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Viagra jokes So the seal has been lifted from the lawsuit brought by the Madoff victim’s trustee against the Skill Sets and everything they own and I’ll tell you the truth, viagra jokes there is so much rhetoric coming from both sides that if a settlement isn’t reached this could drag on for years. Viagra jokes My main concern is how does this affect the NY Mets and the operation of the baseball organization from the minor leagues to the big league to the ability of Sandy Alderson to sign players he believes are worthy of a contract. Viagra jokes I feel bad for the innocent folks who were duped by this filthy scumbag Madoff but the biggest investment I make is a $5 Mega-Millions Quick Pick so all this financial shit is lost on me.

Viagra jokes But I started thinking about the Skill Sets role in this I saw a pattern of fiscal stupidity with Madoff and the money the team has spent on the Mets. Viagra jokes For years Freddy Skill Set was called Freddy Coupons for being a tight wad but in reality he was a big spender. Viagra jokes The Mets payroll has always been top 3 in all of baseball. Viagra jokes The Skill Sets big problem is they never knew how to spend wisely just as they didn’t invest their money (and other people’s money) correctly.  Think about it, viagra jokes the Mets would over spend on free agents like Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran but they’d never go overboard to on a draft pick. Viagra jokes They paid top dollar for performances that players achieved with other teams but not on players who could bring the best of their talents to the Mets.Then went cheap.

Viagra jokes The Skill Sets are loyal to a fault and that loyalty has cost them personally and professionally. Viagra jokes Bernie Madoff made Freddy and Uncle Saul swoon when he quoted profits of their investment to them, viagra jokes you can picture Freddy and Saul with their puppy dog eyes looking at Madoff and telling him “ooooh Bernie you’re so dreamy”, viagra jokes meanwhile he was fucking them out of all their cash. Viagra jokes To make matters worse the Skill Sets turned all their friends, viagra jokes investors and employees on to the Magic of Madoff  which in a way makes me feel some sympathy, viagra jokes as they are now looked upon and as bunch of bumbling idiots by some for not knowing what went on or a bunch of lying thieves to others. Viagra jokes Either way it’s not good to be a Wilpon or a Katz today. Viagra jokes Now if the court case proves the Sill Sets were a bunch of conniving louts, viagra jokes then I’ll be out with the flame thrower to fry their lying ass, viagra jokes but for now I’ll rail about their incompetence.

Viagra jokes The Skill Sets have handled the Mets just like their investments, viagra jokes thinking they were doing the right thing and have it come back and bite them in the ass. Viagra jokes  With the exception of Frank Cashen and Sandy Alderson (his resume speaks for itself) the hiring of men to run the baseball operations had been awful. Viagra jokes  Not just that, viagra jokes but they always had a tough time of firing guys when it was the appropriate time. Viagra jokes Steve Philips was banging secretaries like he was a porn star and when one of them took exception to his advances she cried sexual harassment. Viagra jokes What did the Skill Sets do? They fired him for about a day and then brought him back. Viagra jokes Omar Minaya the last two seasons was not only incompetent but paranoid as we saw in his presser for the Tony Bernazard termination when he attacked Adam Rubin. Viagra jokes Minaya should have been fired on the spot but of course he wasn’t. Viagra jokes When Sandy Alderson was hired he tried his best to be diplomatic when asked about Minaya and if he had a position in the org, viagra jokes obviously Alderson wants no part of Omar hanging around and you’d think Minaya would have brains enough to take his $1mil and move on but Freddy Skill Sets loves Omar and wants him around in any some capacity maybe as a playmate for Jeffey. Viagra jokes  Even when they do fire people they can’t even do that right as we saw with the Willie Randolph fiasco. Viagra jokes  Then when you add in all the bad contracts, viagra jokes the awful job of designing and running Citi Field and the inability to keep Jeffey out of the baseball business is it any wonder Bernie Madoff took them for a bunch of saps?  

Viagra jokes Things are starting to look a bit clearer and as Mets fans we may end up the winners in this whole mess.  Bud Selig being up close and personal with the Skill Sets saw the S.S. Viagra jokes Skill Sets was ready to hit an iceberg. Viagra jokes With the Hollywood Bums also at rock bottom (who knew the McCourt divorce would look like a case on The People’s Court compared the Skill Sets v. Viagra jokes Madoff Trustees?) The Used Car Salesman could not let both his flagship NL teams sink. Viagra jokes The Mets were a team that spent more money and received less return than any team in baseball. Viagra jokes What Selig saw was an organization that was in dire need for structure, viagra jokes for a leader, viagra jokes a man that could not be challenged and who embraced challenge, viagra jokes Sandy Alderson was the only man who could fix this mess.

