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Herbal viagra Welcome to July. Herbal viagra Time for some Mets-cellaneous views and opinions as our favorite baseball team closes out yet another losing month:

Herbal viagra The angst expressed by some Mets fans and know nothings in the media over Zack Wheelers start yesterday was stunning. Herbal viagra  It wasn’t a great start for Wheeler but his problems came from lack of command and poor choice of pitches, herbal viagra two things that can be fixed. Herbal viagra Wheeler also altered his delivery which I’m not a big fan of doing this between starts as I’m starting to think there is too much information overload given to Wheeler than just letting him go out there and pitch comfortably.

Herbal viagra If you watched Wheeler pitch yesterday and think he’s a bust then you need to stop watching baseball and also stop going on social media with your dumb ass opinions because all you do is embarrass yourself. Herbal viagra  Pitchers like Matt Harvey come around once generations so just enjoy watching him pitch and enjoy watching him wear a Mets uniform and stop comparing every young pitcher in the Mets system to him.

Herbal viagra My only concerned with Wheeler is that he gets his instructions from Dan Warthen. Herbal viagra If Wheeler and the rest of the Mets pitchers can survive the next 3 months of Dandy Dan’s Guide to Pitching, herbal viagra next season should bring a new voice to the Mets pitching staff. Herbal viagra I’d have to think that there will be a new manager and coaching staff installed for the Mets 2014 season, herbal viagra and those hiring’s could be the most important free agent hiring’s of the Mets off season.

Herbal viagra Last Friday I saw a tweet from 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that Dave Duncan was going to be a guest on their morning show. Herbal viagra You can listen to the interview here. Herbal viagra As I listened to Duncan speak about pitching I went into full J. Herbal viagra Peterman mode, herbal viagra screaming at my computer screen, herbal viagra “NAME YOU’RE PRICE, herbal viagra MAN”!!!!!!!!

Herbal viagra Duncan left the Cardinals in 2012 to care for his ailing wife who unfortunately lost her fight with cancer in early June. Herbal viagra  From listening to Duncan in that interview it’s clear he still watched what’s going on in MLB and it would not be a reach to say he’d like to get back into the game.

Herbal viagra Sandy Alderson had a very successful relationship with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan back in the late 80’s when Alderson ran the Oakland A’s, herbal viagra winning a World Series title in 1989. Herbal viagra Could Alderson place a call to LaRussa and Duncan offering them to get the band back together? As much as LaRussa annoyed me during his St Louis Cardinal days, herbal viagra I would be totally on board bringing LaRusa and Dave Duncan to the Mets. Herbal viagra Mets fans have discussed and debated who could be the next Keith Hernandez or the Gary Carter, herbal viagra the player who would bring the Mets back to prominence, herbal viagra maybe Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan in Mets uni’s fit that bill in a supervisory position?

Herbal viagra Now I know my whole scenario is pretty much a pipe dream, herbal viagra I mean who am I kidding, herbal viagra Freddy & Jeffy Skill Sets own this team not Mikhail Prokhorov SIGH!

Herbal viagra  

Herbal viagra Anyone miss Ike Davis? Would a Lucas Duda/Josh Satin platoon at 1B be more productive than trotting out Ike every game? What happens when Ike returns or better yet does Ike return?

Herbal viagra A big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To David Aardsma for hitting Ian Desmond to lead off the 6th inning yesterday. Herbal viagra  Finally a pitcher with onions!

Herbal viagra And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes

Herbal viagra Where it’s going no one knows:

Herbal viagra The Mets have not had a winning month since June of last year. Herbal viagra Here is the W/L record for the Amazin’s from July 201 to June 2013:

Herbal viagra July 2012 7-18

Herbal viagra Aug 2012 12-16

Herbal viagra Sept 2012 11-16

Herbal viagra Oct 2012 1-2

Herbal viagra Apr 2013 10-15

Herbal viagra May 2013 12-15

Herbal viagra June 2013 11-15

Herbal viagra That comes out to a grand total of 161 games and a 64-97 .397 winning percentage.

Herbal viagra Enjoy your Monday!

Herbal viagra  

Herbal viagra  

Herbal viagra  

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Viagra effects on women What’s going on around here? When did the Mets become a resilient team? Is this a flash in the pan or have we reached a point in the season where we thought all was lost but now winning has been found with all are angst to the early part of the season, viagra effects on women  were we too blind to see this (Amazin’ Mets how sweet the sound that saved a wretched fan like meeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..)

Viagra effects on women I’m starting to feel a little bit of a 1968 mojo rising here with the Mets. Viagra effects on women  6-4 in the last 10 games and winning the last two series against division foes AND bouncing back from late inning loses to win the next game. Viagra effects on women Usually the walk off loses suffered in Atlanta and Philly would put the Mets in a downward spiral but  the opposite happened. Viagra effects on women  Don’t tell anyone but that’s what good teams do.

