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Viagra scotland Have you noticed that the Mets telecast on SNY has turned more into a sports/general interest talk show than focusing on the action on the field? Not that I have a problem with that, viagra scotland not at all, viagra scotland in fact if it weren’t for Gary Cohen, viagra scotland Keith Hernandez, viagra scotland Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt along with Bobby Ojeda in the studio, viagra scotland I don’t think I’d be watching many more Mets games. Viagra scotland As much as I love our announcing crew though, viagra scotland it’s a sad state of affairs when they are the main draw to watching Mets baseball.

Viagra scotland During the game yesterday, viagra scotland Gary posed the question to Hernandez about dangling the names Jose Reyes and David Wright out there as pieces in trade talk. Viagra scotland Hernandez said (paraphrasing here) “of course you would; you’d have to as a GM just to see who is interested and what kind of package you’d get in return.” Now Hernandez DID NOT say Yes dump them, viagra scotland get rid of them, viagra scotland off with them. Viagra scotland He just said what any smart thinking Mets fan would say, viagra scotland you have to at least see what you can get for either or both.

Viagra scotland I am in no way advocating the trading of Wright or Reyes, viagra scotland in a perfect world both players would continue their careers as Mets and retire as Mets, viagra scotland I would be very happy if the end of their Mets careers finished with “…and they lived happily ever after…” but as we know too well we Mets fans live in a imperfect world.

Viagra scotland When I Tweeted that I agreed with Hernandez on this issue you would have thought I opened up a Mosques R Us on Cortlandt St. Viagra scotland The question I posed is this, viagra scotland Say the Skill Sets hire a new GM like Kevin Towers, viagra scotland or Mark Shapiro or even promote John Ricco and they get a call from an team with a deep farm and young players who are on the Major League team already. Viagra scotland For either player I want a at least a starting pitcher, viagra scotland a second baseman, viagra scotland an outfielder and prospects (of course the Mets will throw in a few other players as well) as you see it would take a blockbuster to have me trade Wright and or Reyes but as a GM you have to see if that blockbuster is out there.

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Next day viagra

Next day viagra  

Next day viagra I know we all bleed Orange and Blue around here and you’re probably saying to yourself “why should I read “The Yankee Years” (Doubleday) by Joe Torre and TomVerduuci? Well if you’re a baseball fan and if you really want to feel better about being a Mets fan you’ll read this book.

Next day viagra Verducci does the writing here and that’s what makes this a first rate book. Next day viagra St Joseph of Torre adds in lots of inside the Highlander clubhouse stuff and the book does come off a bit like a tell all jilted lover story but the real big contributors to this book are bullpen catcher Mike Borzello, next day viagra who is not afraid to let his feelings known like when he tells how the Derek Jeter-Alex Rodriguez War of the Roses spilt the team, next day viagra David Cone and Mike Mussina who come off as straight shooters.

Next day viagra The book reveals how the Steinbren-ian way of just buying talent bothered Brian Cashman as the more he dealt with Billy Beane, next day viagra Theo Epstein and Mark Shapiro, next day viagra he wanted to run the Highlanders in the same new school manor.

Next day viagra Verducci also delves in the PED Revolution with Rick Helling comeing off as the voice in the forest pertaining to steroids and how they were rampant through baseball and needed to be controlled and both ownership and the MLBPA told him to “Sit down and shut up”

Next day viagra The book is a great read and just shows that The Yankee Way is really a myth as Verducci and Torre let us know that once his core guys (Bernie Williams, next day viagra Chuck Knoblauch, next day viagra Tino Martinez, next day viagra Paul O’Neil and David Cone) left the team, next day viagra they were replaced by guys who had no idea what it took to win and it’s a problem that the Highlanders still have today.

Next day viagra After reading this book I realized the New York Highlanders are not as regal or as highfalutin as my Highlander fan relatives, next day viagra co-worker or next door neighbor will lead me to believe.

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