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Buy viagra no prescription I’m already feeling Mets fatigue as the stories out of St Lonesome other than Santana’s healthy and Matt Harvey is a stud, buy viagra no prescription all the other news has the stink of negativity to it. Buy viagra no prescription But is it really that bad or is it because it’s the Mets that it’s portrayed that way?

Buy viagra no prescription Sure the rash of pulled obliques is a concern but is it serious enough to where some fans are going off the deep end? Of all the pull muscles in the abdomen area that bother me it’s Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ because I thought he had a real shot of making the team but this will most likely stall his major league debut. Buy viagra no prescription Scott Hairston’ is somewhat disconcerting but he’s a 4th outfielder who can be replaced by a waiver pick up at end of spring. Buy viagra no prescription Lucas Duda’ back looks to be fine as his Grand Slam yesterday is testament to.

Buy viagra no prescription Tim Byrdak is having his knee operated on today and contrary to all the bridge jumpers he’ll be back by mid-April. Buy viagra no prescription Is there a fan base in baseball that would get all worked up about a LOOGY missing 4 weeks of action in spring, buy viagra no prescription some Mets fans reacted like idiots over the news of Byrdak’s injured knee.

Buy viagra no prescription If you want to throw yourself on the ground and kick up a tantrum, buy viagra no prescription then do so over David Wright’s sore side. Buy viagra no prescription That’s the injury to watch.

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Viagra online consultation As first reported by Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, viagra online consultation LOOGY Deluxe Tim Byrdak has signed a contract extension with the Mets for next season. Viagra online consultation Seems Sandy Alderson would like to keep two lefties in the pen and so far Little LOOGY Danny (Give me a LOOGY with Hair, viagra online consultation long beautiful Hair, viagra online consultation shining, viagra online consultation gleaming…..)Herrera is making his bid to be Byrdak’s stablemate.

Viagra online consultation Between having John Franco babysit Bobby Parnell and now having Terry Collins breakdown of Dillion Gee’s pitch selection and approach, viagra online consultation it seems like Dan Warthen is on shaky ground when it comes to his job security for next season, viagra online consultation I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a return of The Jacket to Flushing.

Viagra online consultation How much does the stellar play of Ruben Tejeda play into the Mets maybe not going all out to re-sign Jose Reyes?  I’m sure he will never admit it but I’d bet Sandy Alderson is praying that some dumb owner offers Reyes a ridiculous contract that he can’t match so he can use the $18-$20 mil on pitching.

Viagra online consultation What a schizo team we root for. Viagra online consultation They lose four games at home to the Nats and look like they packed it in for the year. Viagra online consultation The manager calls his team out saying they “folded up” and says “the fans are right to be angry”  So they go into Atlanta, viagra online consultation usually a house of horrors for the Mets and take 2 of 3 from a Braves team that needed to win these three games to keep the Cardinals and Giants off their heels. Viagra online consultation Amazing Mets indeed.

Viagra online consultation This is beyond disturbing!

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Fake generic viagra Another game another win, fake generic viagra and the Tea Party Mets fans have quieted down as there isn’t anything to get hysterical about.

Fake generic viagra I’m not ready to block out the month of October yet on my calendar, fake generic viagra as the caliber of opponent  has not been challenging during this win streak but again good teams put the bottom feeders away and it’s made this weekend’s games in Philly a must see.

Fake generic viagra Chris Young admitted after the game that his command was off but he hadn’t pitched in over two weeks and at 88 pitches he made the mark that club set for him. Fake generic viagra The home runs were a product of not being able to hit his spots but then again they were all solo shots.  The big test will be today for Young when he gets to the park. Fake generic viagra If he feels as good as he said he did last night after the game, fake generic viagra then it’s a win and if he does feel fine to make his next start, fake generic viagra then you’ll see Dillon Gee go back to Buffalo.

Fake generic viagra It also helps that the bullpen has settled in to a groove and Terry Collins has a reliever for every situation. Fake generic viagra The back end is set with Taylor Bucholz and Pedro Beato as 7th inning or 8th inning guys depending on the status of set up man deluxe Jason Issringhausen followed by closer for now Frankie Rodriguez.  You also have Tim Brydak and Ryota Igarashi as the LOOGY/ROOGY Yin-Yang and the Gee/Carrasco long man role. Fake generic viagra It’s always nice when relievers know their set roles. Fake generic viagra It’s a beautiful  thing.

