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Did you feel that jolt of cool air this morning? How invigorating. Add buy online url viagra It’s what I like to call World Series weather. Add buy online url viagra  Nothing beats World Series weather, add buy online url viagra 70 degrees in the day and 50 by night. Add buy online url viagra As baseball fans we live to spend a few glorious nights rooting for our team wearing  our team colors on jackets, add buy online url viagra caps and even a blanket if needed. Add buy online url viagra You are never cold or uncomfortable in World Series weather because the thought of a championship is all you need to give you a warm feeling.

Add buy online url viagra The last five seasons as a Mets fan, add buy online url viagra we haven’t come close to experiencing World Series weather at Citi Field. Add buy online url viagra  No, add buy online url viagra as a Mets fan, add buy online url viagra that first autumn chill is just a reminder to call the boiler company to do a clean out of the furnace, add buy online url viagra to go to Home Depot and get some bags to collect the soon to be falling leaves and to take inventory of the rock salt supply. Add buy online url viagra I’d much rather be getting my Mets jacket ready for use, add buy online url viagra along with my Mr. Add buy online url viagra Mets cap and maybe just maybe my blue and orange gloves with the Mets logo on them.

Add buy online url viagra While I will still wear those articles of Mets clothing throughout the fall and winter in what will be a non-combative situation. Add buy online url viagra  It’s been seven seasons since we’ve worn the post season war paint as Mets fans, add buy online url viagra we have become just a bunch of post season spectators, add buy online url viagra like Iceland at the United Nations, add buy online url viagra we’re a member of the league but have no real influence in the serious stuff going on.

Add buy online url viagra I’m not happy about the situation in fact I’m totally pissed off. Add buy online url viagra  I guess 49 years of being a Mets fan, add buy online url viagra you remember the best and the worst of times. Add buy online url viagra You revel in the high moments and fall into despair over the low moments and you know your heart is still into being a Mets fan because things that shouldn’t bother you eat at your soul. Add buy online url viagra Tonight is one of those nights that looks like it going to be noshing on my blue and orange soul.

Add buy online url viagra Jerry Seinfeld will be a part of the Mets broadcast tonight on SNY. Add buy online url viagra I’m am a very big Seinfeld fan, add buy online url viagra his work is so outstanding that whenever I come by a re-run of SEINFELD I stop and watch no matter that I’ve seen the episode about 100 times. Add buy online url viagra Seinfeld will be on the pre-game show with Chris Carllin and Bobby Ojeda as Seinfeld has a huge man crush on Bobby O and from there, add buy online url viagra he will join Gary, add buy online url viagra Keith and Ron (I guess) in the TV booth at Citi Field. Add buy online url viagra I have a big time problem with this because this is not what September baseball is about.

Add buy online url viagra Instead of Jerry Seinfeld doing Mets-Giants tonight, add buy online url viagra I should be hearing Gary Cohen updating me on the Mets Magic Number to clinch the NL East. Add buy online url viagra I should be hearing Keith and Ron going over the hypothetical pitching matchup for the Mets in the post season and busting our buttons with pride as Ronnie says, add buy online url viagra “No one wants to be the first team to face the Mets with Harvey, add buy online url viagra Niese and Wheeler starting a series”  I should be hearing that David Wright is the odds on choice to be the NL MVP and Harvey the NL Cy Young. Add buy online url viagra I should be getting my post season groove ready. Add buy online url viagra But I’m not.

Add buy online url viagra The Mets are playing out the string for the fifth season in a row. Add buy online url viagra It’s so bad the team has to resort to a side show of adding a standup comic to the best TV booth not just in baseball but all of sports. Add buy online url viagra  Excuse me for not laughing at the jokes because I don’t see anything funny in losing.

Add buy online url viagra When I made my feelings known on Twitter last late on how I’m not happy with Seinfeld in the booth, add buy online url viagra I was treated like an Asian-American who just won the Miss America pageant. Add buy online url viagra  Most folks called me cranky and old and someone who needs to get over themselves. Add buy online url viagra  Some said it’s no big deal; some it seems are ok with all the losing as for they look at Mets games and Mets Twitter as more a social event. Add buy online url viagra I’ve thought about those people.

