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Viagra order Very interesting news coming from the Mets yesterday and today. Viagra order First the team seems to be on the verge of locking up Jon Niese for the next 5 years, viagra order that will reward the lefty pitcher during his arbitration eligible years and buy back a year of his free agency eligibility. Viagra order  This quite a progressive and proactive move by the Mets front office, viagra order something not seen in these parts in many , viagra ordermany years.

Viagra order Some reports have the deal at 5 years and $28mil, viagra order the 5 years is a big commitment to a pitcher who has suffered from fatigue and injury issues in his brief major league career but it speaks to the high esteem the front office holds Neise in.

Viagra order During the winter there were rumbles that the Mets put Niese’ name out on the trade market (at the same time Billy Beane made it known that Gio Gonzalez was available in trade and of course the deal was made with the Nationals) that wasn’t an indication that the Mets were looking to rid themselves of the young lefty as some Mets fans jumped to that conclusion, viagra order it was more to see what was out there in trade for his valuable services as the Mets front office is trying very hard to add depth to the farm system.

Viagra order Tying up Niese seems like a smart move by Sandy Alderson. Viagra order As we see in this column by Mark Simon of ESPN, viagra order Niese put up some very impressive numbers involving K/9IP, viagra order BB/9IP and HR/9IP, viagra order add to that he is 25 years old and left-handed, viagra order  it’s hard for even the most jaded Mets fan to go against the front office in this move. Viagra order   

Viagra order Seems like the verbal kick in the ass that Mike Peflrey received last week when it was reported the club discussed however informally about giving Big Pelf his release, viagra order  has now made its way to Jason Bay as Mike Puma reports there has been some talk about Bay becoming a platoon player if he continues to struggle at the plate. Viagra order  This should show Mets fans that last year’s getting to know segment of Sandy Alderson’ reign as Mets baseball boss is over and now we are entering the “if you’re not part of the solution, viagra order you’re part of the problem” phase of rebuilding the Mets.

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Viagra free trial pack Six pitchers to win a nine inning baseball game, viagra free trial pack welcome to the next re-invention of baseball, viagra free trial pack courtesy of The Genius. Viagra free trial pack  The biggest impression I have of the post season is that we are now going from having a setup man and closer as your main relievers to having to have at least seven pitchers who can come out of your pen, viagra free trial pack game in game out. Viagra free trial pack  Before the post season even started, viagra free trial pack Sandy Alderson made it known that rebuilding his bullpen would be job one. Viagra free trial pack  

Viagra free trial pack The story of Game one changes dramatically if Allen Craig does not come through with that huge pinch hit single to put the Cards ahead 3-2. Viagra free trial pack The second guessers and LaRussa haters (I raise my hand) would have been out in full force. Viagra free trial pack Just goes to show the difference between a genius and an asshole in baseball is a fair ball.

Viagra free trial pack There was a terrific column by Adam Rubin on on how the readiness of Ruben Tejada could soften the blow of Jose Reyes leaving for greener (backs) pastures. Viagra free trial pack Rubin quotes Mark Simon, viagra free trial pack ESPN’s numbers cruncher with stats that show me the Mets would be better off with Reyes leaving and Tejada taking over shortstop and using the money saved on pitching. Viagra free trial pack Defensively you really don’t lose much with Tejeda (according to the metrics the Mets would gain with Tejeda at shortstop) it’s on offense where you lose the most.

Viagra free trial pack “If you look at it from a WAR [wins above replacement] perspective, viagra free trial pack Reyes was a 6.2 last year via Fangraphs. Viagra free trial pack Tejada was a 1.8, viagra free trial pack” Simon said. Viagra free trial pack “The question would be: What is Tejada at his best … maybe a 3-WAR player? So there is a drop-off.”

Viagra free trial pack You’d think that a healthy Ike Davis, viagra free trial pack David Wright (if he’s not dealt) with the fences of Citi Field lower and closers (and painted blue I hope), viagra free trial packand a rejuvenated Jason Bay (a guy can dream can’t he) would make up for the offensive slack lost by the dearly departed Reyes   

Viagra free trial pack I think this quote from an NL scout sums it up:

Viagra free trial pack   Said one National League scout: “Tejada is ready to play every day. Viagra free trial pack Save the money and go get some pitching. Viagra free trial pack You’re not winning anything in 2012 anyway. Viagra free trial pack Find out if the kid can do it. Viagra free trial pack He really has improved with the bat and gotten physically stronger. Viagra free trial pack He’s going to need a backup, viagra free trial pack though, viagra free trial pack in case he gets hurt or needs a day off”

Viagra free trial pack As Mets fans, viagra free trial pack we need to root for three more Redbird wins in a row so we can get our off season started, viagra free trial pack the suspense is killing me.

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