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Female viagra pills I don’t have much ambition today; I mean when the folks down at St. Female viagra pills Lonesome start Tweeting about parking spots, female viagra pills I know I have company in the “can’t get it together” mode. Female viagra pills Seriously don’t you people get tired of busting on Daniel Murphy?

Female viagra pills Ike Davis participated on a Q & A over at Baseball America and was quite entertaining I must say. Female viagra pills Here a few of my favs:

Female viagra pills Josh (New Jersey): What are the pressures of playing in a big media market like New York?

Female viagra pills Ike Davis: I’m looking forward to play in NY. Female viagra pills The only way to play baseball is to have pressure on yourself and to expect to win everyday.

Female viagra pills {careful what you wish for Ike}

Female viagra pills Matt (Cedar Rapids, female viagra pills IA):  What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?

Female viagra pills Ike Davis: I fish and hunt as much as possible when I have free time.

Female viagra pills {has there ever been a baseball player who didn’t like to fish and hunt? I’m waiting for the player who says he likes making scrapbooks and shadow box frames}

Female viagra pills Rich (NY): How do you feel your time in Brooklyn during 2008 prepared you for playing in New York?

Female viagra pills Ike Davis: Playing in Brooklyn gave me a look of how involved the fans are. Female viagra pills They live and die with their teams in NY.

Female viagra pills {how you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Mermaid Avenue ?}

Female viagra pills steve (glenville ny): Which position do you like playing better right field, female viagra pills first base or pitcher? Which do you think you are best at?

Female viagra pills Ike Davis: I would have to say first base because I have played it more but I don’t mind the outfield either.

Female viagra pills {hummmmmmm this got me to thinking, female viagra pills what about Davis to RF and Murphy stays a first base ? }

Female viagra pills Great column this morning by Kevin Kernan of the NY Post on Jason Bay. I’ve mentioned before I was in Boston and at Fenway when Bay made his debut for the Red Sox and taking the place of Manny Ramirez is a whole lot tougher than coming to a 90 loss team. Female viagra pills You have to admit this little nugget from Bay is impressive:

Female viagra pills “Having played in that market (Boston) it’s all about putting up numbers, female viagra pills regardless of where you are. Female viagra pills I find it funny; you got the ‘best shape of my life’ routines. Female viagra pills People don’t care if you come in the best shape of your life or not, female viagra pills just show up and produce. Female viagra pills It’s all about production.”

Female viagra pills “Show up and produce” simple and to the point. Female viagra pills That should be the Mets motto for 2010.

Female viagra pills USA-Switzerland

Female viagra pills Russia-Canada

Female viagra pills Finland-Czech Republic

Female viagra pills Sweden-Slovakia

Female viagra pills This is called hockey heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Female equivalent of viagra Some fellas look at the eyes
Some fellas look at the nose
Some fellas look at the size
Some fellas look at the clothes
I don’t care if her eyes are red
I don’t care if her nose is long
I don’t care if she’s underfed
I don’t care if her clothes are worn
First I look at the purse!

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Female equivalent of viagra I should be a happy Mets fan this morning, female equivalent of viagra with the news that Jason Bay will sign up to man left field for my favorite baseball team. Female equivalent of viagra What’s not to like about Bay ? Big time power hitter from the right side of the plate, female equivalent of viagra he stepped in to a situation in Boston, female equivalent of viagra as crazy a baseball town as NYC and he took the place of one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever pick up a bat in Manny Ramirez and excelled. Female equivalent of viagra I was  at Fenway Park for Bay’s first game as a Red Sox and his hitting and attitude won over the hearts of Royal Rooters that weekend. Female equivalent of viagra  So why am I not on the phone pleading with the Mets ticket office to please, female equivalent of viagra PLEASE, female equivalent of viagra sell me a season ticket, female equivalent of viagra I don’t care if a handrail or giant piece of Plexiglas impairs my vision of the field, female equivalent of viagra I JUST WANT TO BE AT $ITI FIELD IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!   Well, female equivalent of viagra because Jason Bay can’t pitch.

