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Buying cialis next day delivery Well, buying cialis next day delivery if anything comes as a positive out of breaking the winning streak last night, buying cialis next day delivery it’s that we won’t see the black uni tops hopefully for a while. Buying cialis next day delivery I’d say it’s a safe bet the all grays will be in play tonight.

Buying cialis next day delivery Strange line on Chris Capuano last night. Buying cialis next day delivery  Cap had no problem throwing strikes (67/27 K/BB ratio) and he was ahead in the count from the start with 21 first pitches to the 28 batters he faced were strikes. Buying cialis next day delivery The Nats did knock him around for 10 hits but no walks but only 2 K’s. Buying cialis next day delivery Weird.

Buying cialis next day delivery The 4th inning did Cap in as the Nats started teeing off but it was a bizarre sac/fielder’s choice thingy with fat ass Livan Hernandez getting in Josh Thole’ way as he couldn’t get around El Gordo. Buying cialis next day delivery But when the smoke cleared is just a one run Nationals lead. Buying cialis next day delivery The pitch that Cap regretted the most was the one he threw to Ian Desmond in the 5th , buying cialis next day delivery that went  over the right field fence to give DC a two run lead. Buying cialis next day delivery  That home run hurt more as the Mets came back in the 6th when Ike Davis (of course!) doubled home Carlos Beltran to make it a one run game again.

Buying cialis next day delivery Okay, buying cialis next day delivery I’ve seen enough of Willie Harris for a while, buying cialis next day delivery time to put Harris on the shelf . Buying cialis next day delivery A little bit of Willie Harris in our lives is good, buying cialis next day delivery a lot of Willie Harris? No good.

Buying cialis next day delivery Either play Jason Pridie every day until Angel Pagan comes back or bring up Captain Kirk for a taste of the big leagues but really enough Willie Harris, buying cialis next day delivery he’s not an ever day player.

Buying cialis next day delivery I’m sure Big Pelf will be on a short leash tonight between battling the flu and not having a great track record against the Phuck Phaces, buying cialis next day delivery if he starts getting knocked around in the first or second inning, buying cialis next day delivery I’m sure Terry Collins will go right to Dillion Gee as this management cares about wins not hurting players feeling.

Buying cialis next day delivery I’m so anxious for Ronnie Paulino to be activated and joining the big league team for the simple fact, buying cialis next day delivery I’m not convinced Ronnie Paulino actually exists.

Buying cialis next day delivery It’s nice when there is competition of a roster spot, buying cialis next day delivery as it lit a fire under Josh Thole to get that bat going to stay in the bigs. Buying cialis next day delivery That was one of the biggest problems in the past for the Mets, buying cialis next day delivery a sense of entitlement of a job, buying cialis next day delivery that is no more.

Buying cialis next day delivery I want all of you to go over to the Real Dirty Mets site and wish Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr. Buying cialis next day delivery a very happy birthday.

Buying cialis next day delivery So now the Skill Sets are ready to give some juice to whoever buys into a minority share of the club. Buying cialis next day delivery According to the NY Post (line up for your grain of salt) the Skill Sets will grant veto power to the new investor as it pertains to team payroll and player contracts. Buying cialis next day delivery If all this is true and comes to fruition (again it’s in the Murdoch fish wrap) this could a huge boost for the Mets organization. Buying cialis next day delivery What the organization needs is injection of fresh money and fresh ideas and most of all someone who doesn’t have a Skill Sets bloodline sitting in the boardroom. Buying cialis next day delivery Everyone who is a decision maker except for the Baseball Ops division is related in some way or the other. Buying cialis next day delivery It reminds me of when I worked for Century 21 department store; every department manager of the store was a member of the Gindi family. Buying cialis next day delivery It didn’t matter if they were competent as long as they were a Gindi. Buying cialis next day delivery Now we just have to hope the new partner is a Stu Sternberg clone.

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Order viagra prescription I’m going to try very hard not to be a complete over reactionary schmuck after this first week of the Mets 2010 season but I’ll tell you right up front, order viagra prescription it won’t be easy.

