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Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Poor Freddy Skill Sets, viagra on line canadian pharmacy whenever he speaks Mets fans shout “BULLSHIT”. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Every spring, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy usually with his sidekick/brother in law Uncle Saul Katz, viagra on line canadian pharmacy putz around on a golf cart and stop long enough to tell the main stream media that covers the Mets that everything surrounding the team is sunshine and fucking lollipops. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy This spring is no exception except for Freddy tag team partner Uncle Saul not in attendance.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy There is nothing more side splitting funny than following along on my Twitter timeline when Freddy gives his State of the Mets Spring Speech. You know the old expression “If bullshit were electricity you’d be a powerhouse”? Well, viagra on line canadian pharmacy if I had a buck for every time the word “bullshit” came up in Tweets on my timeline, viagra on line canadian pharmacy I’d have enough money to buy a ML outfield and donate it to the Freddy’s club.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy told the masses today at Port St. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Lonesome that he and his family are flush with cash, viagra on line canadian pharmacy thank you very much for asking. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Between the real estate businesses and his stock holdings rebounding and the success of SNY (which puzzles the living shit out me because other than Mets games what the hell is there to watch on the network? Beer Money???? Loudmouths???? Suckitude TV) has helped the Skill Sets Empire to rise again. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy In fact, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy says that times are so good, viagra on line canadian pharmacy we Mets fans could see the payroll rise to the heights it was at during the Minaya administration, viagra on line canadian pharmacy when Ex-GM Omar Minaya was handing out overinflated contracts like he ran Haliburton. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy And to that the Mets fan base rises as one and replies “BULLSHIT”

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Poor Freddy not matter how he tries to convince Mets fan that he has enough Dead Presidents to sign players that will make major contributions to his team and make Septembers in Flushing meaningful again, viagra on line canadian pharmacy no one believes him. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy It’s got to suck to be Freddy.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Maybe Freddy is telling the truth, viagra on line canadian pharmacy maybe there is cash to be spent. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy It seems the Mets were willing to give Michael Bourn 4 years and $48 million dollars to be a Met but when Bourn and his agent wanted that 5th year vested option that it seems would be easy to attain, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Sandy Alderson pulled the plug on the negotiation leaving the Cleveland Indians to get bamboozled into give giving Bourn/Boras what they wanted. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Can’t say I blame Alderson for not going 5 years on Bourn.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Alderson was very forthcoming with Pope Mikey I when he stated that they miscalculated on the dealing with Scott Hairston. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy It seems from listening to Alderson, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Justin Upton was his number one target to trade for and he thought he had enough trade chips to make a deal but it seems Kevin Towers insisted on either Zack Wheeler or Matt Harvey as headliners in any deal for Upton, viagra on line canadian pharmacy which of course killed that dialog. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy So Plan B was go after Bourn but that draft pick, viagra on line canadian pharmacy slot money and vested option became a major road block and that went south as well. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy During all this Hairston signed with the Cubs and as Alderson said letting Hairston go wasn’t due to contract reasons but playing times issues as it seems the Mets GM was sure of landing either Upton or Bourn and instead he has neither.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Now for this next part, viagra on line canadian pharmacy you will have to put on your Freddy Says Decoder Ring because I’m pretty sure Freddy is speaking on code or in tongues, viagra on line canadian pharmacy I’m not sure:

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy “I think we would anticipate being big investors if that were appropriate, viagra on line canadian pharmacy” Wilpon said. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy “That depends on what the market is. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy If the market is such that that’s where we have to be to be competitive and winners, viagra on line canadian pharmacy yeah.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Let’s see the Mets need better players and since many of the better players in the organization are barely old enough to shave I’d say yeah to be competitive you will have to invested in some proven major league talent and that will cost money, viagra on line canadian pharmacy but if Freddy is on the level, viagra on line canadian pharmacy he claims he has the cash to make that dash.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy “This is, viagra on line canadian pharmacy to me, viagra on line canadian pharmacy a breakeven business. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy I always strive to break even. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy I’m not looking to make any money. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy I strive to break even. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy So if [fans] don’t show up, viagra on line canadian pharmacy that’s hard. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy So you have to balance it. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy We fed it pretty good the last five or six years. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy I think if the market was such, viagra on line canadian pharmacy yes, viagra on line canadian pharmacy the payroll could go up, viagra on line canadian pharmacy but not to just have payroll go up so you can write headlines — if that, viagra on line canadian pharmacy in fact, viagra on line canadian pharmacy improves the team.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy OK now this is Bullshit. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy  When did the New York Mets become a no-profit organization? What did you feed that last five or six years? Your attorney’s? CRG Partners to access the damage of the Madoff mess? Sure wasn’t invested in baseball players.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy “I don’t know what the market will be at that point. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy But the payroll will be commensurate with anything we’ve ever done because we can do it. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Remember, viagra on line canadian pharmacy the people have to come to the ballpark obviously. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy If you have a competitive team, viagra on line canadian pharmacy they will. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Everything that was in the past, viagra on line canadian pharmacy that you guys saw the pain that we went through, viagra on line canadian pharmacy is gone. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy It’s gone.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Freddy there are only a few of us diehards left who support your team in good times and bad. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy You have lost a whole generation of fans to the Bronx Bastards. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy If you have the financial wherewithal you claim now would be a good time to show it off. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy The amount of diehard fans for any sports franchise in this town is much less than the bandwagon “I love a New York event “crowd. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy If what you are telling us is correct and you are ready to go back to being Big Bad Freddy and make an investment in quality Major League players that will have your team in contention for a pennant and GULP!!! A World Championship, viagra on line canadian pharmacy Citi Field will be overflowing with customers on a nightly basis. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Remember the 80”s Fred? Remember 3 million customers making the Shea Stadium turnstiles wiz like a carousel of cash ? Remember the television ratings that boosted a thrid rate TV station called SportsChannel into a must buy for FOX Sports? Break even? Freddy if you do this right and you are being honest with us, viagra on line canadian pharmacy you and Uncle Saul will be farting through silk boxers my friend. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy JUST DON”T BULLSHIT US AGAIN!!!!!