Female equivalent of viagra It’s not just that Bay is not a pitcher and the Mets need about three starting pitchers to even think of contending for an NL Pennant , female equivalent of viagra I still look at the Mets as Bay’s last resort.  You have to feel, female equivalent of viagra the Red Sox were his first choice to re-enlist with and his agent made a 4yr/$60mil offer to which Theo Epstein said “Do I know you”? That’s Cold Hearted Theo, female equivalent of viagra “Come back when you settle for as 2yr plus and option and maybe I’ll dance with you”. Female equivalent of viagra The Highlanders would seem to be choice two, female equivalent of viagra put it seems that the heirs to the Highlander fortune, female equivalent of viagra Hal and Hank A/K/A The Fortunate Son’s, female equivalent of viagra feel as though we won the World Series so now it’s time for us to set up our bank accounts because there will be a mucho disposable dinero flowing in the Bronx this summer and the Fortunate Sons want to bring back Bags O Cash to their Tampa lair. Female equivalent of viagra Then there is the Seattle Mariners , female equivalent of viagrawhich for Bay would have worked out the best for the Boy from BC. Female equivalent of viagra  Mrs. Female equivalent of viagra Bay is from the Pacific Northwest so the thought of playing house close to where he grew up with many millions in his pocket had to be very pleasing to the Bay’s. Female equivalent of viagra Problem is new Mariners GM Jack Z felt, female equivalent of viagra sure we’d love to have you here but not for some ridiculous sum of $16 mil a year. Female equivalent of viagra Instead Jack Z went for bat shit crazy Milton Bradley who came to the Emerald City with his pockets full of cash, female equivalent of viagra letting the M’s save money for something important like pitching. Female equivalent of viagra Did you know that Jack Z was once part of the Mets front office?

Female equivalent of viagra So the way I look at it, female equivalent of viagra Jason Bay had no other choice but to play for the Mets. Female equivalent of viagra But I still feel the Mets were that last fat kid picked when you would choose up sides in the school yard. Female equivalent of viagra I just hope that at the Bay presser he doesn’t start waxing poetic about being back in the Mets organization , female equivalent of viagrain fact I’d have a better appreciation for Bay if he didn’t have a presser but I’m sure Jeffey and Jay Horowitz are at King Kullen right now ordering the cold cuts.

Female equivalent of viagra Look you have to give Omar his props as he obtained a power hitting corner outfielder at his terms. Female equivalent of viagra For all the venom tossed at Omar’s way this winter once in a while you can give him a pat on the back. Female equivalent of viagra Beisdes, female equivalent of viagra Jeffey Skill Sets and Dave The Shyster would just the money on a house in the Hamptons.

Female equivalent of viagra Now is not the time for the Mets front office to take any bows, female equivalent of viagra there work is far from done. Female equivalent of viagra Now try to make a deal with the Reds and Royals for Aaron Harang, female equivalent of viagra Bronson Arroyo or Gil Meche . Female equivalent of viagra Get two of those three and I’ll bring a marble rye to the presser. Female equivalent of viagra  

Female equivalent of viagra           

Female equivalent of viagra  

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Cialis refractory

Cialis refractory  

Cialis refractory The All Star break is over and we head for the second half of the season tonight on Pro Baseball Central we will discuss the Mets disappointing first half and what direction this team needs to take which  is one of the great complex question of our time, cialis refractory plus we will monitor the Mets-Braves game live. Cialis refractory We will also talk about the NY Highlanders with our guest Rebecca Glass the author of the Highlander blog This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes. Cialis refractory Join us live at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio live or listen to the podcast at your leisure at our site or right here at TEKS.

Cialis refractory  

Cialis refractory After The Used Car Salesman ranted and raved about Manny Ramirez going to the bushes to get in shape before ending his 50 game sentence the Phillies after signing Petey to a $1.5 mil deal was placed on the 15 day DL with a “strained (wink-wink, cialis refractory nod-nod) shoulder. Cialis refractory This was done because Petey wouldn’t sign a minor league deal so the Phills skirted the issue with the bogus DL placement. Cialis refractory Am I a bitter jilted Mets fan? YES. Cialis refractory Yes I am. Cialis refractory I’m not rational when it comes with Petey going to the Cheesesteakers I’m the jilted lover who will now try to make his life miserable.

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Viagra and alcohol I’m sure Johan Santana would love to join Jerry Manuel in a tag team against Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazard to find out why the front office has it’s head up it’s ass over brining in a shortstop either Ruben Tejada, viagra and alcohol Jose Coronado from the minors or going out and getting a middle infielder and stop the embarrassment that is Ramon Martinez. Viagra and alcohol It’s not Martinez fault he is should not be on a major league roster. Viagra and alcohol If the Mets would have put Jose Reyes on the DL on the 14th when he first felt the pain in his calf, viagra and alcohol he may have recuperated and would be ready to go this week but the way the Mets have dicked around with Reyes he’ll most likely end up on the DL now and would make a month he’s be out. Viagra and alcohol I can’t understand for the life of me how Omar and his grew have no grasp whatsoever on injuries and how much they bungle call ups from the minors.