Add buy online url viagra Most of them weren’t even born when on August 20th 1985, add buy online url viagra the day Dwight Gooden struck out 16 San Francisco Giants in a game the Mets won 3-0 and had them in first place by a game and a half, add buy online url viagra at which point Mets fans were drooling over themselves and our reemergence as a World Series contender. Add buy online url viagra  They have only seen on a You Tube what I watched live when Eric Davis of the Reds slid hard into third base and into Ray Knight and Knight taking exception and flatting Davis with a serious right hook. Add buy online url viagra This was also the game that Davey Johnson used Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell in the same inning by shuttling both pitchers from the mound to the outfield, add buy online url viagra switching each pitcher for right or lefty batters. Add buy online url viagra  These same people never met Homer the Dog or have had their head patted by Joan Payson. Add buy online url viagra They have never heard Jane Jarvis play live at Shea Stadium. Add buy online url viagra They didn’t cry tears of sorrow on June 15, add buy online url viagra 1977. Add buy online url viagra They never heard Lindsay Nelson, add buy online url viagra Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner do a Mets game. Add buy online url viagra  They’ve never drank an R.C. Add buy online url viagra Cola.

Add buy online url viagra With all the losing seasons and ineptness of the present ownership, add buy online url viagra it would be so easy to walk away and say who cares. Add buy online url viagra I will never do that. Add buy online url viagra Like the lyrics say in our Alma matter “Meet the Mets” (by the way who besides me has this song on their iPod?)”The fans are true to the orange and blue” , add buy online url viagra I’ll be here reacting to the situation with this team as I see fit, add buy online url viagra hoping those who don’t care start caring and those who wear their Mets heart on their sleeve get rewarded for the undying support they have given an organization that doesn’t know how to love them back.

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Viagra overnight Last night while watching the Mets-Nationals game-yes I’m still watching the Mets – I opened up my Twitter app and saw one of the Mets beat writers asking why #MetsTwitter was so quiet? If you are not hip to #MetsTwitter, viagra overnight it’s a number of Mets fans who comment while games are in progress. Viagra overnight The tweets are as entertaining and as witty as the repartee that goes on in the Mets TV and radio booth. Viagra overnight  So why was the Mets chatter on Twitter so sparse?

Viagra overnight You could say that the first day of school played a part as those of use with kids know that the first day means covering books, viagra overnight sharpening pencils and signing forms, viagra overnight lots of forms. Viagra overnight Add in a Monday Night Football game of major interest to us Giants fans, viagra overnight with the Eagles-Redskins locking up and those of us who missed the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire and further episodes of Ray Donovan (I told my wife if we ever hit Powerball, viagra overnight I’m hiring a Ray Donovan type to handle all my problems, viagra overnight like someone parking in my driveway or noisy neighbors or anyone who writes a negative comment on this sight) and The Newsroom. Viagra overnight Lots of stuff happening on the peripheral of Mets baseball but I still watched the game but really didn’t have the energy to make comments on Twitter.

Viagra overnight Really at this point what is there to comment on? This team is playing without its best everyday player, viagra overnight its Ace starting pitcher and it’s finally very effective closer. Viagra overnight First base has become a collection of mismatched socks. Viagra overnight The young shortstop slacker who should be playing shortstop is getting a mega dose of tough love from the ex-Marine GM who has shown this season to be an intelligent soft spoken gentleman who makes moves without any emotional attachment to the players in his organization, viagra overnight a major plus in my book. Viagra overnight We have a manager who is or isn’t coming back and pitching coach who shouldn’t come back (there and some fans who have this ridiculous notion that Dan Warthen is responsible for the success of Matt Harvey, viagra overnight Zack Wheeler and Bobby Parnell when the real credit for the young supple arms should go to Frank Viola, viagra overnight Glenn Abbott, viagra overnight Randy St. Viagra overnight Claire and Jason Issringhausen, viagra overnight the Mets minor league pitching coaches who have gotten these and the other young arms in the org ready) That plus the unknown of whether the owners will spend money over the winter or not AS PROMISED!!!! has worn down this fan base considerably. Viagra overnight Just because we’re not ranting on Twitter doesn’t mean we’re not watching, viagra overnight we’ve just run out of material that’s all.

Viagra overnight You know the Mets are playing out the string when Gary Cohen and RonDarling spend an inning discussing the coaching career of Joe Pignatano. Viagra overnight It’s too bad the Call the Booth segment wasn’t used last night as I could have chimed in with my own “Piggy” story.