Viagra effects on women The ’68 vibe comes from the strong personality and even stronger right arm of Matt Harvey. Viagra effects on women It’s not only the on field presences he has but the legend of Matt Harvey off the field is growing as well. Viagra effects on women First was the declaration that he was not a fan of the 6 man starting rotation and the tactful way he said it. Viagra effects on women It’s kind of like when I’m elected to feed our two cats I hate opening up cat food and I make sure everyone in the house knows it but hey, viagra effects on women I still feed the little fur balls because they have to eat just like the rest of us. Viagra effects on women Then there was the Jon Rauch story which was epic and now we have the, viagra effects on women I hate the extra day rest and I love the Friday Night Lights of Citi Field   that Harvey let it be known he much rather take on the Nationals this Friday night than Saturday afternoon. Viagra effects on women  

Viagra effects on women The Harvey feistiness is starting to rub off on some of the other Mets as well. Viagra effects on women We have Captain and leading vote getter at 3rd base for the All Star Game David Wright throwing out F-bombs to umpires. Viagra effects on women We have Jon Niese staring down Terry Collins when he wants the ball to take him out of a game, viagra effects on women Juan Lagares in the past week stepping up his game and of course Zack Wheeler turning on the light at the end of the tunnel. Viagra effects on women    

Viagra effects on women I really, viagra effects on women really don’t like to compare Harvey with Seaver because it’s just not fair to Harvey so soon in his career but he has the same air of confidence that Seaver possessed from the first day he hit NY. Viagra effects on women First pitch curve for a strike? No problem. Viagra effects on women Crank a fast ball to triple digits? Watch it wiz by you? Date a super model? Come to #33 baby. Viagra effects on women  

Viagra effects on women The best gift Harvey has given Mets fans has been giving us our swagger back on days he pitches. Viagra effects on women Think about it, viagra effects on women the Mets, viagra effects on women the lowly, viagra effects on women broke ass, viagra effects on women can’t get out their way New York Mets, viagra effects on women on the day Matt Harvey pitches can compete as equals with or are better in every game that he starts. Viagra effects on women You want match your Ace with ours, viagra effects on women no problem bring it on. Viagra effects on women You want to match your starter in the back of your rotation with Harvey and the Mets, viagra effects on women as Mike Francesa would say “YA BRINGIN’ UH PEESHOOTAH TOA GUN FIGHT”     

Viagra effects on women  

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Buy viagra

Buy viagra

We’ve all heard it. Buy viagra From the annoying co-worker, buy viagra the pain in the ass relative, buy viagra ball buster friend, buy viagra they all say it “How can you root for the Mets”  well today they all wish they were Mets fans.

Usually a day like yesterday, buy viagra “Super Tuesday” blows up in our faces like Wily E. Buy viagra Coyote opening a crate from the Acme Corp, buy viagra but yesterday was one day in a season of angst and despair that made you proud to wear your Mets attire.

If the Legend of Matt Harvey wasn’t fascinating enough (I’m waiting to hear that he was a part of Seal Team 6 who took out Osama Bin Laden) with each start out doing the last, buy viagra we find out that last season, buy viagra while resting in the back of the Mets clubhouse, buy viagra Jon Rauch thought it would be funny to dump a pail of ice water on Harvey. Buy viagra Harvey took big exception to the tattoo festooned Rauch for acting like an asshole and threated to beat the shit out of him. Buy viagra Rauch, buy viagra as all bullies do, buy viagra sulked away before Harvey could get the can of Whoop Ass open. Buy viagra Last week I said it would be nice if the Mets organization would make an anti-bullying PSA, buy viagra a video of Harvey standing up to Rauch would have been perfect.

I didn’t see Harvey’s start as I was at work but I did get to hear Howie and Josh do the game on radio. Buy viagra If you have listened to them in recent weeks, buy viagra especially during the Marlins series, buy viagra you know that the losing was starting to wear on them as it was on us. Buy viagra But yesterday was outstanding baseball on the radio. Buy viagra  

There is no hiding it, buy viagra Howie is one of us (as is Gary Cohen who also has started to get bit snarky just like us which I kinda like) and his enthusiasm flowed from his play by play. Buy viagra Same with Josh Lewin who has fit in fabulously as Howie’s right hand man. Buy viagra The duo were as upset as we were over the infield hit by Jason Heyward in the 7th and I guess Lucas Duda was a little asleep at the wheel, buy viagra enough so that he apologized to Harvey after the game, buy viagra to put the no hitter to rest but I’m sure Terry Collins was happy as no-hitters seem to make him cry.