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Viagra experiences

Viagra experiences Ok, viagra experiences Ok, viagra experiences I get it the Mets are broke and the Skill Sets are in denial as their empire is crumbling all around them, viagra experiences so can all the copycat writers stop with the regurgitation of the Skill Sets financial quagmire please. Viagra experiences How the hell can anyone write about the rise and fall of Freddy and Saul after Howard Megdal , viagra experiences  who has written extensively on this subject, viagra experiences put all the pieces together in his book Wilpon’s Folly. Viagra experiences Everything that has been dished out by other writers is just a total rip off of Howard’s hard work. Viagra experiences There is without a doubt more honor amongst bloggers than there is among the main stream media.

Viagra experiences Let’s set another record straight as well as we get closer to reporting date of spring training. Viagra experiences The club that will report to St. Viagra experiences Lonesome in a week is not the re-incarnation of the 1962 Mets. Viagra experiences They are not the 1986 Mets either. Viagra experiences  This is not the worst team in baseball either; right now the Mets are a middle of the pack team. Viagra experiences Sure the Mets will be a disadvantage playing in the stacked NL East but after what we’ve seen of this club last year do you really think they are going to lay down or go through the motions? Do you think Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson will tolerate that? While on the subject of Sandy Alderson, viagra experiences Twitter is all a twitter over the GM tweeting some self-depreciating humor about the club; some folks are outraged over the snarky tweets that Alderson has tweeted. Viagra experiences I guess those folks just don’t get it, viagra experiences Alderson possess an outstanding dry sense of humor and is using social media as a platform as satire on all the comments about the teams money situation. Viagra experiences Got get with the program folks this is the thinking fans GM.

Viagra experiences Look, viagra experiences I’d be as happy as any Mets fan is the Skill Sets sold the club and moved on, viagra experiences never to be heard from again but I’ve been rooting for this team for too long and my love of baseball too deep to let their difficulties spoil my summer. Viagra experiences As I said in an earlier post I’m rooting for Daniel Murphy and R.A Dickey and after reading the piece in the NY Daily News on Jason Bay, viagra experiences I’ll root hard for him as well. Viagra experiences Sure this team pisses me off a lot, viagra experiences I’m mad as hell that the team doesn’t have money for starting pitching depth or a decent left handed bat for the bench but as angry as I am, viagra experiences I can’t wait for the first spring game out of St. Viagra experiences Lonesome on SNY.

Viagra experiences I have no right to tell people how to spend their money and no one has the right to do that to me, viagra experiences if you feel not going to Citi Field or watching the team on SNY or buying Mets merchandise will drive the Skill Sets out of power, viagra experiences that’s your right but for me not going to Citi Field or watching SNY or listening to games on WFAN or buying a Mets 50th Anniversary jersey  would just make me fucking miserable (or more fucking miserable than a normal day)it’s what I love to do.

Viagra experiences If you want to root against the Skill Sets that’s fine but to root against the Mets and by the Mets I mean the players, viagra experiences coaches and manager, viagra experiences that’s just plain stupid.

Viagra experiences Remember all your favorite MSM columnists in this town were ready to burry Tom Coughlin, viagra experiences Jerry Reece and the coaching staff of the NY Football Giants  in December, viagra experiences today they have Coughlin in the Hall of Fame, viagra experiences Reece is a genius and the coaching staff was right to stay the course. Viagra experiences Two weeks ago, viagra experiences the media was running Mike D’Antoni out of town on a rail, viagra experiences Melo was out with injury and Amare had a family tragedy to deal with so the Knicks were finished, viagra experiences But, viagra experiences out of nowhere came Jeremy Lin and now the media is ready to kill Melo and Amare if they don’t come back and mesh with the rest of their teammates as Jeremy Lin has brought his Harvard Chemistry Set to turn the 2012 Knicks into 1969 Knicks. Viagra experiences  So take note of all the MSM folks who are predicting that the Mets will suck this coming season and when they become the surprise team in MLB, viagra experiences remember who called bullshit first when the fish wraps start comparing Terry Collins to Billy Martin as his “gritty, viagra experiences gutsy”  Mets win more games than they lose.

