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Viagra in canada pfizer Bob Melvin is sure sounding like a guy who will be gainfully employed as Mets manager :

Viagra in canada pfizer Bob Melvin, viagra in canada pfizer in his own understated way, viagra in canada pfizer wants to open the door to the Mets’ clubhouse and give players a swift kick in the pants.

Viagra in canada pfizer “It’s not a talent problem, viagra in canada pfizer” Melvin said yesterday after his second interview with Mets officials for the team’s managerial opening. Viagra in canada pfizer “It’s the mindset. Viagra in canada pfizer Get back to the confident mindset this team needs to win and compete in that division.”

Viagra in canada pfizer “I don’t look at it as a rebuilding process, viagra in canada pfizer” he said. Viagra in canada pfizer “I look at it as we have the pieces with this club to compete, viagra in canada pfizer I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Viagra in canada pfizer Certainly with the payroll this team has, viagra in canada pfizer it gives you the resources to compete every year. Viagra in canada pfizer It’s just getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.”

Viagra in canada pfizer I have to agree 100% with Melvin on this. Viagra in canada pfizer I thought Jerry Manuel’ biggest downfall was his lack of leadership and his inability to motivate his players. Viagra in canada pfizer  I’m not talking Knute Rockne “RAH-RAH-RAH WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER” motivation but the ability to put the right people in the right situation to have them succeed. Viagra in canada pfizer  The Mets were always a three game losing streak from turning tail and retreating, viagra in canada pfizer and that’s on the manger. Viagra in canada pfizer  You never got the impression there was any sense of urgency with Manuel, viagra in canada pfizer who loved to say “there’s a lot of baseball left” when the team was floundering. Viagra in canada pfizer “There’s a lot of baseball left”, viagra in canada pfizer is baseball speak for “I’ve got no clue on how to right this team” and that’s the mindset that Sandy Alderson was brought in to change.

Viagra in canada pfizer Getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.” The two words that stand out to me in that quote are direction and healthy. Viagra in canada pfizer The biggest problem the last front office regime had was a lack of organizational direction. Viagra in canada pfizer Omar talked “pitching, viagra in canada pfizer defense and athleticism” but never went out and traded, viagra in canada pfizer signed or drafted with that mindset. Viagra in canada pfizer There was no organizational structure in the minor league system and First Year Entry Draft would have been better served by using copies of Baseball America to draft players, viagra in canada pfizer but that way of doing business is over.

Viagra in canada pfizer I feel there is a large segment of Mets fans that would bitch and moan even if John McGraw, viagra in canada pfizer Branch Rickey and Ed Barrow were all reincarnated and brought into the Mets organization. Viagra in canada pfizer You want to get me excited over a manager? Then name Christina Hendricks the Mets field boss (WHOA!!!!!!!! Is it hot in here or is it Christina???????????)

Viagra in canada pfizer The foundation of the Mets organization has a huge crack in it and the basement has very bad water damage until the farm system and mindset of how the Mets do business gets fixed and back on solid ground, viagra in canada pfizer it doesn’t matter who sits in the manager’s office. Viagra in canada pfizer   If it sounds like I’m drinking the Sandy Alderson Kool –Aid, viagra in canada pfizer you’re damn right I am, viagra in canada pfizer the man has a proven track record of building a strong foundation he’s Tom Silva and Norm Abram all in one package. Viagra in canada pfizer So Mets fans give the man a little room to operate and if Wally Backman is not named manager then buy this DVD and get over it.

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