Man exposing the flaws of the roster he was given as he tires to mix and match a lineup.


When Gary Sheffield was signed I was for it as low risk move that could pay off well it’s not paying off and after further review Sheffield really doesn’t fit with the Mets. Generic viagra uk supplies If Omar demotes Jeremy Reed in order to bring in the eighth reliever and doesn’t release Sheffield that would be a travesty. Generic viagra uk supplies

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The one bright spot in Daniel Murphy’s error yesterday was it verified my rant to every Little Leaguer I’ve ever coached “CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!


Murphy the outfielder is a work in progress and if you just read the headline you’d think Johan Santana was looking to jack up Murphy for costing him and the Mets a win but after you read the quotes, buy levitra viagra Santana came off showing leadership qualities instead of being a finger pointer:


 “It’s one mistake that he made. Buy levitra viagra It cost us the whole ballgame, buy levitra viagra but its part of the game, buy levitra viagra” Santana said of Murphy’s gaffe. Buy levitra viagra “I know he’s in a learning process. Buy levitra viagra This is not going to be the first time. Buy levitra viagra I don’t think it’s going to be the last one, buy levitra viagra either. Buy levitra viagra The only thing is we learn from our mistakes. Buy levitra viagra That’s all I can say. Buy levitra viagra I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.”


“We cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes, buy levitra viagra” he continued. Buy levitra viagra “We were out by one game last year. Buy levitra viagra Every game is very important. Buy levitra viagra We have to do the routine plays, buy levitra viagra and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.”


I have no problem with want Santana said as it’s true. Buy levitra viagra Its basic baseball, buy levitra viagra don’t give the opposition more than 3 outs. Buy levitra viagra When you do, buy levitra viagra you lose and Murphy’s error was negligence. Buy levitra viagra I still love you Danny Boy but next time “TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you get the feeling that if J-Man could have one wish it would be to have someone other than Gimp Castillo playing 2nd base?


How about this, buy levitra viagra on this day in 1962 the New York Mets had their inaugural home opener at the Polo Grounds losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3. Buy levitra viagra The “crowd” that day was 12, buy levitra viagra 447 which will be the same amount standing in the cue at the Shake Shack concession stand tonight at the Grand Opening of $iti Field.


Wouldn’t have been a nice idea to incorporate the first ever home game for the Mets with the first game at the Shea and $iti? You could introduce the starting lineups from each Mets team (or a surviving member of the players family) and how about this, buy levitra viagra Shea opened on April 17th 1964 also against the Pirates and the Pirates won that one 4-3 as well. Buy levitra viagra If MLB had used their heads and made the Pirates the Mets opponent in this first series then maybe Opening Day at $iti would have been in the day time?


Check out Adam Rubin’s Mets-Padres preview and to all you are headed to $ti tonight, buy levitra viagra ENJOY!!!!!!!  






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