Order viagra prescription Let’s play the “it’s so, order viagra prescription so early in the season” card right now and get it out of the way. Order viagra prescription Yes, order viagra prescription it is unbelievably early but after coming off an unmitigated disaster of a season last year and the happy talk bullshit we were fed the whole month of March, order viagra prescription needless to say I’m not impressed.

Order viagra prescription Well I shouldn’t say totally unimpressed. Order viagra prescription The pitching has been surprisingly good especially the bullpen, order viagra prescription which at the rate Jerry Manuel is using his relievers, order viagra prescription should be burnt out by mid May. Order viagra prescription The hitting has been for a lack of a better phrase “hit or miss” either lots of runs or barely getting any.

Order viagra prescription But the biggest problem I have so far this first week is the attitude of the team and that falls on the slumping shoulders of Jerry Manuel. Order viagra prescription The odds of Manuel finishing the season as manager are as slim as Sarah Palin being named the keynote speaker at the Mensa Convention (good morning my conservative friends and teabaggers) and J-Man looks like he hopes the end comes sooner than later. Order viagra prescription For a manager to come out and say that on April 11, order viagra prescription his team was unprepared to play is a big indictment that he is unfit to run the team. Order viagra prescription Then add some of the quotes out of the Mets clubhouse on how they felt that with the match-up between Santana and Livan Hernandez would a Mets walk over and when Santana gave up four runs in the top of the first, order viagra prescription it took the wind out of their sails. Order viagra prescription Are you kidding ? Down 4 runs in the first to the Nats and Livan and you feel like you’re finished for the day? That’s hard to stomach.

Order viagra prescription Added to this week of yuck, order viagra prescription was Frenchie saying the team is looking forward to getting out of town. Order viagra prescription HOLY SHIT!!! After one homestand, order viagra prescription you can’t wait to run for the hills? I-I-I-‘m speechless.

Order viagra prescription And let’s drop the happy horse shit that the team is pressing, order viagra prescription pressing for what ? This Mets team has the lowest expectation of any Mets team in years. Order viagra prescription They are not a contender which I think we all agree all we’re looking at is be competitive and stop with the woe is me bullshit. Order viagra prescription The manager sets the tone in that clubhouse and the team takes on the personality of its skipper. Order viagra prescription The attitude sucked last year and so far this week it still sucks.

Order viagra prescription To make my afternoon even worse, order viagra prescription the NY Rangers lost out on the last playoff spot in the NHL Eastern conference by losing the skills competition yesterday against the Flyers. Order viagra prescription King Henrik was subjected to a shooting gallery of Flyers shots 47 total with the King stopping 46 of them. Order viagra prescription Brandon Prust and Jody Shelly can hold their heads high as well for laying it on the line in this do or die game. Order viagra prescription I don’t think I was ever as wrong about a guy like I was with John Tortorella as coach of the Rangers. Order viagra prescription I was not a Tom Renny fan and felt that Torts was just what the team needed but I was wrong. Order viagra prescription Torts is so overmatched in this town between juggling lines like a circus performer and his attitude during interviews. Order viagra prescription Simple questions get a glare and a brush off even towards Sam Rosen who will never be compared to Mike Wallace. Order viagra prescription His profanity laden tirades toward Larry Brooks of the Post make Torts look like a big horses’ ass and Brooks vs. Order viagra prescription Torts isn’t even a fair fight, order viagra prescription Brooks beats Torts every time. Order viagra prescription Then there is the man known as Slats, order viagra prescription Glen Sather. Order viagra prescription He should have been dumped five years ago but Jim Dopelan loves Slats but you would hope that Sather has a shred of decency and retires immediately to allow a living breathing hockey exec come in to run the Rangers. Order viagra prescription Let the Dopelan’s use some of the money they steal from Cablevision subscribers and offer Lou Lamoriello $50 million dollars to come across the Hudson and revamp the Rangers.

