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Viagra high blood pressure Observations from opening day at Citi Field:

Viagra high blood pressure I’ve been going to Mets games for 48 years, viagra high blood pressure I was 6 years old in 1964 when I went to see Bob Gibson beat the Mets  on May 9 th, viagra high blood pressure and as excited as I was back then I was just as excited yesterday to be at Citi Field for opening day.

Viagra high blood pressure Outside the ball park before the game there was a great positive energy that non-Mets fans just do not understand. Viagra high blood pressure I stood near the SNY broadcast area where Bobby Ojeda, viagra high blood pressure Chris Carlin and the iconic Ralph Kiner conducted the pre-game show. Viagra high blood pressure There is a segment of younger generation Mets fans who really don’t appreciate Kiner and what he means to charter member Mets fans like me. Viagra high blood pressure Ralph, viagra high blood pressure Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson were a constant summer time companion on TV and radio. Viagra high blood pressure Nelson left in 1978 and that was shocking, viagra high blood pressure but we still had Ralph and Murph. Viagra high blood pressure Murph left in 2003 and that was sad but through it all Ralph Kiner remained, viagra high blood pressure albeit on a limited basis but Ralph always knew when to show up when you needed that boost of Mets elixir because when you’re a middle aged Mets fan the sight and sound of Ralph Kiner brings back memories of a simpler and great time of your life.

Viagra high blood pressure Lots and lots of CARTER 8 jersey’s and t-shirts on display yesterday along with signs and banners praising Carter and mourning the loss of Gary Carter. Viagra high blood pressure The Mets held a wonderful pre-game ceremony starting with the players, viagra high blood pressure coaches and manager all wearing their warm up jerseys with CARTER 8 on the back and having Carter’ jersey hanging  up in the dugout.  It was also touching to see Darryl Strawberry, viagra high blood pressure Keith Hernandez, viagra high blood pressure Bobby Ojeda and Mookie Wilson catch the first pitch from Carter’s wife and children along with the unveiling of the KID 8 patch on the outfield wall and video of Carters Mets career that would make even the most cynical Mets fan dab their eyes.

Viagra high blood pressure Seems the only people who are obsessed by the Mets attendance are the Mets Media Haters and Highlander fans. Viagra high blood pressure  The Mets Media Haters harp on this due to their lack of talent and originality, viagra high blood pressure I mean how much talent does it take to answer a telephone for five hours a day while reading a newspaper and sucking down soda after soda or sit at a laptop staring lovingly at your Derek Jeter gift baskets while writing what a great GM Pee Wee Cashman is because he is so brilliant in having a $200 mil payroll to cover up his fuck ups. Viagra high blood pressure The Highlander fan knows that the first time the Mets show any success the Highlander reign of attention in this city will be over.

Viagra high blood pressure Citi Field was jammed packed yesterday, viagra high blood pressure the line at the Shake Shack was a couple a hundred deep, viagra high blood pressure the fans lined the Shea Bridge soaking up the sunshine which could explain for some of the empty seats you’ve seen. Viagra high blood pressure The crowd responded well to the player introductions, viagra high blood pressure sure some folks felt it was a good time to boo Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay but for most part the Mets faithful was happy to see their beloved team back in action.

Viagra high blood pressure I didn’t see any of the usual Highlander fan jerk offs who come to Citi Field wearing their Jeter jerseys and caps which is encouraging.

Viagra high blood pressure The Mets have made an upgrade on the main scoreboard to where it’s  setup like Gameday on a virtual scorecard showing not only what the player has done in previous at bats but also showing you the location of balls put in play in those AB’s. Viagra high blood pressure The pitchers line as well as pitch count, viagra high blood pressure pitch selection and pitch count are there as well as both lineups, viagra high blood pressure the player at bat’s season stats and career numbers as well.

Viagra high blood pressure I have never bitched and moaned about the prices at the concession stands but $6.80 for a Nathans Hot Dog is ridiculous. Viagra high blood pressure Compare that to $11.50 for a turkey with mozzarella and gravy on a semolina hero at Mama’s of Corona, viagra high blood pressure why would you go for the hot dog?

Viagra high blood pressure Nothing better than watching Johan Santana work. Viagra high blood pressure Frist two innings he had a bit of a command issue, viagra high blood pressure which is to be expected as I’m sure his adrenaline was flowing like Niagara Falls but it was the 5th inning that really sent the message as to what a competitor he is and why Santana is one the best starting pitchers in baseball. Viagra high blood pressure He wanted badly to get 5 innings in today as his pitch count was limited to 80-85 so he knew this was his last frame of the day. Viagra high blood pressure Getting Freddy Freeman out on strikes to start the inning was big because Santana killer Matt Diaz doubled to left and you could see the finish line of this start was near.

Viagra high blood pressure After getting Jason Heyward to fly out to Bay, viagra high blood pressure all Santana needed was one more out but he struggled against Tyler Pastornicky and Tommy Hanson walking both of them to load the bases for leadoff hitter Michael Bourn. Viagra high blood pressure  This was the at bat of the game. Viagra high blood pressure Santana fell behind Bourn 2-0 giving the crowd of Mets fans an uneasy feeling since it was September of 2010 when we last witnessed Santana pitch we forgot how much heart this man has on the mound. Viagra high blood pressure He got Bourn to hit a comebacker to him and with what adrenaline was left nearly threw the ball over Ike Davis head but Ike caught it stepped on first inning over with no Braves crossing home plate. Viagra high blood pressure Welcome back Johan.

