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Low price cialis What a terrific day it was yesterday at the New York Mets 50th Anniversary Conference at Hofstra University. Low price cialis A big tip of my Mets cap goes to Greg Prince who work very hard to make the 3 day conference a huge success, low price cialis and in the words of Yogi Berra, low price cialis “made this day necessary” Dana Brand would be so proud of the conference and of you Greg.

Low price cialis I came away with this thought on the way home from Hofstra last night, low price cialis the Skill Sets may hold the papers to the team, low price cialis but it’s Mets fan who are the real owners and for that the whole Mets organization should be thankful.

Low price cialis It’s always fun to meet up with the Mets Blogger-ratzi at events like this especially my blogger panel teammates, low price cialis John Coppinger and Taryn Cooper, low price cialis as well as Shannon, low price cialis Kerel, low price cialis Michael, low price cialis and the Mathews Callan and Artus . Low price cialis Let’s Go Mets!!!!!

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Sildenafil oral jelly The Mets dropping a duce last night against the Giants gave me a Willie McCovey flashback and also made me think of my dad. Sildenafil oral jelly My dad was a big, sildenafil oral jelly big Giants fan, sildenafil oral jelly even followed them when they left for SF but as many Giants and Dodger fans did, sildenafil oral jelly he switched to the Mets when they were born, sildenafil oral jelly but early in his Metsfandom he still had a soft spot for his Giants. Sildenafil oral jelly It wasn’t until McCovey, sildenafil oral jelly my dad pronounced his name “McCoooovey” in his Irish brogue  , sildenafil oral jelly started to hammer Mets pitching that my dad became a full fledged Mets fan as he would call out after Stretch socked another home run over the Shea Stadium wall, sildenafil oral jelly “Ah fer Christ sake, sildenafil oral jelly that damn McCoooovey, sildenafil oral jelly he owns the Mets”   

Sildenafil oral jelly  

Sildenafil oral jelly Losing both games of a double header is bad, sildenafil oral jelly but losing both games of a double header on a day that’s grey, sildenafil oral jelly cold and damp makes close to unbearable. Sildenafil oral jelly I give my fellow Mets fans a big tip of my Mets cap for going out to Citi Field yesterday for the rain out aided double dip and if you stayed for both games, sildenafil oral jelly then the Mets owe you a ticket for another game this season (preferably one in July or August when hand warmers and blankets aren’t needed) and a medal, sildenafil oral jelly something like the victors of the two games in one day San Francisco Giants used to give fans at Candle Stick Park, sildenafil oral jelly the Croix de Candlestick. Sildenafil oral jelly    

Sildenafil oral jelly Where to begin in the dissection of last night, sildenafil oral jelly well for one it seems Miguel Batista needs to become a full time author  and he can start with penning a mystery as to why he was brought back to the Mets in the first place. Sildenafil oral jelly The game he pitched against the Reds on the last day of the season has become folklore. Sildenafil oral jelly What’s forgotten is the weather for that game was worse than last nights, sildenafil oral jelly both teams were ready to go home from the time they reported to the ballpark (some more than others , sildenafil oral jelly Hey it’s Jose, sildenafil oral jelly here’s your hat, sildenafil oral jelly what’s your hurry?) especially the visiting Redlegs   but it was that game that garnered Batista a contract for 2012.

