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Cheapest viagra What better day to announce the nominees for the Irish-Amercian Baseball Hall of Fame than St. Cheapest viagra Patrick’s Day.The Hall and the ceromonies are held at one of my favorite places in all of the city, cheapest viagra Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant (run by Shaun Clancy and his dad John, cheapest viagra two great men of County Cavan) 18 W 33 St across from the Empire State Building. SO if you are at the parade today stop by Foley’s as I’m sure the joint will be jumpin’ for sure.

Cheapest viagra Here are the nominees :

Cheapest viagra HALL OF FAMERS and LEGENDS

Cheapest viagra Big Ed Walsh – Baseball’s All-Time ERA Leader

Cheapest viagra Wee Willie Keeler – A .341 lifetime hitter who shares the longest ever NL hitting streak (44 games) with Pete Rose

Cheapest viagra Mighty Casey of the “Mudville Nine” – Character in Ernest Thayer’s famous poem

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Cheapest viagra Nolan Ryan – Baseball’s All-Time Strikeout Leader, cheapest viagra now president of the Texas Rangers

Cheapest viagra “Super Joe” McEwing – Popular versatile player, cheapest viagra now a White Sox minor league manager

Cheapest viagra Jeff Nelson – Four-time World Series champion, cheapest viagra now a broadcaster with MLB Network

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Cheapest viagra MANAGERS

Cheapest viagra John McGraw – Legendary New York Giants manager

Cheapest viagra Tom Kelly – Minnesota Twins two-time World Series champion manager

Cheapest viagra “Walpole Joe” Morgan – Former Boston Red Sox manager

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Cheapest viagra TEAM EXECUTIVES

Cheapest viagra Gene Monahan/Steve Donohue – Longtime New York Yankees trainers

Cheapest viagra Mike Kindle – President of Baseball Ireland (Dublin)

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Cheapest viagra ENTERTAINERS

Cheapest viagra John Fogerty – Writer/Singer of “Centerfield”

Cheapest viagra Terry Cashman – Writer/Singer of “Talking Baseball” (30th anniversary this year)

Cheapest viagra John Fitzgerald – Filmmaker of “The Emerald Diamond”

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Cheapest viagra “The nominating committee has come up with some intriguing names this year, cheapest viagra” said Shaun Clancy, cheapest viagra owner of Foley’s, cheapest viagra which features one of the country’s most extensive public displays of baseball memorabilia outside of Cooperstown.  “We believe it is significant that baseball’s all-time strikeout king and its all-time ERA leader are both of Irish descent and have New York connections.  So do the legendary manager John McGraw, cheapest viagra players Wee Willie Keeler, cheapest viagra Joe McEwing and Jeff Nelson, cheapest viagra Yankees trainers Gene Monahan and Steve Donohue, cheapest viagra and songwriter Terry Cashman.”

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Cheapest viagra With the blessing of the Baseball Hall of Fame, cheapest viagra Foley’s, cheapest viagra a popular destination among baseball players, cheapest viagra executives, cheapest viagra umpires and fans, cheapest viagra created the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame to recognize players, cheapest viagra managers, cheapest viagra executives, cheapest viagra journalists, cheapest viagra and entertainers of Irish descent.  Inductees are chosen based on a combination of factors, cheapest viagra including impact on the game, cheapest viagra popularity on and off the field, cheapest viagra contributions to society, cheapest viagra connections to the Irish community, cheapest viagra and, cheapest viagra of course, cheapest viagra ancestry. 

Cheapest viagra The game of baseball has welcomed immigrants from its earliest days, cheapest viagra when an estimated 30 percent of players claimed Irish heritage.  Many of the game’s biggest stars at the turn of the 20th century were Irish immigrants or their descendants, cheapest viagra including Michael “King” Kelly, cheapest viagra Roger Connor (the home run king before Babe Ruth), cheapest viagra Eddie Collins, cheapest viagra Big Ed Walsh and managers Connie Mack and John McGraw.  Today, cheapest viagra major league teams regularly sign players born in Latin America, cheapest viagra Japan, cheapest viagra Canada, cheapest viagra and elsewhere.

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Cheapest viagra Shaun Clancy, cheapest viagra an amateur baseball historian, cheapest viagra created the Hall after learning about the rich heritage of Irish Americans in the sport dating from its infancy – a legacy overshadowed in recent years by other ethnicities.  He decided to celebrate his roots and those who helped make the game great by creating a shrine to Irish Americans in baseball in 2008.

Cheapest viagra McGraw has to be a lock to be named to the Hall. Cheapest viagra I will always have soft spot for McGraw for if it wasn’t for him I might be a Highlander fan today. Cheapest viagra When my father and one of my uncle’s decided to leave Boston after a living there a year when they arrived from County Sligo, cheapest viagra they both had jobs laying gas pipes in Canarsie for Brooklyn Union Gas. Cheapest viagra On a day off they both decided to take a trip to the Bronx to see Babe Ruth and the Highlanders. Cheapest viagra When they got the Stadium, cheapest viagra there were surprised by the lack of people around. Cheapest viagra That was because the Highlanders were on the road they were told by the cop on the beat. Cheapest viagra The cop told them if they wanted to see a baseball game, cheapest viagra take a walk over the bridge to the Polo Grounds and go watch the Giants. Cheapest viagra So off they went.

Cheapest viagra As they took their seats they noticed a guy barking orders at players, cheapest viagra they asked who he was, cheapest viagra a fan told them “That’s McGraw, cheapest viagra he runs the team” They looked at each ‘What ? An Irishman is the boss?” That was it my dad and uncle became die hard NY Giants fans, cheapest viagra even though they lived in Brooklyn and stayed in Brooklyn to raise families in the heart of Dodger country. Cheapest viagra When the Giants left town both of them and the Mets were born they became Mets fans as did my brothers and my cousins. Cheapest viagra Things happen for a reason who knows, cheapest viagra if the Highlanders were home that day, cheapest viagra this site might have been The Tom Tresh Society. Cheapest viagra I hope Mugsy gets elected to the Hall with a landslide vote.

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