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Viagra stores I’m amused at some Mets beat writers who can’t comprehend the mind set of Terry Collins for having his players report before their mandatory arrival time. Viagra stores It says more about the writer who can’t grasp this reasoning behind it than it does about Collins being anal.

Viagra stores I arrive at my office every day at 7AM. Viagra stores My shift doesn’t start until 8AM so why do I get in early? First off I hate to be late and I have a low tolerance for people who are late. Viagra stores Once when I had to interview a young man for a spot in our unit, viagra stores he was told to be at the office at 9AM. Viagra stores He strolled in at 9:45 with more excuses than a 5th grader who didn’t hand in his homework. Viagra stores I just looked at him and told him no need to waste your time or mine; you’re not getting the job”. Viagra stores He couldn’t believe it. Viagra stores When he returned to the main office and told my boss what happened he was told “ I should have warned you to be early, viagra stores Keane hates lateness but I can’t say anything to him as he traveled from Staten Island to Queens every day for 12 years by ferry and subway and was always early” So you see, viagra stores I get what Terry Collins is selling. Viagra stores If you love what you do or have a true passion for something (I get to Mets games before the gates open, viagra stores so again I’m a bit extreme) you show it.

Viagra stores The optimistic part of this is the Mets players have bought into TCT-Terry Collins Time-especially Ruben Tejada.  We all remember Tejada and his visa troubles last spring and how TC wanted him in camp early so he could work with Daniel Murphy at their Keystone position. Viagra stores I said it then and I’ll say it now that Collins was 1, viagra stores000 % right in the way he dealt with Tejada then and it seems the message has been received as Ruben has been an early participant this spring. Viagra stores In fact everyone is on TCT with the exception of Marlon Byrd and Jordany Valdespin who have legitimate reason for lateness in that they both participated in the Caribbean World Series with Byrd’s Mexico team winning the championship over Valdespin’s Dominican team and Jenry Mejia and Wilfredo Tovar who are late due to visa issues. Viagra stores So put one on the plus side for Collins, viagra stores whose lame duck status is starting to have Mets fans and main streamers wondering about his future as the helmsman of the Mets.

Viagra stores The Mets are at a crossroads of the Alderson Era. Viagra stores With the proclamation from Freddy “Zimmo” Skill Sets that the club is solvent and ready to spend to contend, viagra stores Mets fans are demanding that the team show its fit to fight.  Collins has presided over losing teams in his two years as Mets manager in fact his first year the team won 77 games and last year they declined to 74 wins with another second half collapse, viagra stores so it stands to reason that Collins was not approached with a contract extension, viagra stores even though there is only so much a manager can do if he doesn’t have the talent around him to put the team in position to win, viagra stores no manager or coach survives three losing seasons.

Viagra stores Collins has to hope that Ike Davis claim that he’s ready to have a breakout season does just that and that Lucas Duda proves once and for all that he is not intimidated by the big leagues and that he is ready to bust out his offensive game as well. Viagra stores Collins needs the centerfield tag team of Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Collin Cowgill to become a two headed offensive and defensive monster along with Mike Baxter and whoever wins the right to be his right-handed accomplice to provide some power and run production from that right corner. Viagra stores Collins can only hope that he mixes and matches correctly each game to the max out his liquidator outfield.

Viagra stores Another area that will be crucial to Collins managerial stay will be the bullpen. Viagra stores Last year as we all know the Mets bullpen was one of the worst pens in baseball and was the biggest reason for sucking the life out the team. Viagra stores For Collins to survive not only does this pen have become a strength (the bullpen can’t be any worse than last year) he has to get a better grip on how to utilize his relievers. Viagra stores Not just in articulating their assignments better but also the physical wear and tear they are subject to as well. Viagra stores Collins, viagra stores Dan Warthen and Rickey Bones did a bad job last year in communicating with the relief staff . Viagra stores Pitchers would get up, viagra stores warm up, viagra stores sit down, viagra stores warm up, viagra stores sit down…..and on and on. Viagra stores Not only did this wear out much of the staff it also gave off a sense of panic and unpreparedness by Collins and Warthen.