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Cialis for less 20 mg It has taken me all day to put a post together about yesterday’s Mets Christmas Party that myself and other Mets bloggers were honored to be invited to. Cialis for less 20 mg The reason it’s tough writing today is that this organization has pulled at every emotions a person can have, cialis for less 20 mg love, cialis for less 20 mg hate, cialis for less 20 mg compassion, cialis for less 20 mg pride all of these feelings swirl in my head when it comes to the New York Mets.

Cialis for less 20 mg All of the financial mumbo jumbo brings out the hate in me. Cialis for less 20 mg I hate Bernie Madoff, cialis for less 20 mg I hate the Skill Sets for getting involved with this rat bastard and not having the god damn street smarts that every good son of the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn is born with. Cialis for less 20 mg I hate with a fucking passion that the Mets have become a joke to the main stream media and to fans of other teams who have taken Mets bashing to the bully level. Cialis for less 20 mg The main stream media in this city has been busy destroying the organization and no doubt the owners of this team have given them plenty of ammunition to bash them, cialis for less 20 mg but to see these jackals mingle amongst themselves having a grand old time at Citi Field as the get ready to compete with each other on who can write the best ”Mets sucks” column puts me in a rage. Cialis for less 20 mg I hate that the owners treat the fan base like idiots. Cialis for less 20 mg I’m no John Kenneth Galbraith but I can figure out the more loans you take out to pay your bills, cialis for less 20 mg the more broke you really are. Cialis for less 20 mg Someday soon JPMorgan Chase, cialis for less 20 mg Bank of America and the other 29 owners of MLB are going get fed up and chase the Wilpon’s like Colangelo chased Looie Dumps in A Bronx Tale. It infuriates the shit out of me that the Skill Sets just keep adding debt on to debt and insist on feeding us a line of horseshit about the minority owners who will be riding down Roosevelt Avenue on white horse with millions of dollars in their saddle bags to save them. Cialis for less 20 mg The Wilpon’s are beyond saving. Cialis for less 20 mg There are some outstanding people who work for the New York Mets and I have had the privilege of meeting them. Cialis for less 20 mg From the media relations folks and the marketing and ticket sales and services people who work unbelievably hard at their jobs trying to sell the Mets brand on and off the field, cialis for less 20 mg when you see how hard they work and how long a day they put in, cialis for less 20 mg you get a tremendous appreciation into what goes into running a major league sports team, cialis for less 20 mg a job that would be tough enough in this city without all the turmoil that ownership is presently enduring.

Cialis for less 20 mg So as the hate wears of that’s when the love starts, cialis for less 20 mg as I mention I love how the folks who work for the team do their jobs and do so with pride and professionalism, cialis for less 20 mg especially Danielle Parrillo, cialis for less 20 mg Director of Communications and Shannon Forde, cialis for less 20 mg Director of Media Relations.  I love hanging around with my fellow Mets bloggers at the events we get invited to. Cialis for less 20 mg We all come from diverse backgrounds as Mets fans and bloggers and we all write from different angles but we all have one main thing in common, cialis for less 20 mg we love the Mets and want this organization to succeed.

Cialis for less 20 mg As ridiculous as this may seem, cialis for less 20 mg I have some compassion for the Skill Sets. Cialis for less 20 mg Yesterday I was venting to one of the Mets front office folks on how I wish the Wilpon’s would just sell and get the hell out of my Mets fan life. Cialis for less 20 mg The response I got was “Fred and Jeff would sell their homes and live in Citi Field if that was the only way they could keep the team”.  As we finished up our Q & A with Sandy Alderson, cialis for less 20 mg as he was leaving our group I went over to him to ask what he thought would happen on the season finale of “Homeland”, cialis for less 20 mg as we chatted about what we thought the biggest cliffhanger would be, cialis for less 20 mg none other than Jeff Wilpon joined us. Cialis for less 20 mg That’s right me, cialis for less 20 mg Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon. Cialis for less 20 mg Whoda thunk it? Wilpon was asking us about the show as he’d never seen it so we discussed the premises of it with him. Cialis for less 20 mg When our little quorum broke up, cialis for less 20 mg I looked over at Jeff and said to myself how sad and beaten down the guy looked. Cialis for less 20 mg I thought back to what was told to me about how he and his father would sell everything to keep this team but the look and demeanor of the guy was of one who knew the end was near. Cialis for less 20 mg For the first time ever, cialis for less 20 mg I felt sorry for him, cialis for less 20 mg well maybe for a minute. Cialis for less 20 mg You and I know this will not end well for the Skill Sets. Cialis for less 20 mg I’ve yet to read anything from people who are savvy in dealing with all this financial information (your main guy for this should be Howard Megdal, cialis for less 20 mg in fact if the Skill Sets were smart they’d hire Howard as a consultant to help them figure out an exit strategy here)  on how the Wilpon’s can save their ownership of the team and with John Harper’s piece in the NY Daily News today you can see it will be sooner more than later when the Skill Sets will have to surrender control of the Mets.

