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Indian viagra I don’t get all the hub-bub over naming David Wright the Captain of the New York Mets. Indian viagra Who amongst players, indian viagra fans and media hasn’t grasped that Wright is the Face of the Franchise? Is there anyone who follows the Mets not know who the go to guy is on this club?

Indian viagra In hockey and football the naming of captains are for the sole purpose of having a designated player act as a liaison  between the bench and the officials, indian viagra this is especially true in hockey where only the captain or one the assistant captains are the players a referee or linesman go to with an explanation  or a warning. Indian viagra That’s why the hockey captains wear the “C” and the assistant captains were the “A”. Indian viagra In football there is a captain for offense, indian viagra defense and special teams for basically the same reason they have them in hockey. Indian viagra The referee will consult with the captain on acceptance of penalties or a question on spotting the ball at line of scrimmage or to relay a message from the sideline by the head coach, indian viagra so again the designation of wearing the “C” on the uniform is needed. Indian viagra But when it comes to baseball, indian viagra wearing a captains “C” is just plain tacky.

Indian viagra When a baseball umpire needs to give an explanation on a rule or a call, indian viagra he summons the team’s manager to the field for consultation. Indian viagra Now a player of stature like Wright, indian viagra may get more leeway with an umpire that and average player but majority of the time when something needs to be explained the umpire is going right to the man in charge, indian viagra the manager.

Indian viagra I have no problems with the Mets naming Wright the Captain of the team, indian viagra it seems with so many young players ready to join the big league squad there is a bit of collegiate feel around the club so having that veteran designated to be their sounding board or the guy to show them the right way to handle big league life, indian viagra there is no better man for the job than David Wright.

Indian viagra Wright is the perfect example of the rah-rah cheerleader type of leader is vastly overrated. Indian viagra Wright surely leads by example with the way he handles himself on and off the field. Indian viagra Wright has always been one of the first to report to spring training and the last to leave the St. Indian viagra Lonesome complex. Indian viagra He is always available to the media win or lose and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the organization as at more charity and fan events with class and dignity like Wright has.

Indian viagra So if Terry Collins wants to name Wright the Captain of the team go right ahead but it’s just a mere formality everyone knows who is the team leader now and for the next 8 seasons at least, indian viagra it’s David Wright. Indian viagra Just don’t put that tacky “C” on his jersey

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Cialis professional 100 mg I’m having some major computer issues today so that’s why this post is sooooooo late. Cialis professional 100 mg I’m internet (as I posted on Twitter) was as slow as Ramon Castro going first to third and has surpassed Mo Vaughn after lunch slow to Bengi Molina slow so that’s why I’m shutting everything down and going out to hang out with James Gandolfini and Steve Shrippa out here in TriBeca. 

Cialis professional 100 mg Before I write about the Mets today a word or two on Lawrence Taylor. Cialis professional 100 mg What happened yesterday with  LT is a major kick in the nuts to all NY Giants fans of my generation. Cialis professional 100 mg Taylor was not just the greatest Giants player of all time but arguably one of if not the greatest football player to ever approach the line of scrimmage. Cialis professional 100 mg I don’t know if he was set up by the girls pimp or what the whole story is with this girl who was portrayed as a runaway and now from reading the news stories this morning, cialis professional 100 mg had a falling out with her family and removed from her home to live with an uncle, cialis professional 100 mg it’s such a sordid affair and a story that will just grow as more information comes out. Cialis professional 100 mg But with all that the fact that the girl was 16 will be what sends LT to the slammer and if he did have sex with this girl, cialis professional 100 mg who allegedly was sent to LT against her will and was beat up by the pimp before hooking up with Taylor, cialis professional 100 mg then LT should go to prison for a long time.

Cialis professional 100 mg I’m not throwing my 56 jersey in the trash just yet. Cialis professional 100 mg I’m holding out hope that this was a frame job and that may be naive of me but LT is in my pantheon of New York sports legends so he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Cialis professional 100 mg The Hall Of The Very Good has a Q & A with ex-Met and Hall of Famer, cialis professional 100 mg Gary Carter. Cialis professional 100 mg An interesting exchange in this post is Carter’ take on Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame:

Cialis professional 100 mg HOVG: This July, cialis professional 100 mg you’ll be on that stage in Cooperstown when “The Hawk” finally makes his way to Cooperstown. Cialis professional 100 mg How long until Raines gets his call?