Viagra high blood pressure Andres Torres pulled up lame in the 7th on Pastornick’s triple and while I hate to see anyone get hurt, viagra high blood pressure I hope Torres takes all the time he needs to get that calf 100 % so we can get a good look at Kirk Nieuwenhuis as the everyday center fielder. Viagra high blood pressure Hopefully when Torres comes back it will be as the 4th outfielder, viagra high blood pressure

Viagra high blood pressure Daniel Murphy 2 for 4 yup #ImWith28

Viagra high blood pressure  

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Viagra online pharmacy Boy, viagra online pharmacy did we ever need that? In what has become one of the worst season’s on and off the field in the history of the NY Mets, viagra online pharmacy last night had to prove to the Skill Sets that, viagra online pharmacy yes we have a history and an outstanding one at that.

Viagra online pharmacy I was 11 years old (same as Gary Cohen) when the Mets became World Champions. Viagra online pharmacy You see all the negativism and anger from this current Mets fans base? Well now picture the complete opposite of that and you have the feel for what it was like around here in 1969.

Viagra online pharmacy Think of this for the first time in the history of newspapers the NY Daily News ran a COLOR front page just for the Mets. Viagra online pharmacy The news also sold buttons with GO METS on them and every Sunday had portraits of Mets players as inserts in the paper. Viagra online pharmacy Channel 9 the TV home of the Mets showed just about every game and all the games were on radio (WJRZ 970 AM) and Lindsey Nelson, viagra online pharmacy Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner were the guys we brought into our homes for every game.

Viagra online pharmacy The Mets were not just the talk of NY but of the whole country they were truly America’s team. Viagra online pharmacy This was an organization that was looked at as loveable losers until the Quiet Man took over and put an end to that kind of thinking. Viagra online pharmacy It was Gil Hodges who set the tone for the club. Viagra online pharmacy As Mets fans we all know of the love and devotion that Tom Seaver had for Hodges, viagra online pharmacy not an appearance goes by when The Franchise doesn’t invoke the name of Hodges his stories. Viagra online pharmacy But the most told story about Hodges and his team always is about him taking out Cleon Jones during a game against the Astros on July 30 1969 for lack of hustle.

Viagra online pharmacy During his time on the SNY broadcast, viagra online pharmacy Jones told that the only Hodges and he knew what really happened that day. Viagra online pharmacy Jones went on to say how Hodges didn’t yell or scream or get in his face he just told Jones that we can’t play like this if were going to win  and Jones realized right there that is wasn’t business as usual for the Mets. Viagra online pharmacy Hodges meant what he said in spring training that the loser mentality stops here and now and Jones knew after getting lifted from that game that the team was destined to win.

Viagra online pharmacy Some observation from last night’s ceremony:

Viagra online pharmacy I love how Eddie Yost came out and was still giving signs, viagra online pharmacy and leave it to Howie Rose to remember that Lindsey Nelson would always say “and Eddie Yost, viagra online pharmacy the sign man is coaching at third base…….”

Viagra online pharmacy Wayne Garret and Gary Gentry must have found the fountain of youth, viagra online pharmacy both guys look like they could still play.

Viagra online pharmacy You know you’re an old time Mets fan, viagra online pharmacy when you not only can recognize Duffy Dyer but your happy as hell to see him.

Viagra online pharmacy Here is the legacy of Yogi Berra, viagra online pharmacy he is the only man other than the Pope who could get a standing ovation in both Highlander Stadium and $iti Field.

Viagra online pharmacy I loved how the music of 1969 was intertwined with the introduction of the players but I wish SNY would have left the cameras on the players instead of showing videos of them in their playing day. Viagra online pharmacy It’s called capture the moment fellas’

Viagra online pharmacy The biggest ovations of the night were for Bob Murphy’s widow and for Ralph Kiner and rightfully so.

Viagra online pharmacy I don’t I have ever seen Jerry Grote look so happy as he did last night. Viagra online pharmacy I wish he was with the Mets in some capacity as that is what the organization misses an Grote like mentality. Viagra online pharmacy I still can see him throwing back a ball to the pitcher at about 95 mph when he was pissed off at him for either crossing him up or not hitting his spot and non of the pitchers ever challenging him.

Viagra online pharmacy I’m glad Gary Cohen mentioned Ken Boswell not being there and not being acknowledged on the field. Viagra online pharmacy It seems Boswell had a falling out with the organization an declined the invitation to come. Viagra online pharmacy This is where the Skill Sets are absolutely clue less. Viagra online pharmacy With their track history, viagra online pharmacy the Skill Sets are probably at fault here and should have made amends with Boswell to get him last nights ceremony. Viagra online pharmacy Boswell too should not be so cranky as to snub this reunion as I’m sure he feels hurt that the Mets treated him wrong (join the club Kenny) but he may regret it for a long time not being at $iti Field last night.

Viagra online pharmacy As it was in the beginning, viagra online pharmacy is now and ever shall be, viagra online pharmacy Tom Seaver is THE FRANCHISE!!!!

Viagra online pharmacy There may be no more underrated sports performer in this town than Jerry Koosman. Viagra online pharmacy The chant back then was “We can’t loose with Seaver and Kooz”

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