Sildenafil oral jelly It’s tough to win games when your 4-5-6 hitters can’t drive home a run to save their lives. Sildenafil oral jelly Ike Davis (.148 4/27 w/RISP) Jason Bay (.071 1/14) and Lucas Duda (.077 1/13) are stone cold rally killers. Sildenafil oral jelly There’s not much that can be done with Bay, sildenafil oral jelly to quote the great Mike Francesa “Bay is Bay” and Duda’s has stated to show some signs of life of late but how do you solve a problem like Ike Davis?  His ankle is not the cause and it doesn’t seem his Valley Fever is to blame either for his anemic bat so what is it that has Ike off his game?  Talking heads Keith Hernandez (who has a sweeter gig than Mex ? He worked just the first game of the doubleheader leaving Gary Cohen and Ron Darling to man the TV booth for a 7 hour day. Sildenafil oral jelly Keith is the Paulie Walnuts of SNY, sildenafil oral jelly he shows up takes a seat and pulls out his sun reflector and works on his tan) and Bobby Ojeda have talked about the way Davis has lowered his hand (almost Roy White-ish ) and is late in getting the bat head out in front of the ball. Sildenafil oral jelly That explains why when he’s not striking out; Davis is hitting ground balls to 2nd base.  I’m sure Ike and Dave Hudgens sit down every afternoon and go over at bat after at bat on the video screen but does it get to the point with Ike, sildenafil oral jelly that maybe a trip to Buffalo is needed to work out his problems ? Before you go all ape shit on me, sildenafil oral jelly this thought crossed my mind this morning when I read that the Atlanta Braves sent Jair Jurrjens  to Triple A, sildenafil oral jelly isn’t Ike the hitting equivalent of Jurrgens ?  I’m not advocating sending Ike down today but if this trend of bad AB’s continues for the next 25-30 plate appearances, sildenafil oral jelly it should become an option.

Sildenafil oral jelly On the bright side, sildenafil oral jelly Bobby Parnell seems to have found his niche as a late inning but not the closer, sildenafil oral jelly reliever.

Sildenafil oral jelly I’m pretty sure the uproar over the video tribute the Mets have planned for Jose Reyes tonight will last longer than the tribute itself.  It’s still confusing to me that many of the same folks that paraded around Citi Field screaming “Don’t Trade Reyes” are the ones outraged over the Mets tip of the hat to the former shortstop.  To those still kicking up a tantrum over this issue, sildenafil oral jelly look at it like getting a shot at the doctor’s office, sildenafil oral jelly it will hurt for a second and in a minute it will all be over, sildenafil oral jelly and if you don’t cry you may get a lollipop.

Sildenafil oral jelly  

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Cialis overnight delivery I remembered that the good folks at Kiners Korner did an interview with Gary Carter sometime last year their Blog Talk Radio podcast and lo and behold I get an e-mail for Nik Kolidas with a link to the interview and a note saying he thought I’d enjoy hearing it again. Cialis overnight delivery Not only did I enjoy it, cialis overnight delivery I felt I had to share with you folks as well.

Cialis overnight delivery This seems to be the last live interview that Carter participated in

Cialis overnight delivery A big tip of my Mets cap to Nik, cialis overnight delivery Matthew Fazelpoor, cialis overnight delivery Taryn Cooper, cialis overnight delivery Gene Anthony and Rob Z. Cialis overnight delivery on a job well done.

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Purchase viagra online I know we of the Blue and Orange persuasion are not patience but to get bent out of shape over the lack of moves made by Sandy Alderson so far this off season is really off base and this is coming from a guy who is not known as patient. Purchase viagra online To fillip your Mets cap over Jonathan Broxton signing with the KC Royals is very shortsighted and again this coming from a guy who wanted to see a back end of a bullpen of Broxton and Joe Nathan. Purchase viagra online  The Texas Rangers really over paid for Nathan and his Tommy John repaired elbow and his diminishing WAR at 2yr/$14 mil as did the Royals taking on Frenchy’s new BFF at a $4mil tab for the sore armed Broxton. Purchase viagra online   As much as I would have like to take a flyer on both Nathan and Broxton it wouldn’t be worth it at the price. Purchase viagra online Sandy Alderson felt the same way.

Purchase viagra online We all know that relievers are as unpredictable as a house full of Kardashians, purchase viagra online that’s why instead of being so damn jumpy, purchase viagra online Mets fans need to sit back a bit and let this off season play out. Purchase viagra online If I could give Alderson some advice I’d feel out the Royals about a deal for Greg Holland and talk to Texas about a deal for arbitration eligible reliever Mike Adams. Purchase viagra online  I’m sure Alderson will speak with Chisox about a deal for Matt Thornton who would fit nicely as well in Flushing pen. Purchase viagra online There are options out there for the Mets fans and Alderson and his staff know it and have a plan of attack.

Purchase viagra online Let’s just stay calm and let the man do his due diligence and if on reporting day at St. Purchase viagra online Lonesome this team is not improved on the overrated “paper”, purchase viagra online then we can have a mass melt down, purchase viagra online this is not pie in sky horseshit and I understand that the fan base is not in a positive frame of mind, purchase viagra online and believe me I don’t fault you for that, purchase viagra online but let’s just see what this front office has up its sleeve before we light the torches and converge on 126th St and Roosevelt Ave.

