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Price check 50mg viagra  Jason Bay hit a home run last night. Price check 50mg viagra No, price check 50mg viagra seriously Bay hit a home run last night. Price check 50mg viagra Yes, price check 50mg viagra Jason Bay of the NY Mets

Price check 50mg viagra

Price check 50mg viagra Oh well, price check 50mg viagra my positive spinning of the Mets was good while it lasted. Price check 50mg viagra As great as last night’s win was over the Phuck Phaces and as enjoyable as it was watching The Dickster , price check 50mg viagra Bobby Parnell and Frankie Firsco dominate. Price check 50mg viagra I have some issues with Terry Collins and more importantly a couple of players who I am very fond of.

Price check 50mg viagra First the manager, price check 50mg viagra TC can spin it as much as he wants that he felt batting Justin Turner third was a the correct move as to not disrupt the rest of the lineup but let’s be real here, price check 50mg viagra Turner is no 3 hole hitter. Price check 50mg viagra I understand the premise of not bunching lefty bats against Cliff Lee but Turner replacing Wright in the 3 spot? That’s a Jerry Manuel move. Price check 50mg viagra If TC had put Jason Bay in the third spot of the lineup I’d have defended that move. Price check 50mg viagra But Justin Turner? Please!

Price check 50mg viagra Look I am now and forever a proud member of the #IMWITH28 Club (I have the t-shirt to prove it) but for Christ sake Murph you have to make the routine play and 2nd base. Price check 50mg viagra That was the second time this week that a routine ground ball went under Danny Boys glove and it has to be the last.

Price check 50mg viagra Speaking of Murphy, price check 50mg viagra TC and Sandy Alderson cannot put Murphy at 3rd base if (when?) David Wright goes on the DL with his fractured pinky (speaking of DW’s pinkie, price check 50mg viagra there were some on Twitter questioning Wright and his threshold of pain for not playing last night and looking at the DL until he recovers. Price check 50mg viagra If you are questioning Wright’s toughness or his fight to get back on the field, price check 50mg viagra then you’re an idiot) I agree 100 % with Toby Hyde that Zach Lutz should be promoted from Buffalo and planted at 3rd base until Wright gets back. For better or worse, price check 50mg viagra Murphy is the 2012 2nd baseman and if the TC/Alderson go back on that, price check 50mg viagra it shows real indecisiveness on their part and doesn’t help Murphy with his comfort level at 2nd. Price check 50mg viagra DW, price check 50mg viagra if he hits the DL, price check 50mg viagra will most likely be out just the minimum 15 days, price check 50mg viagra so moving Murph makes no sense.

Price check 50mg viagra Its plays like Josh Thole made on the bases last night that infuriates the living shit out of me. Price check 50mg viagra Since the Mets won last night everyone can chuckle at that bone head base running blunder by Thole, price check 50mg viagra put its plays like that, price check 50mg viagra that this team cannot afford to make. Price check 50mg viagra Between Murphy’ ground ball through the legs and Thole getting duped by Jimmy Rollins, price check 50mg viagra (and by the way Jon Niese better put a fast ball under J-Rolls fucking chin in his first at bat just to send him a message) that can sink this team as the Mets are not good enough to fuck up like that.

Price check 50mg viagra Just think the Mets won the game last night and are 5-2 after the first seven games and I’m still agitated. Price check 50mg viagra Just look at it as some tough love.

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