Fake generic viagra I’m looking forward to Friday night’s game against the Phuck Phaces just to see who catches Big Plef. Fake generic viagra  Even with Joe Blanton going for the Phuck’s, fake generic viagra I be surprised if Josh Thole is behind the plate. Fake generic viagra I could see Mike Nickeas or Ronnie Paulino getting the task to talk Pelfrey through his start. Fake generic viagra The Mets could activate Paulino and keep Nickeas up going with three catchers for this game only and sending Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Fake generic viagra Then after the game send Nickeas to Buffalo as well and bring back DJ Carrasco to take up long man duty in the bullpen. Fake generic viagra If Nickeas catches Pelfrey then it would give Paulino a chance to work with Pelf between starts. Fake generic viagra Listen, fake generic viagra if finding a personal catcher for Mike Pelfrey translates into quality starts then I’m all for it. Fake generic viagra Josh Thole shouldn’t be upset, fake generic viagra it’s not personal it’s business.

Fake generic viagra I guess we won’t be hearing any of the stupid trade Ike talk anymore huh? How about Ike for MVP?

Fake generic viagra I’m ready to throw some batting practice today to my team so I have go out and re-stock the medicine cabinet with some Extra Strength Tylenol and some Icy-Hot patches. Fake generic viagra Later!

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Discount phentermine viagra My God, discount phentermine viagra it’s day one of pitchers and catcher reporting to St Lonesome and I’m already sick of the Ollie Perez stories.

Discount phentermine viagra Perez came to camp and proclaimed he wanted to compete for a starting spot in the Mets rotation.  The Mets plan for Perez was to compete with Tim Byrdak, discount phentermine viagra Mike O’Conner, discount phentermine viagra and Taylor Tankersley for the role of LOOGY in the Alderson/Collins production. Discount phentermine viagra But OP had other plans when he had his sit down with the GM and manager letting them know he wants a shot at the two spots up for grabs.

Discount phentermine viagra Odds are long that Perez is going to out pitch Chris Capuano, discount phentermine viagra Dillon Gee or Chris Young and Terry Collins is concerned about his mind set which shows some nativity on Collins part as no one, discount phentermine viagra not even Perez  knows what’s going on in that noggin.

Discount phentermine viagra What hurts Perez is of course his inability to throw strikes and that’s due to some of the worst mechanics this side of the constantly out of service escalator at the South Ferry subway station. Discount phentermine viagra  Perez is full of bad habits, discount phentermine viagra awful arm angle on release, discount phentermine viagra bad balance in his delivery and not really understanding how to pitch. Discount phentermine viagra Perez is a classic thrower. Discount phentermine viagra Add in two straight years of constant nagging injuries and hard headedness you wonder, discount phentermine viagra why bother with this guy? All these deficiencies lead to the bane of Perez’ problem, discount phentermine viagra  his command and control is awful  which lead to base on balls which lead to loads of base runners, discount phentermine viagra base runners who wind up touching home plate at an alarming rate.

Discount phentermine viagra  The fans can’t stand the sight of him and they’re not wrong. Discount phentermine viagra If OP would have taken management’s advice and agreed to accept a minor league assignment to work out his problems, discount phentermine viagra the fan base would be much more sympathetic and in fact I bet those fans who are repulsed by Perez would rally behind him. Discount phentermine viagra  But Perez in essence told the Mets management and fans “Fuck You” and the fans responded with “Fuck Me”? No. Discount phentermine viagra “Fuck You”

Discount phentermine viagra It would a major upset and disappointment if Perez makes the 25 man roster. Discount phentermine viagra I don’t think he will, discount phentermine viagra in fact he’ s only around because he’s not drawing a paycheck yet for 2011 (players don’t start getting paid until opening day they get per diem during spring) as once he does I’m sure it will be as a former Met.

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Viagra levitra This photo is paid for by the Twisted Citizens Committee To Bring Back The Old Forty-Duce, viagra levitra

Viagra levitra Steve Keane, viagra levitra President.

Viagra levitra Hey Bed-Stuy, viagra levitra Park Slope, viagra levitra St Albans and Eastchester, viagra levitra Mayor Moneybags is sorry your streets have not been plowed but there are more important areas of the city that need to be cleared of snow before you folks get relief.  The first tourist in NYC that wishes me a Happy New Year will get a punch in the face.

Viagra levitra Exhausted from shoveling snow? Sick of the holidays?  Depressed that this is the beginning of a long cold winter? Here’s a name that will make you smile and warm your heart, viagra levitra Benny Agbayani.

Viagra levitra Add another name to the Mets search for a low risk/high reward pitcher, viagra levitra Chris Capuano .

Viagra levitra Adam Rubin’ snitches in Mexico report on Oliver Perez getting lit up again in the Mexican Winter League. Viagra levitra Before you say “cut his sorry ass” a caveat, viagra levitra Ollie is holding left handed batters to a .163 BA. Viagra levitra He could be one very expensive LOOGY.