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United healthcare viagra Tomorrow at Citi Field there will be a press conference to announce plans for the New York Mets 50th Anniversary celebration. United healthcare viagra There will be special days to commemorate past Mets players and moments in Mets history. United healthcare viagra The big news however is the 2012 Mets will look like Mets, united healthcare viagra dressed predominantly in blue and orange.

United healthcare viagra Of course this is a blue and orange letter day for The Mets Police who has fought the good fight for a years to bring back the traditional Mets home and road unis , united healthcare viagra even going as far to concede the use of the dreaded black tops on a limited basis to get the organization to stay strictly blue and orange. United healthcare viagra  

United healthcare viagra The Mets have gotten the message as the black tops and hopefully the black and the garish black and blue caps will be relics of the past.

United healthcare viagra More about this tomorrow as I’ve been invited along with other Mets bloggers to attend the presser to get a firsthand look at the new/old uni’s. United healthcare viagra    

United healthcare viagra I have been called a “Sandy Alderson apologist” by some but I have to hang my Mets cap on to something positive and Alderson’ track record says he can be successful with limited funding and his way of doing business, united healthcare viagra building the farm system and implementing a regiment throughout the Mets minor league system is exactly what I believe in. United healthcare viagra Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus writes about the Alderson honeymoon today at The Real Dirty Mets and how some Mets fans want a miracle but what is needed is patience.

United healthcare viagra If the balmy temperature’s here in NYC don’t have you thinking baseball, united healthcare viagra how about the release of the Mets 2012 spring training schedule then. United healthcare viagra  There is a bit of a twist for next spring as the Mets and Bronx Bastards will meet at the end of the exhibition season. United healthcare viagra The Mets and Highlanders used to meet regularly during spring but once Dave Kingman blasted two home runs off Catfish Hunter in a televised game back to NYC in March of 1975 (big build up for this one as it was Tom Seaver vs. United healthcare viagra Hunter who had signed the biggest free agent contract in baseball over the winter, united healthcare viagra New Years Day to be exact) Big Baby George said he had enough of the Mets. United healthcare viagra See the Mets used to rule the NYC baseball world.

United healthcare viagra Oh, united healthcare viagra and mark Wednesday March 7th on your calendar as that’s the day the Mets face ex-teammate Jose Reyes and his Flamboyant Fish for the first time in Jupiter.

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Generic name for viagra A tip of the BLUE Mets cap to The Mets Police for this pic of the offensive Seinfled cap

Generic name for viagra Observations from a busy weekend, generic name for viagra and a happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there:

Generic name for viagra I went to the Mets-Dodgers games Saturday night as we live a in a time where you can go on your computer in the afternoon and buy and download tickets to a ball game that night in the comfort of your own home. Generic name for viagra I wish the atmosphere at the ball park could be as blissful as purchasing the tickets.

Generic name for viagra The Mets gave out caps on Saturday sponsored by Seinfeld, generic name for viagra now I am a great fan of Jerry Seinfeld, generic name for viagra but those caps that were given out were an embarrassment.  My wife told to stop complaining as what were you expecting for free, generic name for viagra a New Era cap? No, generic name for viagra not at all but they could have spent an extra dollar to make the cap something I’d wear instead of a one that felt and looked like it was made from scrap paper. Generic name for viagra Then to top it off it was BLACK. Generic name for viagra Maybe if they went with blue I wouldn’t have been this upset but really that cap was a piece of shit.

Generic name for viagra We sat in the Pepsi Porch which is my favorite spot of Citi Field but on Saturday, generic name for viagra I felt like I was watching the game on the corner of 42 St and Broadway, generic name for viagra people getting up during play and then trying to get to seat 17 by going through the first 16 seats of the row in the middle of an inning. Generic name for viagra I wouldn’t bitch so much if it was once or twice but this went on all game long. Generic name for viagra  The Mets need to do what the Garden and Prudential Center enforce, generic name for viagra keep ushers near the section entrances and hold people up until an at bat is done then let them get back to their seats. Generic name for viagra And another thing, generic name for viagra is it so hard to know where you’re sitting? How many times do you see some clueless asshole holding four beers standing on the steps of the section with a stupid look on his or her face not knowing where they sit? All you have to do is remember three things Section, generic name for viagra Row, generic name for viagra and seat. Generic name for viagra  How do these people function in everyday life?