Viagra overnight My wife and I were on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn about 19 years ago. Viagra overnight We had just moved to Staten Island but we still went shopping in Bensonhurst because that’s where the best Italian salumeria’s, viagra overnight pork stores and bakeries are, viagra overnight the three important staples of my existence. Viagra overnight Anyway, viagra overnight we pass an Apple Bank on 67th street and I see a sign that was promoting an appearance by none of than “Former Dodger and NY Mets coach, viagra overnight Joe Pignatano”  shopping for provisions would have to wait , viagra overnight I want to say hi to Piggy. Viagra overnight I remember most of the conversation, viagra overnight how he missed his buddy “Gilly” (Gil Hodges) how Tom Seaver was the greatest pitcher who ever lived and believe it or not the problem with kids not throwing enough to strengthen their arms, viagra overnight Piggy was as Old Testament baseball as anyone. Viagra overnight At this point my wife had enough and left to finish shopping and I was about to leave as well until I asked the question that got the biggest rise of all from the old coach “So Joe, viagra overnight where on Staten Island do you live”

Viagra overnight I had read that Pignatano and his wife had left Bay Ridge for Staten Island. Viagra overnight At the time of our meeting we had just made the move from Brooklyn to Staten Island as well and were still in the culture shock of being transplant. Viagra overnight  The answer to my question was not what I was expecting. Viagra overnight “Oh hell, viagra overnight I don’t live there anymore, viagra overnight we moved back to Brooklyn”  WOW! When I asked how come? Pignatano answered with a question, viagra overnight “why are you here today”? I told him to do food shopping; he laughed and said “See? You can’t find this food on Staten Island and if you do they’re getting the stuff from Brooklyn”. Viagra overnight He also ranted on how it was too quiet and no one is out during the day so there are no neighbors to talk to and any time he needed to go to the store he have to drive . Viagra overnight After a year on the Island he convinced his wife to move back to Bay Ridge or back to “civilization” as Pignatnao said. Viagra overnight  

Viagra overnight We talked for so long that my wife finished shopping and stood outside the front of the bank. Viagra overnight I shook hands with Pignatano and told him what a pleasure it was to meet him but I have to get back to Staten Island. Viagra overnight “Better you than me” he said with a big laugh.

Viagra overnight  

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Sildenafil plant

Sildenafil plant

Izzy For Pitching Mets Coach Ohhhhh this makes so much sense!!!

It has been a while since I thought about Yusmeiro Petit. Sildenafil plant Back in 2004 and 2005 Petit was moving at shooting star pace in the Mets minor league system, sildenafil plant with great command of his pitches, sildenafil plant none of which was a blazing fastball. Sildenafil plant In fact there were some “oooohhhs” let out by Mets fans when he was a piece in the deal that brought Carlos Delgado to the Mets from the Marlins but hey, sildenafil plant you have to give up something to get something right?

As great as Petit’s numbers were with the Mets minor leagues, sildenafil plant they never translated to the big leagues and Petit became a stumble bum of an arm. Sildenafil plant  So it was a shock when perusing Twitter last night I saw that Petit had a perfect game going through 7 innings. Sildenafil plant  I then saw that the game was the D’Backs vs. Sildenafil plant Giants and I thought that’s nice that the D’Backs brought him up from the minors, sildenafil plant I had no idea the Petit was with the Giants. Sildenafil plant When did that happen?

What a heartbreaker for Petit to go 8.2 innings of perfect pitching to lose it to a 3-2 barely out of the reach of Hunter Pence single to right field.

Petit has banged around the big leagues and in Mexico, sildenafil plant hell the Giants cut him twice to have room on the 40 man roster and each time he resigned just to stay in the organization and pitch in Fresno. Sildenafil plant It’s a shame that Petit didn’t get the perfect game as it would have been nice to have a perfect game on his imperfect resume.

While everyone is having flashbacks over Scott Kazmir’ Mets career and the reliving the Victor Zambrano trade that was made 9 years ago since Kazmir K’d 12 Mets last night, sildenafil plant we seem to be missing the big picture, sildenafil plant Zack Wheeler needs to be shut down for the season. Sildenafil plant Wheeler had major command issues last night and looked like he could not get comfortable on the mound. Sildenafil plant All are warning signs that Wheeler is an injury waiting to happen. Sildenafil plant  Does it really matter who starts in his place? Isn’t more important to shut him down and let him get ready for St. Sildenafil plant Lonesome in 2014? Can someone wake up Dan Warthen and have him protect his pitcher?

