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How to get cialis in canada Reports out of Mets camp is Jose Reyes has a doctor’s appointment today to go over results of a blood test he took during his physical. How to get cialis in canada Yeah I ain’t buying either. How to get cialis in canada Something is very fishy here.

How to get cialis in canada  First of all the game is at 1PM, how to get cialis in canada so why not see the doc either at 9AM or in the afternoon ? It’s not like Reyes is going to go a full 9 today. How to get cialis in canada Why can’t the sawbones come to Mets camp to see Reyes or even co-ordinate with the Mets training  and medical staff to handle this in camp?   Besides it’s Thursday, how to get cialis in canada everyone knows that doctors take off on Wednesday to play golf. 

How to get cialis in canada Reyes says this had absolutely nothing to do with his legs that his hammy is dandy so that makes this trip to the doctor even more curious.

How to get cialis in canada You would think with the teams track record on medical issues and the fragile psyche of  it’s fan base the front office would handle this a bit differently.  

How to get cialis in canada So now let’s add Beltran’s knee, how to get cialis in canada Escobar sore arm, how to get cialis in canada Frankie Rodz pink eye to this mystery doctors appointment of Reye’s to the legend of the Mets front office reign of error

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Viagra no prescription It’s that time again when my head is so full of shit…..errrrr I mean minutia that I have to do a purge, viagra no prescription a cleansing of the mind if you will, viagra no prescription so as always this becomes a bumpy ride with a lot of detours so as the late great Bob Murphy would say “fasten your seat belts”

Viagra no prescription Does anyone really care what Tiger Woods has to say today? And why does the MSM feel they need an explanation for Woods dirty deeds? They only people Le Tigre` should make amends with is his wife, viagra no prescription family and most importantly his sponsors who I’d say Woods fears the most at pissing off. Viagra no prescription Sure Tiger makes a bundle on the PGA Tour but his empire was built on his ability to hawk products and that has been severely damaged and his imagine is most likely beyond repair. Viagra no prescription Besides, viagra no prescription nothing gets settle with the Mr. Viagra no prescription and Mrs. Viagra no prescription Woods until they both appear on Oprah. Viagra no prescription I could care less who Tiger was knockin’ boots with but I will say this, viagra no prescription if he were my son in law or brother in law, viagra no prescription he’d be doing this presser today with a wired jaw.

Viagra no prescription No training and medical staff has ever been under more scrutiny like the Mets staff, viagra no prescription seriously can you name the trainer or team doctor of any other team in sports? So much as the focus this spring is on the players, viagra no prescription there is as much or even more focus on the medical and training staff. Viagra no prescription With that, viagra no prescription the staff has come up with a slogan “Prevention & Recovery”, viagra no prescription it seems there are signs with this motto all over the St. Viagra no prescription Lonesome complex. Viagra no prescription It means that the med/training staff has made a conscience effort to do everything in their power to keep the players on the field and out of the MRI tube. Viagra no prescription The staff will focus more on stretching and agility exercises and working on areas that are more conducive to playing baseball and less emphasis on weight training. Viagra no prescription I’ll take this as a huge positive as it shows the organization detects a big flaw in the training program and they made a big adjustment. Viagra no prescription See I can be optimistic……..some…………what………….      

Viagra no prescription When I first heard that Eddie House was going to the Knicks for Nate Robinson as a C’s fan I was pissed, viagra no prescription because I’m a big Eddie H fan but after thinking it over this deal could be the big jolt the team needs. Viagra no prescription Robinson is younger than House and can be a instant offense guy that House used to be and that’s the big issued here because as much of a House fan I am, viagra no prescription the old shooting guard ain’t what he used to be. Viagra no prescription With Nate Robinson on board the Celtics now become the most entertaining team in the Association. Viagra no prescription Adding Robinson’s personality to KG, viagra no prescription Perk, viagra no prescription PP, viagra no prescription RONDO and Big Baby could just energizes the Celtics to Banner 18.