Viagra levitra So Brett Farve gets a $50K fine for sending pics of his tallywhacker to Jenn Sterger. Viagra levitra Sterger’s attorney is outraged, viagra levitra OUTRAGED that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down such a light sentence. Viagra levitra  After looking at the evidence, viagra levitra Goodell suggested to Sterger to take Farve to small claims court.

Viagra levitra See what happens when you become Mike Francesa’s butt boy, viagra levitra as Jon Heyman has become, viagra levitra you make stupid statements that shreds your credibility.

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5 mg original brand cialis First let me offer my sympathies to those of you who root for the NY Jets as I can’t even imagine what that Mets/Jets daily double fandom is like. Last night myself and Kendrick Thomas co-hosted NY Football Blogs Live on Blog Talk Radio where we broke down the Jets-Dolphins game and looked at the road ahead for the Jets and a preview of tonight’s Giants-Vikings neutral site matchup at Ford Field. 5 mg original brand cialis My rant against Brett Farve is worth a listen.

5 mg original brand cialis By the way, 5 mg original brand cialis as bad as Jets strength and condition coach Sal Alosi’ un-sportsman like move, 5 mg original brand cialis tripping Nolan  Carroll as he went down the side line on a punt return was, 5 mg original brand cialis the cries for Alosi to be fired is comical. 5 mg original brand cialis The NFL allows players who are convicted of DUI’s and vehicular homicide to thrive in the league but a coach doing something stupid should be burned at the stake. 5 mg original brand cialis  If MLB operated like the NFL, 5 mg original brand cialis The Used Car Salesman would be America’s number one villain. 5 mg original brand cialis Maybe the NY Daily News Eye-Sore Team will stop wasting newsprint on the steroid witch hunt and do some real investigative reporting on the NFL. 5 mg original brand cialis  Yeah, 5 mg original brand cialis fat chance.

5 mg original brand cialis The Apple gets there Hudgens crossed, 5 mg original brand cialis one Hudgens is a hitting coach the other gets hit on. 5 mg original brand cialis By the way that picture of Reyes with the sign is fucking hilarious and the pic of the lovely Vanessa is museum quality.

5 mg original brand cialis Sandy Alderson has another thing in common with Mets fans, 5 mg original brand cialis he won’t go out of his way to watch Oliver Perez pitch. 5 mg original brand cialis I know there is a lot of talk about using OP as a LOOGY and there may be some merit in that move but Perez and Castillo represent the FAIL of the Minaya administration. 5 mg original brand cialis Perez not accepting a minor league assignment to work out his pitching problems and Castillo after having a game winning hit last summer and acting like he just had a wisdom tooth pulled is exactly that kind of mindset that has to be eradicated in the Mets clubhouse . 5 mg original brand cialis I’m on board with the patient Alderson approach but some things just can’t let simmer. 5 mg original brand cialis Both Perez and Castillo need to be released. 5 mg original brand cialis  

5 mg original brand cialis Johnny Cueto for Jose Reyes? I’d make that deal in a heartbeat if I were the Mets before Walt Jocketty sobers up.

5 mg original brand cialis Chris Jaffe has a terrific article up on The Hardball Times chronicling baseball mangers with the largest breaks in service form managerial jobs. 5 mg original brand cialis He has a write up on Mets manager Terry Collins in the article.

5 mg original brand cialis “Hey Davis you suck” “Earn your money Baron”, 5 mg original brand cialis LA Clipper fans heckling their point guard Baron Davis? Nope. 5 mg original brand cialis It’s Clippers owner Donald Sterling sitting at courtside at the Staple Center berating his point guard during a game. 5 mg original brand cialis I can’t get on Sterling too much, 5 mg original brand cialis if I owned the Mets I’d probably act the same way.

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Canadain viagra india If you want to do something constructive while you wait for word on the identity of the next Mets manager, canadain viagra india you should be pursuing the 2011 Bill James Handbook.

Canadain viagra india As always the Handbook is chock full of statistic and league and career leaders in a host of categories. Canadain viagra india Now if you’re a Mets fan and have been sabermetric intolerant, canadain viagra india you should really check out the Handbook as we get ready for a whole new world in the Land of Blue and Orange when we ride the Alderson Carousel of Progress.