Viagra and alcohol Kevin Youkils is lucky he didn‘t get more than hit in the elbow last night. Viagra and alcohol Remember last season before Manny Ramirez was shipped out of Boston he kicked Youks ass as he got tired of him throwing his helmet after making an out in the Red Sox dugout.

Viagra and alcohol Next on the walking wounded list is Ryan Church you claims to have teak a hammy so now the Mets will play two position players down.

Viagra and alcohol Bravo Gary Cohen and I think I speak for the vast majority of Mets fans who HATE hearing Sweet Caroline at $iti Field. Viagra and alcohol Please Gary you are the one with the ear of the nit wits in management. Viagra and alcohol Your our only hope.

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Best price for generic cialis I know I shouldn’t be stunned but stunned I am Manny Being Manny  Let’s see is Manny uses the Dominican cousin scenario to explain this

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As far as Mets beat writers go I’ve always been fond of Adam Rubin in the Daily News but today reading his blog I have to say Rubin is as totally lost as the team he covers.


Rubin takes Mets fans to task for having the balls to boo David Wright after his woeful performance yesterday. Wholesale viagra As I’ve stated numerous times I’m not a boo-er as venting and cursing on the internet is my choice of expression but when the focus of yesterdays game and all of this lousy month of baseball is the fan reaction then more than the Mets organization is totally lost.


I’ ve said it time and time again where o’ where are the reporters who chase a story and give us, wholesale viagra the fans what we want to know. Wholesale viagra The story so far this season is not the fans expressing their displeasure with not just Wright but with everyone not named Johan Santana. Wholesale viagra Why is it the fans know that this is just not in response to a lousy month of baseball but an under achieving two years and a month of baseball.


For some reason the press in this town is as soft as the Mets players they cover. Wholesale viagra Where is the baseball writer  with the balls of Larry Brooks of the NY Post who stood toe to toe with Rangers coach John Tortorella to get him to explain his melt down in DC in Game 5? Instead of Rubin chastising the Mets fans for booing how about chastising Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets for not have the cajones to sign both Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson. Wholesale viagra The Mets franchise is worth close to a billion dollars yet its run like a Job-Lot. Wholesale viagra Yeah yeah I know the Skill Sets are not cheap they have the second highest payroll in baseball yada, wholesale viagra yada, wholesale viagra yada but its misspent money. Wholesale viagra If there ever was a sure thing in baseball it’s Manny hitting and being a lighting rod and not giving a fuck about what people say about him. Wholesale viagra Ahhhhh what the fuck I’ve beat this issued to death, wholesale viagra let’s just do like Rubin wants, wholesale viagra give all the little Metsies a pat on the head and have Jerry Manuel give out orange slices to the boys in the 5th inning and have Jay Horowitz stand on the top step of the dugout yelling “YOU”RE ALL WINNERS”!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!



As much as I  hate the way J- Man has been managing this team lately especially the Santos for Shrek embarrassment yesterday, wholesale viagra I have to give him credit on one count, wholesale viagra he is setting up a showdown between him and Omar over personnel on this team. Wholesale viagra It’s about time someone challenged management around here. Wholesale viagra Manuel was no fan of Gimp Castillo’s but Omar couldn’t move Castillo any place so Manuel was stuck with him. Wholesale viagra But now that Santos has been better than both Shrek and Brain Schnieder, wholesale viagra Manuel is flexing his muscle a bit and looks to be forcing Minaya to either deal Shrek or release him. Wholesale viagra This will be fun to watch.


So neither Carlos Delgado or Gimp were available to pinch hit yesterday so the Mets played with a depleated bench (which made the Santos pinch hitting adventure even more curious) and of course both players will be day to day for the next week until they go on the DL, wholesale viagra oh and you know both will play a game so it will negate the retro active date.


If you want to here a grown man scream and yell then tune in to Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio. Wholesale viagra Our guest tonight will be Bill Bear of the Phillies site Crash Burn Alley and we will preview the Mets-Phillies series this weekend. Wholesale viagra If you can’t listen live then check out the podcast by clicking on the link on the upper right of this page. Wholesale viagra



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Viagra price comparison  

Viagra price comparison

Viagra price comparison  

Viagra price comparison If  you’ve been a reader of this site for awhile you know there are not many words that bother me, viagra price comparison I mean com’on there just words, viagra price comparison what the fuck? right. Viagra price comparison But for some reason when someone calls another person a “cancer” it sends my blood pressure to the god damn roof. Viagra price comparison So when I saw the story today that Johnathon Papelbon said that Manny Ramirez was a “cancer that had to be cut out”  I just found it so offensive. Viagra price comparison Believe me I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but to me you have got to have a lot of hate for someone to call them a cancer.

