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Cialis no prescription I’ve got a ton of work to get to today and if the rain holds off a baseball game to manage tonight so just a few quickies before my nose meets the old grind stone:

Cialis no prescription Good medical news finally as Davis Wright will head to Port St. Cialis no prescription Lonesome and engage in baseball activities that hopefully gets him back to the Mets by the All Star break. Cialis no prescription I love Jose Reyes telling Wright to “Have fun in St. Cialis no prescription Lucie” then laughing to reporters “There is nothing to do there”

Cialis no prescription Hopefully all Chris Capuano is suffering from is a cramp in his abdomen from not being sufficiently hydrated and not some oblique-intercostal bullshit muscle pull thingy.

Cialis no prescription The whole back page of the NY Daily News today is just bunch of sensational bullshit, cialis no prescription in fact I just spent more time on it than I should have.

Cialis no prescription The Jim Riggleman resignation is the talk of baseball today. Cialis no prescription After reading Ken Rosenthal’s article on Riggleman walking out on the Nats you can say there are two sides to the story and when you start hearing the manager and scouts all agree that GM Mike Rizzo has a problem with communicating with them, cialis no prescription you could see that Riggelman’ ultimatum that his contract option for 2012 be picked up or else was a cry to get the GM’s attention. Cialis no prescription Bottom line is Riggleman quit on his team and what makes it worse is his team is on a roll as they are just 4 ½ games off the Wild Card and they have been winning at home so Riggleman comes off as a real selfish prick with this move. Cialis no prescription I agree with Rosenthal as I definitely see Davey Johnson being the first choice to take over the Nats for at least the rest of the season as this is the perfect Davey Johnson situation.

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Cheapest viagra anywhere photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

Cheapest viagra anywhere When you haven’t had a walk off win all season you take what you can get, cheapest viagra anywhere and last night after Frankie Rodriguez came one strike away from saving a stellar start by R.A. Cheapest viagra anywhere Dickey (any of you dinosaurs out there still rely on won-loss record to evaluate starting pitcher’s?) but spit the bit and sent the game into extra innings. Cheapest viagra anywhere It wasn’t until Ginger Turner took one for the team in the 13th taking a pitch to the knee to force home Lucas Duda for the win.

Cheapest viagra anywhere What a game and what a day yesterday. Cheapest viagra anywhere First the news that Ike is not progressing well and we still have to wait three weeks to see if Ike will be back in August or February. Cheapest viagra anywhere Today we get more medical news on David Wright and with the way the Mets luck has been with injuries I wouldn’t be shocked to hear he’s done for the year as well. Cheapest viagra anywhere When you’re a Mets fan it’s “expect the worst and hope for the not so bad”.

Cheapest viagra anywhere All this medical talk has gotten in the way of Mets fans favorite past time, cheapest viagra anywhere figuring out if Jose Reyes will be traded, cheapest viagra anywhere re-signed or lost as a free agent. Cheapest viagra anywhere The subject it seems has not been beaten enough so let me give my opinion on the Reyes situation that changes daily:

Cheapest viagra anywhere I want Jose Reyes to stay with the Mets but:

Cheapest viagra anywhere If Sandy Alderson gets bowled over with an offer from a team that feels they are a World Series contender that includes a young ML ready starting pitcher or a top flight number one pitching prospect then he has to make the deal.

Cheapest viagra anywhere If there is no top offer like that then keep Reyes and take a chance you can match any offer he gets in the off season.

Cheapest viagra anywhere Again Mets fan this is not about you, cheapest viagra anywhere you do not figure in any of the Reyes negotiation. Cheapest viagra anywhere It’s about Reyes and the financial security of his family, cheapest viagra anywhere it’s about the Mets committing years and money to one player when this team is not one player away from being a winning team , cheapest viagra anywhere it’s about Reyes making the biggest decision of his life whether to leave the only organization he has ever known to go to parts unknown. Cheapest viagra anywhere So does Reyes take in the old devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know adage, cheapest viagra anywhere or does he say baseball is baseball and follows the money. Cheapest viagra anywhere Rally’s and signs and t-shirts are nice and shows ownership that there is still passion in the fan base so maybe a small part of the discussion to keep Reyes will be the fan reaction (a/k/a buying tickets) bottom line is Sandy Alderson has to do what’s good for the Mets and Jose Reyes has to do what’s good for the Reyes’s .

Cheapest viagra anywhere Right now it’s all in a holding pattern, cheapest viagra anywhere check back on July 10ththe last game before the All Star break to see which way the wind blows in Flushing. Cheapest viagra anywhere If the Mets are still part of the Wild Card pack then they could be buyers (a catcher, cheapest viagra anywhere reliever or if Ike is done for year a right handed bat for 1stBase) if they are also ran’s then the selloff will be on.

Cheapest viagra anywhere Right now let’s concentrate on the Mets beating the A’s today for a series win.

Cheapest viagra anywhere Here is something we can all agree on, cheapest viagra anywhere we can’t stand Joe Buck and hate when his new gravel voice comes on the FOX Game of the Week. Cheapest viagra anywhere So it is your duty to sign the petition put forth by Matthew Falkenburry of The Daily Stache to have FOX give the World Series play by play job this season to Vin Scully. Cheapest viagra anywhere Since the day I subscribed to MLB Extra Innings I’ve found a new appreciation for Scully doing Dodger games solo. Cheapest viagra anywhere His play by play and storytelling are still spot on. Cheapest viagra anywhere I don’t know if Scully would be up to doing another World Series as he doesn’t travel past Denver to do Dodger games plus we’re dealing with FOX here, cheapest viagra anywhere a place where closed minds are pre requisite for employment but it’s worth a shot to show FOX and MLB that a change is needed in the national broadcast booth and to send a message to Vinny that baseball fans still love him.

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