Viagra no prescription Jerry Manuel will make his first spring statement today. Viagra no prescription There are a few Manuel stories in the fish wraps today bottom line is the J-Man Comedy Tour will be canceled if the Mets have a bad first month of the season, viagra no prescription and that’s no joke!

Viagra no prescription “YOU KNOW WHO I AM ? LOOK AT ME BITCHES!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M JOHAN SANTANA!!!! THE BEST THERE IS, viagra no prescription THE BEST THERE WAS, viagra no prescription THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!!!! (Thanks for the loan Brett Hit Man Hart)

Viagra no prescription It’s Here! It’s Here! No not the new phone book but something better, viagra no prescription The Bloomberg Sports Statistical and Analytical Tool to help you win your Fantasy League. Viagra no prescription  The Draft Kit is available for $19.95 and gives you updated player info throughout spring training, viagra no prescription interactive draft tools, viagra no prescription multi-stat comparisons and a whole lot more. Viagra no prescription The In-Season Tool gives you all that plus up to the minute player updates with stats and news for $24.95 or get both for $31.95. Viagra no prescription If you’re a serious fantasy player you should check out this product.

Viagra no prescription Hummmmmmmmm Jeff Francoeur……..very interesting this Frenchy character………..

Viagra no prescription I am half way through reading Willie Mays, viagra no prescription The Life, viagra no prescription The Legend by James Hirsch (Simon and Schuster) and I’m enjoying every page. Viagra no prescription I‘ve always liked Mays and I remember when he came back to the Mets even though he was not even half the player/immortal he was (I’m up to Mays and the Giants playing there last season in NYC and Leo Durocher leaving the team and the rough transition that Mays had from Durcoher to Bill Rigney and dealing with the deterioration of the Giants on and off the field) and so far in my reading, viagra no prescription I’m still trying to get over the naive Willie Mays who was babied by Leo Durocher and coddled by Horace Stoneham. Viagra no prescription The early chapters are fascinating and Hirsch’s writing is compelling as he shows Mays going from a high school kid to a Negro League star and then barnstorming the South to being signed by the Giants as a 19 year old and the whirlwind move from being a Minneapolis Miller to a New York Giant.

Viagra no prescription Rod Barajas, viagra no prescription yes we are waiting with baited breathe for a decision on whether Rod Barajas wants the Mets minor league deal or return to the Blue Jays with a minor league deal. Viagra no prescription I’m sorry but I have some paint I have to watch dry.

Viagra no prescription Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel better now

Viagra no prescription

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Add buy online url viagra Still sifting through the fall out of the Beltran situation. Add buy online url viagra I’m trying to figure out the who, add buy online url viagra what and where of this recent shit storm to hit the Mets:

Add buy online url viagra Carlos Beltran

Add buy online url viagra Beltran will turn 33 years old by the second week of the 2010 season and he has what looks like chronic osteoarthritis in his right knee. Add buy online url viagra Hopefully the arthroscopic surgery performed on him will alleviate the pain and clean out loose cartilage that was floating around his knee. Add buy online url viagra The post op outlook is Beltran will be out 12 weeks and then resume baseball activity. Add buy online url viagra So earliest we will see Beltran in a Mets uniform is May.  There is no replacement for Beltran as 25-30 HR 100+ RBI and his coverage in CF can not be replaced. Add buy online url viagra As it stands now, add buy online url viagra Angel Pagan will be the CF’er unless the Mets go out and sign Rick Ankiel or hope the Highlanders re-sign Johnny Damon and release Brett Gardner. Add buy online url viagra In other words the Mets are fucked.