Speaking of Warthen, sildenafil plant how about replacing him with Jason Isringhusen as Mets pitching coach? Izzy may be the most responsible for the emergence of Bobby Parnell as a top flight closer. Sildenafil plant Izzy worked with Parnell on mastering the knuckle curve and I’m sure he gave him the life lesson on how to be an effective closer. Sildenafil plant Izzy also would be a great guy to have on staff to advise the new generation of Mets pitchers on the trials and tribulations of what a young talented player will go through pitching in NYC. Sildenafil plant  He has also gone through the bumps and bruises of a big league career from being a starter and then converted to reliever to suffering injuries and a few arm surgeries as well. Sildenafil plant Izzy is just one season removed from being an active player so he knows how to relate to today’s pitchers. Sildenafil plant  I think Izzy taking the Mets pitching staff under his wing would a solid hire.

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Free trial of viagra I am off on a two week vacation so I thought before I head off, free trial of viagra I’d put up a post filled with Mets-nutia and more:

Free trial of viagra I have wrestled with the notion of should the Mets deal Bobby Parnell and Marlon Byrd, free trial of viagra I’m sure the Mets front office has had the same dilemma. Free trial of viagra I’m enjoying this team right now and the fact that all the Mets-haters look like idiots talking shit about our team. Free trial of viagra No nothings in the media still make the same old stale jokes about the Mets but throughout the baseball industry, free trial of viagra there is a ton of respect for what the Mets are building. Free trial of viagra How can you mock a team that has Matt Harvey and David Wright as its two big stars? How incredibly stupid do you look questioning the direction of this team when the Mets are the envy of baseball with the stockpile of young pitching in their minor league system? I know it’s hard for many of the numb skulls in the media to comprehend that the Mets have shown improvement and are on the right track to being a winning organization. Free trial of viagra Smarten up !

Free trial of viagra With that said, free trial of viagra I hope the Mets don’t trade Parnell or Byrd. Free trial of viagra The time has come where to put an emphasis on winning. Free trial of viagra The Mets , free trial of viagra Phillies and Nationals all have 53 losses . Free trial of viagra The Phillies and Nats are tied for 2nd place in the NL East with the Mets just 2 games back. Free trial of viagra Think about that, free trial of viagra the Mets are 2 games out of 2nd place. Free trial of viagra If you don’t think that’s a big deal, free trial of viagra then you haven’t been a long time Mets fan.

Free trial of viagra So by the end of this weekend the Mets could be right in back of the Braves for 1st place in the NL East. Free trial of viagra WOW! Ponder that!

Free trial of viagra The last team Davey Johnson wanted to see this weekend was the NY Mets. Free trial of viagra The Nats are 2-8 last 10 and 7-13 in their last 20 and have to face Matt Harvey in tonight’s night cap. Free trial of viagra Be proud Mets fans be proud!

Free trial of viagra We have seen the resiliency of this team and the solid camaraderie among the players that has sold me that this team is well worth rooting for. Free trial of viagra What the off season brings is not for today. Free trial of viagra It’s nearly August and I’m enjoying watching the NY Mets play baseball, free trial of viagra what’s wrong with that?

Free trial of viagra I hope Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada spend the month of August in Las Vegas. Free trial of viagra Why bring either player up now? Since both players went down with injury and Eric Young Jr. Free trial of viagra joined the club, free trial of viagra and the bullpen has been solidified, free trial of viagra  the team’s been winning. Free trial of viagra The mantra of the Mets outfield being the worst in baseball has been silenced. Free trial of viagra In fact, free trial of viagra defensively the Mets outfield of EYJ, free trial of viagra Juan Lagares and Marlon Byrd is a major plus. Free trial of viagra No way Lucas Duda ever sees LF again, free trial of viagra so it’s either 1B, free trial of viagra be traded, free trial of viagra or stay in LV until September. Free trial of viagra  

Free trial of viagra With Tejada, free trial of viagra I can see bringing him up in a platoon with Omar Quintanilla but you gets sent down? Having Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andrew Brown on the bench gives Terry Collins a nice late inning lefty/righty option late in games. Free trial of viagra Josh Satin isn’t even in the thought process of going to LV and Justin Turner is Terry Collins’ pet, free trial of viagra so what to do? I say stand pat, free trial of viagra platoon Ike and Satin at 1B and live with Turner as the backup shortstop for a month.

