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Double dose of cialis I was all set to put up a post this morning but we had a bit of a situation at work that required an all hands on deck approach so that settled that for me.

Double dose of cialis One of the items I wanted to touch on was the anger that is building within the fan base. Double dose of cialis It seems the frustrations of another meaningless second half, double dose of cialis this one coming on the heels of an optimistic first half, double dose of cialis and the uncertainty of what the 2013 payroll will be are the main culprits in this uprising. Double dose of cialis The good news for Mets management is that there still is a pulse, double dose of cialis a passion in Mets fans to get their dander up. Double dose of cialis But how long does the passion last until it turns to apathy?

Double dose of cialis I have no idea what the Skill Sets financial situation is and I’m sure they are not looking to share those details with me or anyone else not involved in the baseball operations of the Mets. Double dose of cialis I’m pretty sure there is still tremendous debt both on the ballpark, double dose of cialis the team and SNY plus legal fees that have to be paid. Double dose of cialis So the question is what will be left to procure talent to make the 2013 Mets a contending team?

Double dose of cialis I’m not optimistic that there will be enough funds to sign a solid power hitting outfielder while releasing a very highly paid and unfortunately useless left fielder in Jason Bay. Double dose of cialis What will happen with David Wright this offseason, double dose of cialis will he and the Mets come to an agreement on a contract extension that will keep him in a Mets uniform for the rest of his career? Again not knowing the financials I think the Skill Sets will find a way to extend Wright 5 yrs at $100 mil but the question is will Wright want to stay here?

Double dose of cialis I have to give Freddy Skill Sets credit when he was approached by David Lennon of Newsday during an infrequent walk on the field during BP, double dose of cialis that he made no comment and kept walking briskly away as the media took off after him for a quote and all they got was a cloud of dust and the reply of “Ask Sandy”.

Double dose of cialis I guess after the Gucci loafer in mouth quotes Freddy gave to Jeffery Toobin last year in the New Yorker article, double dose of cialis he’s learned his lesson to keep your head down and walk fast when discovered by reporters. Double dose of cialis Even at the All Star Game presser, double dose of cialis Freddy was not in attendance and Jeffy gave just a brief speech.

Double dose of cialis As I’ve said, double dose of cialis I have no idea what the financial situation is with the Skill Sets and how it effects the off season game plan but I do know this after the October 3 game against the Fish, double dose of cialis the topic of conversation for the next four months will be money and how much the Wilpons have to invest in their team.

Double dose of cialis The only thing I’ve ever wanted from the Skill Sets is honesty and for some reason they have a tough time with that concept. Double dose of cialis Just level with your fan/customer base about what the game plan is going forth for 2013 and beyond. Double dose of cialis That’s all we’re asking, double dose of cialis honesty and transparency two very good traits to possess. Double dose of cialis I’ve said for the longest time if Freddy came out and said “we are still trying to recover monetarily from the Madoff scandal and now that the trial has been settled we are trying to regroup financially both personally and professionally. Double dose of cialis “ Com’on try it Freddy and Jeffy just be honest with your fans/customers THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREEE !!!!!! and buy you some much needed good will as well.

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Cialis dosagem This will be a quick post as I just received my copy of R.A. Cialis dosagem Dickey’s book and I can’t wait to read it. Cialis dosagem So I want to get my work done early so I can get at it this afternoon. Cialis dosagem  

Cialis dosagem Sandy Alderson was on with Sports Bloviator to talk about the Mets spring training and the season just one week away.