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Sildenafil citrate omnigen Livan Hernandez pitched like shit again last night but after the game GM Omar Minaya said he is not swayed by Hernandez awful second half, sildenafil citrate omnigen in fact he is in the process of signing Livan to a three year extension. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Minaya said “Look, sildenafil citrate omnigen right now Livan is struggling, sildenafil citrate omnigen I know that, sildenafil citrate omnigen you know that, sildenafil citrate omnigen Adam Rubin knows that, sildenafil citrate omnigen but he has a track record, sildenafil citrate omnigen so at the end of the day, sildenafil citrate omnigen you know what I mean, sildenafil citrate omnigen he has value for us as an organization plus his wife makes a mean paella”

Sildenafil citrate omnigen In the Mets world of ugly, sildenafil citrate omnigen Frenchy Francouer is starting to look beautiful to some Mets fans but be warned, sildenafil citrate omnigen it’s the lighting that makes him handsome when you get him home you will regret it. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Don’t be swayed by Frenchy, sildenafil citrate omnigen it’s just lust in your heart, sildenafil citrate omnigen he is not the answer.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Hummmm let’s see mow the lawn during the hottest part of the day or watch the Mets and Oliver Perez pitch ? I think I’ll mow the lawn and take my mother in law shopping !

Sildenafil citrate omnigen I watched the Red Sox-Tigers game last night and yes I was very happy to see Youk charge the mound and even go extreme and throw his helmet at Jersey Rick Porcello ( I was waiting for the cage and ladder the come down on Fenway for an old time ECW throwdown) as it was not just the fact that Victor Martinez was hit by a pitch (in retaliation for Miguel Cabreara getting plunked on the hand) but this was the second game in a row Youk was HBP and add in the fact that the Sawx have been struggling lately it gave his team a lift. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Yeah, sildenafil citrate omnigen that’s right bench clearers have a way of lifting the team same as a good beat down in hockey does. Sildenafil citrate omnigen I know a lot you folks love to watch sports while knitting a sweater and like it when the fella’s play nice-nice but the truth is a big part of competition is intimidation. Sildenafil citrate omnigen That’s why our favorite baseball team is so disrespected because they are intimidated and need to grow some balls not just physically but mentally as well. Sildenafil citrate omnigen This team, sildenafil citrate omnigen since that Adam Wainwright curveball to Carlos Beltran in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has been neutered. Sildenafil citrate omnigen From the owner to the front office to the players this is one passive bunch that has a disconnected with it’s fan base and this city because we don’t tolerate passiveness and excuse makers which is what the New York Mets are now.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Word to Jerry Manuel: Neither you or Gary Sheffield are coming back to the Mets next year. Sildenafil citrate omnigen In fact if Sheff is re-signed I won’t be coming back to $iti Field next year same goes if Carlos Delgado is re-signed as well.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Word is that Billy Wags will be activated to the big league roster this Sunday and now the speculation begins, sildenafil citrate omnigen is it better to trade Wags before the 31st ? Or keep him and let him file for free agency and get a supplemental draft pick for him? I’d take the draft pick. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Sorry Billy but it’s a business decision.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Keep a good thought for Scott Schoenwiese as he tries to deal with his life’s tragedy.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen I’d say by the next two weeks most of the newspapers in this town will stop covering the Mets with more than one writer and in fact don’t be surprised by the next road trip all you get is the AP game story. Sildenafil citrate omnigen With the financial crunch and the fact that the NFL pre-season is starting the big stories in this town will be The Highlanders, sildenafil citrate omnigen The Giants, sildenafil citrate omnigen The Jets and The Highlanders. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Unless something Bernazard like happens the Mets will be a fart in the wind to the fish wraps..

Sildenafil citrate omnigen  Most stories in sports don’t shock me anymore but I have to admit this story shocked the shit out me. Sildenafil citrate omnigen I admired this guy but now he is just a no good scumbag

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Generic cialis  

Generic cialis  

Generic cialis Cory Sullivan, generic cialis cf
Luis Castillo, generic cialis 2b 
Fernando Tatis, generic cialis 3b 
Daniel Murphy, generic cialis 1b 
Jeff Francoeur, generic cialis rf 
Jeremy Reed, generic cialis lf 
Alex Cora, generic cialis ss 
Brian Schneider, generic cialis c 
Livan Hernandez, generic cialis sp

Generic cialis WOW What a Murderer’s Row!!!!