I also missed the night cap of the day nighter and the debut of Zack Wheeler as I was sitting in the rain in Coney Island waiting for the Brooklyn Cyclones to open up their home schedule against the Staten Island Highlanders. Buy viagra  The field at MCU Park is now Field Turf and it looks magnificent. Buy viagra One of the features of the field we were told is you no longer have to use a tarp to cover it when it rains. Buy viagra After last night, buy viagra the Cyclones may want to rethink that. Buy viagra The rain did stop for about 20 minutes to a half hour and the ground crew (the Cyclones have about 20 people working on their crew, buy viagra maybe some of them could be sent to Las Vegas where there is a gang of one taking care of the landscaping) came out squgeed the field but Cyclones manager Rich Donnelly was not very happy with the field conditions. Buy viagra  From the looks of the skipper, buy viagra it seems his concern was the wet outfield and  risk of injury for his outfielders. Buy viagra While the debate went on to play or not to play, buy viagra it started raining again so at that point the game was postponed.

During the rain delay Cyclones players were signing autographs. Buy viagra The biggest scrum was for LJ Mazzilli and Garvin Chechini who were more than happy to give away their signatures with a smile and a thank you. Buy viagra These two kids were like rock stars.

Back to Wheeler, buy viagra he walked 5 batters in his maiden voyage as a big league pitcher and 3 of those walks came in the first 3 innings.  Being that it was his big league debut in front of the hometown family and friends, buy viagra I think it’s safe to say Wheeler was a bit amped to start the game and that it was expected. Buy viagra He did settle in nicely and looked like the hype is to be believed.

 Could it be that Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler will be able to reverse the curse of the second half collapse? Could it be that on a hot humid August night at Citi Field we will see a no –hitter or “GULP” a perfect game pitched by either phenom? Or even better will the performance of Harvey and Wheeler elevate the game of Jon Niese and Dillon Gee to the point where Sandy Alderson lifts Jeff Wilpon up by his collar and demands “GET ME SOME MONEY FOR HITTERS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I root for the Mets, buy viagra LOL! Jealous bastards!

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Viagra pill Dear New York Mets, viagra pill

Viagra pill Thanks for nothing or maybe I should say thank you for making me out to be a horse’s ass. Viagra pill  Yes that’s sarcasm as I really need no help most days to be a horses ass but by you taking four games from the hated NY Highlanders, viagra pill well in had me intoxicated in a way I haven’t been in a long time while overdosing on the euphoria of the four game sweep and not to mention the fabulous May 28th win against Mariano Rivera that had me go into work the next day draped in blue and orange  and enter the office like Ric Flair screaming out “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IF YA WANT TO BE THE MAN…….YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN……..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Viagra pill From there I did my best Flair strut to my cubicle withstanding the cat calls of “Shut The Fuck Up” Oh but there was no shutting me up, viagra pill oh no.

Viagra pill As I mention I was intoxicated with Mets success, viagra pill it’s not that I ask for championships, viagra pill although they are fantastic and give me not better feeling as a fan, viagra pill no all I want is for the Mets to be competitive. Viagra pill All I ask is for a summer of following the Mets and watching the rest of the division as well. Viagra pill How does a Nationals, viagra pill Braves, viagra pill Phillies, viagra pill Marlins loss effect my Amazin’ Mets. Viagra pill I thought after the final win at The Shopping Mall of the South Bronx, viagra pill there would be a kick start to the season, viagra pill a season where if Matt Harvey is not on the list of probable pitchers for the day, viagra pill it’s well, viagra pill just another day. Viagra pill  

Viagra pill So with the momentum of a 5 game win streak and the schedule saying the Mets must go to Miami and collect 3 more wins all I thought about was an 8 game win streak headed to Washington and an underachieving Nats team, viagra pill could this be? Could the Mets now be the “uh-oh” team?

Viagra pill This is where me being a horses ass comes in, viagra pill what the hell was I thinking?  The Mets are not a good team nor are they a team that builds off positive momentum. Viagra pill How stupid was I?   

Viagra pill I’ve learned my lesson and learned it the hard way. Viagra pill Now I slink into work and to the local bagel store and even to church where yesterday I made sure to stand under the statue of Mary when Highlander  fans I know wanted to ridicule and make fun of me and the baseball team I love but couldn’t as I pointed above my shoulder and said “When I find myself in times of trouble, viagra pill Mother Mary comes to me, viagra pill speaking words of wisdom, viagra pill Let it Be”  

Viagra pill I’m making a vow not to get all excited again this year, viagra pill not even when Zack Wheeler arrives (I don’t know if you know but Wheeler’s call up could happen at any time, viagra pill it’s all over the internet I tell ya) I’m just going to suppress my enthusiasm until next year, viagra pill 2014:The Resurrection of the NY Mets. Viagra pill  At least that’s what I heard.

