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Viagra collection service

Viagra collection service I was going to take a break from blogging today but a few items of interest have given me the urge to vent, viagra collection service so a venting we will go:

Viagra collection service Johan Santana either hurt his right pectoral muscle or his shoulder or he broke a finger nail or his left arm was amputated from just above his elbow. Viagra collection service Take your pick because no one knows for sure especially the manager who has trouble decipher the difference between a pec muscle and a shoulder.

Viagra collection service So let me see if I have this right, viagra collection service you can criticize the President of the U.S., viagra collection service the Pope, viagra collection service Muslims building a community center in Manhattan, viagra collection service the NYC Transit System and your In-Laws but you can’t criticize Jeff Francoeur and his inability to hit a baseball with any authority or the fact that his nice smile and balls to the wall hustle might be a façade as when his playing time was cut due to lack of production he had his agent go crying to management that he wanted out. Viagra collection service You know what, viagra collection service sometimes you Mets fan get want you deserve, viagra collection service a losing team and incompetent management.

Viagra collection service Yesterday Wally Backman met with Jeffey Skill Sets on Coney Island. Viagra collection service Today and tomorrow Wally gets to see me at MCU Park ( I’d love to meet with him in fact I’d take him over to Gargulio’s for a little escarole and beans and scungilli my treat) It seems Wally was a little taken aback when asked if Jeffey offered him the Mets managers job while visiting the Cyclones chief. Viagra collection service Yeah I’m sure you two talked about the carpets and drapes.

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Indian viagra We have not had much to be happy about around here in awhile and believe me I want to dance a jig in a blue and orange kilt but I have to step back a bit and look over this week of prosperity and critique it just a bit.

Indian viagra The play of the game last night was in the top of the 4th inning, indian viagra when Ollie Perez was imploding on the mound, indian viagra and Jerry Manuel bolted out of the dugout and raised his left arm like he was hailing a cab to take OP to LaGuardia to get on a Delta Shuttle flight to Buffalo. Indian viagra The only thing missing was Manuel having a packed suitcase and plane ticket in his right hand. Indian viagra After the game, indian viagra Manuel talked how Perez will make his next start but with Perez and today’s starter John Maine being ineffective, indian viagra I’m sure Manuel is singing a different tune to Omar.

Indian viagra I know if I were the manager, indian viagra I’d let the GM know, indian viagra “if you don’t find me another starting pitcher, indian viagra then get used to seeing me with a Grand Marshall sash across my uniform as I lead a parade of relievers to the mound” in fact if John Maine starts sucking in the 3rd inning of today’s game, indian viagra I hope J-Man comes out again with his arm held high.  Omar has a choice, indian viagra let the manager run the bullpen into the ground or find a starter (Dillon Gee) in the bushes or make a trade for an at least league average starting pitcher.

Indian viagra I’ve never been a big fan of St. Indian viagra Joseph of Torre but watching him in the Dodger dugout last night, indian viagra I felt sorry for him. Indian viagra With the towel around his neck and that slow gait of his, indian viagra he looks like a guy at the end of the line and between the McCourt divorce and the poor play of his team, indian viagra by July Torre could be ready to hand over the reigns of the team to Don Mattingly.

Indian viagra I’m not going to link to the story but if Ken Rosenthal has nothing else to write about  when it comes to the Mets but bat shit crazy Tony Bernazard, indian viagra  then maybe it’s time Rosenthal thought about another line of work.

Indian viagra Toby Hyde has a great write up on the Mets minor league teams from last night. Indian viagra Two things stand out, indian viagra Dillon Gee got roughed up for the first time this year and Fernando Martinez did not play as he has a strained back. Indian viagra One injury F-Mart will never get is a groin strain as the kid has no balls.

Indian viagra I don’t want to piss in the punch but I think a little bit of Angel Pagan is good, indian viagra a lot of Angel Pagan ? Not so good. Indian viagra Problem is the alternative, indian viagra GMJ, indian viagra shouldn’t even be in the big leagues. Indian viagra Free Chris Carter.

Indian viagra Almost game time, indian viagra better man up today John Maine!!!!!!

