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Viagra chemical structure A rough morning. Viagra chemical structure Had a 9AM game and one of my big strong arm guys pitching and he couldn’t find home plate with a map, viagra chemical structure compass and a guide dog. Viagra chemical structure After two innings we are down 8-0 and I’m ready to blow a fucking gasket, viagra chemical structure walks and errors that’s all I see in my sleep lately. Viagra chemical structure After the 60 th pitch I’d seen enough and I bring in a kid to pitch that while not throwing hard, viagra chemical structure throws strikes and he holds the fort as we nibble back to 8-4 until he runs out of gas. Viagra chemical structure I go to option three which on this team is the equivalent of Manny Acta going to his pen and lo and behold after seven walks, viagra chemical structure three errors and leaving about eight runners on base the score after 6 innings is 13-6.

Viagra chemical structure There was another game to be played on the field after ours and the teams were milling around waiting for our game to end. Viagra chemical structure The coach of one of the teams was a guy I’ve known for a few years so I told “Don’t worry Jim we’ll be quick” and we both laughed. Viagra chemical structure What are you gonna do cry? First kid up grounds out. Viagra chemical structure Next kid walks. Viagra chemical structure Next one hits a bloop over short. Viagra chemical structure Next batter drills one to the gap in left center-a bloop and a blast-and it’s 13-8. Viagra chemical structure Next batter walks then another walk and a strike out and a hit batsman. Viagra chemical structure New pitcher and it’s 13-9 with two out. Viagra chemical structure First pitch to the batter a hit down the left field line and holy shit it’s 13-11 with two out and then a infield hit and it’s 13-12 with two out. Viagra chemical structure Now I’d love to say the next batter drove in two more runs but that only happens in the movies. Viagra chemical structure The next kid K’d and we lost 13-12 but from the roar of the crowd and the kids waiting to play you would have thought we won a championship.

Viagra chemical structure When the game ended we took the kids over to the snack stand which was the plan win or lose to buy them lunch. Viagra chemical structure As we come off the field, viagra chemical structure the people at the complex were clapping and patting the kids on the back which was great because they really deserved to for not giving up and fighting back. Viagra chemical structure But the best part of it was when one of the kids, viagra chemical structure the pitcher I took out after two innings said “We never give up because the coaches never give up on us”

Viagra chemical structure And that right there is worth all the vacation days I’ve used and all the overtime I’ve given up and all the food, viagra chemical structure drinks, viagra chemical structure and baseballs I’ve bought and all the time I’ve put into practicing with these kids. Viagra chemical structure Johan Santana, viagra chemical structure Alex Rodriguez Carlos Beltran they are all making a ton of money in baseball more than me but I guarantee they are not loving baseball more than I am.

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Viagra blister 4 Going to root for the Good Ollie today and hopefully a sweep of a team in the Nats that make the 1962 Mets look like world beaters. Viagra blister 4 I thought I had a tough time drumming the “Fundies” of baseball into the head of 13 yr olds my heart goes out to Manny Acta with that group he has.

Viagra blister 4 The Mets Police has done it again and exposed the Skill Sets as clueless. Viagra blister 4 First he reports that he paid $25 bucks for ar $15.00 seat at the $iti Field box office (this is a Marx Brothers Night of the Races scenario as Chico sells his tuti fruty ice-a cream at the track ) and then shows the gall of the Mets to charge Ron Hunt the first All Star in Mets history $869 for two seats from Shea that he asked for.

Viagra blister 4 The Clueless Skill Sets strike again.

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Viagra message board The Nats sent Lasting Milledge to Syracuse today to unclog a logjam in the outfield and to discipline Milledge who is now in the middle of a battle between Manny Acta and GM Mike Rizzo.

Viagra message board Seems that the immature Milledge failed to show up for  a team meeting and new GM Rizzo wanted to optioned him on the spot to the bush league but Acta took Millz back and fought for a fine instead.  But Milledge has not responded at bat and has looked foolish in the outfield so Rizzo pulled rank on Acta and sent Milledge packing.