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Cheap viagra order online Some observations after last night’s Mets 2-1 win over the NY Highlanders:

Cheap viagra order online I was quite perturbed that there wasn’t a pre-game show on SNY. Cheap viagra order online  As the day went on yesterday I was really getting revved up for this game. Cheap viagra order online But I switched on SNY at 6PM looking forward to Chris (Uncle Fester) Carlin and my main man, cheap viagra order online Bobby Ojeda to hit me up with some knowledge before the game. Cheap viagra order online  Instead I got the insufferable Beer Money. Cheap viagra order online Total failure by SNY to not have a pre-game show even with the telecast on PIX-11. Cheap viagra order online Speaking of PIX-11

Cheap viagra order online Since Ch 11 was televising the game it seems they were given the opportunity to have a pre-game show on WPIX but instead of a pre-game show Mets fans were treated to a television train wreck. Cheap viagra order online There was some guy named Mario Diaz who was teamed up with Art Shamsky, cheap viagra order online who by the way has been pushing this book of his for what seems like an eternity. Cheap viagra order online Really Art, cheap viagra order online enough already, cheap viagra order online that damn tome is sitting on a shelf down at the Dollar Tree give it a rest. Cheap viagra order online So now this Diaz guy throws it to another guy I never heard (and if I’m lucky will never hear of him again) Dyrol Joyner. Cheap viagra order online Joyner was so tongue tied and unprepared that I went from mocking him from my living room to actually feeling sorry for the dude. Cheap viagra order online It was bad enough calling Mariano Rivera “Mario” but he kept stumbling and bumbling over his words, cheap viagra order online it was quite an embarrassment. Cheap viagra order online Then they went to some young lady who must have just re located here to the NY area because she was reading traffic and transit report right off a script and never lifted her eyes to look into the camera. Cheap viagra order online There was an on field interview with Jeremy Heftner that focus on his family during the Oklahoma tornado which happen last week, cheap viagra order online the same time Hefner addressed the effect on his family, cheap viagra order online and an interview with Matt Harvey where he was asked if he ever met Julia Roberts since she stared in Mystic Pizza filmed in the town where Harvey is from. Cheap viagra order online  Oh and good news, cheap viagra order online Mr. Cheap viagra order online Diaz said they will all be back on Thursday from the Bronx. Cheap viagra order online Someone in the Mets organization needs to put a stop to that.

Cheap viagra order online It’s amazing how Mets fans are such creatures of habit as soon as it was realized that Gary Cohen was off and Kevin Burkhardt was handling the play by play, cheap viagra order online Mets Twitter was in a dither. Cheap viagra order online It wasn’t the smoothest broadcast of all time that’s for sure. Cheap viagra order online First off, cheap viagra order online Keith Hernadez had a major brain fart calling Daniel Murphy’s broken bat a “dead solider” on Memorial Day no less and there was way too much Highlander love and way, cheap viagra order online way, cheap viagra order online way too many shots of Pee Wee Cashman sitting in the stands. Cheap viagra order online You have to know your audience is made up of not just die hard Mets fans but also die hard Highlander haters.

Cheap viagra order online There is no two ways around it, cheap viagra order online those camo unis suck and if I never see them again that would be swell. Cheap viagra order online Although John Buck, cheap viagra order online Bobby Parnell and John Niese looked like they could wear the camo’s every day.

Cheap viagra order online I don’t know why people get their panties in a bunch over the attendance numbers at ball parks. Cheap viagra order online What the Mets and the rest of professional sports have to understand is with the advent of high definition televisions and the high ticket, cheap viagra order online parking and concessions prices, cheap viagra order online fans are finding that staying home in the living room or den with their big screen TV with full fridges of food and their favorite beverage of choice is winning out over fighting traffic, cheap viagra order online long lines to eat and pee and  watching a bad product on the field. Cheap viagra order online The NFL realizes this and is trying to figure out how to make fans want to leave home and experience football in a live environment rather than staying home and watching on TV.

Cheap viagra order online Great start from Jon Niese as he had total command of his especially an effective cut fastball.  This is exactly what is expected and needed from Niese 6-7 solid innings each start.

Cheap viagra order online After getting robbed of a 2 run homer by Brett Gardner, cheap viagra order online Daniel (#ImWith28) Murphy comes up big with a clutch single to center to score JV1 with what proved to be the winning run.

Cheap viagra order online How about Ruben Tejada in that 8th inning ? Every time he puts the ball in play recently it’s in the air for a can of corn out, cheap viagra order online yesterday when the Mets needed a fly ball to get Mike Baxter home from first, cheap viagra order online he hits it on the ground and Baxter was out at the plate. Cheap viagra order online Total frustration.

Cheap viagra order online Speaking of frustration, cheap viagra order online Lucas Duda with RISP has hit (can you really call it that) a buck twenty-five with ZERO home runs and a paltry 6 Rib Eye Steaks .