Free trial of viagra The Mets will giveaway Jay Horowitz Bobbleheads on August 23rd when the Detroit Tigers come to town. Free trial of viagra There will also be a post game concert by 3rd Eye Blind and a portion of the tickets sales will go to Hope Shines For Shannon. Free trial of viagra Instead of 3rd Eye Blind should the Talking Heads be the band to perform on Jay Horowitz Bobble head Night?

Free trial of viagra The Mets are also hosting a sleepover at Citi Field on August 10th

Free trial of viagra  

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Viagra discussions Hey Mets fans, viagra discussions who is the the best team in the NL East over the last 30 games?

Viagra discussions  

Viagra discussions <

Rk Tm last30
1 NYM 18-12
2 PHI 16-14
3 MIA 16-14
Avg 15-14
4 ATL 14-16
5 WSN 14-16

Viagra discussions Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/24/2013.

Viagra discussions >
1973 deja vu?

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Original use of viagra

Original use of viagra How great is this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Original use of viagra  

Original use of viagra

Before I give my views on the All Star Game and the four day extravaganza  of the events, original use of viagra I’d like for you to check out the Quaz Q & A I did with Jeff Pearlman and I’d like to thank Jeff for  including me in The Quaz.

The best part of the All Star Game and the baseball festival that comes with it is it put the NY Mets back on the baseball map. Original use of viagra No longer do Mets fan have to hide their allegiance to the Orange and Blue (why would you?) nope, original use of viagra time to show your colors as the organization, original use of viagra the City of New York and Mets fans put on a great display for baseball fans all over the world to envy.

Matt Harvey was real and spectacular last night. Original use of viagra Sure he was amped up in the first inning and his HBP of Robbie Cano was of course an accident, original use of viagra don’t ya know. Original use of viagra I’m sure NY Highlander fans are sweating profusely today, original use of viagra not due to the heat wave or Cano’s bruised quad but because they have seen the future of NY Baseball  in Matt Harvey and the NY Mets .

I cannot believe the poor taste displayed by FOX last night by not showing the Canadian National Anthem cutting to a commercial, original use of viagra really classless.

I have no idea who Candice Glover is but I know no one bought a ticket to last night’s game to hear her sing the Star Spangled Banner. Original use of viagra That is a fact lost on many folks who sing the anthem like they are auditioning for American Idol or X Factor. Original use of viagra   This man should have been tabbed to sing both Oh Canada and The Star Spangled Banner because no one does it better:

Original use of viagra <>

For the life of me I don’t understand how directors of sporting events on TV think the viewer at home wants to see crowd shots of people clapping. Original use of viagra When the starting lineups were announced we got a glimpse of David Wright emerging from the dugout then we got to look at the Schmohawks in the stands clapping. Original use of viagra It wasn’t until Wright got to the last of the players lined up did we see the handshakes. Original use of viagra Awful!

I know it’s all the rage to rag on Tim McCarver and at times it’s deserved especially when he’s reading the lyrics to Enter Sandman, original use of viagra YOWZAA! But it’s his last season as a FOX analyst and I’d agree with those who say not a moment too soon but for those of us who watched him as a player know he was a terrific catcher who was the preferred receiver by two hall of fame pitchers in Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton. Original use of viagra He was also a top of his game analyst for the Mets telecasts from 1983 to 1998 where he and Ralph Kiner had great rapport on the air. Original use of viagra Sure he should have packed it in years ago but I’m just glad he (or a FOX Sports suit) realized times up.

Can someone explain to me why Erin Andrews   has a job as a sideline reporter?  Shouldn’t she should be teaching cheerleading in a middle school somewhere?

How great was it to see Tom Seaver come out on the Citi Field mound to throw out the first pitch. Original use of viagra Seaver has had some health problems of late so I was very happy to see him at the game and looking great and throwing the first pitch to David Wright. Original use of viagra Yeah I was teary eyed.

Mike Piazza was also part of the festivities the last few days here in NY and with the news that Piazza will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame I hope this means he and the Mets have straighten out any difference they had and he will be a part of the organization and around the team more often . Original use of viagra I’m not his biggest fan but I like when former players especially of his caliber are around the club.

Can we get a law passed that Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline be banned from anymore MLB games. Original use of viagra The song is all your Red Sox fans. Original use of viagra  I know it was a salute to Boston but they really should have played Lazy Mary that’s OUR song!

