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Viagra price Mets GM Sandy Alderson was on with Mike Francesa yesterday to answer some questions about where the 2013 Mets currently stand. Viagra price The team stands in the same spot as it stood since the R.A. Viagra price Dickey deal, viagra price stalled. Viagra price The picture Alderson gave of this upcoming Mets team was not very rosy but seriously what did you expect?  Some of you in the fan base love having smoke blown up your ass, viagra price all you want to hear is positives and unfortunately for you the GM is not the smoke blowin’ type. Viagra price Others are shocked; SHOCKED when the Alderson is candid and tells you the truth, viagra price that the outfield is not one he wants to put on the field and that he is having a hard time constructing a bullpen that doesn’t contend for the worst in baseball. Viagra price He also is on the level when he tells you there isn’t much out there in either trade or free agency that would make a whole helluva lot of difference so why just spend precious Skill Sets Bucks to prove that he has precious Sill Sets Bucks to spend.

Viagra price Let’s look at some of the highlights from Alderson’ call with ’ ZAUN:

Viagra price On what his ball club looks like right now and how he’ll improve it going forward Alderson said:

Viagra price Well I’d say right now it’s an incomplete. Viagra price But there’s still time in the semester, viagra price to give an educational metaphor. Viagra price We’ve been watching the market, viagra price we know what’s available, viagra price we’ve known what’s available. Viagra price We reconvene and review periodically, viagra price meaning every couple of days. Viagra price There are a number of things that we’re currently involved in pursuing. Viagra price But we’re hopeful we’ll have some additions before spring training starts, viagra price and I expect that we will have some additions, viagra price but at this point to say we’ve been patient is probably an understatement but that’s what we’ve been.

Viagra price I get the idea that Alderson would have loved to have made further renovations to this roster but the over value of many of this year’s uninspiring free agent class and unreasonable trade options have hinder that plan. Viagra price  Would Alderson like to trade for Justin Upton? Sure. Viagra price Would he deal away Zack Wheeler for him? Hell no. Viagra price Would he like to bring in a veteran outfielder? Of course. Viagra price But  would he go 3years/$39mil (Shane Victorino to the Red Sox) or even 3 years/$26 mil (Cody Ross to the D’Backs) ? Nope, viagra price and if he did you know you’d scream holy hell.

Viagra price On Travis d’Arnaud making the club’s opening day roster:

Viagra price Yeah, viagra price I think it would be unfair given his situation, viagra price the level of his development to say, viagra price look, viagra price he can’t make the team out of spring training, viagra price but we had a somewhat open situation with Matt Harvey last year, viagra price too, viagra price and he had a fairly good spring training, viagra price and yet he opened the season at the minor league level. Viagra price I just don’t want to rule anything out. Viagra price At the same time, viagra price I don’t want to create false expectations on the part of our fans or any sense of pressure on Travis himself. Viagra price But look, viagra price he hasn’t played since last June, viagra price he was out all the second half of last season with the knee injury. Viagra price He would have been in the big leagues last year had he not been injured. Viagra price Had he not been injured and played last year, viagra price I doubt he would have been available to us in a trade. Viagra price So you take the good with the bad. Viagra price But as far as Opening Day is concerned, viagra price he could be with us, viagra price but we do have a very capable veteran in John Buck as well. Viagra price      

Viagra price Ok now Alderson is blowing smoke up your ass. Viagra price d’Arnaud only breaks camp with the team if Buck gets hurt, viagra price otherwise his arbitrational clock is more important than early season big league at bats. Viagra price Last season’s knee injury and lack of playing in the second half of last season will come in handy to justify this decision.

Viagra price The next topic to come up from ‘ZAUN was the outfield:

Viagra price Well, viagra price the outfield is not a strength at this point, viagra price there’s no question about that. Viagra price There’s a need for an upgrade at almost every one of those positions. Viagra price Some of it could come internally. Viagra price We may see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively.

Viagra price Or we may not see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively. Viagra price Duda is a liability in the outfield and would be a perfect DH if he could…you…know….HIT! Is it me or does Duda also strike you as a guy you makes playing baseball a chore?

Viagra price Alderson then laid out what the outfield could look like on opening day:

Viagra price We’re looking at him(Duda) in left. Viagra price Center field right now is probably [Kirk] Nieuwenhuis and a player we obtained from the A’s, viagra price Colin Cowgill, viagra price who I think will be an interesting player to watch in spring training.

Viagra price Ah yes Colin Cowgill. Viagra price I too am interested in seeing Cowgill play as he looks to be the player that Mets have been waiting for the Alderson regime to bring in, viagra price the under the radar AAA to AAAA player who gets a chance to play regularly and makes an a strong contribution. Viagra price  From looking at Cowgill’s minor league numbers he’s shown the ability to get on base, viagra price to steal a base and not get caught hit with a bit of power and his defense is a major plus and he bats right handed. Viagra price Cowgill is an upgrade over Scott Hairstion and speaking of Scott Hairstion he is the exchange between ‘Zaun (‘Zaun is a play on the name of Francesa’s show Mike’s On but when the singers of his theme song make it sound like “MIKE ZAUN”) and Alderson:

Viagra price  Francesa: You expect to have a Hairston back or another player in the mix before the season starts?