Cialis professional 100 mg  

Cialis professional 100 mg CARTER: It may be a long time or maybe never. Cialis professional 100 mg He has good numbers but that is a tough call.

Cialis professional 100 mg Interesting to say the least

Cialis professional 100 mg The Mets Police has a couple of interesting items today one is a photo of $iti Field with the walls painted Mets blue and the old skyline that was above the (bow heads) Shea Stadium scoreboard and is now above the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke incorporated into the new scoreboard. Cialis professional 100 mg This looks fabulous, cialis professional 100 mg absolutely fabulous. Cialis professional 100 mg Then Mets Police Chief Shannon Shark brings up an interesting argument, cialis professional 100 mg should the Mets wear either their Los Mets or a roadie made up with Nueva York when the go to Puerto Rico to play the Fish and then wear them to Phoenix when they play the Snakes ? As Shannon says I don’t want to start a political shit storm here, cialis professional 100 mg but I’m sure long time readers can figure out where I stand on the law passed in Arizona, cialis professional 100 mg I would definitely vote to wear Nueva York jersey’s as they make more sense than Los Mets.

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Mail order viagra As a NY Football Giants fan, mail order viagra my main enjoyment this past weekend should be that the Dallas Cowgirls choked again in the NFL post season (how about a great big Kranepool Society  FUCK YOU to Jerry  Jones the owner of the Cowgirls and how about that fat fuck Flozell Adams, mail order viagra left a playoff game with a boo-boo on his calf, mail order viagra fucking coward!) but in fact I am actually happy with the Jets winning yesterday in San Diego.

Mail order viagra The Giants fans-Jets fan relationship is strange by New York sports fan standards. Mail order viagra As a NY Ranger fan, mail order viagra I hate the Icelanders immensely (da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!)  and as most local hockey fans, mail order viagra I’m blasé about the K.C. Mail order viagra Scouts/Colorado Rockies/NJ Devils. Mail order viagra They only player well known in Newark is their over weight and overrated goaltender. Mail order viagra As a Boston Cletics fan the good thing about having the Knicks and Nets around is I get to see the C’s in person four times a year. Mail order viagra As for the Bronx Bastards, mail order viagra the hatred between us and them is well documented. Mail order viagra But as far as Giants-Jets fans go, mail order viagra we just go about our business come football season.

Mail order viagra I got wrapped up the Jets game yesterday because the style of football they play is the antithesis of what the NFL is all about these days and a style I love. Mail order viagra It’s all about spread offenses and quarterbacks throwing 35 times a game Wildcat formation (which is a basic Pop Warner offense) and high flying wide outs and games in domes under controlled climates but then here come the Jets with a page out of” simple still works” playbook. Mail order viagra Pound the ball on offense, mail order viagra control the clock, mail order viagra have your QB mange the game and not have to make a big play, mail order viagra then on defense attack the line of scrimmage like a jail break and make the QB as uncomfortable in the pocket as you can, mail order viagra hit the wide outs hard early to get them out of their rhythm  . Mail order viagra Add in a few turnovers and you have a wining formula.

Mail order viagra During the season Jets coach Rex Ryan annoyed me with his big mouth and bluster. Mail order viagra The reason being I was so used to the Same Old Jets who are great in April on Draft Day and then again in August in games that don’t count in the standings but then come the regular season, mail order viagra well Same Old Jets. Mail order viagra But Ryan has taken that Same Old Jets stigma and turned it into a positive, mail order viagra a rallying cry. Mail order viagra Last night on the SNY Jets Post Game show the played a clip of Ryan and his team in their jubilant locker room. Mail order viagra Ryan gathered his team around him and said something that has converted me to be a Rex Ryan fan:

Mail order viagra “ok fella’s listen up, mail order viagra great game today, mail order viagra great effort and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Mail order viagra But tomorrow the headline in the papers will be THREE FIRST PLACE TEAM ADVANCE……..AND THE FUCKIN’ JETS”

Mail order viagra With that his players roared in delight. Mail order viagra This is Rex Ryan’ team  and the story of the Jets season so far is an unbelievable one and as crazy as this sounds from a Giants fan, mail order viagra I hope they win the Fuckin’ Super Bowl.

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