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Free viagra sample Trying to get back into blogger mode after a week on Cape Cod and the cold reality that 5AM wakeup call awaits me tomorrow morning so  without much rhyme or reason here are some Mets thoughts:

Free viagra sample The next three days with the All Star break should feature a whirlwind of Mets trade rumors in fact some are starting already. Free viagra sample This team for all the hustle and flow it’s shown this season needs some big time renovation if they are going to go hard after a post season berth.

Free viagra sample The biggest need is in the bullpen which posted its best ERA of the season at 3.77 but still sports the worst team ERA in MLB at 4.99.  It seems Terry Collins is relying on the arms of Tim Byrdak, free viagra sample Bobby Parnell and Miguel Batista in the late innings of games while Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez have the tag of “one or two batters only” attached to their names. Free viagra sample Pedro Beato is back up and one would hope he would replace Batista in the late inning order, free viagra sample moving Batista back to the long man role he’s better at. Free viagra sample Of course all will change once Frankie Frisco comes back from oblique rehab but where will he fit? Has Bobby Parnell turned a corner in his career where he’s figured out how to get his curve over for strikes and have the confidence to throw it in a tough situation? Seems the Mets brass is not 100 % sold on Parnell and Frisco as they have let the word out they would like to obtain a closer or a pitcher who has had closer experience, free viagra sample that doesn’t mean Parnell and Frisco are a concern but as we’ve seen so far this half of the season a strong back end of the pen is the difference between 4.5 games back of the Nats instead of 4.5 games ahead of the Nats and first place in the NL East.

Free viagra sample Lots of talk of the Mets getting involved in dealing for a catcher, free viagra sample which Sandy Alderson has made known is a priority to upgrade in the Mets system, free viagra sample hence the drafting of Kevin Plawecki with a supplemental pick in this year’s draft, free viagra sample and while myself and many Mets fans would be happy if the Mets were to upgrade the position at the trade deadline, free viagra sample I’m not sure if it will happen or should it. Free viagra sample As much as Mike Nickeas makes Mets fans groan, free viagra sample when it comes to the pitching staff and Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, free viagra sample Nickeas is a valuable piece to this team. Free viagra sample Nickeas is kind of a player/coach on this Mets team and I know there is a segment of Mets fans and bloggers who feel team chemistry is overrated, free viagra sample it’s hard to watch this team day in and day out and not see that the camaraderie in the clubhouse has played a major role in the success of the team in the first half. Free viagra sample  You may not believe it but the front office, free viagra sample coaching staff and the players do. Free viagra sample I would be a bit surprised if the Mets dealt for a catcher in season, free viagra sample best bet is the team will go hard to upgrade the backstop spot in the winter.

Free viagra sample Much has been made about Reggie Jackson dissing the late Gary Carter saying the Kid was not Hall of Fame worthy, free viagra sample if you know anything about Reggie Jackson you know he loves to say things just to get his name mentioned in the papers or TV/sports talk radio. Free viagra sample We all know the stories of Reggie’s turbulent Highlander years as a self-promoting blowhard, free viagra sample who always felt he was above everything and anything. Free viagra sample I have a Reggie story that was told to me by someone who worked for the Highlanders and is now deceased and it shows the true Reggie

Free viagra sample When Jackson retired he was hired by George Steinbrenner to work in the front office with Gene Michael. Free viagra sample On his first day as a front office employee, free viagra sample Reggie went into Steinbrenner’s office which doubled as his suite at Highlander Stadium and asked to be served a turkey sandwich and an iced tea. Free viagra sample  Jackson was told by the gentleman who ran the suite that since he was now a front office employee of the Highlanders, free viagra sample he could not come into the office/suite whenever he felt like it and he could not eat there either, free viagra sample Reggie was told he had to eat in the cafeteria with the rest of the office staff. Free viagra sample Jackson exploded when he heard this and said “Do you know who the fuck I am? Get me that fucking sandwich and drink”. Free viagra sample To avoid further confrontation the attendant went and got Jackson his lunch. Free viagra sample As Reggie sat and enjoyed his turkey sandwich, free viagra sample Boss George entered the suite. Free viagra sample “Who’s that down there”? “Reggie, free viagra sample Boss” was the workers reply. Free viagra sample “What the fuck is he doing here”? Asked Steinbrenner. Free viagra sample “Eating his lunch” the worker said. Free viagra sample “Eating his lunch” doesn’t he know he has to eat in the staff cafeteria”? said Big Stein. Free viagra sample “I told him that Boss but he told me he’s Reggie Jackson and basically told me to go fuck myself” relayed the worker.

