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Viagra pharmacy My guest on the last Kranepool Society Podcast was Christopher Frankie author of NAILED The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra (published by Running Press)

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Indian cialis Last night I had the pleasure of talking with Jeff Pearlman on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast on Blog Talk Radio. With Gary Carter and Lenny Dykstra, indian cialis heroes from the halcyon days of the mid-80’s in the news recently, indian cialis I felt Pearlman would be the best guy to talk to about both men as his book “The Bad Guys Won” is the quintessential book on the Mets of that era and he has interviewed and spent time with both players. Indian cialis  Just as I thought, indian cialis Pearlman had some great insight on both players and the Mets of that era.

Indian cialis Jeff and I also talked about the Mets ownership troubles and of course Jose Reyes future as a Met.

Indian cialis You can listen to the podcast right here at Kranepool Society (lower right side bar) or at the show page on Blog Talk Radio or on iTunes.

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Viagra from canada Tonight at 10PM ET on Blog Talk Radio, viagra from canada I will be hosting the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Baseball Talk Podcast. Viagra from canada My guests will be Jeff Pearlman, viagra from canada author and contributor to Sports Illustrated and Zachary Ball of Pro Draft Central.

Viagra from canada I will be discussing the news of Gary Carter’s fight with brain cancer, viagra from canada the lastest problems with the law and Lenny Dykstra and get Jeff’s take on the direction the Mets are headed in the near future

Viagra from canada Zachary and I will discuss the MLB Entry Draft and look at some of the teams that made big news in the draft and a look at some of the picks made by the Mets

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Viagra from mexico As I posted here the other day, viagra from mexico Ed Marcus a/k/a lagranderusty is looking for readers to post a list of top 50 Mets of all time. Viagra from mexico What follows is my 50 All Time Mets, viagra from mexico some are no-brainers and some are “are you kidding” the names are in no particualr order:

Viagra from mexico Ed Kranepool

Viagra from mexico Tom Seaver

Viagra from mexico Jerry Grote

Viagra from mexico Jerry Koosman

Viagra from mexico Tug McGraw

Viagra from mexico Ron Hunt

Viagra from mexico Al Jackson

Viagra from mexico Bud Harrleson

Viagra from mexico Rusty Staub

Viagra from mexico Tommie Agee

Viagra from mexico Cleon Jones

Viagra from mexico Felix Milan

Viagra from mexico Jon Matlack

Viagra from mexico Dwight Gooden

Viagra from mexico Ron Darling

Viagra from mexico Sid Fernandez

Viagra from mexico Keith Hernandez

Viagra from mexico Gary Carter

Viagra from mexico Darryl Strawberry

Viagra from mexico Nolan Ryan

Viagra from mexico John Olerud

Viagra from mexico Edgado Alfonzo

Viagra from mexico Rey Ordonez

Viagra from mexico Robin Ventura

Viagra from mexico David Wright

Viagra from mexico Jose Reyes

Viagra from mexico Mike Piazza

Viagra from mexico Randy Myers

Viagra from mexico Jesse Orosco

Viagra from mexico Roger McDowell

Viagra from mexico Al Leiter

Viagra from mexico John Stearns

Viagra from mexico Todd Hundley

Viagra from mexico Craig Swan

Viagra from mexico Ron Swoboda

Viagra from mexico Frank Viola

Viagra from mexico George Theodore

Viagra from mexico John Milner

Viagra from mexico Ken Boswell

Viagra from mexico Wayne Garrett

Viagra from mexico Turk Wendell

Viagra from mexico Carlos Beltran

Viagra from mexico Lenny Dykstra

Viagra from mexico Wally Backman

Viagra from mexico Bob Ojeda

Viagra from mexico Mookie Wilson

Viagra from mexico Kevin Mc Renyolds

Viagra from mexico Cliff Floyd

Viagra from mexico Bernard Gilkey

Viagra from mexico Richie Ashburn

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Viagra rx in canada Sandy Alderson could not care less what you think.  He knows if it were up to Mets fans, viagra rx in canada not only would Wally Backman be the manger of the team but everyone associated with the 1986 Mets, viagra rx in canada with the exception of Tim McCarver and Steve Zabriskie, viagra rx in canada would have some kind of meaningful job in the organization. Viagra rx in canada Alderson knows how much we all worship our last conquering heroes and he couldn’t give a rats ass. Viagra rx in canada That’s what I like about Sandy Alderson and it’s clear he’s the right man to run the Mets.

Viagra rx in canada There is no other fan base in this town that is as sentimental about their past than Mets fan. Viagra rx in canada  We savor and love to reminisce about seasons past, viagra rx in canada not just the good but the bad as well. Viagra rx in canada As the years go by, viagra rx in canada the great seasons become immortalized and the bad seasons start to have redeeming qualities, viagra rx in canada it’s just how we are; we can’t help it, viagra rx in canada we’re an emotional bunch. Viagra rx in canada That’s why we are in no position to say who the next manager of the Mets should be.

Viagra rx in canada It looks as though Wally Backman will not be considered for the Mets manager’s job. Viagra rx in canada There will be outrage about this in the Land of Orange and Blue as how dare Sandy Alderson not give us the man we want. Viagra rx in canada  Make no mistake I love Wally as much as you and that’s the problem.