Cheap viagra order online As for Ike Davis, cheap viagra order online just a hat trick last night 3K’s in 3AB’s

Cheap viagra order online Prediction for tonight 3 hit complete game shutout for Matt Harvey #HappyHarveyDay      

Cheap viagra order online  

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Professional cialis online Dear Mets Diary, professional cialis online

Professional cialis online WOW, professional cialis online it has been a while since I’ve written to you. Professional cialis online How ya been? Me? I’ve been very busy with two kids graduating and going on to college and high school and moving my office from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn (just a 15 minute walk to the Barclay Center which if Walter O’Malley had his way would have been a fifteen minute walk to Ebetts Field II) then add in getting entrenched in the Celtics-Knicks playoff series (I hope the C’s didn’t leave all they had left on the court yesterday) and the NY Rangers getting ready to battle for the Stanley Cup (nice to see the Blueshirts in full “jam” mode but getting the hottest team in the NHL in the Caps and that prick with ears Ovechkin is going to be a rough series I know it) I’ve kind of neglected my duties of writing about the Mets. Professional cialis online Problem is, professional cialis online there’s not much to write about.

Professional cialis online I’m not saying I’m not following my beloved Amazin’s but other than the days/night Matt Harvey starts (by the way Happy Matt Harvey Day) there really isn’t much to get overly excited about this team. Professional cialis online In fact after a month of the season, professional cialis online they are still as bad as they were the last half of last year and what’s worse I don’t see how they can improve?

Professional cialis online With yesterday’s loss to the Phuck Phaces (4th loss in a row) the Mets will now have FIVE consecutive losing months since July of last season. Professional cialis online  The bullpen has been beaten up this first month and though it looks bad on paper, professional cialis online they reason the pen has been so ineffective is the Mets use about 4 relievers a game. Professional cialis online Unless the pen consists of Mariano Rivera, professional cialis online Goose Gossage, professional cialis online Rollie Fingers  and the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys, professional cialis online no bullpen can withstand that type of work load. Professional cialis online Add in that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen have an awfully tough time knowing when and who to go to in relief situations, professional cialis online you have the big time mess the Mets are in now. Professional cialis online It would be nice if the Mets starting pitching could go more than 5-6 innings a start as well as it would take the pressure of the beleaguered  bullpen and also take the strategic thinking out of the minds of Collins and Warthen. Professional cialis online   

Professional cialis online The offense is pathetic too. Professional cialis online I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with Ike Davis, professional cialis online is he just in a slump or are the rumblings of him being uncoachable true?  Or is it too many people telling Ike what to do that he has a sensory overload on how to hit? The answer is probably a little bit of both. Professional cialis online Right now the best move the Mets could make is to bring up Josh Satin to be Ike’s 1st base partner in a straight platoon. Professional cialis online In 24 AB’s vs. Professional cialis online LHP in Triple A Satin has a slash line of .333/.429/.583 sure it’s a very small sample size but ask yourself this, professional cialis online would it be better to have Josh Satin on the big club roster or Marlon Byrd?

Professional cialis online It seems that Juan Lagares is now the flavor of the week in centerfield as the Mets it seems haven’t a clue on how to put the outfield together. Professional cialis online The only constant is Lucas Duda who has shown, professional cialis online shall I say, professional cialis online Confidence, professional cialis online at the plate and has put together a very nice April, professional cialis online although those 8 Rib Eye Steaks don’t look very meaty. Professional cialis online Lagares can cover tons of turf in the centerfield which is a big help to The Big Lebowski in left and in right Mike Baxter has not looked too good in the outfield this season but he seems to have that Hawk Harrelson TWTW factor which I agree with Hawk you need and it’s something that sabermetrians can scoff at and ridicule but it is something that is sorely lacking in this team. Professional cialis online The Will To Win. Professional cialis online I see it in Baxter and most definitely in Matt Harvey and Captain David and #IMWITH 28 as well but collectively as a team I’m not feeling it. Professional cialis online  

Professional cialis online It doesn’t seem as if the fan base is feeling it either. Professional cialis online The social media soap box known as #MetsTwitter has been abuzz the last few days with wonderment over not if Terry Collins will be relieved of his managerial duties but when it will happen and who will take over. Professional cialis online  I would like to say this kind of talk is premature and that Collins can only work with the lousy hand he’s been dealt but I have to admit the last 48 hours has me thinking that change may do the Mets some good. Professional cialis online  

Professional cialis online This team needs some kind of a shakeup, professional cialis online and by the way has anyone seen or heard from Sandy Alderson? Remember when Fab Freddy Skill Sets opened up his yap after Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe to proclaim that the team has the financial wherewithal to spend on players to make the club better?  If that’s the case then why is the GM bouncing players from Vegas to NY? How about some good ol’ fashion GM’ing by making a deal that will bolster not only the team on the field but the fans in the stands? Why should the Mets fan care about this team if management and ownership don’t seem to?

