A Friday spew:

Got to hand it to the Amazin’s they find more exotic ways to lose baseball games than any team ever has. Last night’s “twitch” by D.J. Stirrups was a first for me. I’ve seen HBP force the winning run home and of course a walk off walk (fuck you Kenny Rogers) but a walk off balk? Never! The balk was so blatant that Terry Collins never argued nor did Stirrups, he knew what he did and just walked off the field with a “what can you do” look on his face. The only way left for the Mets to lose a game is for an outfielder to throw his glove at a fly ball for a ground rule triple. Maybe will see that this weekend?

It’s no secret that most of the MSM who cover sports pull most of their stories out of their ass and no one does it better than Jon Heyman (Joel “The Plagiarist” Sherman is a close second) who sent out this Tweet this morning about what a “competing baseball exc “ told him about how much money Jose Reyes can expect to get on the open market. There is no way to know if this is true or bullshit but since it’s Heyman I lean toward bullshit. In fact, another competing GM told me that Reyes will re-sign with the Mets by the All-Star break for a lifetime deal that includes VIP seating to David Einhorn’s new seminar “How To Fleece Clueless Sports Team Owners of Their Majority Share of Their Franchise”

If Brian Gordon was signed by the Mets the sports media in this town would be calling the Mets front office all the derogatory names their small minds could think of but since it was the desperate for pitching Highlanders who signed him, well…I’m sure he will the next subject on Yankeeography  on YUCK. I’m not saying Gordon’ story is not a good one and I wish him all the success in the world as the guy has definitely paid his dues but I’m sure the Highlander media cheer leaders will overdose on this story.

As I watched the Mets come back from down 6-2 and take an 8-6 lead then have Frankie Rodriguez give up two runs in the 9th to tie the game all I could think of was July 4th 1985 and who was going to be the next Rick Camp for the Braves and who would be the next Danny Heep for the Mets

The Brooklyn Cyclones open the NY-Penn League season tonight on Staten Island (the only time the SI Highlanders get a crowd is when they play Brooklyn) then open up their home schedule tomorrow night on Coney Island. I will be spending Father’s Day on the Poor Man’s Riviera and taking in the Cyclones-Highlanders game at 5PM.

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I got so busy yesterday that I wasn’t able to put up a post and I so wanted to mention the passing of NY Daily News sports cartoonist, Bill Gallo. Everyone who grew up a sports fan in NYC knows of Gallo’s work as a cartoonist and as a boxing writer at the News. Gallo was also a WWII vet and is one more loss of that Greatest Generation. Hopefully the News will run some of his classic cartoons with characters like Yuchie and Gloomy Gus and of course the iconic, Basement Bertha.

I know NYC has the best restaurants, museums, and entertainment and of course there are some of the best medical facilities in the world here, but I have to think that the city of Denver has competent doctors and medical technicians who are proficient in administrating and MRI, so why would the Mets fly Ike Davis back to NYC to have an MRI of his leg? Add in the inclement weather in Denver and that adds to the mystery. By the way, where do the Rockies send their players when they need medical procedure? I doubt it’s to NYC.

So as we await the results of Ike’s MRI, F-Mart is on standby in Denver in case Ike goes to the DL .

Yesterday was not a good day for the Skill Sets, first they learned that Steve Cohen, the man they picked t join them as a part owner, decided he didn’t want in. Could be he didn’t to answer questions by the Commissioner about his being looked at by the SEC for insider trading (an allegation he strongly denies) or Cohen wants full ownership or the right to buy a majority share of the club if or when the Skill Sets have to sell off the club and its assets.

To get great insight on the ownership problems of the Skill Sets and more evidence that there is no other solution for them but to sell the team, SNY, and ballpark, I urge you to listen to my conversation with Howard Megdal of the LoHud Mets Blog and author of a great new book “Taking The Field, A Fans Quest To Run The Team He Loves “(published by Bloomsbury) on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast from yesterday. Also when you check out LoHud Mets blog be sure to click on the Facebook “Like” button for a chance to win a copy of Howard’s book, which details his candidacy for Mets GM. The book details Howard’s ideas for running the Mets on the platform of Logic, Transparency and Logic  as well as intertwining  some great Mets history.  

Second piece of bad news for the Skill Sets was the indictment of former clubhouse man Charlie Samuels on charges of thief of equipment and jerseys that he sold for profit.  Seems Samuels was padding bills to the club and skimming the excess off right into his pockets. The trial should be a doozy as I’m sure Mets players will be called to testify. I hope Jeff Francouer gets a subpoena because I’d sure like to hear about the $50, 000 check he had Samuels cash for him to buy his parents a car in cash.

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The Skill Sets are very tight lipped lately about the state of their finances and that of the whole franchise. They’ve gone from wanting to sell 25 % of the team to now going as high as 49 %. Steve Cohen it seems was approached by the Skill Sets last year prior to the Madoff shit hitting the fan and he turn his back on a mere quarter share of the club as it seems he wants to buy the club outright since he’s worth $8 Billion, I guess he thought he could pursued the Skill Sets to accept one of those billion’s plus a little pocket money for the right to be the sole owner of the NY Mets.

Now that the Skill Sets are holding on for dear life to retain ownership and to stay financially solvent the have upped the ante to 49 % of the club for a mere $200 mil and you get the right to sit on the board and have a vote on finances such as players salaries and contracts.

The fact that the Skill Sets have gone from 25% to 49% that they are looking to sell, leads me to believe that the debt on the club is enormous. If Cohen is the guy who gets to buy in I’m sure he is also getting the right to buy the majority share. This would come as great news to Mets fans except Cohen is being looked at by the Feds as part of an insider trading probe. Cohen has not been charges or accused of any wrongdoing in fact he has stated he would not only help any investigation but he’s pay for any cost needed to look at his hedge fund company.

The final say comes from Bid Selig who will have MLB lawyers do a though search and background check on Cohen. Selig has two causes in this sale, the health of the NY National League franchise and his close personal friendship with Freddy Skill Sets.

Hopefully everything works out with Cohen and he gets to spend his money as a partner and gets some much need money invested in this franchise. When you look at all the problems the Mets have it’s not pitching or hitting that are the fans biggest concern. What the majority of Mets fans worry about is the team not having money to compete on the big stage.

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