Viagra rx in canada Last year going to Brooklyn Cyclones game was better than any of the previous seasons going to the ball park on Coney Island because I was so pumped up about Backman being the manager. Viagra rx in canada I bored my son to tears with stories about Wally and how he and Lenny Dykstra were the one-two punch at the top of the order that set up a kick ass middle of the lineup of Hernandez-Carter-Strawberry and how Backman never had a clean uniform and would anything on the field to win. Viagra rx in canada It’s this kind fanboy admiration that makes me recues myself on picking the next Mets manager. Viagra rx in canada  Of course my heart says Wally Backman but my head says let a guy with no ties to the organization and a guy who has succeed in this job before pick the manager that he sees will fit to carry out his plan.

Viagra rx in canada There are some in the younger demographics of Mets fans who are anti-Backman and who are tired of hearing about the 86’ers. Viagra rx in canada I can see their point. Viagra rx in canada It’s similar to my late mother who one day when friends of hers and my father had come to visit and part of the conversation swung to the “good old days”. Viagra rx in canada Nothing got my mother’ ire up when the “old biddies” pined for the ‘good old days” when bread was three cents and milk was a nickel.  My mother would tell them “yeah and when you got the flu it killed you” which was followed with an eye roll and then a lecture later that those biddies were horse’s arse’s.  But  while the those Mets teams of the mid 80’s should have won more than they did, viagra rx in canada I can’t forget that going to Shea Stadium back in the day was like celebrating New Years Eve, viagra rx in canada Spring Break and Madi Grais every night , viagra rx in canada it was THE place to be. Viagra rx in canada Maybe $iti Field will be that way someday instead of being the catering hall/shopping mall it is now. Viagra rx in canada But I digress……

Viagra rx in canada Whoever Sandy Alderson and his All Star Band of front office folks pick to manage the Mets there will be outrage by this passionate of all passionate fan bases. Viagra rx in canada  If it were up to the fans, viagra rx in canada Backman would be manager, viagra rx in canada Doc Gooden the pitching coach, viagra rx in canada Darryl Strawberry the hitting coach and Lenny Dykstra the 3rd base coach and Mazz as Wally’s bench coach. Viagra rx in canada That’s thinking with your heart and with unbridled emotion. Viagra rx in canada Alderson is thinking with his head and is taking his time to make his decision because (a) it doesn’t look like any other manager hires are in the works (if you want to count the Pirates job fine) and (b) the manager right now is not important because the Mets will not be signing any big ticket free agents  this off season.

Viagra rx in canada All I can say is let’s put some faith in Alderson, viagra rx in canada a man with a winning track record that he’ll make the right choice of manager . Viagra rx in canada Of course the first time the Mets go on a five game losing streak all bets are off.

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Swiss oats a111 What’s most disappointing about last night’s Mets loss was not just the wasted effort of Ollie Perez or the fact that the early in the season reliable bullpen gave up big runs as Vitamin Pedro had the runs, swiss oats a111 it was the reaction of the dead manager walking after the loss, swiss oats a111 (this J-Man quote, swiss oats a111  courtesy of Subway Squawkers):

Swiss oats a111 You have to applaud the fight. Swiss oats a111 We have, swiss oats a111 at least in these first 10 games, swiss oats a111 given ourselves a shot and haven’t been able to come away with anything significant. Swiss oats a111 I think if we continue to do that, swiss oats a111 it will eventually turn for us. Swiss oats a111 If we continue to keep this attitude and fight, swiss oats a111 and bring it every day, swiss oats a111 some things are going to start going our way.”

Swiss oats a111 Now if the Mets were a 14 year old Babe Ruth team, swiss oats a111 that would be a good philosophy (As I’ve gotten a bit older and in my 11th season of managing youth baseball my demeanor has gone from a Billy Martin/Larry Bowa type personality to a Chuck Tanner type telling all my players how much I love having them on the team even when run like their carrying an Kenmore Fridge on their back and have no baseball sense whatsoever) but for a professional baseball team that told us all spring how this was a season of redemption and run commercials of believing in comebacks  (I would love to see a Mets commercial with manager Wally Backman, swiss oats a111 3rd base coach Lenny Dykstra and pitching coach Bobby Ojeda all saying WE BELIEVE IN TOTAL ASS KICKING) as Subway Squawker Jon Levin points out is very Art Howe-ish. Swiss oats a111 We lived through that dead manager era once already; I’m not up to second version of it now.

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I’m sure you have seen all the Few and Chosen books in this series at your local book store and now there is a Mets volume added to this great series in Few and Chosen: Defining Mets Greatness Across the Eras written by Rusty Staub with Phil Pepe , obtain viagra without prescription foreword by Keith Hernandez (published by Triumph Books)

Amazing as it seems but we are heading toward the 50th Anniversary of the first game in Mets history (April 2012, obtain viagra without prescription those awful black uni tops better be a bad memory by then) so it is a great time for this book to come out.

Staub and Pepe go position by position to name who they feel are the five best players ever at each ion in Mets history. Obtain viagra without prescription There are a few surprises like Bud Harrelson rated over Jose Reyes as the best Mets shortstop ever and Bobby Bonila as the second best right fielder in Mets history (Staub left himself off the list which is foolish as he contributed in more in a week than Bonila did in all the years he stole money from the Mets) and Lee Mazzilli the third best center fielder over Tommy Agee and Lenny Dykstra ? NO WAY IN HELL!  In fact Lance Johnson was better than Boardwalk Lee sections like this are what make this book a great conversation starter.

Obtain viagra without prescription It’s not just the inside of this book that is mesmerizing the cover is a thing of beauty as well with the traditional blue cap on it.  

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