Viagra price comparison I know what Manny did to the Red Sox last year was awful and yes he did quit on them and that is reprehensible. Viagra price comparison But if you’re going to attack a guy why use the term cancer when a a simple asshole will do.

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I can understand not wanting to spend over 45 mil for Manny Ramirez but you mean to tell me that with the first class facilities the Mets crow about down in St Lonesome, buying viagra they couldn’t purchase or lease a state of the art MRI an fly down Dr. Buying viagra Altcheck for month in sunny FLA.  I still say the only reason that Johan Santana was not flown to NY is due to the 10 inches of snow that’s on the ground and still falling from the sky here in NYC


If you read the Daily News this morning you get the impression that Santana agrees with Old School Dan Warthen that he tried to accelerated his training so he could pitch in the WBC. Buying viagra If you read the NY Post they make it sound like Old School Dan Warthen made Santana throw to much and too soon. Buying viagra I think I‘ll stick with Adam Rubin’s reporting although I do think that it is not a coincidence that both Santana and Tim Redding, buying viagra both coming off surgery, buying viagra are both having arm trouble due to compensating from knee surgery in Johan’ case and foot surgery for Redding. Buying viagra Santana I mentioned wanted to make the WBC and Redding wants that number 5 spot in the rotation and sees the completion and looked to rush back a bit too soon. Buying viagra The organization has to tighten up it’s rehab policies here. Buying viagra They may have dodged a bullet here with Santana but hopefully they learned a lesson and look over their training regiment.

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My hands are clammy and my heart is racing a bit as I type this so just bare with me for a moment as this is extremely difficult for me to say, viagra for sale in gibralter <clears throat, viagra for sale in gibralter loosens neck mussels> Fred Wilpon, viagra for sale in gibralter Jeff Wilpon, viagra for sale in gibralter Saul Katz and Omar Minaya, viagra for sale in gibralter I-I-I <clears throat again> I apologize for writing vile and nasty things about you for not going after Manny Ramirez. Viagra for sale in gibralter You guys were right and I (along with all the other WE WANT MANNY Mets fans) were wrong.


After Manny turned down the Dodgers offer last night, viagra for sale in gibralter I must say I was stunned. Viagra for sale in gibralter I took a long hard look at Manny and Scott Boras and got past the outstanding right hand bat, viagra for sale in gibralter the charismatic personality that is Manny Being Manny, viagra for sale in gibralter the winning records of the teams he has been a member of, viagra for sale in gibralter the dreds and I saw the Manny that Theo, viagra for sale in gibralter Larry Lu and John Henry saw, viagra for sale in gibralter a fucking imbecile. Viagra for sale in gibralter


It’s not just Manny but obviously Scott Boras has lost his mind as well. Viagra for sale in gibralter Where does Team Manny think another offer is coming from? San Francisco? Why? Why should Brain Sabean and Larry Baer do better than the Dodgers 2yr/$45 mil deal? Say they went 2yr/$50mil guaranteed are the Dodgers going to top that? No and why in the world would the Giants even make an offer now when they haven’t does so already?


It seems like Frank McCourt is dazed and confused over the negotiations:


 “We love Manny Ramirez, viagra for sale in gibralter” said Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt, viagra for sale in gibralter “And we want Manny back, viagra for sale in gibralter but we feel we are negotiating against ourselves. Viagra for sale in gibralter When his agent finds those ‘serious offers’ from other clubs, viagra for sale in gibralter we’ll be happy to re-start the negotiations.


“Even with an economy that has substantially eroded since last November, viagra for sale in gibralter out of respect for Manny and his talents, viagra for sale in gibralter we actually improved our offer.


“So now, viagra for sale in gibralter we start from scratch.”



It kills me to say the Mets were right in not going after Manny, viagra for sale in gibralter I wanted him here baddddddddddddly but after seeing him turn down a deal with the only team that had any interest in him I guess he really is Mindless Manny

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So there was J-Man looking more CEO than Gangsta’ last night on Daily News Live when the first question asked of him was “Wadda bout Manny, viagra prices would you have a problem managing him”? and the Mets Warlord pulled no punches:


“I don’t think so.  I don’t have a problem with people that produce in the form and fashion that Manny Ramirez produces.  We shouldn’t spend that much time in the locker room anyway, viagra prices our job is to be on the field – and Manny Ramirez has proven that he is probably one of the best right-handed hitters of our generation.  To have a shot at managing him would be exciting for me.  I’ve had Albert Belle, viagra prices Frank Thomas, viagra prices tremendous right-handed hitters.  I would love to have the opportunity to watch Manny hit every day.”


