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Viagra suppliers BRING BACK BANNER DAY!!!!!!!!

Viagra suppliers Even with a day off yesterday, viagra suppliers there is still no shortage of negative Mets stories in the daily fish wraps.

Viagra suppliers The NY Times just discovered that no one is buying Mets tickets and the fans that are, viagra suppliers are going through the secondary ticket market at huge discounts instead of buying directly from the team. Viagra suppliers I guess the next investigative report will be that the LIRR and Metro North rarely run on time. Viagra suppliers Duh!

Viagra suppliers I really hope the team is not rushing Jason Bay back into action as that oblique rib thingy he has could be tricky. Viagra suppliers The plan was to have J-Bay play in Buffalo but with the snow (yes, viagra suppliers SNOW) and cold, viagra suppliers the brain trust felt it’s better to go back to St. Viagra suppliers Lonesome for two more games. Viagra suppliers What I don’t get is, viagra suppliers why fly him up from Florida, viagra suppliers evaluate him to the point where he is just about ready to play but fly him back down to Florida for two days and then fly back to NYC to play on Thursday. Viagra suppliers Unless Bay is getting those frequent flyer miles, viagra suppliers I can’t see him be too happy with the back and forth back and forth plane rides. Viagra suppliers If the doctors feel Bay is A-OK  and it’s just a matter for getting at bats and rounding into baseball shape, viagra suppliers why not just leave him here and take batting practice on the field and then in the cage and shag fly balls all in the vast valley of Citi Field? Two games in St Lonesome is going to make that much difference?      

Viagra suppliers Out of ideas, viagra suppliers Bill Madden decides to write about the Mets farm system, viagra suppliers saved for a couple of pitchers, viagra suppliers is barren of talent. Viagra suppliers Either Madden thinks the Minor League system consists of only Buffalo and Binghamton or he failed to renew his subscription to Baseball America.

Viagra suppliers So far Brad Emaus has been playing like, viagra suppliers well……a Rule V player, viagra suppliers but I side here with Eric Seidman about leaving Emaus in the lineup for at least 300 PA and if he still is as stagnant at bat and in the field then give him a seat cushion and a spot on the bench handing out bubble gum and sunflower seeds. Viagra suppliers  Not every Rule V pans out but after 42 PA I’m not ready to pull the plug either.

Viagra suppliers There are certain things that separate the Mets for other sports team in this town. Viagra suppliers  Even when the team was bad back in the day a day at Shea was always fun. Viagra suppliers Jane Jarvis and her Thomas Organ always entertained unlike the moronic shell game/ 3 card Monty ball under the Mets cap video between innings or pass the pizza box to win a pizza that contains no mozzarella (Cassarino’s is the absolute worst concession at Citi Field a slice of pizza the size of a” horses doovers” with no cheese for $6 bucks? Fuck that!) but the one event that was pure Mets was banner day and over at Faith and Fear in Flushing Greg Prince makes the point that a return to banner day  in 2012 as an old fashion double header should be brought back. Viagra suppliers I am on board with this 1, viagra suppliers000 %. Viagra suppliers Back in the day a bed sheet s with rally cries for the Mets used to hang in the upper deck just about every home game. Viagra suppliers Those that weren’t hanging we’re paraded through the field level with regularity. Viagra suppliers When it came to imagination and humorous prose on a bed sheet, viagra suppliers no one matched the Mets fans. Viagra suppliers It wasn’t just at the ballpark either.

Viagra suppliers When the Mets went to their first post season in 1969, viagra suppliers I took a white bed sheet and with a can of blue and a can of orange spray paint went into the alley way of the apartment building we lived in and sprayed in alternate blue and orange LET’S GO METS KRANEPOOL  7 SEAVER 41. Viagra suppliers I left it to dry and then brought it upstairs and hung it across our fire escape. Viagra suppliers Mine was just one of the hundreds of banners draped on fire escapes in Boro Park Brooklyn. Viagra suppliers It was truly an AMAZIN’ sight.

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Real Viagra Without Prescription 762c3 generic viagra 762c3 generic viagra I have a question to the fans who attended last night Mets-Pirates game. 762c3 generic viagra Why? 762c3 generic viagra At 5pm I was in a car driving from Rego Park to Lower Manhattan the closer we got to the Manhattan the darker the sky became. 762c3 generic viagra Going over the Williamsburg Bridge, 762c3 generic viagra you could see what looked like a funnel cloud fly over us. 762c3 generic viagra As we hit the Lower East Side, 762c3 generic viagra the sky opened up with a combination of driving rain and hail. 762c3 generic viagra By the time we got to our TriBeca office the rain was a drizzle and the wind calm. 762c3 generic viagra It wasn’t after we handed in our work and clocked out to head to Staten Island that we realized what the hell was happening. 762c3 generic viagra A 12 mile ride that takes on a rough traffic day 45 minutes, 762c3 generic viagra took 2 hours last night. 762c3 generic viagra Trees down, 762c3 generic viagra floods, 762c3 generic viagra truck over turned, 762c3 generic viagra what a disaster. 762c3 generic viagra Trying to get a traffic report we switch on 1010WINS and as they were giving the low down on the traffic and disastrous weather they announced that the Mets-Pirated game would be delayed 15 minutes. 762c3 generic viagra What? The Mets are still playing? Well I guess both teams are at the park but there can’t be people there right? Right? 762c3 generic viagra Now I know it was just a smattering of people at the game, 762c3 generic viagra I guess between 5 and 8, 762c3 generic viagra000 but I just wonder, 762c3 generic viagra how the hell did these people get to the game? 762c3 generic viagra If you were at the game last night please post a comment on how you arrived and departed Citi Field to get home? I know there was no 7 subway service and the LIRR was out as well. 762c3 generic viagra The Grand Central was at a standstill (some people just left their cars on the shoulder and walked home) and from the news reports of downed trees and power lines why would anyone go out when it wasn’t necessary ? 762c3 generic viagra Mack Ade has a post up at his site about all the Mets blogs that have bit the dust this year and some that are posting very infrequently. 762c3 generic viagra I have to say the last few weeks have been the toughest for me in the 9 years I’ve run this site. 762c3 generic viagra How much ranting and raving can you do about management and the lack of a team in contention?  How many times can you right about all the speculation of who will be the manager and General Manager in 2011? How many times can you beat up Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to where you look like the asshole more than the over paid underachieving player? It’s gotten so bad that I’m Tweeting about how Casterino’s Pizza at $iti Field is overpriced and sucks. 762c3 generic viagra The one sliver lining here is the winter will be more interesting than the summer when it comes to the Mets. 762c3 generic viagra Hopefully the summers will get interesting sooner than later.

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