Viagra price Alderson: Oh, viagra price we’re working on it. Viagra price Yeah. Viagra price And I think there’s been speculation about Scott. Viagra price I think that…

Viagra price Francesa: That he asked for too much money…

Viagra price Alderson: You know, viagra price money’s always an issue and I wouldn’t deny that, viagra price but it’s also a question of playing time and he wants to play — we understand that — and one of the things that exists for us right now, viagra price the dynamic is, viagra price that in order for us to sign Scott we want to be able to commit a certain amount of playing time. Viagra price This is where you balance two or three things going on at the same time. Viagra price If one or two other things were to happen, viagra price it might affect his playing time. Viagra price So it’s not just about the money, viagra price it’s also about playing time and what we can readily commit to Scott.

Viagra price Francesa: You want to see what you can pull off before you commit to him?

Viagra price Alderson: [Pause] … Uhh, viagra price yeah.

Viagra price Francesa: Okay, viagra price that’s fair. Viagra price I think that’s fair. Viagra price I mean, viagra price it is fair. Viagra price I mean, viagra price so it’s not a case of it just being a price, viagra price it’s also a situation of a couple other things actually can still happen or not.

Viagra price Alderson: Yeah, viagra price absolutely. Viagra price       

Viagra price Trying to read between the lines here, viagra price it seems Alderson is waiting and hoping that some GM out there (Kevin Towers) panics and will trade from an over stocked outfield for some fringe prospects. Viagra price   It goes back to the Upton talk I think Alderson believes he still has a shot at Upton and at his price but it’s going to take some more time and some more patience’s to pull it off. Viagra price Even if it’s not Upton he gets it, viagra price seems before he commits those precious Skill Sets Bucks to Hairston, viagra price he leaves no options uncovered. Viagra price No one is giving Scott Hairston 2ys/$8mil.

Viagra price Alderson goes on in the rest of the interview to talk about how he sees both Johan Santana and Dillon Gee bouncing back from injury, viagra price how he hopes the younger bullpen arms he has will make an impact, viagra price how he has an eye on 2014 but his ‘dominant eye” is on 2013, viagra price and how he’s not happy with the way the Mets have finished that lase few seasons.

Viagra price Big tip of the Mets cap to Amazin’ Avenue and Eric Simon and Steve Flanagan who posted a transcript of Francesa and Alderson’s conversation. Viagra price Great job guys !  

Viagra price  

Viagra price  

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Female pharmaceutical viagra David Brooks has an op-ed piece in today’s NY Times trying to explain to those not of our Blue and Orange persuasion, female pharmaceutical viagra that once you hitch your fan wagon to the New York Mets, female pharmaceutical viagra you’re hooked for life.  This paragraph really does sum up what we as Mets fans believe:

Female pharmaceutical viagra So I’ll die a Mets fan, female pharmaceutical viagra exaggerating their potential, female pharmaceutical viagra excusing their deficiencies. Female pharmaceutical viagra This week, female pharmaceutical viagra in Florida, female pharmaceutical viagra I even detected new virtues in the team. Female pharmaceutical viagra In the early days, female pharmaceutical viagra the Mets were lovable losers, female pharmaceutical viagra then miraculous winners, female pharmaceutical viagra then, female pharmaceutical viagra in the 2000s, female pharmaceutical viagra big-spending disappointments. Female pharmaceutical viagra Now they are young and frisky, female pharmaceutical viagra enthusiastic and charming. Female pharmaceutical viagra I’ll enjoy following this team and exaggerating its promise. Female pharmaceutical viagra I have no choice but to love the Mets. Female pharmaceutical viagra Just as I have no choice but to hate the Phillies.

Female pharmaceutical viagra Brooks is totally on target about this edition of the Mets, female pharmaceutical viagra they’re an easy bunch to root for.

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Cialis cheap There was no bigger enigma in the sports worldlike George Steinbrenner. Cialis cheap As much as he treated people like dirt, cialis cheap he also was extremely charitable. Cialis cheap For all the money and power he had, cialis cheap his childhood was kind of sad as his he could never seem to do anything that pleased his father whose love he craved but never seem to have gotten. Cialis cheap   

Cialis cheap From reading Bill Madden’ book he was in a loveless marriage and his daughters seemed to always find Mr. Cialis cheap Wrong when it came to marriage.  But when it came to running a baseball team you can not denniy his success.

Cialis cheap The Highlanders were a joke of a franchise under CBS ownership and Mike Burke’ stewardship but all that turned around when Steinbrenner took over. Cialis cheap Give the man credit he took over NYC and the Highlanders became more important than any time in their history under Boss George.

Cialis cheap So now what happens to the Highlanders? My guess is the Steinbrenner children sell the team. Cialis cheap I bet James Dolan and his Cablevison bucks will come calling soon

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Get cialis Tonight at 10PM ET join me for This Call ToThe Bullpen Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. Get cialis My guest will be Shannon Shark of The Mets Police, get cialis we will be talking about the Jekyll and Hyde NY Mets and look at some of the Mets-centric improvements Mets management has made at Citi Field. Get cialis We’ll also talk about Mets tradition and our love for all things Blue and Orange and why we despise the Black uni’s and hats.