Viagra jokes The whole interview process for a new GM was a facade; it wasn’t up to the Skill Sets to hire Alderson it was up to Alderson if he wanted the assignment. Viagra jokes I’m sure the first thing Alderson told Freddy and Uncle Saul was “The kid’s got to go” meaning Jeffey, viagra jokes and I’m sure without that, viagra jokes Alderson doesn’t take the job. Viagra jokes That my fellow Mets fans could be the best thing to happen to the Mets since General Eckert void Tom Seaver’s contract with the Atlanta Braves and in a special draft pull the Mets name out of a hat. Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes If I could give the Skill Sets a little advice, viagra jokes it’s time to lay low fella’s. Viagra jokes You’ve put word out on the street that the team is up for partial sale so sit back in your palatial estate (while you still have them) and work out a plan of your finances. Viagra jokes The one good thing you have going on in your life right now is Sandy Alderson is running your baseball team. Viagra jokes Leave him and his lieutenants handle the baseball operations   while you huddle with your lawyers. Viagra jokes Stay away from going to St. Viagra jokes Lonesome. Viagra jokes Stay away from opening day. Viagra jokes In fact just stay the fuck away from the Mets altogether!!!!!

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Viagra tablets Oh boy lot’s of stuff to ponder today so let’s have at it:


Viagra tablets Alex Cora is what he is, viagra tablets a backup infielder who most people around the Mets claim is a positive influence in the clubhouse and a manager in waiting. Viagra tablets One more name to add to the “who will succeed Jerry Manuel by Memorial Day” list. Viagra tablets What I can’t get through my thick skull is the amount of money and contract he received, viagra tablets 1yr with an option for 2011 and $2mil. Viagra tablets Now 2 mil to the Mets is nothing but what I don’t get and the thing that makes my blood boil about this idiotic operation is, viagra tablets they never go over slot on a draft pick but they will overspend for JAG’s (Just Another Guy) and with all his leadership and his ability to play hurt last year Cora is a first class JAG and they come much cheaper than 2 mi. Viagra tablets This is a typical Mets move. Viagra tablets The Mets front office is as clueless when it comes to spending money on players as trailer park white trash hitting Mega Millions. Viagra tablets At least the trailer park trash spends their fortune on malt liquor and cigarettes.

Viagra tablets I read Chris Coste’ book and even though he had the stink of Philadelphia all over him, viagra tablets I admired his hard work and perseverance in making the big leagues. Viagra tablets When I heard last night that he had signed with the Mets, viagra tablets again even with that Phillies stink all over him, viagra tablets I looked past that and thought, viagra tablets well he’s hard working vet who not only can catch but play some 1st and 3rd base and would be a great help to Josh Thole, viagra tablets but then Coste made a major blunder and inserted his foot and shin guard in his mouth:

Viagra tablets Of all teams to come calling, viagra tablets Coste wasn’t expecting to sign a free-agent deal with the hated New York Mets. Viagra tablets But that’s just what he did on Monday afternoon, viagra tablets agreeing to a one-year split deal.

Viagra tablets

Viagra tablets “It was the Mets, viagra tablets” Coste told CSN. Viagra tablets “It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. Viagra tablets I knew I was going to accept it, viagra tablets but had to think about it for a few days.”

Viagra tablets

Viagra tablets “I will always be a Phillie, viagra tablets” Coste told CSN this evening.

Viagra tablets

Viagra tablets It it wasn’t my choice to leave Philly, viagra tablets” Coste said. Viagra tablets “I never wanted to leave Philadelphia, viagra tablets I will always consider myself a Phillie.”

Viagra tablets

Viagra tablets Are you kidding me? Wait let me rephrase that, viagra tablets Are you FUCKING kidding me?  If this doesn’t prove how clueless Mets management is it’s this signing. Viagra tablets It’s bad enough that Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have big mouths, viagra tablets in a way I can accept that as they are big time players, viagra tablets but when a bush leaguer comes out with this bullshit…Are you FUCKING kidding me? If the Mets don’t void this broken down busher’s contract after that…………..well……..ahhhhh who am I kidding there isn’t a pair balls in the whole organization.


Viagra tablets Shoppach had a sub-par season in 2009 but was fantastic in 2008 and is a strong defensive catcher and is 30 years old. Viagra tablets So of course the Mets had no interest. Viagra tablets If he forged a birth certificate to show he was 38 years old and born is Santo Domingo, viagra tablets he’d be a Met today.




Viagra tablets Let’s see Polanco is a terrific fielder with great range at 2nd base. Viagra tablets He hits doubles and has some pop in his bat. Viagra tablets Won a  two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger and he’s DOMINICAN!!!! Ah but do we do with Rogers Castillo?


Viagra tablets I agree with Joe Janish, viagra tablets this could be the dark horse signing of the off season.


Viagra tablets I don’t think Schneider will be quoted saying “I’ll always be a Met” but you know he’ll go 4 for 4 the first time he plays against the Mets. Viagra tablets So anyone still think the Lastings Milledge for Scheider and Ryan Church was a win for the Mets?


