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Cialis angioplasty That is the patch the Mets will wear this season in remembrance of Gary Carter. Cialis angioplasty I’d still like to see all uniform personnel wear CARTER 8 uni tops for a game and auction them off for charity

Cialis angioplasty

Cialis angioplasty You can’t have it both ways. Cialis angioplasty You can’t be a Mets fan who feels Terry Collins is being a hard ass to Ruben Tejada for not getting to camp early and then complain that the team isn’t very good.

Cialis angioplasty Collins is stressing to his team that they have to work harder than anyone else and be  focused better than anyone else if they are to succeed this season. Cialis angioplasty You can see from the early interviews of TC down in St. Cialis angioplasty Lonesome that he wants his team to stick it up all the naysayer’s asses and show that the Mets are a winning baseball team.

Cialis angioplasty The maturation of Matt Harvey continues to be an early training camp story line. Cialis angioplasty As Josh Thole has raved about Harvey’s pitch repertoire, cialis angioplasty the manager and coaches, cialis angioplasty especially Wally Backman, cialis angioplasty have raved about his willingness to get their advice on what he needs to do to reach the big league level. Cialis angioplasty Sandy Alderson is on the record as saying Harvey will not break camp with the Mets but Harvey is determined to make that a difficult decision, cialis angioplasty it’s hard to get giddy over Matt Harvey.

Cialis angioplasty Same for Jeurys Familia who along with Harvey was profiled in the NY Daily News today as two guys who are competing for a job in the big leagues but have grown close as teammates and hope to join the big league club together at some point this season.

Cialis angioplasty It’s so early in spring training but from reading stories about the mood of the camp and camaraderie  of the players, cialis angioplasty the Mets are staring to give me a feeling that they could be baseball version of the New York Rangers.

Cialis angioplasty If Jason Bay struggles against right handed pitching as he did last season, cialis angioplasty the more reason to root for Kirk Nieuwenhuis to make the team as a platoon partner for Bay in LF. Cialis angioplasty No one in the front office will say it but I bet the leash on Bay is short this season especially if he struggles against rhp.

Cialis angioplasty  

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Viagra through canada Here is today’s stream of (un) consciences in no particular order of importance or relevancy:

Viagra through canada Why send Lucas Duda to the Instructional League to work on playing right field when he can just be left there for the next 45 games of the season. Viagra through canada  While we’re at it, viagra through canada let Mike Baxter play some 1st base and even a little centerfield as well. Viagra through canada I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Mets are not going to the post season….shhhhhhhhhh……keep it on the downlow…….

Viagra through canada It’s been a pleasure watching the maturation of Jon Niese as a pitcher and a player this season. Viagra through canada Niese seems to be over his problems of fatigue and injury. Viagra through canada His BB is down as his K/BB ratio is up to 3:1. Viagra through canada He’s kept the ball in the park as well with his HR rate lower than last year but his hits to innings pitched is still high. Viagra through canada He has become one of the young leaders of this team as he handled the disappointment of a loss due to the two errors of neophyte shortstop Ruben Tejeda like a seasoned pro.

Viagra through canada Terry Collins has stopped with giving pep talks and is focused on watching who gives all and who gives none down the stretch of the season. Viagra through canada Good move, viagra through canada I’m going to do the same thing, viagra through canada no more rally cries for Mets fans to support this team. Viagra through canada If you can’t see the positive change this season in this organization, viagra through canada you’re not worth preaching to anyway.

Viagra through canada When it comes to the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th, viagra through canada the last thing I’m concerned with is what time the Mets are playing and what kind of caps they’ll wear. Viagra through canada Quite frankly, viagra through canada the day should be a day of remembrance and reflection on the tragic events of that day and how that day has changed our lives forever. Viagra through canada  

Viagra through canada The news that ESPN 710 in Los Angeles will be broadcast New York Jets games this season made we wonder if the Dodgers and Giants ever broadcast games back to New York when the left after the 1957 season?