I really feel that there are discussions between the Mets Gang of Four (Omar, viagra prices John Rico, viagra prices Tony B and Sandy Johnson) on the Manny situation going on, viagra prices maybe it’s just wishful thinking or maybe it’s the Omar modus operendi of laying in the weeds to swoop in. Viagra prices As we approach February, viagra prices the Dodgers offer of 2yr/$45 mil is still on the table with Manny/Boras still holding out for 4-5 yrs for $100-$125mil. Viagra prices No one is paying that for Manny. Viagra prices But why can’t the Mets stoke this negotiation with a 2yr/$50 with an attainable third year option? Worse case scenario, viagra prices Manny/Boras turn it down Best case, viagra prices they accept and we get Manny or they turn it down but you send the message to your fan base that you are willing to go the extra mile to sign an impact player like Manny.


Believe me it’s not like I want the Mets to throw money away . Viagra prices I wouldn’t even think of signing Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn for anything more than a 1yr ML vet minimum same with Ollie Perez (3yr) and Ben Sheets (2 yr), viagra prices I’d love to sign either guy but not at their price but Manny is a living breathing Hall of Fame player who has played on nothing but winning teams plus he brings a real swagger to the team and brings respect to the Mets which this team has lost in the last two season.


In part two of Mike Steffano’s interview with Joe Janish of Mets Today, viagra prices Joe sums up the biggest problem with the disconnect between the Mets fans and management:


  If you could change just one thing about how the Mets franchise is run, viagra prices what would it be?

Easy. Viagra prices I’d make a commitment to building the franchise for the long-term, viagra prices emulating the Braves and the Twins. Viagra prices I’m not on board with the idea that New York fans don’t have the patience for rebuilding — that’s nonsense. Viagra prices YANKEE fans may not have patience, viagra prices but the large majority of loyal Mets fans would be fine with struggling for a few years IF they saw that there was a plan in place, viagra prices and there was commitment to the plan. Viagra prices We toughed it through the early 1980s, viagra prices and were rewarded with some of the most exciting seasons in the team’s history from 1984 to 1990 — with teams built around a core of players that we as fans could easily root for, viagra prices and felt more attached to because of continuity and because we felt we “watched them grow up”. Viagra prices


Under my watch, viagra prices the long-term plan would start at the very bottom of the organization, viagra prices with the scouts and the low levels of the minors — where the focus would be on instilling fundamentals and developing consistent execution in all phases of the game. Viagra prices Teenage phenoms would not be rushed through the system because they have a great bat or a live fastball — they’d have to develop their entire game in a ball before moving up to the next level. Viagra prices That’s where the current regime frustrates me — they say they’re committed to a “win now” mentality, viagra prices but then they stop short of acquiring the final pieces and start talking about the farm system. Viagra prices A lot of mixed signals.


I agree 1, viagra prices000 % with Joe. Viagra prices If the front office said they were committed to building with youth especially young pitching and a defense over offense no one would be happier than me. Viagra prices I would be singing the praises of Omar and the Skill Sets. Viagra prices But as Joe says, viagra prices the Mets tell us they are a “Now” team so if you are a “Now” team then sign the two “Now” guys that are out there Manny and Ben Sheets.  If you’re building a team for the future then give Randy Wolf and Jon Garland 1 yr deals and let Jon Niese, viagra prices and Bobby Parnell work on their craft in Buffalo. Viagra prices Whatever, viagra prices the Mets need to decide which direction you want to go and stick with it.


Frankie Maniscalco is getting ready to launch a Fantasy Baseball League over at NYBD. Viagra prices

With President Obama looking to close the Guantanamo Bay camp maybe the government could keep it open for a little while longer and give Kirk Radamski, viagra prices Brain McNamee, viagra prices Jay McGwire and Greg Anderson permanent housing there.


Speaking of Radamski, viagra prices Doc Gooden vehemently denies the accusation that Radamski was his personal Wizzanator. On a lighter note, viagra prices it seems Gooden is still glowing from the reception he received from Mets fans on the Last Day of Shea:


    “I want to set the record straight, viagra prices” Gooden said. Viagra prices “When I went back to Shea last year it really hit me how much the fans care for me, viagra prices it still gives me goose bumps. Viagra prices I want to do the right thing for them and my family. Viagra prices I love the fans and I appreciate how much they care for me.”


Welcome back Doc.



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