Cialis for less 20 mg When that day happens I won’t be rejoicing. Cialis for less 20 mg I’ll be happy that they will have to sell and that an owner with capital will come in (I am just very very nervous about Cablevision and  Jim Dolan buying the team) and hopeful it will lift the pall that sits stagnant over Citi Field but I’ll feel a bit sad for the Wilpon’s as this will be a crushing blow to them, cialis for less 20 mg losing the Mets. Cialis for less 20 mg See I’m not a total prick.

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Buy viagra pill One of the pluses when I turned 50 years old was it was the first time in my life I didn’t give a flyin’ fuck what anyone thought about me. Buy viagra pill It’s a great feeling to have the burden of acceptance lifted from one’s shoulders.  You reach that point in life where you make a decision that you feel is right and if anyone else doesn’t like it well, buy viagra pill too bad. Buy viagra pill  That’s why I had to smile at Jim Leyland letting the media know why he told them ahead of time that he would not use Joquin Benoit or Jose Valverde in yesterday’s win or go home Game 5:

Buy viagra pill “Well, buy viagra pill it’s what we said before the game. Buy viagra pill So it gave everybody a chance to get all their second-guessing ready about it, buy viagra pill” Leyland said. Buy viagra pill “That’s just the way it had to be today. Buy viagra pill We talked about it before the game and we did exactly what we felt we had to do to give ourselves any chance to win the series.”

Buy viagra pill In other words, buy viagra pill Leyland let all the wash women (a/k/a the main stream media)write up their “kill Leyland” stories ahead of time. Buy viagra pill Unfortunately for them Justin Verlander stepped up like a Cy Young/MVP and Phil Coke proved himself as a big time pitcher in relief. Buy viagra pill The game went just as Leyland planned and if it didn’t, buy viagra pill well you can kiss his ass.

Buy viagra pill Looks as though Bob Geren will get the job as Terry Collins’ consigliore over Jim Riggleman. Buy viagra pill Neither one of the candidates, buy viagra pill in my opinion, buy viagra pill are anything to get excited over, buy viagra pill in fact I feel they both suck. Buy viagra pill Riggleman walked out on his team because he didn’t get a contract extension and GM Mike Rizzo didn’t talk to him much. Buy viagra pill Geren was hated by his players in Oakland to where Houston Street said he was the worst person he ever met in baseball. Buy viagra pill Perfect. Buy viagra pill Looks as though Geren’s  Oakland pedigree got him the job. Buy viagra pill If the report is correct that Collins wanted Riggleman but the front office wanted Geren, buy viagra pill will Collins and the players look at Geren as an Alderson snitch? I would.

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Discount lowest price viagra It feels like the Mets are in a holding pattern as is the fan base and yours truly as we wait for the spike show to drop a/k/a the trade of Carlos Beltran.

Discount lowest price viagra It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how much teams with post season aspirations are willing to pay and by pay I mean with a top notch prospect. Discount lowest price viagra Sandy Alderson has made it known that he will cover the Beltran nut for the remainder of his contract but he must have one of your finest farm hands in return.

Discount lowest price viagra So, discount lowest price viagra how bad do the Giants need Beltran’s bat to repeat as World Champions? How much will Theo Epstein pay to add a solid bat and right fielder to put the fear of ash into the American League? How about the Phuck Phaces? I have no problem dealing with the enemy but I doubt they have the prospect we need to deal. Discount lowest price viagra Step right up those who feel they can make a run at the World’s Championship but be prepared to pay the freight as Sandy Alderson means business.

Discount lowest price viagra If I had my druthers, discount lowest price viagra I’d love to see Beltran go to the Old Towne Team and contribute to another post season and with any luck a World Series championship.  He deserves it.

Discount lowest price viagra Terry Collins passed his first test early in the season getting the Mets off the matt after a 5-13 start to go 42-35 after that with a team, discount lowest price viagra the main stream media ridiculed as less than major league quality. Discount lowest price viagra Collins went from a question mark choice as manager to a Manager of the Year candidate. Discount lowest price viagra The final exam for Collins and his new found leadership qualities will come as soon as Beltran is sent away.