Generic name for viagra I tried the Keith Burger on Saturday night and I wasn’t impressed at all, generic name for viagra in fact in my opinion the only food that’s any good at Citi Field is Mama’s of Corona, generic name for viagra Blue Smoke, generic name for viagra or Sausage and Peppers hero, generic name for viagra the rest of the food, generic name for viagra even the highly vaunted Shake Shack, generic name for viagra is overrated.

Generic name for viagra If there is anyone of the Highlander persuasion reading this site (Michael maybe you can explain this phenomenon that I’m about to address and please remember you are excluded from the group I’m about to call out) can you explain why Highlander fans come to Citi Field dressed like they are going to a Highlanders game and root for the Mets opponent of the day? Do you know what kind of dick heads you people are? I can’t even get angry at these morons; I’m just stunned by their stupidity. Generic name for viagra I go to Highlander Stadium but I never wear my “colors” when I go (unless it’s Mets-Highlanders) I always wear my “civvies” and I just sit and enjoy the game and the company as I couldn’t give two shits if the Highlanders win or lose the game. Generic name for viagra It’s not like it just of few of these simpletons that come to Mets games, generic name for viagra there’s so many that we Mets fans look at each other with that puzzled “what the fuck”? look when they stroll around our park.

Generic name for viagra Just to closeout my Highlander fan rant, generic name for viagra last week Highlander fans were ready to run Derek Jeter out of town. Generic name for viagra If it were up to Highlander fans, generic name for viagra “El Capitan” would be lucky to get a paving stone in Monument Park forget a deserving tribute to his career. Generic name for viagra  Fans felt that Jeter was done, generic name for viagra finished, generic name for viagra a detriment to the team. Generic name for viagra Fuck those 3, generic name for viagra000 hits and 5 World Series rings and that first ballot Hall of Fame sitting with his name on it, generic name for viagra Jeter has to go. Generic name for viagra But wait, generic name for viagra yesterday he went 4 for 6 with 2 HR’s and 3 RBI, generic name for viagra so now he’s back in the pantheon of Highlanders, generic name for viagra that is until he goes 0 for his next 15 at bats, generic name for viagra then he’s back to a bum.

Generic name for viagra The more I watch Dillon Gee pitch, generic name for viagra the more impressed I am with him. Generic name for viagra  Gee was called on in an emergency as Chris Young is on the DL with shoulder trouble and what made his start impressive in my eyes was the way he worked out of tough situations. Generic name for viagra Gee looks on the mound like a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do and tries to translate what’s in his head to his arm and more times than not he succeeds. Generic name for viagra He may not be an Ace but Gee will be around the big leagues a long time as long as he stays healthy.

Generic name for viagra Give Sandy Alderson credit for honesty when he says, generic name for viagra “After Dillon Gee, generic name for viagra there isn’t much left” as far as pitchers to called up to step into the rotation if need be. Generic name for viagra Just the fact that Pat Misch was recalled made that statement real. Generic name for viagra Really Pat Misch ? I’m sick of seeing him and Willie Harris as well and while I’m at it throw in Chin-lu Hu too. Generic name for viagra How in good conscious can Terry Collins send Hu up to pinch hit? I’d use R.A. Generic name for viagra Dickey or Big Pelf as a PH’er before Hu.

Generic name for viagra Keith Hernandez shocked me a bit yesterday when he said during David Wright’s at bat in the 9th inning against Vicente Padillia that Wright’s bat speed looked like a guy late in his career who can’t get around on a fastball. Generic name for viagra Hernandez was shocked that Wright could not get around on Padilia’s fastball as he was the tying run at the plate. Generic name for viagra Wright has been bad at the plate so far this season but with RISP he’s been horrendous. Generic name for viagra It’s time for Terry Collins to drop Wright in the batting order and I guess the only thing stopping that move is Jason Bay not hitting. Generic name for viagra I’d like to see Collins us a lineup of:

Generic name for viagra Reyes

Generic name for viagra Murph

Generic name for viagra Beltran

Generic name for viagra Ike/Bay (depending on if it’s a LHP or RHP

Generic name for viagra Ike/Bay

Generic name for viagra Wright

Generic name for viagra Pridie

Generic name for viagra Thole

Generic name for viagra Pitcher

Generic name for viagra On days that Paulino catchers place him 7th and Pridie 8th. Generic name for viagra Hey it’s couldn’t hurt this lineup needs a shakeup.