Professional cialis online In a perverse way, professional cialis online I hope the Marlins take 3 straight from the Mets (sorry Matt Harvey maybe you lose 1-0 in a complete game where you strike out 15 walk none and the only hit you give up is a Giancarlo Stanton HR) as then maybe Sandy Alderson will make some kind of move.

Professional cialis online The Mets have been given a pass in the media so far as the New York Sports fan is in fully engulfed in the Knicks playoff run and the always entertaining sitcom, professional cialis online The Jets of Florham Park, professional cialis online but eventually Mets fans are going to start to rumble and the media is going to need something on an off day to write about and as we all know in NYC nothing sells papers and makes ratings rise like a catastrophe and the Mets are headed in a catastrophic direction.

Professional cialis online Sometimes those Yogi-isms are so true and make a ton of sense. Professional cialis online The Mets are headed for the fork in the road, professional cialis online where will they take it? Also it does get late early and after five consecutive losing months the sun made be setting on the Mets.

Professional cialis online So Mets diary I have bared my soul, professional cialis online I hope I can write to you more frequently and in a more optimistic way as well. Professional cialis online I have to confess the losing is getting to me. Professional cialis online I’m so tired of blown late inning leads and multi game losing streaks God-awful at bats and 3 error games. Professional cialis online Right I’m not confident there will be a positive turnaround for a while.

Professional cialis online Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Professional cialis online  

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Buying cialis online

Buying cialis online

Are we looking at a Mets Renascence ? 

I’ve been quite lax in posting on the site for the last week or so. Buying cialis online It’s been tough to fine time to sit and write as I’ve been visiting colleges that my son has been admitted to and getting ready to move the office I work at to Downtown Brooklyn. Buying cialis online In between that I’ve been doing my Kranepool Society podcast, buying cialis online Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast and of course The Sports Media Watchdog podcast.

But since I think I’m done visiting college campuses up and down the east coast and all I have to pack now is the crap in my desk, buying cialis online I figure let me take some time out and look at what’s going on with our Amazin’ Mets:

Matt Harvey is no longer a secret. Buying cialis online  Each Harvey start has now become an event and there is much anticipation of a Friday night match up of Harvey v. Buying cialis online Stephen Strasburg. Buying cialis online Harvey just over powered the Twins line up going mainly with fastball after fastball, buying cialis online getting ahead in counts and then using his slider to keep Twins batters off balance. Buying cialis online Fooling hitters. Buying cialis online Pitching 101.

The Friday night game at Target Field was uncomfortable to watch on television so I can imagine how tough it was to play in those lousy conditions which of course didn’t hurt the Mets offense. Buying cialis online Still, buying cialis online  playing baseball in ski hats and thermal underwear just out right sucks.

It gets no better as the Mets head to Denver where it supposed to be colder and just as snowy as it was in Minneapolis. Buying cialis online  You wonder how and why MLB would send the Mets to two cities Minneapolis and Denver, buying cialis online so early in the season when you know it’s the only time this season the will visit and knowing the unpredictable weather both cities are known for in early spring? Phyllis Merhige the Sr. Buying cialis online VP of MLB gets very defensive when she’s questioned about the ridiculous scheduling saying it’s very difficult to schedule 30 teams for a 162 game season. Buying cialis online No one is questioning the effort in putting the scheduling together, buying cialis online what I question is the common sense that goes into making up the scheduling.

By the way, buying cialis online Happy Jackie Robinson Day, buying cialis online of course the Mets are on the road and not at Citi Field to celebrate the day Robinson made his big league debut, buying cialis online yeah, buying cialis online yeah I know it’s difficult to schedule 30 teams yada, buying cialis online yada, buying cialis online yada……………

I haven’t had time to go see “42”, buying cialis online I hope to go Wednesday to see it, buying cialis online but from what I’ve read and heard from those you have seen the film it’s quite informative and entertaining. Buying cialis online  Can’t wait to see it.

Zach Wheeler pitched again yesterday and it was his best outing of the season. Buying cialis online His last two starts Wheeler has been hampered by blister on the index finger of his pitching hand so yesterday’s start with 0 BB and 8 K’s was quite encouraging. Buying cialis online I hope the Mets will promote Wheeler on merit and not leave him in Triple A just to keep his “Super 2” status in check. Buying cialis online The days ofnickel and diming are over. Buying cialis online Management should be bowing to Matt Harvey for rejuvenating the fan base and the thought of a Harvey-Wheeler-Niese top three in the rotation is the first ray of hope we’ve seen in a long time.  I hope the Skill Sets are aware that as soon as Matt Harvey finishes a start, buying cialis online Mets fan are going to the schedule counting off 4 days of rest to be ready for his next start. Buying cialis online Harvey is now approaching Seaver/Gooden status. Buying cialis online The same will happen with Wheeler as well. Buying cialis online This is how you fill a ball park.

