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Viagra prescription drug Time for some Metscellaneous:

Viagra prescription drug I thought Terry Collins struck the right cord with his State of the Team address yesterday, viagra prescription drug why strive for mediocrity and why put that type of thinking in his players heads. Viagra prescription drug Collins has to make this team believe they can play with any team in baseball, viagra prescription drug that’s his job and his players have to know that they are being held accountable.

Viagra prescription drug All I know about Johan Santana status so far is what I read from the folks in St. Viagra prescription drug Lonesome covering the team, viagra prescription drug and it’s great that TC feels Santana will be his opening day starter but I’ll stick with my Memorial Day weekend target date for Santana.

Viagra prescription drug Ruben Tejada will report to camp by Saturday, viagra prescription drug he would have been in camp already but he had visa problems. Viagra prescription drug Every year there is always a player (Ronnie Paulino last year) who has issues with their papers to play baseball in this country. Viagra prescription drug You would think this would be #1 on their to do list in the off season.

Viagra prescription drug Charlie Samuels is an A-1 scumbag who got off rather easy from ripping off the Mets for the years he did. Viagra prescription drug Samuels was fined and given probation but no jail time for stealing Mets uniforms and other items that he got autographed and held on to, viagra prescription drug to supplement his retirement fund, viagra prescription drug plus he has to make financial restitution to the Mets, viagra prescription drug and the State and City of New York. Viagra prescription drug Samuels worked for the Mets for 34 years which means he started back in the Payson/DeRoulet era and now is banned from Citi Field, viagra prescription drug MCU Park and Digital Domain Park as well. Viagra prescription drug  Good riddance Charlie, viagra prescription drug and shove those black jerseys and caps up your arse.

Viagra prescription drug The Mets are one of the teams that Scott Kazmir has on his list of teams he’d like to sign with. Viagra prescription drug Sorry Scott your ship has sailed and we have no place for an Oliver Perez wanna be.

Viagra prescription drug Check out this outstanding job by Rob Castellano putting together Mets Jeopardy

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Buying cialis You can look at the Mets reaching the .500 mark as nothing to celebrate, buying cialis as .500 means you’ve reached a level of mediocrity. Buying cialis But if you look at the overall standings of the National League, buying cialis that .500 mark is much more impressive, buying cialis especially in the light of injuries and starting pitching rotation led by two neophytes, buying cialis a philosopher, buying cialis a reclamation project and a schizophrenic. Buying cialis  

Buying cialis Taking the Phuck Phaces out of the equation, buying cialis and their NL and MLB leading 43-26 record, buying cialis the Mets are a mere 5 games back of the SF Giants (39-29) for the second best record in the league. Buying cialis For those who feel it’s never too early to follow the NL Wild Card standings, buying cialis the Mets are 3.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Wild Card spot.

Buying cialis All this without the two corner infielders who provide power, buying cialis the Ace of the starting rotation and the Left Fielder (although 2 hits and an SB for Jason Bay maybe just maybe it’s the start of his renaissance) an emotional baseball mess, buying cialis it’s quite impressive that the Mets are in the race for a post season berth. Buying cialis If anything comes as a positive so far this season is the culture of failure has been eradicated on the field and in the clubhouse. Buying cialis Maybe it will move to the owners level as well but that would take a giving the blind sight kind of miracle that doesn’t happen too often. Buying cialis   Like Rome, buying cialis Flushing was built in a day.

Buying cialis Scott Kazmir has been released by the Angels, buying cialis he can be picked up for the major league minimum. Buying cialis I don’t think a Mets reunion will happen but I could see the Highlanders signing him and assigning him to Scranton/Wilkes Barre because they are DES-PER-ATE for starting pitching. Buying cialis   

Buying cialis I wish the Mets would announce that the next time Johan Santana will pitch for the team in February 2012 in St. Buying cialis Lonesome.

Buying cialis Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the Seamheads Podcasting Network’s Fantasy Baseball Show on Blog Talk Radio it was a fast paced hour of great baseball talk a very worthy listen. Buying cialis http://www.blogtalkradio.com/seamheads/2011/06/16/highlight-reelseamheads-fantasy-baseball-show

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Viagra and sexual performance Since I had no plans for today myself and the heir to the Kranepool Society mis-fortune decided totake a trip up to the Boogie Down to see the Highlanders-Indians  game this afternoon. Viagra and sexual performance  Amazingly, viagra and sexual performance this will be our first trip to the new Stadium. Viagra and sexual performance My second new stadium experience in three days as Friday night we ventured to Harrison NJ to see the NY Red Bulls with my daughter’s soccer team.  Tomorrow I will have a whole lot more on my experiences in both places.