Generic cialis The biggest threat in the lineup is Livan at 9

Generic cialis I’ll pass thank you (after listening to Gary and Ron’s openning) and watch Dodgers-Giants

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Viagra side effects With one more night left in our camping trip we just finished a leaders meeting to deal with the two young bears that are now stalking the camp site. Viagra side effects  I’ m operating on about 2 hours sleep as we were alerted last night around 10 PM that a bear about 2 yrs old and standing well over 6 ft tall and over 200 lbs was in our general vicinty. Viagra side effects So we the leaders stayed up most of th enight keeping vigil on the camp site.

Viagra side effects To make matters worse my son and four other boys from our troop spent the night in the woods about 5 miles from our camp to fullfill thier wilderness survival reqs for a merit badge. Viagra side effects The boys go into the woods for a night with just a sleeping bag, viagra side effects knife, viagra side effects water, viagra side effects mat, viagra side effects and two hot dogs and an apple. Viagra side effects When they returned to camp this moring around 6 AM my son informed me that he saw a bear near their shelter but he was scared off by the noise.

Viagra side effects With all that I’m ready to go home and get some concrete under my feet by the way Jerry Manuel needs to play Daniel Murphy every day and Omar needs to give Livan Hernandez his release, viagra side effects and Jeffey and Freddie Skill Sets need to come out hiding and speak to the fan base on how they are going to get this franchise back on track not for this season but for 2010 and beyond.

Viagra side effects Time for everyone in the Mets organization to man up and realize this season is done and work on dealing off guys like Ryan Church, viagra side effects Garry Sheffield, viagra side effects Brian Schineder  and Fernando Tatis to name four.

Viagra side effects It would be nice if someone in the Mets organization had the guts of a 13 year old Boy Scout

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Cialis overnight delivery I’m at an all day training class so I don’t have much time to post but a few things from last nights game:

Cialis overnight delivery You can’t pitch any better than Livan Hernandez last night unless of course you’re Joel Pinero.

Cialis overnight delivery The toughest hurrdle for the Mets now is they must play flawless defense and they can’t get down by 3 runs or more in any game. Cialis overnight delivery Murphy was kicking himself for the throwing error that led to the first run but when El Hombre knocked in two with his single 3 runs may as well been 13 runs with the way Pineiro was hurling ground ball out after ground ball out.

Cialis overnight delivery J-Man tried to take the bullet for Livan on his botched fake bunt/hit and run attempt as Hernandez said after the game he did it on his own and Manuel claimed he put the play on. Cialis overnight delivery The thing is on the surface it was a bad play as the bunt was in order but f he executed it then it would have been the Mets Turning Point of The Game.

Cialis overnight delivery I watched two games last night the Mets-Cards then I flipped over to the Giants-A’s to see Tim Lincicum and for the first time in I don’t know when I saw two starters pitch complete games. Cialis overnight delivery WOW what’ s next a revival of wool uniforms?       

Cialis overnight delivery Gotta run school is back in session.

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Shades of ’07 last night as the Mets scored a bunch of runs early then the offense shout down and the bullpen , advice viagra well not the entire bullpen just that Putz who pitches the 8th, advice viagra gave one away. Advice viagra If Saturday made you made then last night must have broke a blood vessel in your head.


First off, advice viagra Livan Hernandez was hotter than a jalapeño after the game as he wanted to finish the inning and I have to say I can’t blame him as Livan wants to live up to his reputation as work horse. Advice viagra He threw 127 pitches in his last start but also got an extra days rest for this one and at 103 pitches he’s just hitting his stride. Advice viagra


But J-Man decided to make the move but he brought in his best reliever not named Rodriguez to finish the inning in Bobby Parnell. Advice viagra Why not bring in Brian Stokes in that spot with his exploding fastball and save Parnell for the 8th inning? I know JJ Putz had this incredible bullpen session with Old School Dan Werthen earlier in the day but lets face it Putz is an MRI patient ready to happen. Advice viagra His velocity is down a bit and his pitches are as flat as stale beer so maybe that bone spur he took a shot for is effecting him? How long will it be until Putz hears the words “Dr. Advice viagra Andrews will see you now”


Outstanding work by Landon Evanson at Bugs and Cranks with this interview of Dr. Advice viagra Ron Taylor the standout reliever on the 1969 World Champs. Advice viagra Of all the Q & A’s in interview this is made my day:


   Who was one player, advice viagra or what was one aspect of that ‘69 Mets club that has never gotten just due for their contributions to that championship? Lost in the shuffle, advice viagra so to speak.