Viagra stores Collins has been around the game a long time and he knows his job is only as secure as the teams wins and loses. Viagra stores It’s kind of a shame because the future of the Mets is bright with what looks to be a solid pitching staff on the horizon and (again I’ll believe it when I see it) new found cash flow to sign some free agent talent that odds are Collins will not be in the Mets dugout when all this comes to blossom. Viagra stores When it does he should get credit as he had to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Viagra stores Terry Collins can hold his head high on this though, viagra stores he has proven that he can manage a big league team so he does have some redemption from the failures he endured in Anaheim and Houston. Viagra stores I think he realizes that as well.

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Viagra store in canada Poor Freddy Skill Sets, viagra store in canada whenever he speaks Mets fans shout “BULLSHIT”. Viagra store in canada Every spring, viagra store in canada Freddy usually with his sidekick/brother in law Uncle Saul Katz, viagra store in canada putz around on a golf cart and stop long enough to tell the main stream media that covers the Mets that everything surrounding the team is sunshine and fucking lollipops. Viagra store in canada This spring is no exception except for Freddy tag team partner Uncle Saul not in attendance.

Viagra store in canada There is nothing more side splitting funny than following along on my Twitter timeline when Freddy gives his State of the Mets Spring Speech. You know the old expression “If bullshit were electricity you’d be a powerhouse”? Well, viagra store in canada if I had a buck for every time the word “bullshit” came up in Tweets on my timeline, viagra store in canada I’d have enough money to buy a ML outfield and donate it to the Freddy’s club.

Viagra store in canada Freddy told the masses today at Port St. Viagra store in canada Lonesome that he and his family are flush with cash, viagra store in canada thank you very much for asking. Viagra store in canada Between the real estate businesses and his stock holdings rebounding and the success of SNY (which puzzles the living shit out me because other than Mets games what the hell is there to watch on the network? Beer Money???? Loudmouths???? Suckitude TV) has helped the Skill Sets Empire to rise again. Viagra store in canada In fact, viagra store in canada Freddy says that times are so good, viagra store in canada we Mets fans could see the payroll rise to the heights it was at during the Minaya administration, viagra store in canada when Ex-GM Omar Minaya was handing out overinflated contracts like he ran Haliburton. Viagra store in canada And to that the Mets fan base rises as one and replies “BULLSHIT”

Viagra store in canada Poor Freddy not matter how he tries to convince Mets fan that he has enough Dead Presidents to sign players that will make major contributions to his team and make Septembers in Flushing meaningful again, viagra store in canada no one believes him. Viagra store in canada It’s got to suck to be Freddy.

Viagra store in canada Maybe Freddy is telling the truth, viagra store in canada maybe there is cash to be spent. Viagra store in canada It seems the Mets were willing to give Michael Bourn 4 years and $48 million dollars to be a Met but when Bourn and his agent wanted that 5th year vested option that it seems would be easy to attain, viagra store in canada Sandy Alderson pulled the plug on the negotiation leaving the Cleveland Indians to get bamboozled into give giving Bourn/Boras what they wanted. Viagra store in canada Can’t say I blame Alderson for not going 5 years on Bourn.

Viagra store in canada Alderson was very forthcoming with Pope Mikey I when he stated that they miscalculated on the dealing with Scott Hairston. Viagra store in canada It seems from listening to Alderson, viagra store in canada Justin Upton was his number one target to trade for and he thought he had enough trade chips to make a deal but it seems Kevin Towers insisted on either Zack Wheeler or Matt Harvey as headliners in any deal for Upton, viagra store in canada which of course killed that dialog. Viagra store in canada So Plan B was go after Bourn but that draft pick, viagra store in canada slot money and vested option became a major road block and that went south as well. Viagra store in canada During all this Hairston signed with the Cubs and as Alderson said letting Hairston go wasn’t due to contract reasons but playing times issues as it seems the Mets GM was sure of landing either Upton or Bourn and instead he has neither.