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Cialis 100 mg I had the honor of being invited to a bloggers conference call with Mets manager Terry Collins last night. Cialis 100 mg Collins is upbeat , cialis 100 mg excited and quite confident about his team. Cialis 100 mg I posed the question to Collins on how will he keep this club together when adversity hits, cialis 100 mg as it always does in a 162 game baseball season. Cialis 100 mg Thanks to Michael Baron, cialis 100 mg here is my question and a full transcript of the conference call. I tip my Mets cap to Michael for doing this transcript under adverse conditions as there was a load of background noise during the call:

Cialis 100 mg Steve Keane: This Spring, cialis 100 mg camp has been upbeat, cialis 100 mg although there have been a few bumps in the road. Cialis 100 mg It seems the players have fed off your enthusiasm. Cialis 100 mg Over the course of the season, cialis 100 mg there will be losing streaks, cialis 100 mg and in the past, cialis 100 mg those spread and festered. Cialis 100 mg The Mets, cialis 100 mg over the past few years, cialis 100 mg haven’t been known to be mentally and physically tough. Cialis 100 mg How do you combat that?

Cialis 100 mg Terry Collins:   Not everyone has the answer. Cialis 100 mg People think there is a process we go through to get through it. Cialis 100 mg In a losing streak, cialis 100 mg a lot of guys get concerned with individual stats, cialis 100 mg and we need to combat that. Cialis 100 mg Its all about communication, cialis 100 mg and making sure they continue to believe in themselves. Cialis 100 mg Not sitting back, cialis 100 mg and waiting for things to happen.

Cialis 100 mg The toughest part of managing or coaching is getting your players to buy in to what preaching, cialis 100 mg getting them to put team ahead of self and so far this spring from the quotes and stories from Mets players, cialis 100 mg they seem to be buying what TC is selling.

Cialis 100 mg Caryn (Metsgrrl) Rose had a great question for Collins about him being a players manager and I think this was a real honest and revealing answer from TC:

Cialis 100 mg I think it means a lot – in the past, cialis 100 mg I was probably not a players manager. Cialis 100 mg Through the years, cialis 100 mg I have realized the importance of constant communication, cialis 100 mg and never taking anything for granted. Cialis 100 mg That is done with experience – from my first few years, cialis 100 mg I was worried about only managing the game, cialis 100 mg and thinking everyone was on board with it. Cialis 100 mg I look at it as a compliment.

Cialis 100 mg Keeping the lines of communication open is KEY for a manager. Cialis 100 mg When the players have to guess what you’re thinking or feel you’re playing head games, cialis 100 mg you are destine to lose that player and your team. Cialis 100 mg  I would say TC learned that lesson in Anaheim and will not make that mistake again.

Cialis 100 mg Izzy has agreed to stay in extended spring training for two weeks as the Mets try to fit this bullpen. Cialis 100 mg It worked out as well as Sandy Alderson could have hoped as he gets to keep two or the three relievers he had to decide on.

Cialis 100 mg The more these stories keep coming out about the Skill Sets shaky financial status, cialis 100 mg it seems the only conclusion I can see is the Skill Sets selling the team. Cialis 100 mg  Freddy Skill Sets has his heart set on keeping the team in the family for generations to come but I doubt if his wish will come true.

Cialis 100 mg As I was typing up this post, cialis 100 mg word came down that Luis Castillo has been cut by the Phuck Phaces. Cialis 100 mg Andy Martino is getting ready to file a discrimination lawsuit against the Phuck Phaces on behalf of Castillo.

Cialis 100 mg GET METS-MERIZED! GET METS-MERIZED! Cheesy? you bet Sharp Cheddar Baby!