Discount lowest price viagra As we of the Blue and Orange persuasion know too well, discount lowest price viagra in prior seasons, discount lowest price viagra poorly managed Mets teams would lay down and died in the second half of seasons. Discount lowest price viagra This was due to the Laissez-Faire attitude of the previous field bosses. Discount lowest price viagra  How Collins gets this Mets team to finish will be what Mets fans will remember most of this season. Discount lowest price viagra I don’t mean wins and losses I’m talking about giving 100 % busting ass to win games. Discount lowest price viagra If this team continues to play like it has with passion and determination it has all season then we’ll know the “same ol’ Mets” are no more.

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Don’t sleep in the subway, viagra benefits side effects darling

Viagra benefits side effects Don’t stand in the pouring rain
Don’t sleep in the subway, viagra benefits side effects darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, viagra benefits side effects you’re beside me again

Viagra benefits side effects So here we are arriving yet again for another Subway Series that has surpassed his expiration date a while ago.  As Mets fans, viagra benefits side effects we have to endure anther three days of watching Luis Castillo drop a pop up and Rogers Clemens take off Mike Piazza’ head because we live in a city where the main stream media, viagra benefits side effects both print and electronic have thrown in the towel on creativity and substance.

Viagra benefits side effects In reading some of these stories this morning about both teams you’d think the Highlanders were having some kind of special season, viagra benefits side effects maybe they are in a negative kind of way. Viagra benefits side effects The Mets on the other hand are mocked because they have suffered a series of injuries that have forced the club to go with players summoned from their Triple A team in Buffalo. Viagra benefits side effects Why this is supposed to be embarrassing is beyond my comprehension, viagra benefits side effects shouldn’t it be a positive that the club has lost Johan Santana and then Chris Young to shoulder surgery, viagra benefits side effects Ike Davis to a sprained ankle, viagra benefits side effects David Wright to a stress fracture in his back, viagra benefits side effects Pedro Beato to tendonitis, viagra benefits side effects and Angel Pagan to the chic aliment of sore oblique muscle and still play winning baseball (17-11) after a horrendous start of the season?  So the players that have been brought in to replace the injured have stepped up in such a way that the team is playing as good as any team in baseball. Viagra benefits side effects Isn’t the mark of a good team that they have guys who step up when other guys go down with injury?   

Viagra benefits side effects It’s ok to say that Terry Collins is doing a fine job as manager. Viagra benefits side effects It’s ok to say that slowly but surely Sandy Alderson is changing the culture of the organization. Viagra benefits side effects It’s ok to go to Citi Field and root for this team.

Viagra benefits side effects Are there any Mets fans who feel the Highlanders are “rivals” to the Mets? Because they’re not. Viagra benefits side effects The Highlanders are more of a nuisance than anything and their fans a very good source of comedy relief. Viagra benefits side effects Yesterday after the Mets win, viagra benefits side effects I left the radio when the Sports Bloviator came on. Viagra benefits side effects I was in the midst of writing up a bunch of paper work so I left him on. Viagra benefits side effects Boy, viagra benefits side effects am I glad I did. Viagra benefits side effects When he went to the phones, viagra benefits side effects he took calls from Highlander fans in a rage over Joe Girardi taking out Bartolo Colon and replacing him with Mariano Rivera. Viagra benefits side effects  I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence and Francesa couldn’t believe these callers were saying these words of blasphemy. Viagra benefits side effects  

Viagra benefits side effects It’s the same attitude many Highlander fans have with Derek Jeter. Viagra benefits side effects Mets fans have a higher regard for Frank Taveras than the Highlander fan has for El Capitan. Viagra benefits side effects Why? Beats me, viagra benefits side effects some things just can’t be explained.

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Discount canadian cialis WHEW!!!! Where to start? I feel like a detective arriving at a crime scene, discount canadian cialis who found the body? Any witnesses? Ok, discount canadian cialis start canvassing the area.

Discount canadian cialis I hadn’t have time to post since Wednesday morning as I’ve had a whirl wind couple of days.

Discount canadian cialis Wednesday I was granted a media credential. Discount canadian cialis Yes you read that right, discount canadian cialis a MEDIA credential. Discount canadian cialis Never in a million years did I ever think I would walk into Shea Stadium/Citi Field press entrance and say to the receptionist “Good afternoon, discount canadian cialis I’m Steve Keane of the Eddie Kranepool Society” and have her reply “Hi Mr. Discount canadian cialis Keane here is your credential, discount canadian cialis the managers press conference will be starting in few minutes, discount canadian cialis go right in to the interview room”.

Discount canadian cialis It was great to have a nice showing of the Mets Blogger-ratzi as Caryn Rose, discount canadian cialis Kerel Cooper, discount canadian cialis Ed Marcus, discount canadian cialis Mike Sliva, discount canadian cialis Joe Janish and Rob Castellano on Wednesday as we were welcome to attend Terry Collins pre game press conference. Discount canadian cialis The only stipulation was we weren’t allowed to ask questions which was fine as the media assigned to cover this game does this for a living and have deadlines to meet, discount canadian cialis believe me it was a kick just having the main stream media looking at us with that “ there goes the neighborhood look.