Add buy online url viagra Mets Medical Staff

Add buy online url viagra More embarrassment for this group. Add buy online url viagra Obviously, add buy online url viagra Beltran has no faith in them as he went to his own doctor to have the surgery done. Add buy online url viagra Now the team is circling the wagons by releasing a statement that Dr Altcheck, add buy online url viagra the Mets team doctor was consulted by Dr. Add buy online url viagra Steadman, add buy online url viagra Beltran’ surgeon of choice, add buy online url viagra to show they are all on the same page, add buy online url viagra which is of course bullshit. Add buy online url viagra The medical staff of the Mets should have been addressed after last season but the club decided to bring back the whole staff. Add buy online url viagra Mets players show what they think of that decision by going outside the organization for medical treatment. Add buy online url viagra What an endorsement.

Add buy online url viagra Mets Front Office

Add buy online url viagra Who is in charge? It’s not Omar that’s for sure. Add buy online url viagra I will bet a dollar that David Howard is the voice behind the conference call today to wipe the egg off the teams face after this miscommunication. Add buy online url viagra One thing we do know is, add buy online url viagrathe organization had its pants pulled down on them in public again and it again calls for Freddy Skill Sets to step up and take is incompetent son out of the baseball loop. Add buy online url viagra Put aside the on field problem with no Beltran, add buy online url viagra this episode again makes the Mets look like amateurs. Add buy online url viagra Just when the fan base was feeling a tad optimistic with the signing of Jason Bay and the self control the front office has displayed with the overrated talent on the free agent front, add buy online url viagra this just wipes away any goodwill. Add buy online url viagra It’s SOM Same Old Mets.

Add buy online url viagra Hey don’t worry, add buy online url viagra Bengi Molina is on the way YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Add buy online url viagra I will have much more on the Beltran saga and other Mets news tonight on Pro Baseball Central at 9PM ET on Blogtalk Radio. Add buy online url viagra My guest will be Joe Fiorello of Disgruntled Mets fan and a fellow member of the BBA. Add buy online url viagra You can join in the conversation as well by calling in at (646) 595-4462.

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Where to buy cialis All hell is breaking with the Mets as we have learned that Carlos Beltran has undergone arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to relieve osteoarthritis. Where to buy cialis From reports it looks like Beltran has been working out to be in shape for spring training and started to feel pain in his knee.

Where to buy cialis The biggest story is not just the surgery but it seems Beltran did this on his own going to his own doctor, where to buy cialis Dr Richard Stedman in Colorado. Where to buy cialis It’s unacceptable for a player to not let the team know he’s going for surgery and to make it worse, where to buy cialis he doesn’t use the team’s physician. Where to buy cialis This just cements the feeling that the Mets players have no faith in the Mets medical staff.

Where to buy cialis Now this is not end of the world news as Beltran will be out about 3 months so for the first month of the season Angel Pagan can handle centerfield, where to buy cialis so there is no need for the organization to make a panic move for a centerfielder.

Where to buy cialis What this does though is make you question how the organization looks at Beltran in regard to not coming to the team about his knee and using an outside doctor to perform the surgery and how does this effect Beltran to getting an extension of his contract, where to buy cialis something he has been hinting at.

Where to buy cialis Since this news is still breaking, where to buy cialis I’ll have some more on it tomorrow

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Where do we begin to make sense of the latest calamities to befall our team? Let’s start with Jose Reyes.


I’m trying to make sense of how and when Reyes suffered this tear in his hamstring. Buy discount viagra After not hustling, buy discount viagra J-Man sat Reyes the next day and we all rejoiced that Manuel was showing Jose who was the head Gangsta’ in Charge. Buy discount viagra But then he didn’t start the next day and we all said “WOW J-Man is going hard core on Reyes’ ass” but the word from the inner sanctum of the front t office was that Reyes had a sore leg. Buy discount viagra That was May 15th. Buy discount viagra After that, buy discount viagra Reyes sat out three games and then jogged a bit in LA and said he’d give it a go. Buy discount viagra So he started on May 19th played the full game at shortstop and had a hit. Buy discount viagra Good to have you back Jose. Buy discount viagra The next night in LA, buy discount viagra Reyes took is customary place at short and the lead off spot but something wasn’t right his leg was still bothering him and he came out of the game after one at bat. Buy discount viagra He was sent back to NY and it was revealed he had tendonitis behind his knee. Buy discount viagra The debate raged to DL or not DL, buy discount viagra whether ‘tis nobler to let the player rest and recover or push him to the brink of making a nagging injury into a catastrophe. Buy discount viagra The Mets and their training and medical staff chose the later.