Cialis dosagem It was an interesting conversation, cialis dosagem save for Alderson battling a bad cold and the Sports Bloviator talking over Alderson while he was answering a question, cialis dosagem and a few things I got from listening to Alderson were:

Cialis dosagem Jason Bay is more of a problem for this team than any other player due to his untradeable contract and his inability to hit a baseball. Cialis dosagem Alderson all but put up the white flag on Bay by saying “he’s healthy and he’ll be the everyday left fielder”  it will be worth watching how the club reacts to Bay if he is as unproductive at the plate as he’s was last year. Cialis dosagem If Bay announced his retirement today, cialis dosagem Alderson would throw the retirement party to end all retirement parties

Cialis dosagem Mike Pelfrey is here only because he’s durable and for what the Mets are paying him, cialis dosagem there weren’t any pitchers out there that can give you the quantity of innings and starts that Pelf can at the price. Cialis dosagem Now are they quality innings or starts? Not really, cialis dosagem but it speaks to the state of pitching in baseball where a guy like Pelfrey at $5.6 mil is a bargain.

Cialis dosagem If Kirk Nieuwenhuis stayed injury free this spring I get the feeling he would have been the opening day centerfielder. Cialis dosagem   Alderson seems to be a big Capt Kirk fan and he could be up and in the lineup much sooner than later.

Cialis dosagem Alderson seems to ignore the elephant in the room when talking about Jordany Valdespin, cialis dosagem his immaturity and poor work ethic.

Cialis dosagem With the Madoff fiasco in the Sill Sets rear view mirror if the club becomes a contender for a wild card spot, cialis dosagem Alderson made it known there will be funds to bring in reinforcements to make a run at a  post season run. Cialis dosagem Yes, cialis dosagem that’s getting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of ourselves.

Cialis dosagem Every start by Johan Santana and the day after, cialis dosagem will be scrutinized up, cialis dosagem down, cialis dosagem inside and out. Cialis dosagem The plan seems to be, cialis dosagem get Chris Young ready to contribute by late May-early June, cialis dosagem to give Santana more rest by going to a 6 man rotation. Cialis dosagem  When pressed for innings/starts projection for Santana, cialis dosagem Alderson couldn’t put a number on it, cialis dosagem seems Johan will be on a start by start evaluation. Cialis dosagem We are in uncharted territory here

Cialis dosagem You can tell Alderson is very concerned with the teams defense as he said a few times there are positions (2B, cialis dosagem RF, cialis dosagem C )  where they are sacrificing defense for offense and he hopes it doesn’t come back to bite the team in the ass.  Another big concern for Alderson is the lack of depth at the big league and Triple A level, cialis dosagem he all but said straight out if the team is hit by injuries we’re fucked.

Cialis dosagem  

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Canada meds viagra You can look at the Mets reaching the .500 mark as nothing to celebrate, canada meds viagra as .500 means you’ve reached a level of mediocrity. Canada meds viagra But if you look at the overall standings of the National League, canada meds viagra that .500 mark is much more impressive, canada meds viagra especially in the light of injuries and starting pitching rotation led by two neophytes, canada meds viagra a philosopher, canada meds viagra a reclamation project and a schizophrenic. Canada meds viagra  

Canada meds viagra Taking the Phuck Phaces out of the equation, canada meds viagra and their NL and MLB leading 43-26 record, canada meds viagra the Mets are a mere 5 games back of the SF Giants (39-29) for the second best record in the league. Canada meds viagra For those who feel it’s never too early to follow the NL Wild Card standings, canada meds viagra the Mets are 3.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Wild Card spot.

Canada meds viagra All this without the two corner infielders who provide power, canada meds viagra the Ace of the starting rotation and the Left Fielder (although 2 hits and an SB for Jason Bay maybe just maybe it’s the start of his renaissance) an emotional baseball mess, canada meds viagra it’s quite impressive that the Mets are in the race for a post season berth. Canada meds viagra If anything comes as a positive so far this season is the culture of failure has been eradicated on the field and in the clubhouse. Canada meds viagra Maybe it will move to the owners level as well but that would take a giving the blind sight kind of miracle that doesn’t happen too often. Canada meds viagra   Like Rome, canada meds viagra Flushing was built in a day.

Canada meds viagra Scott Kazmir has been released by the Angels, canada meds viagra he can be picked up for the major league minimum. Canada meds viagra I don’t think a Mets reunion will happen but I could see the Highlanders signing him and assigning him to Scranton/Wilkes Barre because they are DES-PER-ATE for starting pitching. Canada meds viagra   

Canada meds viagra I wish the Mets would announce that the next time Johan Santana will pitch for the team in February 2012 in St. Canada meds viagra Lonesome.