Jerry Grote. Advice viagra He was an All-Star catcher, advice viagra and he was the one that made that pitching staff great.


What was it that Grote did that made the pitching staff great? Was it calling games or handling the staff in pressure situations? What was it that Grote did that was so important to New York’s success?


We had confidence in the pitches he called, advice viagra we very rarely shook Jerry off. Advice viagra And coming into a big game, advice viagra in the World Series or in the playoffs, advice viagra he would go out to the mound to meet you and support you.


Did you see Gary Sheffield running first to third last night? My legs hurt just watching him. Advice viagra The 40 year old Sheff is not built for everyday wear and tear. Advice viagra


How depressing a scene was PNC Ball Park last night? Rows and rows of empty seats as far as the eye can see. Advice viagra I know the Pirates have stunk for almost two decades but from what you hear the ballparks is a gem so between that and the nice weather you’d think they could get at least 25, advice viagra000 fans to come out to see our Metsises.



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Book buy guest sign viagra Obviously I’m extremely happy with the win last night especially with Livan Hernandez pitching like a prehistoric pitcher actually finishing a game, book buy guest sign viagra who does he thinks he is Roy Halliday? But we all need to remember that the opponent was one of the worst baseball teams to call it’s self a major league team since the Mets played in the Polo Grounds. Book buy guest sign viagra I really didn’t want to piss on the parade here as I really enjoyed watching Livan Hernandez pitch as he couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball but his breaking ball had so much movement it looked like the ball was made of J-ELLO so it was a real pleasure watching that performance but it was the Nationals.

Book buy guest sign viagra Hard to rate the first appearance of Fernando Martinez as the kid went from Buffalo to a plane trip to NYC to $iti Field in a matter of hours so you can just imagine the type of out of body experience he was going through but at least we know that he will be stationed in right field for at least the next two weeks so we can gauge him better by then.

Book buy guest sign viagra From what I ‘ve read about Wilson Valdez he is all glove no stick which is fine as the Mets need to shore up the middle of the infield and all he cost was money. Book buy guest sign viagra Being that it’s Johan against the Nationals tonight does Valdez get the start over Ramon Martinez tonight? I’d say so.

Book buy guest sign viagra I better see Daniel Murphy at first base tonight. Book buy guest sign viagra The kid can’t get out of his slump sitting on the bench.

Book buy guest sign viagra Ollie Perez did nothing in Buffalo last night that would rush his return back to Flushing. Book buy guest sign viagra The one thing in OP’s favor is that Tim Redding has been underwhelming to say the least .Interesting that the Mets have not announced the starting pitcher for Sunday game in Florida as with the day off Thursday they could skip Redding and go with Livan.

Book buy guest sign viagra Great post by Ken Davidoff on his evaluation of Omar Minaya. Book buy guest sign viagra I don’t want to say Minaya is an enigma but my mood on him changes almost weekly. Book buy guest sign viagra Omar handling the DL infuriates me. Book buy guest sign viagra Omar the talent evaluator is a plus in my book. Book buy guest sign viagra Omar the public speaker makes my ears bleed. Book buy guest sign viagra Omar the dumpster diver is without peer. Book buy guest sign viagra When it comes time to seal the big deal, book buy guest sign viagra even the most anti Omar detractors will agree he has always closed the deal which brings me back to Daniel Murphy.

Book buy guest sign viagra I really like Murphy and I want him to show what’s in that bat of his and the fact that he looks so comfortable at first base has me hoping he will break out with some big hits . Book buy guest sign viagra J-Man and Omar need to sit down and decide to either let Murphy play everyday at first for the next two three weeks and then decide if he stays at the big league level or goes to Buffalo. Book buy guest sign viagra As I say I like Murphy a lot but this is the big leagues and if it’s a question of the league having caught up to Murphy or the fact that he has been scared by playing left field then the brain trust has to make the determination if Murphy is THE GUY for first base or if he’s not and go out and make a deal for a big bat.