Discount canadian cialis After the quickie presser, discount canadian cialis we were led out to the field to watch batting practice. Discount canadian cialis It was a bit awkward at times, discount canadian cialis I’m standing right in front of R.A. Discount canadian cialis Dickey and I’m like should I say hello? Ask him how his cracked nail is? What are you reading these days?  We were allowed to go into the dugout so as I entered, discount canadian cialis standing at the bat rack is Daniel Murphy, discount canadian cialis again I have to restrain myself from going all fanboy there. Discount canadian cialis From attending events over the winter at Citi Field, discount canadian cialis I’ve learn (a) don’t wear any Mets gear, discount canadian cialis which is tough when three quarters of your wardrobe has either Mets or and interlocking blue and orange NY and (b) be prepared with good questions. Discount canadian cialis I’m not there to swoon; I’m there to get as much information as I can. Discount canadian cialis I have to say, discount canadian cialis I let my guard down for a moment though, discount canadian cialis as Josh Thole was strolling to the dugout, discount canadian cialis I was standing right at the steps as he came right next to me and I blurted out “Hey Josh how’s it goin”? And Thole put his hand out for handshake and replied “doin’ great how are you”?  I kind of felt, discount canadian cialis oh no did I break protocol? Then I thought, discount canadian cialis” Well I’ll say I made a rookie mistake” on me not Thole. Discount canadian cialis  I then composed myself and went back in to investigative mode and canvassed the area for info and I got some good stuff.

Discount canadian cialis Many of the folks I talked to were very surprised of course by the awful start of the season the team has had but what they found more shocking was the venom spewed by some of the fan base. Discount canadian cialis A lot of the talk was about, discount canadian cialis it’s fine to boo and be pissed off by the early play of the team but the level of nastiness towards the Mets by Mets fans is unprecedented. Discount canadian cialis  A few people I talked to could not believe the hate coming from what Mets fans were in the Citi Field stands. Discount canadian cialis  Look, discount canadian cialis no one would say any Mets fan is wrong for being angry and disillusioned by this awful start, discount canadian cialis but some of the remarks I’ve heard on opening day and talk radio and on Twitter and Facebook have been a bit outlandish. Discount canadian cialis  There is no question that the Mets have found more ways to beat themselves and have given away too many games and this start of the season has sucked more than any of us imagined but what was your best case scenario for the team before opening day? I felt, discount canadian cialis give me 82-84 wins and be in the hunt for the Wild Card spot as my best possible. Discount canadian cialis Did anyone think this team was better than the Phillies or Braves? I didn’t think so.

Discount canadian cialis Again please don’t take this as any excuse for the horrendous play in the field by this Mets team. Discount canadian cialis  This opening home stand has been a embarrassment and every single player on this team needs to step up his game and step up fast. Discount canadian cialis I’d even include the manager in that as well. Discount canadian cialis I feel for Terry Collins in the fact that from talking to guys who spent all of spring training covering this team in St. Discount canadian cialis Lonesome, discount canadian cialis there was more hands on instruction done in that camp than the last two put together. Discount canadian cialis Collins main goal was to tighten up the fundamentals that have been lacking with the big league team and in the minor league system for years. Discount canadian cialis As pissed off as you are as a Mets fan over the recent piss poor play, discount canadian cialis it’s nothing like the angst the manager is going through. Discount canadian cialis  So far TC has been composed and has his player’s backs but another few games of this bullshit and I’m sure Mount Collins will erupt.

Discount canadian cialis What I’d take the manger to task over and this is not earth shattering as it’s seems to be the overwhelming consensus, discount canadian cialis is not walking Troy Tulowitzki with 1st base open and 2 outs.  In hind sight, discount canadian cialis I think Collins would love a mulligan there. Discount canadian cialis What has me the most annoyed is that Tulo was never made uncomfortable in the batters box at any time in this four game series. Discount canadian cialis I don’t say throw at his head but for Christ sake couldn’t someone on the pitching staff step up and dust him? This bothers me because when I first met Collins over the winter my first question was will you change the culture of this team letting the opposition come into your home ball park and do whatever they want with you. Discount canadian cialis I gave him my opinion that the past couple of years the Mets have a rep for being soft and when punched they never punched back. Discount canadian cialis Collins told me I wasn’t wrong in my assessment and it was something he said he would change. Discount canadian cialis He even pointed out that if he had been the manager when Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada last year, discount canadian cialis he would have led the charge out of the dugout to confront Utley. Discount canadian cialis   First at bat tonight I’d like to see Larry Jones eat some Georgia clay just to send a message.