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Picture viagra pill The 7th, picture viagra pill 8th and 9th innings were supposed to be a strength due to the new and improved bullpen for the Mets this season and in April and May it was but now due to injury to John Maine and Ollie Perez and the ineffectiveness of any pitcher not named Santana or Nieve the bullpen specifically Bobby Parnell is near exhaustion and it’s only June.

Picture viagra pill It’s good to see the light bulb go off over Jerry Manuel’ head as he finally realized what all Mets fans have that he is burning out Parnell and Pedro Feliciano. Picture viagra pill The cool and groovy demeanor of J-Man is also starting to wear as well as someone needs to put a foot in ass of Big Pelf. Picture viagra pill I love Big Pelf and I want him to succeed to the highest level but he starting to become as unfocused in his starts as Ollie P.

Picture viagra pill His body language on the mound is a bit unsettling as he fidgets with his cap and tries to regain his composure. Picture viagra pill It has to be unnerving to the team. Picture viagra pill I mean D-Wright had to get in his grill as Wright is seldom to speak a discouraging word even as the skies of $iti Field grow cloudy each game.

Picture viagra pill It’s nice that Manuel has realized that Brian Stokes is on the team maybe he thought he was part of the ground crew or a beer vendor.

Picture viagra pill After each appearance by Parnell and Feliciano I need an ice pack on my arm just watching them go out there every game.

Picture viagra pill Ken Takashai and Jon Switzer should not be on the big league team. Picture viagra pill The only reason either one is here is due to their ability to throw with their left arm especially Switzer who got the call up over Elmer Dressen who is having a better season in Buffalo that Switzer but is right handed. Picture viagra pill Should be here and Switzer on DFA list

Picture viagra pill An now that Creepy Tony LaRusa and his Cardinals come to town in first place in the central just what the Mets need HAPPY!! HAPPY!!! JOY!!! JOY!!!

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Buy viagra mexico Who the fuck is Brian Bruney and who gave him permission to speak? How about waiting until you’ve done something in th ebig leagues besides hold Mariano Rivera’ wam up jacket before you open your pie hole about another player, buy viagra mexico especially a guy who could pitch better with his left arm than you do with your right. Buy viagra mexico Bruney is still an understudy and he has the brass balls to comment on Frankie Rodriguez a bona fide All Star reliever. Buy viagra mexico I like how Frankie handled it when he said if Bruney had something to say then when the Highlander’s come to $iti Field say it to his face. Buy viagra mexico Yeah , buy viagra mexico like that will ever happen Bruney will probley find a way to go back to his favorite spot the DL. Buy viagra mexico Now go help A J Burnett make whip cream pies douche bag!

Buy viagra mexico I should thank Brunet and the Highlanders though because with all the injuries and bad play of late my enthusiasm is running a bit low but with the win yesterday and Bruney’s big mouth and the team rallying around Castillo and David Wright kicking ass, buy viagra mexico I’m one stoke Mets fan and from reading stories n the fish wraps this morning a win today with Johan and the Mets could just become the darlings of New York.

Buy viagra mexico As I type this checking out Twitter, buy viagra mexico David Lennon reports that Frankie Rodriguez just went after Brian Bruney to give him an ass kicking Now we got something here. Buy viagra mexico With Johan pitching could we see a bench clearer?

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Viagra without prescription Allan Schwartz has a piece in the NY Times today about the Mets finding it tough to get rid of the dead wood that wash up on the shores of Flushing Bay that became the 2007 Mets bullpen. Viagra without prescription As much as I’m a Aaron Heilman fan his time in NY has come and gone he really needs a new start and I’m sure there is a team out there that would trade for him to stick in the back of their rotation as he does have some nasty movement on his pitches and he’s cheap. Viagra without prescription Scott Schoenweis could be dealt as well due to the fact he throws baseballs with his left arm. Viagra without prescription Not very effectively but left handed just the same. Viagra without prescription Duaner Sanchez if not traded should just be non-tender he is ineffective and just too goddamn lazy for me. Viagra without prescription That three relievers gone without even me getting up off my couch and laptop so how hard could it be for Omar to dump these guys? Tip of the Mets cap to Eagle for the link.

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