Free viagra sample With that Boss George erupted and starting screaming at Jackson and grabbed the plate the sandwich was on and flung it at the wall, free viagra sample Steinbrenner then asked Jackson if he knew “Who the fuck he was”? Steinbrenner then told Jackson if he pulls a stunt like that again, free viagra sample he’ll fire him but before he made him leave Steinbrenner had two more things for Reggie to do, free viagra sample one, free viagra sample apologize to the suite attendant who Steinbrenner informed him was more valuable to the organization than Jackson and two, free viagra sample get a broom and clean up this mess. Free viagra sample Jackson performed both tasks.

Free viagra sample  

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Zocor alternative viagra Another game another win, zocor alternative viagra and the Tea Party Mets fans have quieted down as there isn’t anything to get hysterical about.

Zocor alternative viagra I’m not ready to block out the month of October yet on my calendar, zocor alternative viagra as the caliber of opponent  has not been challenging during this win streak but again good teams put the bottom feeders away and it’s made this weekend’s games in Philly a must see.

Zocor alternative viagra Chris Young admitted after the game that his command was off but he hadn’t pitched in over two weeks and at 88 pitches he made the mark that club set for him. Zocor alternative viagra The home runs were a product of not being able to hit his spots but then again they were all solo shots.  The big test will be today for Young when he gets to the park. Zocor alternative viagra If he feels as good as he said he did last night after the game, zocor alternative viagra then it’s a win and if he does feel fine to make his next start, zocor alternative viagra then you’ll see Dillon Gee go back to Buffalo.

Zocor alternative viagra It also helps that the bullpen has settled in to a groove and Terry Collins has a reliever for every situation. Zocor alternative viagra The back end is set with Taylor Bucholz and Pedro Beato as 7th inning or 8th inning guys depending on the status of set up man deluxe Jason Issringhausen followed by closer for now Frankie Rodriguez.  You also have Tim Brydak and Ryota Igarashi as the LOOGY/ROOGY Yin-Yang and the Gee/Carrasco long man role. Zocor alternative viagra It’s always nice when relievers know their set roles. Zocor alternative viagra It’s a beautiful  thing.

Zocor alternative viagra I’m looking forward to Friday night’s game against the Phuck Phaces just to see who catches Big Plef. Zocor alternative viagra  Even with Joe Blanton going for the Phuck’s, zocor alternative viagra I be surprised if Josh Thole is behind the plate. Zocor alternative viagra I could see Mike Nickeas or Ronnie Paulino getting the task to talk Pelfrey through his start. Zocor alternative viagra The Mets could activate Paulino and keep Nickeas up going with three catchers for this game only and sending Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Zocor alternative viagra Then after the game send Nickeas to Buffalo as well and bring back DJ Carrasco to take up long man duty in the bullpen. Zocor alternative viagra If Nickeas catches Pelfrey then it would give Paulino a chance to work with Pelf between starts. Zocor alternative viagra Listen, zocor alternative viagra if finding a personal catcher for Mike Pelfrey translates into quality starts then I’m all for it. Zocor alternative viagra Josh Thole shouldn’t be upset, zocor alternative viagra it’s not personal it’s business.

Zocor alternative viagra I guess we won’t be hearing any of the stupid trade Ike talk anymore huh? How about Ike for MVP?

Zocor alternative viagra I’m ready to throw some batting practice today to my team so I have go out and re-stock the medicine cabinet with some Extra Strength Tylenol and some Icy-Hot patches. Zocor alternative viagra Later!

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