Discount canadian cialis Someone in the Mets P.R. Discount canadian cialis department needs to tell Collins to cease and desist with the we played hard or how proud he is that the team battled back those replies have to stop like yesterday. Discount canadian cialis We have heard the Rich Kotie/Art Howe/Willie Randolph refrain more time than we ever need to hear again. Discount canadian cialis When Sandy Alderson took over and hired Collins for the job, discount canadian cialis the mantra was that honesty and transparency would be  the bedrock of the new management team, discount canadian cialis well it’s time to live up to the new company motto and stop with the we battled back, discount canadian cialis tried hard line of horseshit because playing hard shouldn’t be rewarded it’s to be expected. Discount canadian cialis  

Discount canadian cialis Another topic of conversation around the dugout was what will be of Jose Reyes? Will he be traded mid-season if the team is out of contention? If he stays, discount canadian cialis will the Mets sign him to a long term deal? How is long is too long and how much money is too much money for the Mets? Of a bunch of us discussing this no one had a definitive answer or solution. Discount canadian cialis Many of us feel, discount canadian cialis the lack of money will be a bullshit excuse. Discount canadian cialis If the Skill Sets plead lack of funds then that is a flat out lie. Discount canadian cialis If it’s years on the contract that would be more of a reasonable topic of debate.

Discount canadian cialis As far as the Skill Sets legal woes go, discount canadian cialis word on the street is the players couldn’t give a shit about their problems as long as there are sufficient funds to cash their checks. Discount canadian cialis The day the bank shouts out “insufficient funds” then they’ll care.

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A little Irish greeting to all the  Mets critics on the eve of St Patrick’s Day

Viagra premature There have been some stories the last few days from the dead media (a/k/a newspapers) about ticket sales at Citi Field for single game tickets not being particularly brisk. Viagra premature These newspapers wasted time and money to send reporters to Citi Field to see if anyone was buying Mets tickets. Viagra premature The reporters were SHOCKED that weren’t lines snaking around 126th street with fans holding fists full of cash clamoring for Mets tickets.

Viagra premature The story in this case was not the dearth of ticket buyers at Citi, viagra premature instead it should have been WHY would people go to Citi to buy tickets? Back before we were unable to “fire through the internet” going to Shea Stadium for ticket day was a happening for some. Viagra premature People enjoyed sleeping in front of Shea to get tickets while freezing and peeing into bottles just for a shot at opening day, viagra premature Highlander games and gym bag day, viagra premature I was never one of that ilk.  Back then I’d rather pay a premium for a ticket while sleeping nice and cozy in my own bed, viagra premature but to each his own.

Viagra premature Why would anyone schlep to Citi for tickets when you can turn on a computer, viagra premature pick the game you want and print the ticket yourself (yes the $2.50 fee to use your own printer and your own ink is total bullshit)

Viagra premature There just seems to be a MSM conspiracy to kill the Mets any way they can. Viagra premature There are some who follow the team that really hate their job (I’m looking straight at you Andy Martino) and just really hate the Mets (That would be you Klap) that anything they say or write about the team I ignore.

Viagra premature The Mets don’t do enough to fight the perception that they are inept in all facets of the baseball business but most media and general baseball fans that belittle the Mets are out and out assholes. Viagra premature I put them in the same category of people who now participate in the new sport of bashing union workers especially government workers because they think our medical and pension benefits are bankrupting the country. Viagra premature We union workers wish we were living as well as you think we are, viagra premature the folks who are raping this country’s economy run the financial intuitions that most of our critics work in. Viagra premature But I digress.

Viagra premature Our Mets are far from perfect but we are not a disaster the club is portrayed as. Viagra premature  Yes the owner has fucked up something awful and the financial where with all that the club has enjoyed for years is gone but I bet if the Skill Sets put the For Sale sign up at Citi Field then you’d really see a line forming around Citi Field.

Viagra premature This will all come to a head soon as the Skill Sets will either survive paying off the Madoff trust with either enough dough to keep the Mets or they will get cleaned out where they have to sell the club, viagra premature SNY and Citi Field to pay off the lawsuit but you what it doesn’t matter to us we’re “Webees” We be here when the Skill Sets got here and We be here when they’re gone. Viagra premature  Mets fans are the one constant in Flushing. Viagra premature As have been and always will.

Viagra premature If it’s the Skill Sets who keep the team or a new owner for the club, viagra premature there needs to be a plan to fight the negative perception that follows the organization. Viagra premature Does anyone in the Mets front office get pissed off as the fans do? I hope with the new front office this would change because it really bugs the shit out me that the Mets fans, viagra premature bloggers and Tweeters are the only ones with the guts to fight this perception.