So far so good with the bullpen for the Mets. Buying cialis online 30 K’s and just 8 BB in 27.2 IP and along with a 75 % inherited runners stranded percentage is outstanding.

Oh by the way, buying cialis online there is no way in hell I’d trade Wheeler and Travis D’arunad for Giancarlo Stanton .



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Viagra alternative Isn’t it amazing how we feel as Mets fans after a Matt Harvey start? Have you noticed how the other fan bases around baseball look at us now that we have Matt Harvey? 

Viagra alternative Matt Harvey’ performance hides alot of the Mets imperfections, viagra alternative like Ike Davis playing first base like its’ 3:45 AM or Capt Kirk getting bad jump on a fly ball in centerfield or holding our breath on a ground ball to Ruben Tejada, viagra alternative when you’re down about the Mets play at times all you have to say is, viagra alternative Is Matt Harvey a stud or what? It makes it all better.

Viagra alternative Harvey was large and in charge again last night at a library quiet Citizen Bank Ball Park as he sliced and diced the Dirty Old Phuck Phaces with a Frisbee like slider and fast ball after fastball. Viagra alternative Sure Harvey had a bit of an issue with command but he still was never in any danger in this game, viagra alternative unlike the once great Roy Halladay who turned into an old man in front of our eyes. Viagra alternative Ron Darling even went into an old pitchers stick together soliloquy over the demise of Doc Halladay but then realized he was working this game for SNY and not TBS and stopped in mid-sentence to realize his Mets fan audience was enjoying their team stepping on Halladay’s throat.

Viagra alternative As you all know I am a fin of Collin Cowgill but when I see him with that flat brim on his cap it drives me up a wall. Viagra alternative I hate flat brims on baseball cap with a passion BEND THAT BRIM COLLIN!!!!!!!

Viagra alternative I’m not worried about Ike Davis at the plate but I am stunned at how bad a first base he’s been playing. Viagra alternative Last few games, viagra alternative he’s been a mess in the field.

Viagra alternative I like the blue uni top the Mets wear at home but I’m not a fan of the blue road top. Viagra alternative I’m ok with the snow whites but they wear them too damn much. Viagra alternative There is nothing better than watching the Mets when they are in their pinnies in fact I’d love them even better without the names on the back. Viagra alternative The all blue cap is the best cap in baseball. Viagra alternative The new blue and orange caps would be better if the “ny” was all orange. Viagra alternative I LOVE, viagra alternative LOVE , viagra alternativeLOVE the Mr. Viagra alternative Met cap but then again I have always had a strong affection for Mr.Met.

Viagra alternative Last night David Wright went after a pop up in foul territory. Viagra alternative A Phuck Phace fan tried to interfere with Wright as he caught the pop up and then had the balls to ask Wright for the baseball. Viagra alternative Wright shot this shit head a “Are you fucking me” look that was straight out of Bensonhurst.

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Viagra levitra Some interesting information in today’s Mets game notes from Citizens Bank Ball Park as the Mets  take on the Phillies for the first time this season.

Viagra levitra The Mets hit the road for the first time in 2013 and this trip is tied for the second longest of the season. Viagra levitra The Mets will stay in Philly for three games then off to the Twin Cities for three weekend games and then off to Colorado for four games. Viagra levitra Hope the equipment guys packed the long underwear, viagra levitra ski hats and snow shoes.

Viagra levitra Yesterday’s come from behind walk off win was the Mets 3 of their 4 wins of one run. Viagra levitra Last year the Mets were 20-22 in one run games. Viagra levitra Hopefully they will do much better than that make this year.

Viagra levitra The Mets have hit 6 home runs in their first 6 games. Viagra levitra The 1962 hit home runs in their first 7 games so take that for what it’s worth.

Viagra levitra The strikeout machine known as Matt Harvey takes the mound for the Mets tonight. Viagra levitra In his first 11 starts with the Mets Harvey has K’d 10 batters or more 3 times. Viagra levitra Only Dwight Gooden has been better than Harvey in the K Korner with 4 games out of 11 with 10+ punch outs.

Viagra levitra David Wright LOVE hitting at CBP in fact Wright has the most home runs hit by any visiting player with 16 dingers in 74 games.

Viagra levitra The starting pitching enjoyed a great first week of the season posting a 1.98 ERA in 36.1 innings pitched.

Viagra levitra Outstanding effort by the Mets bullpen yesterday left the fire brigade with a 3.57 ERA which puts them right in the middle of the back of big league bullpens.

Viagra levitra Congratulations to Scott Rice, viagra levitra after 14 years of awful bus trips, viagra levitra Rice got his first major league win yesterday!

Viagra levitra Let’s hope the broken down velocity down more fly balls allowed Roy Halladay shows up tonight and not the 7-0 1.78 EAR vs. Viagra levitra the Mets since he joined the Phillies Roy Halladay.