Viagra store in canada Now for this next part, viagra store in canada you will have to put on your Freddy Says Decoder Ring because I’m pretty sure Freddy is speaking on code or in tongues, viagra store in canada I’m not sure:

Viagra store in canada “I think we would anticipate being big investors if that were appropriate, viagra store in canada” Wilpon said. Viagra store in canada “That depends on what the market is. Viagra store in canada If the market is such that that’s where we have to be to be competitive and winners, viagra store in canada yeah.

Viagra store in canada Let’s see the Mets need better players and since many of the better players in the organization are barely old enough to shave I’d say yeah to be competitive you will have to invested in some proven major league talent and that will cost money, viagra store in canada but if Freddy is on the level, viagra store in canada he claims he has the cash to make that dash.

Viagra store in canada “This is, viagra store in canada to me, viagra store in canada a breakeven business. Viagra store in canada I always strive to break even. Viagra store in canada I’m not looking to make any money. Viagra store in canada I strive to break even. Viagra store in canada So if [fans] don’t show up, viagra store in canada that’s hard. Viagra store in canada So you have to balance it. Viagra store in canada We fed it pretty good the last five or six years. Viagra store in canada I think if the market was such, viagra store in canada yes, viagra store in canada the payroll could go up, viagra store in canada but not to just have payroll go up so you can write headlines — if that, viagra store in canada in fact, viagra store in canada improves the team.

Viagra store in canada OK now this is Bullshit. Viagra store in canada  When did the New York Mets become a no-profit organization? What did you feed that last five or six years? Your attorney’s? CRG Partners to access the damage of the Madoff mess? Sure wasn’t invested in baseball players.

Viagra store in canada “I don’t know what the market will be at that point. Viagra store in canada But the payroll will be commensurate with anything we’ve ever done because we can do it. Viagra store in canada Remember, viagra store in canada the people have to come to the ballpark obviously. Viagra store in canada If you have a competitive team, viagra store in canada they will. Viagra store in canada Everything that was in the past, viagra store in canada that you guys saw the pain that we went through, viagra store in canada is gone. Viagra store in canada It’s gone.

Viagra store in canada Freddy, viagra store in canada Freddy, viagra store in canada Freddy there are only a few of us diehards left who support your team in good times and bad. Viagra store in canada You have lost a whole generation of fans to the Bronx Bastards. Viagra store in canada If you have the financial wherewithal you claim now would be a good time to show it off. Viagra store in canada The amount of diehard fans for any sports franchise in this town is much less than the bandwagon “I love a New York event “crowd. Viagra store in canada If what you are telling us is correct and you are ready to go back to being Big Bad Freddy and make an investment in quality Major League players that will have your team in contention for a pennant and GULP!!! A World Championship, viagra store in canada Citi Field will be overflowing with customers on a nightly basis. Viagra store in canada Remember the 80”s Fred? Remember 3 million customers making the Shea Stadium turnstiles wiz like a carousel of cash ? Remember the television ratings that boosted a thrid rate TV station called SportsChannel into a must buy for FOX Sports? Break even? Freddy if you do this right and you are being honest with us, viagra store in canada you and Uncle Saul will be farting through silk boxers my friend. Viagra store in canada JUST DON”T BULLSHIT US AGAIN!!!!!

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Viagra overnight delivery The Good Old Days

Viagra overnight delivery To say Ed Koch was the quintessential New Yorker would be a huge understatement. Viagra overnight delivery Everything about Koch was New York, viagra overnight delivery his accent, viagra overnight delivery his brashness and his combative style all New York. Viagra overnight delivery Sadly those of us of certain age see that kind of New Yorker fading away.

Viagra overnight delivery The New York of the Koch era was one of the most exciting times the city ever witnessed, viagra overnight delivery good and bad. Viagra overnight delivery I was 20 years old when Koch took office, viagra overnight delivery working for Salomon Brothers a pretty big financial institution at the time, viagra overnight delivery headed by a flashy trader named Mike Bloomberg, viagra overnight delivery in fact I worked in the computer room at 1 NY Plaza. Viagra overnight delivery On some weekends I’d come in to do an overtime shift where I’d stay out all night, viagra overnight delivery mostly in the East Village at Max’s Kansas City, viagra overnight delivery and head to work and grab a two hour nap on some big executives leather couch until one of my shift mates would wake me up, viagra overnight delivery but I digress. Viagra overnight delivery The Koch Era was the last of the gritty, viagra overnight delivery nasty days of New York. Viagra overnight delivery I’m just glad I grew up then.