Viagra and sexual performance Ah Murph!!!!!!! You make that play inning over and maybe the game and back to the magic .500 level of mediocrity but in order to get offense into the lineup, viagra and sexual performance TC has to make these type of moves.

Viagra and sexual performance D.J. Viagra and sexual performance Carrasco has been pitching very well for Buffalo so he gets the call back to the big club and Dale Thayer goes back to doing whatever it is Dale Thayer does.

Viagra and sexual performance HoJo, viagra and sexual performance really Hojo, viagra and sexual performance stop with your critique of TC and the Mets handling of Jason Bay. Viagra and sexual performance You look very small and petty when you do this; you don’t hear Collins ripping you for ruining David Wright do you? Maybe you’re the one that screwed up Jason Bay beyond repair. Viagra and sexual performance There’s a reason you are no longer a member of the organization you know.

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Generic ogden viagra Jon Niese has had a fine season, generic ogden viagra sure there needs to be improvement in areas as locating his pitches down to induce more ground balls and bring down that hits to innings pitched split (165.1 IP/177H) but all in all Niese looks like a guy who will gives you chance for a well pitched game at every start. Generic ogden viagra But right now he’s tired. Generic ogden viagra Niese has pitched 165.1 innings this season, generic ogden viagra a season where he had a little setback with hamstring trouble, generic ogden viagra the same hammy that ended his season early last year, generic ogden viagra so with that piece of history and the fact he’s hinting that he’s short arming the ball a bit and dropping arm angle, generic ogden viagra signs of fatigue that they are, generic ogden viagra why not shut him down for the season.  Give The Thief  Niese’ next start, generic ogden viagra which will be in Florida. Generic ogden viagra Don’t worry no one will be there to notice.

Generic ogden viagra Last year after the NY Football Giants last game of the season which ended a second half from hell, generic ogden viagra Giants owner John Mara was asked about the team finishing 8-8. Generic ogden viagra Mara said there are good 8-8 seasons and bad 8-8 seasons and that was  a horrendous 8-8 and an  embarrassing 8-8. Generic ogden viagra  I wouldn’t call the Mets road to finish .500 an embarrassment because from the winter on I didn’t have much faith the team would compete for a postseason berth but the way the team played in the first half of the season had me rethinking my position on that. Generic ogden viagra But then right after the All-Star break the team showed its true colors and wallowed in the wading pool of mediocrity. Generic ogden viagra So as this season winds down, generic ogden viagra the last few weeks are not as bad as last year where the team just dogged it and used injuries as a crutch, generic ogden viagra for the most part the team competes ever night. Generic ogden viagra  But the fan base is tired and close to being burnt out. Generic ogden viagra So for a needed break  I’ve been more concerned about the NY Rangers and happy that training camp is open just to see some of the young guns that Slats Sather is telling us will make this team. Generic ogden viagra Ah youth, generic ogden viagra ain’t it grand.

Generic ogden viagra That’s the one thing as a Mets fans that is keeping me going and anxious about what changes will be made in the front office and in the dugout.  You could sell me right now on a total youth movement.

Generic ogden viagra The best part of the Joe Torre news of his departure from the Dodger dugout, generic ogden viagra is the expression from Highlander fans with their beloved Donnie Baseball taking over as Bums skipper.  If you ran a poll of Highlander fans between the ages of 40-50 years old and asked, generic ogden viagra of the two Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly, generic ogden viagra who is your favorite Highlander, generic ogden viagra the results would surprise you. Generic ogden viagra While the Mets were lighting up the town in the 80’s Mattingly was all the Highlander fans had. Generic ogden viagra  I’m  sure most of the ones who watched Mattingly Era wish the news was Donnie Baseball was headed home to run the Bombers.

Generic ogden viagra If Joe Torre becomes the Mets manager for a second go round, generic ogden viagra this site will morph into the Dick Dietz Society.

Generic ogden viagra “Leave them alone and they’ll come home hitting home runs beside them.”

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Buy cialis The Mets are now Team Woolworth (the original 5 & 10) now that they have lost 10 of the last 15 games. Buy cialis It gets worse as the last five series the Mets have played they have won just one against the Nats (up your ass Highlander fans) and to make matters worse in the last 30 games the Mets are 14-16 the picture of mediocrity. Buy cialis And if not for the grace of the Red Sox and Blue Jays beating up on the Phillies the Mets would be closer to last than first place and that’s the problem. Buy cialis Not only are the Mets just a mere 3 games out of first place in the NL East and a game and a half out of a wild card spot so what’s a very average team to do?

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis First, buy cialis shut the fuck up about injuries. Buy cialis In public anyway.  I hate to be redundant here but does Omar and the rest of the short bus management team have a plan? If they do can we here about it or see it in action because right now I don’t if the organization is pro active or just sitting with a pat hand? Do they have a handle on the rehab of the injured players and a time table for their return? I doubt it very much. Buy cialis Just reading the reports from St. Buy cialis Lonesome on John Maine makes you shake your head and wonder what the fuck is going on here? 