Canadain viagra india Some interesting Mets –centric numbers in the Handbook are:

Canadain viagra india Ike Davis finished second to Oakland’s Daric Barton in fielding metrics for first basemen with a Plus/Minus of +14 (to Barton’s +27) and a Runs Saved of +13 (Barton was at +20)

Canadain viagra india David Wright finished second to last for regular third basemen in the fielding metrics with a -13 Plus/Minus and a -13 Runs Saved Not good at all.

Canadain viagra india Alderson and Co. Canadain viagra india will have a tough choice to make when it comes to re-signing Pedro Feliciano. Canadain viagra india Perpetual Pedro lived up to his name in 2010 by appearing in league high 92 appearances of which 44 were on consecutive days, canadain viagra india a ML high as well. Canadain viagra india If Feliciano does re-sign with the Mets, canadain viagra india I’m sure the new management know he’s the 100 % red-blooded LOOGY. Canadain viagra india Against left handed batters Perpetual Pedro was dominant holding the hitters to .211/.297/.276 but against right handed batters it’s a whole other story, canadain viagra india.336/.436/.395. Canadain viagra india Is he worth $3.5-$4 mil dollars?

Canadain viagra india When it comes to Manufacturing Runs (aggressive, canadain viagra india not station to station baseball) the Mets have two players in the top ten in the NL. Canadain viagra india  Jose Reyes is second only to Michael Bourn of the Astros (44 to 39) and Angel Pagan has the fifth highest mark of 30 Manufactured Runs Contribution.

Canadain viagra india When it came to getting a hit with runners in scoring position no one on the Mets was better than Angel Pagan who was seventh in the NL with a .339 Batting Average w/RISP

Canadain viagra india The only NL player to slug lefties better than David Wright (.654 SLG. Canadain viagra india vs LHP) was Albert Pujols at .688

Canadain viagra india That’s just skims the surface of what’s in the Bill James Handbook and as I said before with the new and improved front office now employed by the Mets you really need this book to keep up with Sandy Alderson’ pace.

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Cialis canadian I hope you have time to check out the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK show on Blog Talk Radio last night as I hosted the show and my guests were SF Giants bloggers Scott of The Crazy Crabbers and Julian of Splashing Pumpkins, cialis canadian and we reviewed the Giants championship season.

Cialis canadian I also have to make a correction. Cialis canadian In the beginning of the show I made reference to the passing of Sparky Anderson and mentioned the Reds beating the Highlanders in 1975 World Series which was a huge blunder on my part when I should know it was the 1976 World Series where the Big Red Machine kicked the Highlanders ass. Cialis canadian I could blame it on the fact that I was up at 5AM and worked a ten hour shift and did this show at 11PM but that’s no excuse and your right I need to grow a pair.

Cialis canadian You just know that this Charlie Samuels mess is going to get worse before it gets better. Cialis canadian The Mets can say Samuels is indefinitely suspended but we all know Samuels will never work in baseball again. Cialis canadian As soon as he admitted to MLB investigators that he bet on baseball, cialis canadian he accepted his baseball death sentence. Cialis canadian I’m just concerned about how long this was going on, cialis canadian who knew what and when did they know it and I’m praying no Mets players were involved in this shit storm.

Cialis canadian I have no problem at all with the Mets cutting ties with Hisanori Takahashi for the price Taka and his agent were asking, cialis canadian 3yrs /$12-$15mil the Mets were offering what I believe is a more realistic contract of 1yr+an option for $3mil. Cialis canadian Taka was outstanding taking over for Frankie Rodriguez and that’s what he is, cialis canadian a reliever who can give you an inning, cialis canadian two tops. Cialis canadian As a starter, cialis canadian when he faces a lineup the second and third time around Taka gets pounded. Cialis canadian There is a good possibility that Pedro Feliciano will be coming out of someone else’s bullpen in 2011 as well since he has a higher opinion of his monetary value as a stone cold LOOGY than the Mets do.

Cialis canadian Wally Backman gets to WOW Sandy Alderson today as he interviews for the Mets Managers job. Cialis canadian Backman is the number one choice for most Mets fans let’s see if can make a big impression on Alderson.

Cialis canadian David Lennon says Don Wakamatsu will be the Mets manager. Cialis canadian Joel Sherman says Terry Collins will be the next Mets manager. Guess what? The MSM doesn’t have a fucking clue as to who will be the next Mets manager.

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Viagra discussion Think about this for a minute, viagra discussion the Mets have lost their closer for the remainder of the season and maybe part of next season and instead of panic and angst, viagra discussion Mets fan are celebrating like the team just won the NL Pennant. Viagra discussion Francisco Rodriguez has torn ligaments in his right thumb, viagra discussion HOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra discussion Any other season the scramble would be on to find someone to pitch the 9th inning, viagra discussion instead Mets fans are full of optimism that the team will void Rodriguez contract. Viagra discussion Fans don’t even care if they can legally do this it’s more like the want to see Rodriguez suffer and maybe that the great legal mind of David Howard can take on the MLBPA and win, viagra discussion what could be the most important contest the Mets have been involved in two years. 