Viagra overnight delivery I laugh when I see folks get on the subway and anoint themselves with loads of hand sanitizer, viagra overnight delivery I think of the days of subway trains decked out in graffiti and who knows what else. Viagra overnight delivery With all the uproar over gun control and curbing of violence, viagra overnight delivery how about growing up in an age where 2, viagra overnight delivery000 murders were the norm and riding the subway after 10PM meant you had better be armed with some sort of weapon to survive the trip. Viagra overnight delivery I get a real kick out of going to Time Square with my kids to go to the theater and look around at the Disney-facation of the area. Viagra overnight delivery It’s kind of hard to articulate this without sounding like a complete asshole, viagra overnight delivery but I do miss a lot of the nastiness and out right debauchery of the old 40 Duce.

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Viagra overnight delivery I guess it’s because there were no big wave of tourists coming to see the sites and the neighborhoods were still full of neighborhood people. Viagra overnight delivery I grew up on a block in Brooklyn where everyone on the block knew everyone. Viagra overnight delivery During the summer you could hear the TV’s blasting Mets games and Highlander games on to the streets with the familiar cry of “Yo Whad’s da Score??? “ . Viagra overnight delivery The moms and grandmas would take their folding chairs outside to sit in front of the house or under a tree after the chores of the day were done. Viagra overnight delivery Kids played in the street all day and night. Viagra overnight delivery That was New York. Viagra overnight delivery That was the New York that Ed Koch governed and governed so well because he was one of us. Viagra overnight delivery Koch would tell a heckler to “shut the hell up” and it was fine because hey that’s what we do, viagra overnight delivery when Bloomberg does it, viagra overnight delivery we say, viagra overnight delivery “look at this little pampered prick, viagra overnight delivery who does he think he is”? It’s not just the fact that Bloomy is out of touch with his constituents because he’s a rich guy, viagra overnight delivery it’s also because he’s not one of us, viagra overnight delivery he wasn’t born here didn’t grow up here and that makes all the difference.

Viagra overnight delivery I think about all the hot dogs and orangeades I devoured as kid at the stand at the 42 St Subway station while transferring  from the Sea Beach line (N train) to the IRT Flushing Line (7 train) to  get to Wiilets Pt/Shea Stadium. Viagra overnight delivery I doubt that stand would have gotten an “A” rating back then. Viagra overnight delivery Same with Dave’s Luncheonette that was on Canal and Broadway where you could get a hot dog in a natural casing (great crunch) a knish and a chocolate egg cream at 3 in the morning. Viagra overnight delivery That’s all gone and sadly a whole generation has missed out on what gives New Yorkers such a hard shell.

Viagra overnight delivery Sorry for the old guy trip down memory lane but with Ed Koch passing away yesterday it just conjured up so many memories of the era where this city was unruly and imaginative, viagra overnight delivery filthy and cutting edge, viagra overnight delivery menacing and remarkable. Viagra overnight delivery Just like Ed Koch I am and always will be a proud New Yorker.

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Over the counter viagra Yo! this one goes out to my boy D-Wright, over the counter viagra I feel ya D I feel ya!

Over the counter viagra Yesterday on Twitter I tweeted out that I felt the Mets were the drunken uncle at the holidays of baseball, over the counter viagra meaning that no fan base feels more uncomfortable about their team and ownership than Mets fans. Over the counter viagra It seems that every piece of baseball business that the Mets get involved in makes Mets fans feel as awkward as going on a double date and the other couple fights the whole night. Over the counter viagra The latest issue with the club that has the fan base squirming is the now public David Wright contract re-negotiation.