I hope David Wright is staying in bed with the A/C on and just crashing for the day. Original use of viagra Wright has been out in front of everything this All Star break and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the team as he has. Original use of viagra With all the sanctimony and false idol worship the NY sports media heaps on Derek Jeter, original use of viagra he doesn’t do half for the Highlanders that Wright does for the Mets. Original use of viagra  

How could anyone, original use of viagra that includes you Mets fans, original use of viagra have a problem with the Mariano Rivera moment last night? That was one of the great baseball, original use of viagra sports and New York moments we will ever see. Original use of viagra If you criticize Jim Leyland for bringing Rivera in the game in the 8th inning then there is no use in explaining to you as you’re too dense to get it anyway.

By the way, original use of viagra instead of having an All Star MVP why not just make it the All Star Player of the Game Award. Original use of viagra I don’t have a problem with Rivera getting the award and in this game it would be tough to give a true MVP but Chris Sale and our Matt Harvey stood out more than any other players in the game.

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Wholesale viagra During the summer months, wholesale viagra one of the most watched sports would be that of Major League Baseball. Wholesale viagra Today, wholesale viagra many people around the world watch the sport as it is broadcast internationally. Wholesale viagra One team that has quite a following is the New York Mets. Wholesale viagra Fans for this team are very loyal, wholesale viagra sticking by their team through the thick and thin. Wholesale viagra Another way these fans express themselves is by placing sports bets on their team’s games.

Wholesale viagra Fans have many different kinds of baseball bets they can make. Wholesale viagra Some will stick with one type while others may place multiple bets of different types. Wholesale viagra One of these includes over and under betting. Wholesale viagra This particular bet isn’t dependent upon which team wins but rather what the combined final score is. Wholesale viagra Bookmakers will set a total prior to the game. Wholesale viagra This number will always include a decimal to prevent any bets needing to be cancelled. Wholesale viagra An upcoming game between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals may have the total set at 7.5. Wholesale viagra An over bet would win if the total score is 8 or higher. Wholesale viagra On the flip side, wholesale viagra an under bet would win if the total score is 7 or less. Wholesale viagra

Wholesale viagra After sports bets have been made, wholesale viagra if fans want some more baseball related fun they should try out one of the many baseball themed slot machines that can be found at online casinos like Lucky Nugget. Wholesale viagra A popular one is the King of Swing. Wholesale viagra This slot machine game actually lets players have a turn at bat when they get to the homerun derby bonus round. Wholesale viagra Nine pitches are thrown and depending upon the result of each hit, wholesale viagra free spins and bonus multipliers may be awarded. Wholesale viagra With many successful hits, wholesale viagra the rewards could pile up fast. Wholesale viagra The homerun derby is triggered with pitcher symbols appearing on the reels. Wholesale viagra

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Viagra pill splitter

Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter Welcome to July. Viagra pill splitter Time for some Mets-cellaneous views and opinions as our favorite baseball team closes out yet another losing month:

Viagra pill splitter The angst expressed by some Mets fans and know nothings in the media over Zack Wheelers start yesterday was stunning. Viagra pill splitter  It wasn’t a great start for Wheeler but his problems came from lack of command and poor choice of pitches, viagra pill splitter two things that can be fixed. Viagra pill splitter Wheeler also altered his delivery which I’m not a big fan of doing this between starts as I’m starting to think there is too much information overload given to Wheeler than just letting him go out there and pitch comfortably.

Viagra pill splitter If you watched Wheeler pitch yesterday and think he’s a bust then you need to stop watching baseball and also stop going on social media with your dumb ass opinions because all you do is embarrass yourself. Viagra pill splitter  Pitchers like Matt Harvey come around once generations so just enjoy watching him pitch and enjoy watching him wear a Mets uniform and stop comparing every young pitcher in the Mets system to him.

Viagra pill splitter My only concerned with Wheeler is that he gets his instructions from Dan Warthen. Viagra pill splitter If Wheeler and the rest of the Mets pitchers can survive the next 3 months of Dandy Dan’s Guide to Pitching, viagra pill splitter next season should bring a new voice to the Mets pitching staff. Viagra pill splitter I’d have to think that there will be a new manager and coaching staff installed for the Mets 2014 season, viagra pill splitter and those hiring’s could be the most important free agent hiring’s of the Mets off season.