Cialis 100 mg The everyday menu at Foley’s NY is always first rate but with the start of the 2011 Baseball Season, cialis 100 mg they have added a bunch of specials to commemorate the season openers:

Cialis 100 mg Appetizers

Cialis 100 mg Francona’s Terry-Yaki Steak Skewers: $5.00

Cialis 100 mg Thai (Cobb) Chicken Skewers: $5.00

Cialis 100 mg Dustin Pedroia’s Buffalo Shrimp: $5.50

Cialis 100 mg Miguel Cabrera’s Loaded Fries: $5.00

Cialis 100 mg Welkes’ Wings (Bucket = three orders): $12.50

Cialis 100 mg Entrees

Cialis 100 mg Cliff’s Phil-Lee Cheesesteak Sandwich: $5.95

Cialis 100 mg Justin Morneau’s French Dip $5.95

Cialis 100 mg Sean Casey’s Irish Burger $6.50

Cialis 100 mg Coursi’s Chicken Club Wrap $5.50

Cialis 100 mg Additionally, cialis 100 mg Foley’s has named a menu item for every team in the major leagues:

Cialis 100 mg NL

Cialis 100 mg Mets: David Wright Sandwich

Cialis 100 mg Phillies: Philly Cheesesteak Wrap

Cialis 100 mg Braves: Fried Chicken Dinner

Cialis 100 mg Marlins: Fried Fish Sandwich

Cialis 100 mg Nats: Washington Apple Pie

Cialis 100 mg Brewers: Bratwurst

Cialis 100 mg Cardinals: Toasted Ravioli

Cialis 100 mg Pirates: Pittsburgh Steak Salad

Cialis 100 mg Cubs: Chicago Dog

Cialis 100 mg Astros: Texas Sirloin Steak

Cialis 100 mg Reds: “Reds Hot” Chili

Cialis 100 mg Dodgers: LA Pizza

Cialis 100 mg Padres: Fish Tacos

Cialis 100 mg Rockies: Beer Battered Onion Rings

Cialis 100 mg Arizona: Chicken Southwest

Cialis 100 mg Giants: French Dip

Cialis 100 mg AL

Cialis 100 mg Yankees: “Swish” & Chips

Cialis 100 mg Red Sox: Shrimp & Scallops

Cialis 100 mg Toronto: Poutine (French fries topped by cheese curds and gravy)

Cialis 100 mg Orioles: Maryland Crab Cake Sliders

Cialis 100 mg Rays: Cuban Sandwich

Cialis 100 mg Tigers: Mini Chili Dogs

Cialis 100 mg White Sox: Chicago Dog

Cialis 100 mg Twins: “Juicy Lucy” Burger

Cialis 100 mg Royals: KC Burger

Cialis 100 mg Indians: Cleveland Carrot Cake

Cialis 100 mg Rangers: Texas T Bone

Cialis 100 mg Angels: Artie’s Nachos

Cialis 100 mg Mariners: Chicken Eggrolls

Cialis 100 mg A’s:  Garlic Wings

Cialis 100 mg Looks like tomorrow or Friday will be a long lunch day for me to sneak over to Foley’s

Cialis 100 mg Don’t forget to check out the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast from last night with my guest Matthew Silverman author of 50 AMAZIN’ SEASON . Cialis 100 mg You can listen here at Kranepool Society (lower right side bar) or at the show page or as a download on iTunes.

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Real viagra pharmacy prescription The only good thing about staying outside and shoveling snow for 4 hours yesterday was the baseball chatter between me and my neighbors. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Your back and arms don’t hurt as much when your discussing the Mets and Highlanders starting rotation (there were four of us out there, real viagra pharmacy prescription two Mets fans, real viagra pharmacy prescription two Highlanders fans) the future of Derek Jeter (we all agree he needs to get off shortstop) and what teams announcers are the best (Highlander fans conceded this one early as the only guy the like is Paul O’Neil)    I guess the baseball talk keeps us sane as we look forward to pitchers/catchers in 17 days because I need something as I’m totally SNOWBLIND.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription I had quite an interesting encounter this morning near my office. Real viagra pharmacy prescription I’m standing on the corner of Thomas St and Church St headed up to Broadway. Real viagra pharmacy prescription As I waited for the light to green so I could cross the street, real viagra pharmacy prescription a guy standing next to me is staring at me. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Just as I was ready to ask him “What the fuck are you looking at” the guy says “oh a Mets fan uh”? Now I’m wearing a Mets jacket with my classic blue Mets cap so Sherlock Fucking Holmes has cracked the case. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  As we both cross the street, real viagra pharmacy prescription this little hobit then says “You know I’m a season ticket holder. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Maybe we can exchange e-mails and if you ever need tickets…..”? I turn to this cretin and tell him “Chief, real viagra pharmacy prescription the only way you’d get my e-mail address is if you morphed into Christina Hendricks in the next three seconds”   Of course he didn’t. Real viagra pharmacy prescription What a douchebag.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Time for News and Views:

Real viagra pharmacy prescription NEWS: Freddy Skill Sets wants Omar Minaya to stay with Mets

Real viagra pharmacy prescription View:  What’s the fucking point? The biggest weakness the Skill Sets have is they never can say good-bye (no, real viagra pharmacy prescription no, real viagra pharmacy prescription no, real viagra pharmacy prescription now)Nothing against Minaya but for Christ sake man, real viagra pharmacy prescription you got canned as GM and all of your staff was given pink slips have some pride and walk away. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Look if Freddy wants to give you a desk and a phone so you can stay in contact with folks around MLB to find employment that’s fine but com’on Freddy, real viagra pharmacy prescription I know breakin’ up is hard to do but stop making Omar you’re Calendar Girl. Real viagra pharmacy prescription I don’t want to think of you as the King of Clowns.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription NEWS: Freddy Skill Sets says he’ll cut your ass if you can’t play.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription View: Now that’s how to walk like a man

Real viagra pharmacy prescription NEWS: Mets Farm System is Rank

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Views:  Seems the folks who are expert in minor league baseball feel the Mets crop of farm hands is not of fine vintage. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It seems Sandy Alderson is of the same mind set as he has spoken about rebuilding the minor league system and doing so in a uniform fashion. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  Last year we saw the near destruction of RHP Jenry Mejia but the mission failed so it seems, real viagra pharmacy prescription but Mejia is ranked #1 or #2 in just about every ranking survey (great job by Ed Ryan of Mets Fever by the way of posting the links) with Wilmer Flores right behind him and RHP Matt Harvey right behind them.  The Mets have two picks in the Top 50 picks of the 2011 First Draft, real viagra pharmacy prescription hopefully Sandy Alderson will not stir this draft with a slotted spoon.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription NEWS: Strawberry to run in the Race To The Top of The Empire State Building   

Real viagra pharmacy prescription VIEW: Outstanding!  I hope he wears Mets gear while running.

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Viagra wholesalers Just  a few more comments on last nights conference call with Sandy Alderson, viagra wholesalers a doff of my Mets cap and a bow to the guys at Amazin’ Avenue for transcribing the entire call, viagra wholesalers thank you guys.

Viagra wholesalers Last year at this time I was quite disgusted with the Mets front office, viagra wholesalers the manager, viagra wholesalers players and the owner. Viagra wholesalers After listening to Alderson last night my attitude has done the ol’ 180 degree spin. Viagra wholesalers  He took over an organization that had some huge cracks in its foundation and as any home owner knows cracks in the foundation spell disaster.  Alderson is not just going to patch the foundation of the Mets, viagra wholesalers he is going to rebuild it so it’s rock solid.

Viagra wholesalers The Tea Party segment of the Mets fans base are clueless in their negativity on the direction of the team. Viagra wholesalers For all of you dolts who are calling talk radio and ranting how you’re not going to buy tickets or Met merchandise, viagra wholesalers I guess you were happy with the past administration (for now on the past GM name will not appear on this site ever again) and maybe if the former GM get another job running a team (doubt it) you can switch your rooting interest.

Viagra wholesalers Howard Megdal ran a campaign for GM this past summer on a platform of Logic, viagra wholesalers Transparency and Passion well we didn’t get Howard as Mets GM but Sandy Alderson has embraced those three characteristics very well.

Viagra wholesalers So all you disgruntled so-called Mets it’s fine that you stay away from Citi Field but when the ship gets back on course don’t be a hypocrite and jump on the band wagon, viagra wholesalers use your heads and jump on now.

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