Over the counter viagra In a perfect baseball world, over the counter viagra a world we of the orange and blue persuasion will never inhabit, over the counter viagra the star player of the team would sit down with management and hash out a deal that makes everyone look like a winner. Over the counter viagra They would hold these negotiations in a quiet business-like manner. Over the counter viagra Instead, over the counter viagra we get a leak from a Mets Jeff Wilpon source that the club has made a starting offer of 6 yrs/$100 mil extension to the  Face and Future Team Ambassador (as one org member stated “Tom Seaver won’t live forever”)David Wright. Over the counter viagra As soon as that offer hit the social media, over the counter viagra the magpies were chirping, over the counter viagra “Cheap ass Mets are lowballing Wright”, over the counter viagra “Mets are going overboard on offer Wright they should trade him” “Don’t buy tickets to Mets games” (that one is the morning prayer for some) Word came from the Wilpon propaganda machine, over the counter viagra the Daily Lupica, over the counter viagra that Wright was angry with that the offer was made public, over the counter viagra so the Wilpon house organ played a tune called “did we say 6 yr at $100mil? What we meant to say is 8 yrs at $140 mil”. Over the counter viagra To which Wright and his agents screamed that the song was out of key.

Over the counter viagra Now there a couple of ways to look at this, over the counter viagra first, over the counter viagra it puts Wright in a spot where he has to choose between being a Met 4 Life at some nice coin or decide to go to another team that has a better chance at winning and a better lineup that would protect him in the lineup. Over the counter viagra David Wright has to do what’s best for David Wright. Over the counter viagra So what right for Wright?

Over the counter viagra If he turns down this Mets offer (and why would we not believe the Daily Snooze with men of integrity like Andy Martino and John Harper doing the reporting that this offer is legit? Yes the captain has activated the sarcasm sign) then the Mets have no choice but to trade him and Wright becomes public enemy #1 greedy bastard in the eyes of Mets fans. Over the counter viagra If Wright takes the offer then everyone is a winner, over the counter viagra Wright a Met 4 Life and set financially, over the counter viagra the Mets show they are back in business and the fans get a glimmer of hope that all is not as awful as some perceive in Flushing.

Over the counter viagra Again this is the biggest decision of David Wright’s baseball life. Over the counter viagra I’ve always felt that Wright needs to be protected in the lineup to play at his best. Over the counter viagra Put Wright on the Reds between Joey Votto and Jay Bruce or the Dodgers between Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez with the Dodgers or even to Toronto with Joey Bats and his brother from another mother Jose Reyes (would that be a kick in the nuts to Mets fans if Wright turned down Mets offer and he’s shipped up North and he and Reyes lead the Jays to a World Series championship? YIKES!)

Over the counter viagra The Mets have not made it easy for Wright, over the counter viagra yes that sounds a bit ridiculous but think about this, over the counter viagra the Mets are not going to up that offer, over the counter viagra so Wright and his agents have to decide to take the Mets offer and the word of Sandy Alderson that the team will be making moves to improve and that the future of the franchise is not the unmitigated mess that some media and fans portray it to be or make a new start of his baseball life where the grass may be greener or it could be all crab grass. Over the counter viagra   

Over the counter viagra It seems many Mets fans worry about the Mets back loading this deal to defer money in the late stages of the contract.  Yes the Skill Sets have made the back loaded contract their benchmark in these type of negotiations but with the new network money coming in in 2014, over the counter viagra and the team in some dire financial straits now, over the counter viagra it would seem to be in the clubs best interest to free up some cash to add the players needed to place around Wright and Ike Davis in a lineup that could help support the starting pitching that is as good as any team in baseball. Over the counter viagra   

Over the counter viagra Any plan that keeps Wright and R.A. Over the counter viagra Dickey as Mets and frees up some money to add a first string catcher and a power hitting outfielder I support 100 %. Over the counter viagra When you get past the entire Mets fan and Twitter nit wits belly aching bullshit, over the counter viagra the bottom line is I want the Mets to win by any means necessary.

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Generic cialis  I’m pretty sure the hold up in the R.A. Generic cialis Dickey, generic cialis David Wright contract negotiations is how to deal with the Sanity Claus  

Generic cialis I’ve been off the blogging grid the past week so I missed out on commenting on some Mets news of the past few days. Generic cialis So with sometime to pontificate let me do so without further ado.