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis If they are pro active it’s going to be tough to land what they need, buy cialis a starting pitcher and a big bat as just about every team other than the Nats, buy cialis A’s and maybe the Indians could be ready to deal right now. Buy cialis  So if you want Adam Dunn, buy cialis Nick Johnson, buy cialis Matt Holiday or Victor Martinez they could be had but ask yourself this, buy cialis what do the Mets have that they can get back what they need ?

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis I tell you this if anyone wants Fernando Martinez they can have him. Buy cialis To say I’ve not been impressed is an understatement. Buy cialis F-Mart is like the girl you chased throughout high school to go out with you and when you finally land that date you find her company is underwhelming. Buy cialis The biggest factor in the kids favor is, buy cialis he is only 20 years old and has time to blossom but after this audition in the big leagues he looks like Alex Ochoa to me.

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis So would you trade Bobby Parnell? As good as Parnell had been we have to remember he’s a reliever and it’s suspect if he will ever be more than a reliever and that’s not a knock as it take at least three pitchers to finish a game and Parnell has closer potential so I would be ready to deal Parnell. Buy cialis Ryan Church? Who wants him? Daniel Murphy? A little tougher to deal but if I go with my head and not my heart he’s not untouchable. Buy cialis In fact is there really an untouchable in the farm system? Is there a player who the Mets feel could not be used in a deal? Besides Bradley Holt I can’t see any.

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis So if I’m Omar Minaya I’d be ready to strike now that the Phillies are wounded and playing uninspiring baseball (Mets bloggers favorite Marco Scutaro walked in the 6th inning of yesterday’s Jays-Phillies game and ran to first and kept running as no one was covering 2nd base and was credited with a stolen base. Buy cialis Larry Anderson on Philies radio flipped out calling out Ol’ Cholly to reams his team after the game ) before Ruben Amaro goes out and fortifies his team.

Buy cialis  

Buy cialis J-Man is a cool cat but how would I love to see him go all Dennis Green or Jim Mora during one of press conferences. Buy cialis I’m going to the WFAN  Breakfast with Jerry Manuel at the Hard Rock Café on Tuesday I hope to get J-Man’s ear for a minute or two. Buy cialis Should be fun!

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I come here today to defend Jerry Manuel and his decision to let Fernando Tatis hit away in the 8th inning yesterday. Cialis 30 mg Technically you J-Man killers are right that is a sacrifice situation but I want you to step back and take a deep breath and think about the old saying sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.


I agree with what John Harper wrote today and with Keith Hernandez who said on the air that as much as the bunt was in order he understood why J-Man let Tatis swing away. Cialis 30 mg What I couldn’t believe was the nasty narrow thinking of Mets fans that I heard on WFAN afterwards with some nit wit who refers to himself as Adam the Bull, cialis 30 mg another in that stable of mediocrity that FAN calls “talent”  killing Manuel for the sake of staying on the good side of the yahoo faction of Metsfandom.


Before you take Manuel to task remember this. Cialis 30 mg Last year Tatis was one of the best Mets hitters in clutch situation and his timely bat was sorely missed down the stretch when he blew out his shoulder. Cialis 30 mg Tatis was one of the few success stories on the ‘07 team and was rewarded with the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Cialis 30 mg He then went from a steady platoon outfielder to a player buried waiting for his number to get called. Cialis 30 mg Yesterday it was called as he played 2nd base a spot he’s played twice in his career. Cialis 30 mg Tatis is a pro and a dream for a manager. Cialis 30 mg You know he’s is burning to play but he won’t rock boat, cialis 30 mg the definition of a team guy. Cialis 30 mg So J-Man has to show Tatis that he is still the player he thinks he is so being that its April and the team has had a problem early hitting in the clutch what better way to show faith in a player and reinforce the thinking that he can still do it. 


If Taits gets a hit there J-Man looks like a genius but not only didn’t Tatis get a hit he struck out badly bringing out all the John McGraw’ on AM radio and that’s fine let them have their day but when Tatis comes up in a big spot against the Phillies and delivers it will be Tatis and Manuel turn to gloat.


After doing as good a job as you can expect yesterday, cialis 30 mg Nelson Figueroa was DFA and most likely headed to Anaheim and he might be joined by Darren O’Day also DFA but he must be offered back to the Angels for $25K. Cialis 30 mg If both Figueroa and O’ Day end up in SOCAL for nothing in return then Omar Minaya deserves all the criticism he will get.


So now Casey Fossum comes up for the sloe reason the he can throw a baseball with his left arm. Cialis 30 mg Anyone see Tim Redding?



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