Viagra through canada Jerry Reese is lucky he’s not the GM of the Mets or Highlanders as the outcry of his non-moves and letting key Giants players leave would be off the charts hysterical. Viagra through canada Can you imagine the screaming headlines if Sandy Alderson or Pee Wee Cashman, viagra through canada after two seasons of not making the playoffs and losing a game in embarrassing manner to your biggest arch rival, viagra through canada stood pat while big time free agents signed with other teams?  Football may be the number one sport in America but baseball still rules the roost in NYC.

Viagra through canada If you are not following Giants VP of Communications, viagra through canada Pat Hanlon on Twitter (@giantspathanlon) you are missing out. Viagra through canada Hanlon is the loyalist of loyal Mara employees and will take on all critics of Big Blue. Viagra through canada Rex Ryan gets a lot of pub for his outlandish behavior but he’s a wallflower compared to Giants Pat.

Viagra through canada By the way, viagra through canada all the Giants fans that are ready to leap off the George Washington Bridge thinking this season will be a disaster calm the fuck down. Viagra through canada Let the season play out before you leap off the bridge.

Viagra through canada Congrats to David Wright as he passed Ed Kranepool as the All-Time Mets leader in Total Bases. Viagra through canada See, viagra through canada I can take the high road sometimes.

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Great win to start the road trip last night. Herbal alternative to cialis John Maine steeled in nicely after a shaky first innings and he and Big Pelf have impresses be with their maturation on the mound this season by bouncing back after rough innings and pitching deeper into games.


I guess sore calf is a euphemism for benched for bone headed base running.


Mets Geek has a great piece on J-Man’s use (over use? miss use?) of the bullpen so far this season. Herbal alternative to cialis One of the commentators made a good point that the Mets play so many close games that it dictates more bullpen moves than usual. Herbal alternative to cialis


I stopped trying to figure out what management is thinking about with Carlos Delgado’ hip. Herbal alternative to cialis It has cone from stiff, herbal alternative to cialis to sore, herbal alternative to cialis to a rip in a ligament , herbal alternative to cialis to arthritis, herbal alternative to cialis to total hip replacement okay we’re not at hip replacement yet but you know if he did need a new hip the Mets would still list him as day to day. Herbal alternative to cialis Same with JJ Putz. Herbal alternative to cialis The rumors were true that his was hurting for certain and now we find he has a bone spur on his elbow. Herbal alternative to cialis No surgery is needed say the Mets which means the elbow was be hanging by a string. Herbal alternative to cialis Not good not good at all. Herbal alternative to cialis How can you start a 10 games road trip with just 23 players? Call up Baltimore or DC and see what the price is for Aubry Huff or Nick Johnson oh wait that would be a ballsy move by the GM gee I forget what team I root for a second.


This would be my lineup for tonight


Reyes SS

Castillo 2B

Beltran CF

Sheffield LF

Wright 3B

Murphy 1B

Santos C

Church RF

Hernandez P


Only reason I bat Church 8 is the lefty/righty scenario. Herbal alternative to cialis Time to let Murphy play so 1st if he can handel it and start to hit leave him there as I am getting ready for the word that Delgado is done for the season. Herbal alternative to cialis Of course I’m a pessimist there is no such thing as an optimistic Mets fan. Herbal alternative to cialis If you think your one then you’re to damn young to understand it.




Don’t forget tonight PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL tonight at 9PM EDST and on the pod cast afterwards as Joe McDonald and I preview tonight Mets-Giants game and look at Tim Lincicum-Livan Hernandez tale of the tape. Herbal alternative to cialis Plus I get to vent on all things Mets for this week Listen live here or on the podcast later here.


Also this Sunday night at 7PM EDST I will be a guest on Seven Train to Shea radio show so tune in and turn on!!!!!!


Get ready for an ass whipping on Sunday Orlando you will need more than “Magic” to beat the C’s in Boston in a Game 7.




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