Viagra tablets Metsgrrl has received her invoice for her Mets season tickets and it’s safe to say she is not a happy consumer but then again when it comes to customer relations the Mets make the Dept of  Motor of Motor Vehicles look like the happiest place on Earth.  I’m holding out hope that there will be more 97 cents days at $iti in 2010

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My bucket list isn’t very long just few things I’d like to do before my ass burns in hell:


Capture Osama Bin Laden and put him on display at Astroland there by saving Coney Island.


Land a jetliner in the Hudson River (yeah I know that Sully guy did it already but it looked so cool on the video I’d just like to try it once)


Watch baseball highlights in a heart shaped bath tub with Hazel Mae


Go clothes shopping with Don Cherry 


Hit Mega-Millions and use the money to reopen CBGB and wear spandex and boa everyday and hang out with David Johansen.


Meet my favorite Mets player of all time Ed Kranepool


Well, online cialis scratch that last one of the list as yesterday my 44 year journey was complete as I finally met my Mr. Online cialis Met, online cialis steady Eddie Kranepool. Online cialis Oh I’ve come close a few other times. Online cialis Once at a bank opening on 18th Ave in Brooklyn, online cialis Kranepool and Mets bullpen coach Joe Pignatano were at the grand opening signing autographed 8 X 10’s. Online cialis When I arrived at the bank, online cialis Ed had already left but “Piggy” was there and not only gave me and my kids autographed pics but also found a few that Eddie had signed to give out later so needless to say the are prominently displayed at the World Headquarters of The Eddie Kranepool Society (a/k/a my basement) next to my Mr. Online cialis Met bubble bath and my Ron Swoboda 12 oz tumbler from Sunoco. Online cialis


A second time was at Keyspan Park when Ed was doing color commentary on a Brooklyn Cyclones game and I tried very hard to conceal my fanboy admiration so I could infiltrate up to the press box (this is how I get around Highlander Stadium like a Special Opps agent I go in watch the game and get out and none of the Highlander faithful know there is a spy amongst them) so when I received an e mail about yesterdays event I was as happy as Navin R Johnson (Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk) when he got his new phone book. Online cialis I called right away and reserved my seat.


So now here I am bopping into Gallagher’s Restaurant yesterday and the first thing that I notice was the plethora of fat, online cialis bald middle aged guys in attendance (as opposed to moi as I may be bald and middle aged but I’m svelte <sticks out tongue>) and I thought here we are on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the 1969 World Champion team and the vast majority of the attendees were teenagers back then and for the next couple of hours we are all teenagers again. Online cialis As I look around the bar I see Ron Swoboda holding court with a small group of businessmen (by the way I didn’t know what the dress code was for this event so I decided to gussie myself up real nice and wear a collar shirt over my orange Mets t-shirt that I got for filling out my 485th Bank of America Master Card application at Shea. Online cialis That’s why I have more blankets than the Red Cross) I saw Emerson Boozer and shook his hand (which still has an ice pack on it from his grip) I acknowledged Art Shamsky (I’m sure you all read the NY Post this morning and I wish I hung around longer as I would have ran inference for Art when the ex came after him) and then as I made my around the bar there he was, online cialis Steady Eddie.


At first I felt a little intimidated to speak to him. Online cialis When I told him I’m the guy who named his blog after him I didn’t know if he’d take it as the compliment I set it out to be or if he start screaming “You? YOU”RE THE GUY”? but thankfully it was the former. Online cialis Krane seemed to get a kick out it and said he heard about it and asked me if I had a card with the website on it which of course I did, online cialis and then Ed gave me HIS BUSSINESS CARD!!!!. Online cialis


I don’t know if it was fear of him being mad about the blog or just the anticipation of meeting him that my childhood was flashing before my eyes (visions of Ebingers Bakery, online cialis egg creams, online cialis The Sea Beach Line, online cialis The Worlds Fair, online cialis The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, online cialis my Mr. Online cialis Met megaphone that I just ate popcorn out of, online cialis and cans of Rheingold the Orange and Blue aluminum shingles of early Shea, online cialis all set to the sound track of Jane Jarvis and her Thomas Organ) but I was nervous talking to Ed and he was just the opposite calm and relaxed, online cialis Steady Eddie. Online cialis He got a laugh as I told him that he was and still is my favorite Mets player of all time because I was a left hand and played first base and not fleet of foot and went by the nickname “Kranepool” and how I had a Mets uniform with 7 on it and how I wish the Mets would retire that number since he still holds or is in the top ten in most Mets lifetime hitting categories. Online cialis I tried not to ramble but I’m sure I did but he seemed to enjoy my carrying on. Online cialis


One of the dangers in meeting someone who you grew up being a huge fan of is when you do get to meet them the experience is not what you had hoped, online cialis but I would like to thank Ed Kranepool for not disappointing me by being so gracious and making yesterday even better than I had hoped it would.


Now back to that bucket list. Online cialis I wonder what Gretchen Mol is doing Saturday night?





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