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Who can take viagra Just when you thought you’ve seen it or heard it all when it comes to how the Mets do business comes word that team has denied Journal News Mets blogger Howard Megdal’ request for a media credential for the upcoming season. Who can take viagra Megdal’s crime? Telling the truth.

Who can take viagra According to Megdal, who can take viagra the Mets VP of Media Relations Jay Horowitz reason for reneging on the credential  was that “they don’t like his reporting” Megdal has tried to get a further explanation from the club but so far his request has fallen on deaf ears.

Who can take viagra When the Mets claim that they don’t like the way Megdal reports they mean they don’t like the truth of their financial difficulties being made public. Who can take viagra Megdal has written a book, who can take viagra Wilpon’s Folly” that looks in depth how the Wilpon’s have gotten themselves into a mess of debt that they may not be able to get out of, who can take viagra that could cost them ownership of the Mets. Who can take viagra  It bothers the Mets greatly that Megdal, who can take viagra through hard work and dogged investigating, who can take viagra has laid out in full view, who can take viagra how the Wilpon’s were duped by Bernie Madoff and swindled out of the family fortune. Who can take viagra What’s most bothersome about the Wilpon’s is they have not been forthright in telling how this great swindle has affected the operation of the Mets and Megdal with his thorough investigative work has uncovered the truth.

Who can take viagra To call Megdal a blogger is like calling Martin Scorsese a guy who makes movies, who can take viagra Megdal is an accomplished author and freelance writer who has been credentialed by all the pro sports team in the area and his work has been published on, who can take viagra New York Times and MLB Trade Rumors. Who can take viagra  I could see if Megdal wrote a book that was not factual and that the Wilpons could prove it but he hasn’t and they can’t so they’ve decided to go take the bully route and not allow Howard to have a credential thus not allowing him to enhance his livelihood. Who can take viagra See Megdal does not do this for fun, who can take viagra this is his job, who can take viagra it’s how he puts food on his table and because he did what no other writer had the guts to do, who can take viagra and give Mets fans and the other readers the truth behind the crumbling Wilpon Empire he’s being punished.

Who can take viagra I do not believe this edict came from anyone in the media or public relations department; it had to come from only one place, who can take viagra the owner’s office. Who can take viagra The folks who work in the Mets PR department know how badly they need sell this product that is Mets baseball. Who can take viagra The fan base not only has disdain for this ownership but distrust as well, who can take viagra banning Megdal from obtaining a media credential is not only petty, who can take viagra it’s stupid. Who can take viagra Beyond his talents as a writer, who can take viagra Megdal is as passionate a Mets fan as there is which makes this even more of an underhanded nasty move by the club. Who can take viagra  He’s not a go for free guy, who can take viagra no; he’s a paying customer and a frequent customer of the Mets product I might add.

Who can take viagra The Wilpon’s just don’t get it, who can take viagra if they would have come out and told  the truth from day one about getting had by Madoff and that it would affect the operation of the team to where they’d have to adjust the way they do business, who can take viagra Mets fans would have embraced them. Who can take viagra There is no more forgiving fan base than Mets fans. Who can take viagra Ask Keith Hernandez about the standing ovation he received after he testified in the Pittsburgh drug trials? Or ask Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry about the way Mets fans treated them after their bouts with drugs and alcohol. Who can take viagra Mets fans and Mets bloggers are good people and should be treated with more respect by this ownership, who can take viagra none more than Howard Megdal.

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Super viagra There is no reason for Mets fans to panic…….yet over the news that Scott Boras has been pitching woo to Jose Reyes. Super viagra If and when it happens I’ll react but right now it’s just heresy.

Super viagra Now that doesn’t mean it won’t happen and if it does don’t scream at the Mets, super viagra Reyes or Boras if it does and Jose goes elsewhere. Super viagra Never forget this is a game to us but it’s a business to the team and a livelihood to the player. Super viagra As great as Reyes is playing right now and that he is a homegrown Met that we all want to see stay and retire in orange and blue he is not getting more than 5 years contract from the Mets nor should they. Super viagra  By the same token, super viagra Reyes should go out and get the best deal he can as he has paid his dues in baseball to reach the point where he calls the shots on where he’ll play the rest of his career and for how much money and never ever forget, super viagra it’s all about the money.

Super viagra If the Mets go to Reyes in the weeks ahead and make him an offer of minimum 5/$100mil with all kinds of exotic clauses and options that could send that deal to 7/$140mil and he and whoever his representative  is turns it down, super viagra what would you like Sandy Alderson to do?  What Alderson would have to do is what he feels is best for the Mets organization. Super viagra That’s his job. Super viagra Same as it’s the player agent job to get the best deal for his client and it’s up to the player to do what’s best for him and his family. Super viagra Unfortunately fans are the least of the equation in this process. Super viagra  Just like at the ball park, super viagra we’re just spectators here.

Super viagra Having had the pleasure of meeting Jose Reyes I can tell you first hand he is unbelievably charismatic and extremely likeable. Super viagra I am sure it touches him dearly the fan support he has gotten to the point of obsession about him staying a Met 4 Life and I bet in his heart he would love for that to happen but he has a chance to not just set up his current family for life but his grand kids and even great grandkids as the money he can make on his next deal will help generations of Reyes for years to come. Super viagra That is where Reyes’ loyalties lie.

Super viagra As crushing as it would be to lose Jose Reyes, super viagra the Mets will survive. Super viagra One thing about this franchise, super viagra it’s damn near indestructible from M.Donald Grant letting Whitey Herzog get away, super viagra to losing Gil Hodges to a heart attack, super viagra to trading Tom Seaver, super viagra to not drafting Reggie Jackson to the De Roulet daughters nearly killing the franchise to the current dunderhead owners, super viagra this franchise has survived all that, super viagra so even though it will suck to go on without him, super viagra the franchise will survive the absences of Jose Reyes as well

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