Viagra pill splitter Last Friday I saw a tweet from 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that Dave Duncan was going to be a guest on their morning show. Viagra pill splitter You can listen to the interview here. Viagra pill splitter As I listened to Duncan speak about pitching I went into full J. Viagra pill splitter Peterman mode, viagra pill splitter screaming at my computer screen, viagra pill splitter “NAME YOU’RE PRICE, viagra pill splitter MAN”!!!!!!!!

Viagra pill splitter Duncan left the Cardinals in 2012 to care for his ailing wife who unfortunately lost her fight with cancer in early June. Viagra pill splitter  From listening to Duncan in that interview it’s clear he still watched what’s going on in MLB and it would not be a reach to say he’d like to get back into the game.

Viagra pill splitter Sandy Alderson had a very successful relationship with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan back in the late 80’s when Alderson ran the Oakland A’s, viagra pill splitter winning a World Series title in 1989. Viagra pill splitter Could Alderson place a call to LaRussa and Duncan offering them to get the band back together? As much as LaRussa annoyed me during his St Louis Cardinal days, viagra pill splitter I would be totally on board bringing LaRusa and Dave Duncan to the Mets. Viagra pill splitter Mets fans have discussed and debated who could be the next Keith Hernandez or the Gary Carter, viagra pill splitter the player who would bring the Mets back to prominence, viagra pill splitter maybe Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan in Mets uni’s fit that bill in a supervisory position?

Viagra pill splitter Now I know my whole scenario is pretty much a pipe dream, viagra pill splitter I mean who am I kidding, viagra pill splitter Freddy & Jeffy Skill Sets own this team not Mikhail Prokhorov SIGH!

Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter Anyone miss Ike Davis? Would a Lucas Duda/Josh Satin platoon at 1B be more productive than trotting out Ike every game? What happens when Ike returns or better yet does Ike return?

Viagra pill splitter A big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To David Aardsma for hitting Ian Desmond to lead off the 6th inning yesterday. Viagra pill splitter  Finally a pitcher with onions!

Viagra pill splitter And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes

Viagra pill splitter Where it’s going no one knows:

Viagra pill splitter The Mets have not had a winning month since June of last year. Viagra pill splitter Here is the W/L record for the Amazin’s from July 201 to June 2013:

Viagra pill splitter July 2012 7-18

Viagra pill splitter Aug 2012 12-16

Viagra pill splitter Sept 2012 11-16

Viagra pill splitter Oct 2012 1-2

Viagra pill splitter Apr 2013 10-15

Viagra pill splitter May 2013 12-15

Viagra pill splitter June 2013 11-15

Viagra pill splitter That comes out to a grand total of 161 games and a 64-97 .397 winning percentage.

Viagra pill splitter Enjoy your Monday!

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Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter  

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Pfizer Mexico Viagra

Best natural viagra

Best natural viagra

We’ve all heard it. Best natural viagra From the annoying co-worker, best natural viagra the pain in the ass relative, best natural viagra ball buster friend, best natural viagra they all say it “How can you root for the Mets”  well today they all wish they were Mets fans.

Usually a day like yesterday, best natural viagra “Super Tuesday” blows up in our faces like Wily E. Best natural viagra Coyote opening a crate from the Acme Corp, best natural viagra but yesterday was one day in a season of angst and despair that made you proud to wear your Mets attire.

If the Legend of Matt Harvey wasn’t fascinating enough (I’m waiting to hear that he was a part of Seal Team 6 who took out Osama Bin Laden) with each start out doing the last, best natural viagra we find out that last season, best natural viagra while resting in the back of the Mets clubhouse, best natural viagra Jon Rauch thought it would be funny to dump a pail of ice water on Harvey. Best natural viagra Harvey took big exception to the tattoo festooned Rauch for acting like an asshole and threated to beat the shit out of him. Best natural viagra Rauch, best natural viagra as all bullies do, best natural viagra sulked away before Harvey could get the can of Whoop Ass open. Best natural viagra Last week I said it would be nice if the Mets organization would make an anti-bullying PSA, best natural viagra a video of Harvey standing up to Rauch would have been perfect.

I didn’t see Harvey’s start as I was at work but I did get to hear Howie and Josh do the game on radio. Best natural viagra If you have listened to them in recent weeks, best natural viagra especially during the Marlins series, best natural viagra you know that the losing was starting to wear on them as it was on us. Best natural viagra But yesterday was outstanding baseball on the radio. Best natural viagra  

There is no hiding it, best natural viagra Howie is one of us (as is Gary Cohen who also has started to get bit snarky just like us which I kinda like) and his enthusiasm flowed from his play by play. Best natural viagra Same with Josh Lewin who has fit in fabulously as Howie’s right hand man. Best natural viagra The duo were as upset as we were over the infield hit by Jason Heyward in the 7th and I guess Lucas Duda was a little asleep at the wheel, best natural viagra enough so that he apologized to Harvey after the game, best natural viagra to put the no hitter to rest but I’m sure Terry Collins was happy as no-hitters seem to make him cry.

