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Viagra pfizer online I want to thank Jerry Manuel and David Wright for throwing me under the bus last night. Viagra pfizer online Yesterday I posted on NYB Blogs telling Mets fans to relax and not give up on this team and especially on Wright who I defended big time. Viagra pfizer online So how do they repay me?

Viagra pfizer online Well J-Man had a managerial night that makes you wonder just how long he has as the leader of the Mets. Viagra pfizer online It’s one thing to be hard headed and not see the experiment to bat Jose Reyes third in the lineup is an out and out failure, viagra pfizer online but then to have him bunt in the 9th inning with Luis Castillo the go ahead run on 2nd base was just stupid baseball. Viagra pfizer online If you put Reyes in that spot in the order, viagra pfizer online you’re saying you have total faith in him as a hitter as the 3 hitter is usually the teams’ best hitter. Viagra pfizer online So why would you make Reyes bunt in an obvious RBI situation. Viagra pfizer online Reyes barely can bunt for a base hit never mind a sac bunt but also what message are you sending him? I’m batting you 3 but I don’t have faith in you to get a big hit, viagra pfizer online just move Castillo to third and let someone else get the job done.

Viagra pfizer online Wright didn’t help me either with his two K’s, viagra pfizer online the biggest one in the 9th inning. Viagra pfizer online Maybe I’m just not seeing or maybe I don’t want to see the decline in David Wright but when I look at his digits they are right there with all the league leaders but it just seems like the big spot is a tough spot for DW. Viagra pfizer online I’m not jumping ship though, viagra pfizer online I’m still loyal to D-Wright      

Viagra pfizer online Manuel said in his post game presser that he’s thinking of making some lineup changes, viagra pfizer online gee ya think Jerry? It seems the only one who favors Reyes in the 3 spot is Manuel. Viagra pfizer online As Ralph Kiner said the other day, viagra pfizer online Reyes belongs as a leadoff man. Viagra pfizer online When Gary Cohen asked who should bat third, viagra pfizer online Kiner replied “The Mets don’t have a 3 hitter” He’s 100 % right. Viagra pfizer online The Mets 3 hitter is jogging in St Lonesome. Viagra pfizer online They have a leadoff hitter but he bats third. Viagra pfizer online If Manuel doesn’t bat Reyes leadoff tonight and bench Frenchy for The Animal then he’s just telling Mets fans and management he wants to be fired.   

Viagra pfizer online I didn’t watch all of this game as I spent most of my evening watching the Boston Celtics send LeBron James and the Cavs packing (more on that in a minute) but couldn’t Manuel have given Johan Santana another inning of work? I know he batted second in the top of the 8th but he seemed to be pitching his best game of the season and was far from tired (just 98 pitches) and even though Fernando Nieve got a DP to get out the 8th how many days can Manuel go to him or Feliciano or Takahashi? Those three have become everyday players.

Viagra pfizer online I still stand by my the Mets are still in this stance but I’m starting to feel a shake up in the mangers office needs to be made. Viagra pfizer online The Royals, viagra pfizer online who are going no where, viagra pfizer online fired Trey Hillman so you would think a team that is in a playoff hunt should be looking around as well. Viagra pfizer online Something is missing here. Viagra pfizer online When the team is 0-6 in rubber games of series and the same stale lineup gets trotted out there every day and the bullpen is getting run into the ground, viagra pfizer online maybe the Mets have reached that fork in the road and as Yogi said “when you get to the fork in the road, viagra pfizer online take it” It may be time to stick the fork in Jerry Manuel.

Viagra pfizer online A big tip of my Celtics cap to Bill Simmons who started a Celtics Chant account on Twitter which got that “NEW YORK KNICKS” chant going at the TD Garden was the best fan participation since the days of the C’s fans telling the 76 ers in 1982 Conference Final to “Beat LA”. Viagra pfizer online Get ready Knicks fans the LeBron era is coming.

Viagra pfizer online To all the Celtic haters on Twitter who right after the C’s beat the Cavs were crowing that the Celtics will be buried by the Magic. Viagra pfizer online First you all can kiss my green, viagra pfizer online white and 17 NBA Champiosnship banner ass. Viagra pfizer online The Celtics have done what we all say can’t be done in sports, viagra pfizer online they turn the on switch on when the playoffs started and now are in full UBUNTU mode.

Viagra pfizer online Metsradamus has what is now the Post of The Year dealing with that fell off the turnip truck turd, viagra pfizer online Cholly Manuel who has dragged the Mets into this sign stealing brouhaha with the Colorado Rockies, viagra pfizer online Metstradamus also reflects on the Skill Sets looking to by the Fishsticks and moved them to the brand new Chop Shop Arena. Viagra pfizer online Not only does Metstradamus invoke the New York Amerks but when was the last time you heard about Newsy Lalonde?

Viagra pfizer online So all of a sudden the Skill Sets are flush with cash that they can talk about buying the Fishsticks and build a new arena in Queens but the can’t release Oliver Perez and eat his deal.

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