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Buy cialis doctor online I’ve always felt that once you sign on to be a fan of a sports team, buy cialis doctor online you’re a fan for life. Buy cialis doctor online Like a marriage, buy cialis doctor online good times and bad, buy cialis doctor online and till death do us part. Buy cialis doctor online  Fan support has been a big topic this weekend as for the first that I can remember a professional post season sporting event in NYC was played before a lot of empty seats, buy cialis doctor online and in all places, buy cialis doctor online Highlanders Stadium.

Buy cialis doctor online I was very surprised to see so many tickets available for Games 1 and 2 of the ALCS games in the Bronx. Buy cialis doctor online The tickets that were available on Stub Hub were way under face value as well so what the hell happened?

Buy cialis doctor online Myself and Mike Silva discussed this last night on our Sports Media Watchdog Podcast going over many different reasons from cost of tickets, buy cialis doctor online commuting, buy cialis doctor online and traffic all play a part but the feeling I get is many Highlanders fans just have no faith at all in their team and with Derek Jeter done for the remainder of the post season, buy cialis doctor online it seems the fans have packed it in for the year just like the Highlanders offense.

Buy cialis doctor online It was discussed a lot during the season as the Bronx Bastards were hitting home run after home run many fans and media types had concern that this club was not built for the post season where most game runs are at a premium. Buy cialis doctor online  The Highlanders look at playing small ball like it’s an affront on their manhood, buy cialis doctor online but a bunt here, buy cialis doctor online a stolen base there, buy cialis doctor online a little hit and run might be how they have to go after the Tigers. Buy cialis doctor online The Highlander pitching has been superb to the point where I feel C.C. Buy cialis doctor online Sabathia is underrated as a pitcher and big game performer and you cannot say enough about the job Hiroki Kuroda did on 3 days’ rest. Buy cialis doctor online Problem is I can’t find a Highlander fan who shares my feelings, buy cialis doctor online all they see is an impotent offense and their Captain lying prone on the infield dirt.

Buy cialis doctor online The Highlander fans have really turned to heels when it comes to their team, buy cialis doctor online the players, buy cialis doctor online especially Nick Swisher are having a tough time accepting the taunts and cat calls from a fan base that has “if we don’t win the World Series the season is a failure” mentality that management and the teams PR department has branded into their heads. Buy cialis doctor online  This is what happens when you promote ad nausea that you are the 27 Time World Champions, buy cialis doctor online and put up billboards like this around the city and sell obnoxious t –shirts and generally act like no other team in baseball is worthy of being in the same league as you. Buy cialis doctor online Even your fans stop buying that bullshit.

Buy cialis doctor online Problem for the Highlanders is their fan base is not prepared for failure. Buy cialis doctor online The Highlander fan of my generation who remembers when attendance figures of 3, buy cialis doctor online000 or less at the REAL Highlander Stadium were the norm and how the Mets were the darlings of New York, buy cialis doctor online knows that as great as the winning feels, buy cialis doctor online the cycle does bring you to hard times as well, buy cialis doctor online but you stick with your team thick or thin. Buy cialis doctor online The new Generation of Highlander fan that jumped on the bandwagon the last 20 to 25 years doesn’t have the heart to support a losing team. Buy cialis doctor online  Let’s face it with the combination of age, buy cialis doctor online Hal Steinbrenner looking to cut payroll, buy cialis doctor online a barren farm system and the teams in their division not only getting better but they also smell Highlander blood in the water knowing that the once mighty New York Highlanders are no longer feared.

Buy cialis doctor online It happens; the great Core players that led the Highlanders to championships are gone. Buy cialis doctor online Bernie Williams, buy cialis doctor online Jorge Posada, buy cialis doctor online Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are the Four Horsemen of the great Highlander run. Buy cialis doctor online Rivera and Jeter will be back but they are both will be coming off severe injury and an age where players decline rather than improve. Buy cialis doctor online There could be tough times ahead for the Highlanders but just think fans you have a whole lot of Highlander Classics and Highlander-ograhpy’s  to watch on YUCK until the next cycle of winning comes along hopefully that won’t come around for a long long time.

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Viagra directions Well one thing the 2010 Mets aren’t lacking in is drama, viagra directions with ex-Mets trying to school new Mets and the bullpen coach telling the Diva Closer to shut the fuck up and the manager’s job status as volatile as the Dow Jones this is becoming a lot of fun.

Viagra directions I remarked on Twitter last night that I wondered where R.A. Viagra directions Dickey leaves his shopping cart during games. Viagra directions Dickey looks like the guys you avoid at the supermarket who bring in cans and bottles for the nickel deposit. Viagra directions Dickey has been outstanding in these last two starts and a huge upgrade over the Ritalin Kid that’s for sure. Viagra directions Plus the Dickey jokes on Twitter never get old.

Viagra directions Speaking of Dickey, viagra directions did you get a look at what has been reported as Evan Longoria’s manhood? If I were packing something like that it would be the picture on my drivers license. Viagra directions Most definitely NSFW

Viagra directions I saw the video of the squirrel that ran on the grass at Target Field during last nights Twins-Highlanders game. Viagra directions The squirrel really looked lost and confused as he ran around out of control to the point the game had to be held up. Viagra directions The squirrel, viagra directions who was identified as Rocket J. Viagra directions Squirrel of Frost Bite Falls MN said he was looking for the Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich concession stand when he got disoriented, viagra directions he claims with the ball park’ so new he was still trying to find his way around the place.

Viagra directions I am definitely getting myself an I LIKE IKE t-shirt

Viagra directions Nelson Figueroa is the first player in the history of professional sports to get screwed over by a team. Viagra directions Give it a break Nelly Figs will ya!

Viagra directions After the Mets defeated the Phuck Phaces last night I had the pleasure of talking to Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley a member of ESPN Sweet Zone blogs (as well as Baseball Prospectus Baseball Digest Daily and Heater Magazine) on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night. Viagra directions You can check out the podcast right there a Kranepool Society (see the player on the lower left sidebar) or at my show page at Blog Talk Radio or downloaded it to your iPhone, viagra directions iTouch, viagra directions or iPod at iTunes.

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