Canada meds viagra Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the Seamheads Podcasting Network’s Fantasy Baseball Show on Blog Talk Radio it was a fast paced hour of great baseball talk a very worthy listen. Canada meds viagra

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Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer These late inning collapses are wearing me out, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer and I’m sure the manager and players feel the same way. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer So how do the Mets stop this rash of late inning chokes? Beat’s the shit out of me.  Is Pedro Beato feeling the effects of the tendonitis in his right bicep that landed him on the DL? Is Izzy feeling the fatigue from back to back appearances? Is Dale Thayer feeling the effects of being Dale Thayer? What’s a manager to do? Maybe TC can go with Bobby Parnell and Manny Acosta a bit more but really so far this season it doesn’t matter who is in that bullpen, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer after a solid start the back end of the pen has become a problem and moving the pieces around isn’t solving anything. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer   

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Jason Bay sounds like a guy who has given up. After reading these quotes it seems he asking Terry Collins to take him out of the everyday lineup:

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  The underachieving Mets left fielder has been around long enough to realize every manager has a breaking point. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay knows he needs to start hitting — or prepare for the possibility he will relinquish his everyday spot in the Mets’ lineup.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “That’s the reality of the situation we’re in, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer” Bay told The Post. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that is not an option. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I’m pretty aware of what’s going on.”

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “It’s a results business, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer” Bay said. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “Regardless of who you are, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer you get enough chances and it’s like ‘OK, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer let’s go [in a different direction].’ That’s out of my control.”

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Watching Bay’s AB’s last night you can see he has absolutely no confidence in himself as a hitter. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer In the 4th inning he was HBP in his knee and never made an attempt to get out of the balls way. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I guess he felt taking one for the team was the least he could do. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer In the 6th, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer after getting ahead 2-0, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay missed on two fastballs, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer fouling them off. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He then took another ball to get the count to 3-2. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He fouled off another pitch he was late on and then took a called third strike. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer As the ump called strike three, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay just looked at him calmly and asked where it was, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer the ump told him and Bay just shrugged his shoulders, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer got his glove and went to LF. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer It’s time for an intervention, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer either platoon Bay or talk to him and his agent about going to Buffalo or St Lonesome to work out his problems at the plate. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He will not be released and he has zero trade value so this would be the best thing for the team and for Bay. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Lucas Duda is ripping up Triple A pitching, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer he deserves a shot at the LF job.

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Cialis iop Trying to dry out from a soaking rain this morning so retreving my Mets news took a bit longer than usual.

Cialis iop Looks like the shake up we have been looking for will be internal as OP, cialis iop Angel P and Jon Neise are ready to pitch in and F-Mart goes back to Buffalo and Tim Redding and Fernando Nieve go back to obscurity.

Cialis iop I’m sorry I’m missing Manny Being Manny in Flushing tonight and you can boo him and call him a cheat but if he were the Mets left fielder life would be a lot easier and first palce would be closer to reality than a pipe dream.

Cialis iop Time to cook lunch yummmmmmm sloppy joes while standing ankle deep  in mud

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Viagra cost I’m having my living room renovated next week (my wife has some Highlander in her DNA as most people are cutting back on spending we are tearing apart our whole living room from the ceiling to the walls to the floors and remaking it at a cost that will have me strolling downtown Staten Island in hot pants and high heels to make extra dough) and I have had to move a lot of stuff down to my basement a/k/a The World Headquarters of The Eddie Kranepool Society. Viagra cost One of the items I brought down was a stereo receiver, viagra cost turntable and speakers. Viagra cost I didn’t use it must upstairs because my family is not a big fans of the music I like which runs from Heavy Metal/Punk/ and 60’s Rock n Roll. Viagra cost But now that I moved all of these components downstairs I’m spinning vinyl like I’m Murray the K. Viagra cost So as I type this post I am enjoying DERRINGER LIVE with Robin Trower VICTIMS OF FURRY on deck. Viagra cost Now on to the post:

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost I’m coming to the realization that when spring training begins late next month in Port St. Viagra cost Lonesome, viagra cost Manny Ramirez will not be walking through the clubhouse door. Viagra cost So it looks like the Mets will go with a Dan Murphy/Fernando Tatis platoon in LF which still makes me a bit queasy. Viagra cost I love Murphy and would love to see him play everyday at first base (Trading high on Delgado will come back to bite Omar in the ass this season ) but Tatis really has to prove to me that he is not a deal with the devil player. Viagra cost I still say losing him and Damien Easley was the most overlooked reason for Collapse II  but that doesn’t mean he will pick up where he left off plus right now the 6-9 spots in the Mets lineup scares no one but Mets fans:

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Tatis-toss up

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Schneider-sucks

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Castillo-blows

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Pitcher-automatic out

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Mike Silva posts today that with the Dodgers restructuring the contract of Andruw Jones that it could be a sign that the Castillo-Jones deal is alive and what Jones would mean to the Mets especially if it means the Mets sign O Hudson. Viagra cost I just wonder what Fat Andy has left in his ample tank and could he co-exist with Carlos Beltran in CF? Remeber the last time the Mets played two centerfielder’s it was a Headbanger’s Ball.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Speaking of Manny, viagra cost Henry Shulman of the SF Examiner has the Giants-Manny scenario laid out here.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Metsmerized Online has a Q & A that Larry Jones did with the Sporting News and Larry is not shy about his feelings toward the Mets, viagra cost Phillies and Highlanders. Viagra cost I’ve always had a healthy respect for Jones even though he is an all time Mets killer but he’s a no bullshit kind of guy and I like that.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Last night I went to the Prudential Center for the first time to see the Devils play the Montreal Canadiens (a Christmas gift from Mrs. Viagra cost Kranepool Society) and I have to say it is one spectacular venue. Viagra cost I love the wide open concourse with plenty of room to walk around and how it connects right into the seating area which has plenty of leg room. Viagra cost I loved the organ music before the game and between periods intermission as it gave that old time feel to being at a hockey game, viagra cost plus the urban setting is something I love in fact I may have been the only one in my family that was looking forward to going to Newark. Viagra cost The atmosphere in the arena was so much better than any time I’ve been to the Meadowlands, viagra cost which always gave me a feeling of being in the middle of no where because I guess it is in the middle of no where. Viagra cost There were loads of Habs fans at the game most of whom were on a package trip to NYC for New Years, viagra cost and they were loud and raucous. 

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost There were a few annoying things though. Viagra cost They have this guy who runs around the arena and dances and carries on like an real asshole between play stoppage. Viagra cost He has on about 30 t-shirts that say “Jersey’s Team” on them and he whips them off while he dances in the aisle and throws them into the stands. Viagra cost My wife said if one of those sweaty t shirts come near her she would kick his ass. Viagra cost My wife is my Dave Semenko. Viagra cost Then they have these “cheerleaders” who dance in the concourse. Viagra cost It’s real cheesy and the ‘cheerleaders” are all way to skinny (I like my ladies with some junk in the trunk) and should have a funnel cake or two. Viagra cost They don’t open the doors to the arena until an hour before game time I guess I’m so used to Madison Square Garden (I’ll be there tomorrow to see my Boston Celtics and to plead with Doc Rivers not to let Stephon Marbury anywhere near his team) where there is lots of people and you can hang out at ice side and chat with Al Trautwig or John Giannone and watch warm ups. Viagra cost You can’t do that at The Rock as you have to have a ticket for that section to get in but you can hang out on the lower concourse and watch the warmups/game from there while having something to eat or drink.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost The best part though, viagra cost from my garage to the front door of the Rock is just 17 miles. Viagra cost Easy to get to and back from. Viagra cost I’ll be making more trips there I’m sure.

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