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Cialis 100 mg One of the most underrated Mets players of all time Randall “K” Myers

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Cialis 100 mg Well we know one guy who won’t be the Mets closer next year, cialis 100 mg that’s Bobby Parnell. Cialis 100 mg Reading the story in today’s NY Post it seems Alderson has seen enough of Parnell and the other candidates for Closer 2012 as well:

Cialis 100 mg   The presumed heir apparent, cialis 100 mg Bobby Parnell, cialis 100 mg has flopped and a fatigued Pedro Beato never really entered the equation. Cialis 100 mg Manny Acosta has shown flashes of dominance, cialis 100 mg but there are still organizational questions about his makeup. Cialis 100 mg

Cialis 100 mg It has left Alderson far from certain the next Mets closer will come from within the organization. Cialis 100 mg

Cialis 100 mg “I’m not convinced of that, cialis 100 mg” Alderson said before the Mets departed Atlanta on Sunday. Cialis 100 mg “Nor can I believe anybody else is convinced of that.”

Cialis 100 mg Happy hunting Sandy.

Cialis 100 mg File this one under, cialis 100 mg just when you thought you’ve heard it all. Cialis 100 mg Ray Bartoszek wanted to invest in the New York Mets but the Skill Sets were head over heels with David Einhorn until they finally figured out that Einhorn was looking to fuck them over. Cialis 100 mg  By the time the Skill Sets tried to get back in with Bartoszek, cialis 100 mg it was too late; he had found a better investment for his cash, cialis 100 mg becoming a limited partner of the NY Highlanders. Cialis 100 mg Bartoszek is a Mets fan who wanted to invest in the Mets but he now finds himself sitting back and waiting for a divided check and a seat to post season games. Cialis 100 mg Some guys have all the luck.

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Herbal viagra fda Greetings from Kissimmee, herbal viagra fda Florida where the humidity  is a rude as the European tourists at Disney World.

Herbal viagra fda One of the best features of the condo we’re staying in is it has wi fi which is something the Disney hotels don’t , herbal viagra fda which always shocked me. Herbal viagra fda Everything Disney’s does is first class you would think adding free wi fi would be a no brainer. Herbal viagra fda Oh well.

Herbal viagra fda The Mets season could be summed up by the just completed Nats series. Herbal viagra fda Just when you get a burst of enthusiasm that this team has couple be a major player down the stretch and maybe have turned that corner to being relevant again, herbal viagra fda you get games like yesterday that make you think there is much more work to do. Herbal viagra fda Base running errors (seems the manager blames Jon Niese for not tagging and going home on Wright’s fly ball that doubled up Murphy but the Murph-haters out there don’t agree) and the closer in training again not showing a closers mentality to finish out a game.

Herbal viagra fda If Bobby Parnell wants to show the Mets brass that he is THE GUY, herbal viagra fda to be the closer in 2012, herbal viagra fda he can blow games like yesterday. Herbal viagra fda A real closer comes in after a go ahead home run in the 9th and closes the game 1-2-3. Herbal viagra fda With a 100MPH fastball, herbal viagra fda Parnell should have come into the game breathing fire. Herbal viagra fda His makeup as much as his pitching will be on display for the next two months.

Herbal viagra fda Is anyone upset that Sandy Alderson didn’t make any more moves at the trade deadline? Scott Hairston, herbal viagra fda Willie Harris or Izzy could be moves through waivers but as Terry Collins said there is anyone in Buffalo to bring up in their place.

Herbal viagra fda That’s enough for today, herbal viagra fda back to my R & R

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Discount viagra sales online No need to ask he’s a smooth operator

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Discount viagra sales online There was something different about the Mets last night, discount viagra sales online not just the great pitching performance by Jon Neise or the bombs away hitting of Daivd Wright, discount viagra sales online Rod Barajas or Frenchy there was a confidence displayed by the team that has been missing for awhile. Discount viagra sales online When you look at Jason Bay the guy never seems to get rattled. Discount viagra sales online  Ike Davis is the same way it feels like Davis has been here for a couple of years instead of a couple of weeks. Discount viagra sales online The players all said during spring training that they knew they had a good team and that they’ll prove once the season starts, discount viagra sales online I for one didn’t believe it. Discount viagra sales online I’m not going over board just yet although beating the Phillies like they did and shutting up the louts that inhabit Citizen’s Bank Park has we ready to go overboard.

Discount viagra sales online It’s easy to go crazy during this hot streak and hopeful Big Pelf works his magic to day against Roy Haliday but the test of the makeup of this team to me will be how they react when they hit a bump in the road. Discount viagra sales online They’ve already hi one early in the year and have shown for guts than last years team ever did but at some point the pitching is going to struggle and the bats will slump a bit and how the team reacts to that adversity will be the test .

Discount viagra sales online I don’t want to dwell on that now though I just want to see the Mets kick Roy Halliday and the Phillies ass this afternoon.

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