Viagra discussion Speaking for myself, viagra discussion I don’t care if the Mets have to pay K-Rod the rest of this year and next, viagra discussion although I’d think if the Mets could win a case against Rodriguez a ticker tape parade down Roosevelt Ave would be appropriate, viagra discussion I just want to see the front office show some fight and send a message that they actually give a shit about the team and are tired of being portrayed as bungling douche bags.

Viagra discussion Maybe the tide is turning in Flushing, viagra discussion as the Mets not only signed their number one pick RHP Matt Harvey but they went over slot price as well.

Viagra discussion As another Mets season goes down the shitter, viagra discussion what better time to worry about next years contract right? That’s what’s on the mind of Pedro Feliciano. Viagra discussion Daily Pedro will be a free agent after this season and is looking to re-up with the Mets and raise up his salary from this years $2.9 mil. Viagra discussion I’m sure Feliciano will be looking for a healthy bump in pay and years but at what point do the Mets say farewell as the price in both cash and time becomes prohibited? A LOOGY on a mediocre team is a luxury you don’t really need so it’s more the Mets missed the boat at the trading deadline by not dealing Feliciano. Viagra discussion I’m pretty sure you can find a Quadruple A or league average player to play the LOOGY role for a fraction of the price of Daily Pedro.

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Cialis prices Have you come to grips with the fact the Mets will not make the post season? I have. Cialis prices I’m not happy about it but it is what it is, cialis prices the Mets have a big fork sticking out their collective oblique muscle. Cialis prices So that’s why I have gone from being totally pissed off that a team that is in the throws of bankruptcy, cialis prices the Texas Rangers, cialis prices are wheelin’ and a dealin’ while the Mets front office is at Jeffey Skill Sets Hamptons beach house walking the shore line with metal detectors looking for loose change.

Cialis prices There isn’t a proposed deal mention about the Mets that makes any sense for Omar (or the Omar like figure running these things these days) to pull the trigger on.:

Cialis prices Octavio Dotel  for LHP Robert Carson. Cialis prices I would love to see Dotel in the Mets over worked and over used bullpen but not for Carson. Cialis prices Carson is just 22 years old and throws a fastball that cuts, cialis prices slder and  a change up. Cialis prices His has the abilty to change speeds on his fastball from high 80’s to low-mid 90’s. Cialis prices Some scouting reports potray Carson a LOOGY in the bigs or if he continues to grow as a pitcher a back end starter. Cialis prices At this point, cialis prices it’s a good thing for the Mets to hold on to Carson. Cialis prices If the Pirates would take Eddie Kunz then this would be a great deal for the Mets

Cialis prices Brett Myers for Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell. Cialis prices First off I want no part of Myers and his baggage not only that Ed Wade is out of his fuckng mind if he asked for Thole and Parnell for Myers after giving Lance Berkman to the Highlanders for nothing. Cialis prices If I were the Mets GM and Wade called me with that offer I’d slam the phone down on him.

Cialis prices Carlos Zambrano for Ollie Perez and Lusi Castillo. Cialis prices As per Jon Heyman, cialis prices Jim Hendry won’t take Castillo in the deal. Cialis prices Even if the Cubs said yes to this it wouldn’t work out financially for the Mets. Cialis prices Z is owed about $55 mil for the next three years, cialis prices OP and Looie have the Mets in an $18 mil hole for 2011. Cialis prices So as I’ve said many many times it cheaper to DFA both these slugs. Cialis prices If the Mets really wanted to get creative they should revist this deal in the winter and switch Castillo with Frankie Rodriguez and offer that to the Cubs. Cialis prices I guarantee Mets fans will be cursing the K-Rod deal (if they’re not already) starting next year.

Cialis prices I think where some Mets fans miss the point with Mets front office, cialis prices it’s not that the Mets don’t spend money, cialis prices they just don’t know how to spend it. Cialis prices That’s why the GM and Manager (because Omar has lost the right to sign another manager) need to be reassigned and younger, cialis prices hipper more analytical baseball executive needs to be brought in. Cialis prices I would love to see Paul DePodesta brought in or someone like him to go with Omar in his new assignment as Senior of Scouting and Player Development.

Cialis prices Can someone with access to Jerry Manuel , cialis prices please for the love of God, cialis prices ask him why he plays Jeff Francoeur every day!

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