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Drug viagra I don’t get all the hub-bub over naming David Wright the Captain of the New York Mets. Drug viagra Who amongst players, drug viagra fans and media hasn’t grasped that Wright is the Face of the Franchise? Is there anyone who follows the Mets not know who the go to guy is on this club?

Drug viagra In hockey and football the naming of captains are for the sole purpose of having a designated player act as a liaison  between the bench and the officials, drug viagra this is especially true in hockey where only the captain or one the assistant captains are the players a referee or linesman go to with an explanation  or a warning. Drug viagra That’s why the hockey captains wear the “C” and the assistant captains were the “A”. Drug viagra In football there is a captain for offense, drug viagra defense and special teams for basically the same reason they have them in hockey. Drug viagra The referee will consult with the captain on acceptance of penalties or a question on spotting the ball at line of scrimmage or to relay a message from the sideline by the head coach, drug viagra so again the designation of wearing the “C” on the uniform is needed. Drug viagra But when it comes to baseball, drug viagra wearing a captains “C” is just plain tacky.

Drug viagra When a baseball umpire needs to give an explanation on a rule or a call, drug viagra he summons the team’s manager to the field for consultation. Drug viagra Now a player of stature like Wright, drug viagra may get more leeway with an umpire that and average player but majority of the time when something needs to be explained the umpire is going right to the man in charge, drug viagra the manager.

Drug viagra I have no problems with the Mets naming Wright the Captain of the team, drug viagra it seems with so many young players ready to join the big league squad there is a bit of collegiate feel around the club so having that veteran designated to be their sounding board or the guy to show them the right way to handle big league life, drug viagra there is no better man for the job than David Wright.

Drug viagra Wright is the perfect example of the rah-rah cheerleader type of leader is vastly overrated. Drug viagra Wright surely leads by example with the way he handles himself on and off the field. Drug viagra Wright has always been one of the first to report to spring training and the last to leave the St. Drug viagra Lonesome complex. Drug viagra He is always available to the media win or lose and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the organization as at more charity and fan events with class and dignity like Wright has.

Drug viagra So if Terry Collins wants to name Wright the Captain of the team go right ahead but it’s just a mere formality everyone knows who is the team leader now and for the next 8 seasons at least, drug viagra it’s David Wright. Drug viagra Just don’t put that tacky “C” on his jersey

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