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Viagra buy in uk online

Viagra buy in uk online  

Viagra buy in uk online So far so good, viagra buy in uk online the New York Mets are undefeated in 2013. Viagra buy in uk online Matt Harvey tries to keep the line moving tomorrow night. Viagra buy in uk online Here are some observations on yesterday’s opening day win:

Viagra buy in uk online I wasn’t in attendance at Citi Field yesterday due to my son coming back from a two week trip to Italy and Switzerland. Viagra buy in uk online At 17 years old he’s already been to Europe and hiked the New Mexico desert. Viagra buy in uk online When I was 17 I was happy to just spend time going to Coney Island and playing stick ball.

Viagra buy in uk online I watched all the festivities on SNY. Viagra buy in uk online The pre-game show started at 11:30 AM and right away the chemistry between Bobby Valentine and Bobby Ojeda was a hit. Viagra buy in uk online I can guarantee the spread sheet contingent of baseball fans would disagree with everything Valentine and Ojeda have to say about baseball which makes what Valentine and Ojeda say more valid.

Viagra buy in uk online Gary Cohen, viagra buy in uk online Ron Darling, viagra buy in uk online Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt were in mid-season form yesterday. Viagra buy in uk online Hernandez had the line of the day. Viagra buy in uk online After KB interviewed the stunning Emily Rossum and threw it back to the booth, viagra buy in uk online Hernandez mentioned that there are times he envies Kevin and the job that he has. Viagra buy in uk online Welcome to the dirty old man club Keith.

Viagra buy in uk online I still can’t understand why SNY has a 90 minute pre-game show but still has to interrupt game action with pre-recorded interviews?

Viagra buy in uk online What did I tell you about Collin Cowgill? As fabulous as his Grand Slam was in the 7th I was more impressed by the hustle double he hit in the 4th that normally would have been a single to center but Cowgill was thinking double right out of the box. Viagra buy in uk online Love that!

Viagra buy in uk online The worst outfield in baseball went 4 for 12 with 2 BB 3RS and 6 RBI (4 RBI from Cowgill and 2 from Byrd)

Viagra buy in uk online SNY put a camera on Jon Niese after the 6th inning where Terry Collins was coming over to tell him his day was over and a let him know “Job well done” Niese was very animated in making his case to stay in the game. Viagra buy in uk online There was a meeting between Collins, viagra buy in uk online Dan Warthen and John Buck along with Niese pleading his case to stay in for the 7th inning. Viagra buy in uk online It was decided to let Niese go back out to start the 7th. Viagra buy in uk online It seems there was caveats that as soon as Niese was to throw his 100th pitch, viagra buy in uk online he was done for the day. Viagra buy in uk online Even though Niese got 2 quick outs, viagra buy in uk online Collins brought Brandon Lyon in the game to get the last out. Viagra buy in uk online SNY then aimed their camera at Collins giving an explanation to Niese on why he took him out. Viagra buy in uk online When the lecture was over  Niese had a big smile on his face and Collins go this message across.

Viagra buy in uk online I’ve mention about meeting Jon Niese and finding him as dull as dish water, viagra buy in uk online yesterday between seeing him interact with John Buck and with Collins and Warthen, viagra buy in uk online it looks like Niese has a new and improved personality which I feel goes hand in hand with the confidence he has that now knows he is a top flight big league pitcher.

Viagra buy in uk online Speaking of John Buck, viagra buy in uk online how great is it to see a bon fide big league catcher handling the Mets staff. Viagra buy in uk online  You can see that Buck is a future ML manager. Viagra buy in uk online SNY showed inning after inning, viagra buy in uk online Buck sitting with Niese and it seemed that they were going over their game plan. Viagra buy in uk online After the game, viagra buy in uk online Buck was praising Niese saying he would the ace of any staff he pitched for. Viagra buy in uk online Whether you or I believe that, viagra buy in uk online you have to love Buck pumping up his teammate like that.

Viagra buy in uk online Got to feel for poor Ike Davis, viagra buy in uk online while everyone in the lineup made a contribution, viagra buy in uk online Ike took the Golden Sombrero.

Viagra buy in uk online Got to feel great for Scott Rice and a great gesture by Terry Collins to give the 14 year career minor leaguer the ball in his first ML opening day.

Viagra buy in uk online Scott Achinson looks like a guy who just competed in a fantasy camp, viagra buy in uk online he’s the oldest looking 37 year old I’ve ever seen.

Viagra buy in uk online No Mets game today but tonight R.A. Viagra buy in uk online Dickey will make his Blue Jay debut. Viagra buy in uk online I’ll be watching that one and rooting for R.A.

Viagra buy in uk online  

Viagra buy in uk online  

Viagra buy in uk online  

Viagra buy in uk online  

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