So instead of resting Reyes, buy discount viagra the Mets sent him to St. Buy discount viagra Lonesome to “Rehab” (the next Mets player who gets injured should pull an Amy Winehouse and sing “I don’t wanna go to rehab, buy discount viagra I said no, buy discount viagra no, buy discount viagra no) and during that rehab (or so we think because this will be covered up) Reyes suffered a torn hamstring tendon.


Now if I owned the Mets (how much fun would that be, buy discount viagra not only would you never hear Sweet Caroline ever again, buy discount viagra Neil Diamond would be permanently banned from ever coming to Gil Hodges Park that’s right I’d change the ball park’ name as my first order of business but I digress….) somebody is getting fired here. Buy discount viagra Either a trainer or a doctor or a front office person because the player who is the catalyst for my offense and my one of my top defensive players is out for what is a conservative estimate of 4-6 weeks. Buy discount viagra Was he misdiagnosed? Was it improper rehab instruction? Someone has to explain that to me and it better be convincing as their ass is on the line.     


Same with J.J. Buy discount viagra Putz. Buy discount viagra The guy goes from bad mechanics to a bone spur that just needs a cortisone shot to now to surgery? Com’on can we get our act together here?


As much as I want Omar to make a big move, buy discount viagra I don’t want to trade any of the remaining top prospects in the organization and frankly I don’t know if he has the chips to trade with. Buy discount viagra I’m sure he’d love to move Ryan Church but what would Church bring back in return? Could you send Church back to D.C for Chrstian Guzman or to Oakland for Bobby Crosby? If you can, buy discount viagra do it.


No way they want to deal off F-Mart and I never want to hear the names Bradley Holt, buy discount viagra Jenrry Mejia , buy discount viagra Wilmer Flores or Jefry Marte. Buy discount viagra I don’t know if any or all of these kids will turn out to be big time players but I ‘d rather keep them and make do with what we have or take on a big salary (I know Jeffy I know, buy discount viagra what am I thinking ?) which would take less trade bait to do. Buy discount viagra Whatever, buy discount viagra happens Omar, buy discount viagra John Rico and Tony B have their work ahead of them as the Braves and Fish are on their heels.


Bravo Beltran:


“The reality of this is, buy discount viagra coming here to Pittsburgh and getting swept, buy discount viagra me, buy discount viagra I feel embarrassed, buy discount viagra” said Beltran, buy discount viagra who homered and doubled in his first game since Saturday. Buy discount viagra “I don’t think it’s fun. Buy discount viagra I think we should find a way to play better and to focus more on what we need to accomplish…. Buy discount viagra “We have to play better. Buy discount viagra There’s no doubt we have to play better. Buy discount viagra I mean, buy discount viagra we have to take this personally. Buy discount viagra It can’t happen. Buy discount viagra It can’t happen to us being able to come here and lose three games just like that. Buy discount viagra It just can’t happen. Buy discount viagra Three games with this team – I know they’re a big-league ballclub – but we’re better than them. Buy discount viagra We’re better than them. Buy discount viagra And we know we’re better than them, buy discount viagra but we have to do something about it.”


Finally someone stepped up in that clubhouse. Buy discount viagra I’m trying my best not to go ape shit on my boy D-Wright but if you are just going to give the same bland vanilla answers to question after games like yesterday where your club is embarrassed then it’s best to shut the fuck up.



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