Viagra message board The question is , viagra message board is this a disipline puishment for a couple of weeks or was it a just fed up with all the bullshit this talented but babyish behavior that  Milledge is known for and he spends the rest of the season Upstate NY?

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It’s good to see D-Wright is mad, viagra cream I mean really, viagra cream really mad:


{“I don’t like those guys, viagra cream” Wright said. Viagra cream “I know they don’t like us. Viagra cream There are guys that I respect on that team. Viagra cream I respect them, viagra cream but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be friends with them. Viagra cream My whole career, viagra cream I’ve tried to stay away from that. Viagra cream I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello, viagra cream but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game.


“I’m not a big fan of the teams in our division just because we play them so much. Viagra cream I would hope as a competitor that you would have that edge, viagra cream that you would have a genuine interest to go out there and beat them by as much as you can}


Okay, viagra cream it’s a start. Viagra cream I don’t figure Wright to take on my Braveheart mentality when it comes to our division rivals although I’d love it if he did but what I found interesting was the “I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game” quote. Viagra cream If you watch the Mets during warm ups it seems the players love to hug and kibitz with some players on the opposing team, viagra cream and with the risk of being called a racist, viagra cream it’s mostly the Latin players who do this. Viagra cream I don’t ever see D-Wright calling them out for doing that. Viagra cream In fact it was one of the pet peeves that Willie Randolph had when Omar and Tony B would be on the field before a game against the Nats and showing Manny Acta much love.


Saw this on Metsblog, viagra cream seems Omar and Co. Viagra cream are not too crazy about the Brian Schneider/Ramon Castro catching tandem and an upgrade behind the plate is on the off season to do list.


New York Magazine is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and the editors asked some sportswriters who they thought were the Top 10 NY Athletes of the last 40 years. Viagra cream Each writer gave some excellent choices (check out Selena Roberts who went off on a whole different tangent) I made my own list and it was very tough to limit it to 10 but here are my Top 10 NYC Athletes from 1968-2008:



1.      Tom Seaver-He is the reason why we care about the Mets


2.      Joe Namath- Even though I’m not a Jets fan I was and still am a huge Joe Willie fan. 


3.      Lawrence Taylor-The greatest defensive football player ever and second only to Jim Brown as the greatest football player ever.


4.      Willis Reed-Game 7 1970 NBA Finals I still get goose bumps when I see videos of Reed limping on to the court


5.      Walt Clyde Frazier-Always the coolest guy in the room and what gets lost in the Reed scenario is Clyde lighting up the Lakers for 36 pts and 19 dimes.


6.      Mark Messier-The Captain Always The Captain


7.      Reggie Jackson-If there was a guy born to play in NYC it was Reggie


8.      Mariano Rivera-Yes it kills me but what’s fair is fair he is the greatest reliever in history


9.      Dwight Gooden-Every home start was an event must see baseball


10.  Pele-If you weren’t around during the days of the New York Cosmos this choice may not make sense to you but think of Pele like you would of Babe Ruth.



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Cialis brand Hi all It took me awhile to get started but not the Amazin’s as they are giving Jason Bergman and the Nats a good old fashion ass kicking. Cialis brand So far it’s 10-nil Mets but we all know this game is no where near close to being over.

Cialis brand TV camera focused on Jason Bergman after that inning and looked like he was paralyzed. Cialis brand Manny Acta left Bergman out there to the point where it was embarrassing. Cialis brand Bergman walked 5 Mets that inning and gave up 8 runs. Cialis brand As much fun as it is to watch the Mets pound the ball, cialis brand it does make you feel a little uneasy watching a guy get humiliated.

Cialis brand Someone needs to smack Charlie Samuel in the head with these black uni tops really enough all ready. Cialis brand The grey road uni is one of the best not only in baseball but in sports. Cialis brand Same with the home white pinstripe suit and  is the  solid Royal blue hat. Cialis brand Really enough with the fucking black why do the Mets have to look like that half pint weasel Giusepe Franco?

Cialis brand AFLAC trivia question What Mets player led the league in hits?

Cialis brand Without Googling it I’ll say Lance Johnson

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