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So let me get this straight all of the fans that wanted Manny to the Mets are now a bunch of assholes as the revelation that Manny was juiced comes to light. Viagra canda First don’t give the Skill Sets too much credit here for not signing Manny as they had no inside info on what we learned yesterday and the main stream sports media shouldn’t be laughing at fans who were pro- Manny, viagra canda if anything they should be embarrassed that with all the clamoring for Manny to the Mets not one reporter in this city ever took the initiative to look into any allegations of Manny’s drug use. Viagra canda Jose Canseco who is the equivalent to the cops junkie snitch, viagra canda made noise that Manny was into PED’s. Viagra canda Maybe if the reporters who go “tisk tisk you stupid fans” used their resources they may have had this story that would give their dying industry a boost it sorely needs.


Seeing that Manny is a Scott Bora$ client and that many of the PED positives have come from Bora$ clients maybe Congress should call Bora$ on the Hill to see what he knew and when he knew it?


It wasn’t a stellar performance by Big Pelf last night (the second straight start with no K’s has me worried) but he seems to be able to make adjustments during his start and that is a big positive. Viagra canda Last night he was pounding a way with his fastball low and he seemed to go primarily with the fastball and got a lot of ground balls in return. Viagra canda Pelf also went deep into the game by going 7 innings and he is 4-0 so let’s all put a happy face on this start.


It’s safe to take your D-Wright jerseys out of the closet. Viagra canda Our boy is back.


It will be a shame if J-Man gets suspended for bumping that tub of shit Bill Welke last night as Welke deserved a swift kick in the ass for his atrocious call of interference on Shit Victorino by Jose Reyes. Viagra canda I hope someone on the Mets files that elbow that the Poi Boy threw into Reyes for the next time the teams meet and plants a Rawlings in Doosharinos ribs. Viagra canda Same with the ball that went behind Wright, viagra canda it’s payback time fellas’


Watching Carlos Delgado run is makes my hip hurt. Viagra canda I think J-Man will have to spot Delgado the rest of the year like two games on, viagra canda one game off to keep him off the DL. Viagra canda The Mets have Tatis, viagra canda and Murphy to man first to give Delgado time off.


After being used just about every other day Brain Stokes has become a forgotten man in the Mets bullpen. Viagra canda With Jon Niese getting the start tonight I’d venture a guess that Stokes may be the first guy up in the pen tonight.


So much for J-Man losing Shrek after pinch hitting for him looks like it was the kick in the ass he needed.


Watching Keith Hernandez mixing with the great unwashed in the centerfield food court was laugh out loud funny last night. Viagra canda Gary and Ron acted like Keith lost a bet with them and the payoff was doing something Hernandez hates, viagra canda mingling with the Mets fan masses. Viagra canda Hernandez finally ended up in the Acela Club with his feet up and a glass of Chardonnay just how he likes it.


If you’re a Highlander fan and you booed Mariano Rivera last night you should hang your head in shame.


R.I.P Dominic Di Maggio, viagra canda The Little Professor


Also best wishes go out to Jerry Remy as he fights a reoccurrence of lung cancer. Viagra canda I met the Rem Dawg last summer in Hyannis and that was a real pleasure. Viagra canda He will be off the Red Sox telecast for awhile but hopefully not too long Get Well Soon Rem Dawg!


Sorry about last night’s Pro Baseball Central for some reason the show wasn’t streaming and after a couple of attempts to fix it it just wouldn’t stream and since I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff I couldn’t get it fixed but we will try again next week (fingers-crossed)





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Viagra dose In a way I understand the obsession the Philadelphia Phillies have with the Mets. Viagra dose As much as the can celebrate being the best team in baseball, viagra dose they know in the back of their mind that the Mets have the resources to make their championship rein very brief. Viagra dose They know this Mets fan base is not only vocal but is not intimated of it’s management to call it out and force it’s hand. Viagra dose  I mean what other pro sports team can be readying the opening of a brand new ball park and have it’s fan not give a shit about food courts and roomy seating if the team is not going to go out and fight for 162 games? And it’s not even about winning championships as we’re not idiots (as management thinks we are) no we know that a season that concludes with a World Series trophy is special what Mets fans ask for from their team is passion and 100 % balls to the wall hustle and if we don’t get it you are going to here from us.

Viagra dose And for this some in the main stream media chastise us for booing and giving our team a tough time. Viagra dose Well I’m not a boo bird as a guy my age looks silly booing anyway and beside why boo when I have a keyboard to get my opinion out. Viagra dose That’s why I feel our division rivals hate for the team is more a fear of us Mets fans.

Viagra dose When our rivals say the Mets celebrate to much, viagra dose Mets fans say “Good, viagra dose more curtain calls please” When they complain about Joese Reyes dancing and handshakes Mets chant “Jose-Jose-Jose” louder and longer. Viagra dose The biggest fear Mets opponents have is that the team takes on the persona of it’s fans because they know if that happens it’s over for them.

Viagra dose So Philadelphia enjoy your parade and I’ll continue my tough love of the Mets and I’ll slap them around until they show me they will slap and when they do your ass is ours.

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