I also missed the night cap of the day nighter and the debut of Zack Wheeler as I was sitting in the rain in Coney Island waiting for the Brooklyn Cyclones to open up their home schedule against the Staten Island Highlanders. Best natural viagra  The field at MCU Park is now Field Turf and it looks magnificent. Best natural viagra One of the features of the field we were told is you no longer have to use a tarp to cover it when it rains. Best natural viagra After last night, best natural viagra the Cyclones may want to rethink that. Best natural viagra The rain did stop for about 20 minutes to a half hour and the ground crew (the Cyclones have about 20 people working on their crew, best natural viagra maybe some of them could be sent to Las Vegas where there is a gang of one taking care of the landscaping) came out squgeed the field but Cyclones manager Rich Donnelly was not very happy with the field conditions. Best natural viagra  From the looks of the skipper, best natural viagra it seems his concern was the wet outfield and  risk of injury for his outfielders. Best natural viagra While the debate went on to play or not to play, best natural viagra it started raining again so at that point the game was postponed.

During the rain delay Cyclones players were signing autographs. Best natural viagra The biggest scrum was for LJ Mazzilli and Garvin Chechini who were more than happy to give away their signatures with a smile and a thank you. Best natural viagra These two kids were like rock stars.

Back to Wheeler, best natural viagra he walked 5 batters in his maiden voyage as a big league pitcher and 3 of those walks came in the first 3 innings.  Being that it was his big league debut in front of the hometown family and friends, best natural viagra I think it’s safe to say Wheeler was a bit amped to start the game and that it was expected. Best natural viagra He did settle in nicely and looked like the hype is to be believed.

 Could it be that Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler will be able to reverse the curse of the second half collapse? Could it be that on a hot humid August night at Citi Field we will see a no –hitter or “GULP” a perfect game pitched by either phenom? Or even better will the performance of Harvey and Wheeler elevate the game of Jon Niese and Dillon Gee to the point where Sandy Alderson lifts Jeff Wilpon up by his collar and demands “GET ME SOME MONEY FOR HITTERS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I root for the Mets, best natural viagra LOL! Jealous bastards!

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Generic Viagra

How to make your own viagra

How to make your own viagra

It’s bad enough that the Mets embarrass David Wright by surrounding him with seven Schmohawks every game they now decide that wasn’t enough so they go and embarrass him off the field as well.

Some deep thinker in the marketing department thought it was a good idea to contact a dating site that caters to middle aged women looking to hook up with much younger men to help get David Wright voted in to the starting third base spot for the All-Star Game.  Thankfully an adult in the Mets marketing office got wind of this and put the kibosh on it. How to make your own viagra In fact Wright himself has told the club to cease and desist with the Vote Wright over done campaign. How to make your own viagra  What started out as a fun thing to get Mets fans to vote Wright in as an All-Star starter has turned into an embarrassment. How to make your own viagra That’s so Mets.

The Mets have a bad case of SF Giants envy. How to make your own viagra They can’t understand how Giants fans turn out the vote for Pablo “Panda” Sandoval. How to make your own viagra Well, how to make your own viagra first it helps to have won a couple of World Series Championships In the last few years, how to make your own viagra especially last year. How to make your own viagra It helps to play in a ball park that’s full  of fans and a gameday staff that wants you to  have the best time ever and it helps to have a very bright an progressive marketing staff that knows its fan base and its community.

The Giants were first major league sports team to make a It Gets Better video to help gay lesbian and transgender teens know that life is worth living and not to give in to bullies and haters. How to make your own viagra The Mets gave lip service to the idea of making a similar video, how to make your own viagra its two years now and still no video.

The Giants also put out some of the best TV commercial to sell their team and tickets as well   

When you have a team that is underperforming on the field and not drawing anyone to your ballpark you need to get creative and find ways to make it worth someone’s while to come to Citi Field. How to make your own viagra Catering to middle aged women looking for a boy toy is not the way to go about it.

How to make your own viagra <><>

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