Get cialis So join us live tonight at 10PM ET on Blog Talk Radio

Get cialis If you can’t join us live then you can listen to podcast at your leisure right here at Kranepool Society (check out the lower left sidebar) or on our show page at Blog Talk Radio  or download the show via iTunes.

Get cialis  

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Tadalafil cialis no prescription Not much detail from me today as I have to get some work done so I can leave early and head to the field for a 5:30 game. Tadalafil cialis no prescription The good thing about the 5:30 games is there is a two hour time limit and the ride from the there to my house is about 10 minutes so I might just miss an inning of Mets-Phillies. Tadalafil cialis no prescription How things have changed from one season or even one week to the next, tadalafil cialis no prescription I can’t wait for Mets-Phillies tonight, tadalafil cialis no prescription tomorrow and Sunday. Tadalafil cialis no prescription It’s a good feeling to be excited about your favorite baseball team. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Check out this post by Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing who feels the same way.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription I’m contributing some posts to NYB Blogs and yesterday I submitted my first one on Jeff Francoeur’ influence in the Mets clubhouse.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription Buffalo Bison pitcher R.A. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Dickey went 0-2 on Fernando Perez of the Durham Bulls. Tadalafil cialis no prescription The next pitch Perez hit a single. Tadalafil cialis no prescription The next 27 batters all were set down by the knuckleballer Dickey. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Talk about the imperfect game. Tadalafil cialis no prescription It was the second complete game for Dickey this season and he hasn’t gone less than 8 innings in his other starts. Tadalafil cialis no prescription What’s a Dickey got to do to get some love in the Mets organization?  

Tadalafil cialis no prescription That’s it for me LET’S GO METS, tadalafil cialis no prescription LET’S GO BIG PELF, tadalafil cialis no prescription PHUCK YOU PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

Tadalafil cialis no prescription

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Cheapest viagra Tonight at 11PM ET myself and David Martin of Rockies Review will be hosting another edition of BBA TALK on BLOG TALK RADIO. Cheapest viagra  

Cheapest viagra Both David and I will discuss all the happening around thebaseball camps in Florida and Arizona along with the days baseball stories.

Cheapest viagra We’d love to join us as well by calling in to our caller line at (347) 884-8690

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Viagra toronto buy What a fucking joke!  Oh man this is a Highlander Haters Paradise, viagra toronto buy First, viagra toronto buy Alex Rodriguez threw his “cousin” under the bus, viagra toronto buy then he claimed if he went to college he might have had better sense to know right from wrong. Viagra toronto buy Then to top that off he said he bench pressed 340 lbs in High School so he could get a letter jacket because he was poor and needed the jacket. Viagra toronto buy My God I had to run to the men’s room after that one because I just about peed my pants.

Viagra toronto buy I didn’t see any video of this farce but I’d love to see the look on Captain Craptastics face and I’m sure all he kept thinking was “maybe I can get traded to the Detroit Tigers”

Viagra toronto buy Hate to break the news to you Highlander fans but it’s over O-V-E-R for your team. Viagra toronto buy Your stuck with this lying sack of shit for another 8 years LOL

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Doing your holiday shopping online this year? Well, viagra soft tabs 100 mg what bugs me about doing it is the shipping costs. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg It’s like paying taxes twice. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg So, viagra soft tabs 100 mg I asked a sports site (BigFlySports) to give me a free shipping code and they did, viagra soft tabs 100 mg and I am going to pass it along to you guys in case you want to get something. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg They specialize in MLB Merchandise and their Mets Shop is loaded with great gift ideas. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg To get the discount, viagra soft tabs 100 mg simply enter the promotional code METSROCK and the free shipping will be applied! You gotta love it. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg The Mets Bedding looks to be a great bang for your buck along and my favorite was this Camo Mets Blanket. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Take a look and if you find something you like, viagra soft tabs 100 mg don’t forget the to enter METSROCK for your free shipping!
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How does viagra work Oliver Perez has no bigger backer than Howard Megdal and Howard has written a great piece on why the Mets should do the right thing and resign Ollie to a long term deal. How does viagra work Howard makes some great points in his article especially when comparing OP to Derek Lowe. How does viagra work I have to say I’m up in the air with re-signing OP. How does viagra work I’d love to have him back in the fold but at what price? If Ollie had an agent who wasn’t a ruthless prick like Scott Boras this would have been worked out already and you would think that OP would want to be a Met as his career which was as close to the dumpster as you can find was revived with the Mets.

How does viagra work I haven’t seen anything written on what kind of contract OP (or should I say Boras) is looking for but one would think it would nothing short of 5 years and in the 30Mil-plus category, how does viagra work for a pitcher who would be a number 3 or number 4 starter on the Mets. How does viagra work The one positive is that Boras and Omar have a good relationship or as good as you can have when I guy wants to hold you up so I would hope that some kind of deal could be worked out as this is a case where both the pitcher and the team need each other.

How does viagra work Check out more on the Ollie Perez debate at NY Baseball Digest.

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