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A game like last night’s  could only be won against at team like the lowly Washington Nationals. Viagra seizures NINE WALKS!!!!!!!!!!! What is this Little League? Even the usually on target Bobby Parnell was off his game last night as he could not place his fastball down and off the plate. Viagra seizures


I give J- Man credit for he has much more patience than I’d ever have with the way the front office keeps making him play short handed to the point that Livan Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey wore spikes last night in case either pitcher would be needed to pinch run or hit. Viagra seizures How embarrassing would it have been if the Mets went to extra innings with a chance to win the game and the choice of the bench to hits was either Livan or Big Pelf?


I’m trying to figure out the rational for not DL’ing Reyes now instead of waiting until Friday? Does Omar feel the Nats are so bad he only needs 23 players to beat them? Does Omar feel that Reyes is not hurt as badly as he is letting on and wants him to “man up”? I hope that’s not the case because one thing you can say about Jose Reyes is he never comes out the lineup so he really must be hurting not to be back on the field. Viagra seizures As far as Reyes calf injury and now Ryan “The Red Headed Step Child” Church with a hurtin’ hammy maybe it’s time to review the Mets training staff and the stretching routine they’re using.


Carlos Beltran is going for an MRI today and lucky for him the Mets are home as the only place they can go for MRI’s is in NYC


Of course the red caps that were worn around MLB were for a good cause in helping veterans through the sale of the caps to baseball fans but did all the players have to wear them? Red does not go with everything especially blue and orange. Viagra seizures The Mets uni last night looked like an explosion at the Dutch Boy factory. Viagra seizures


Even the most critical Omar observer (Rich?) has to admit he hit a gold mine by signing Gary Sheffield. Viagra seizures But just how long this will last is the question.


Rumor has it, viagra seizures there was a kid on the NY Thruway this morning with his thumb out and a cardboard sign that read $iti Field on it.


Congrats to Sonia From The Block on being named to the Supreme Court. Viagra seizures Judge Sotomayor as you remember she issued an injunction back in 1995 against MLB to stop the owners from implementing a Collective Bargaining Agreement and then opening camps with replacement players saving the game from embarrassment.






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Homemade Viagra







Last night was a tough one but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook (which is very very difficult) as Livan Hernandez was outstanding throwing strikes in a great bounce back start of his stinker in SF. Paypal viagra Wright and Beltran are still carrying the team on their offensive shoulders and lo and behold Daniel Murphy was Gold Glove caliber at first base (just makes J-Man putting Jeremy Reed at first look more stupid) I didn’t see the bot of 8th as I passed out and when I woke up at 1AM saw the results and turned over for four hours of sleep but from looking at the Gameday charts it looks like JJ Putz was throwing hard as his fastball was low mid 90’s so that is encouraging but when your offense is lacking protection for your big boys your pitching walks a slender tight rope. Paypal viagra Add in the fact that the Hollywood Bums are a good baseball team that has not lost a step from the loss of Manny and are tough to beat at home. Paypal viagra That being said I don’t have a good feeling about going into Boston this weekend. Paypal viagra It didn’t take much for my positive outlook to turn to shit. Paypal viagra


One area that I will roast the front office is another in the many episode of not getting injured players looked at and put on the DL. Paypal viagra Reyes should have been sent for tests while in SF or LA as I know those two major cities have competent doctors and MRI machines that work very well. Paypal viagra From Church’s mishandling from concussion to Delgado being flown across the country with a hip that needed surgery to the newest fuck up with Jose Reyes now looking like a DL candidate makes the Mets look amateurish and is one of the reasons fans have no faith in Omar Minaya and his board of directors. Paypal viagra


On that note with Reyes looking like he will be gone for awhile and Alex Cora gone for a couple of months as well, paypal viagra how about going after Jeff Keppinger or even Ramon Santiago of the Tigers? Or Nick Green on the Red Sox it’s time for Omar to get to work.


I’ll have a lot more to talk about tonight on Pro Baseball Central so join us at 9PM EDST live and call in with your rants and raves at (646) 595-4462 If you can’t join us then listen to the podcast on our PBC site or on the upper right on this page. Paypal viagra   

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