Generic cialis The $63 opening day Promenade Reserved ticket price was received by the Mets fan base as expected, generic cialis with anger, generic cialis vile threats, generic cialis and calls for ownership to get the hell out of the baseball business also known as business as usual.

Generic cialis Seriously, generic cialis how did the policy makers of the Mets organization think this would go over?  I was SHOCKED when I clicked on the BUY TICKETS icon to secure a couple of opening day tickets as Christmas presents but when I saw the $63 price tag (that’s before the all-important handling charges and the fee that that you are charged to print your tickets at home using your own computer, generic cialis printer and ink…I need more coffee….I’ll be right back….) I thought I clicked on the wrong section or was I suffering from a sudden case of dyslexia but low and behold that was the” outrageous inflated you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” price. Generic cialis Thank you but I’ll pass.

Generic cialis The Mets can charge whatever price they want for tickets and you and I as Mets fans/consumers can either buy or pass em’ by and from the reaction of sticker shock by Mets fans it seems they are ready to pass em’ by.

Generic cialis Buying tickets for Mets games has become a real chore.  I would love to buy a weekend plan except you are not guaranteed the time of the game on your ticket is the time the game will start. Generic cialis How many times have you bought a ticket for a 1PM Saturday afternoon game and thought this is great, generic cialis I can go to the game and still have time to plan a late afternoon early evening date with friends or other event. Generic cialis But then you find out that the game has been taken hostage by FOX and game time is now 4PM. Generic cialis So now you have to rearrange your plans which as us married folks/parents know is a huge pain in the ass. Generic cialis Even worse is buying a Sunday game that was advertised as a 1PM game only to be hijacked by ESPN for the very family unfriendly and extremely unpopular 8PM start time. Generic cialis I don’t know about you but I’m fed up.

Generic cialis No more buying tickets in advance for me, generic cialis I’ll pick the games I want to see and I’ll go to Stub Hub on that day and buy my tickets. Generic cialis It’s the beauty of supply and demand and I’m not going out on a limp when I say when it comes to Mets tickets they will be a huge supply and little demand in 2013.

Generic cialis Jeffy Skill Sets strikes again. Generic cialis Jeffy went out with Johan Santana to Coney Island  (word id Uncle Saul Katz was upset to find out that Nathan’s has not re-opened yet as he wanted Jeffy to bring back an order of frogs legs)  and with Matt Harvey to Far Rockaway to serve food to those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy (what? Staten Island wasn’t on the team’s radar? I would have personally squired young Jeffery down to South Beach for a photo op) a noble gesture indeed by the ball club. Generic cialis But as usually happens when Jeffy is left alone without parental accompaniment, generic cialis he starts talking “Wilponese” and makes everyone’s head spin:

Generic cialis But chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday that trades would be only a last resort, generic cialis and that if deals can’t be reached, generic cialis he’d rather have both play out the final year of their deals. Generic cialis The goal remains signing both to long-term extensions.

Generic cialis  

Generic cialis “That’s the first preference; that has been the first preference, generic cialis” Wilpon said. Generic cialis “Second preference is probably keep them and have them play out the season. Generic cialis Third preference would be to trade them. Generic cialis They’re both very important to the franchise; they’re both fan favorites, generic cialis so we’d like to keep it that way.”

Generic cialis Wilpon declined to elaborate on why he believes trades are the least desirable option.

Generic cialis “We’re dealing in hypothetical now, generic cialis” he said. Generic cialis “So I don’t want to go there. Generic cialis In terms of right now, generic cialis the process is ongoing, generic cialis and we want to get something done.”

Generic cialis Oh brother!!!! I love the last paragraph as it seems Jeffy realizes that he is talking out of turn and knows that Big Daddy Fred has the Time Out chair waiting for him when he gets home. Generic cialis The guy just can’t help himself, generic cialis instead of telling the media at the event that he was here to give food and comfort to those whose lives have been affected by the storm and this was not the appropriate time or place to talk about baseball and his daddy’s line “Talk to Sandy about that” Jeffy did what Jeffy does, generic cialis talk nonsense.

Generic cialis There are only two options, generic cialis re-signed Wright and Dickey or trade Wright and Dickey. Generic cialis No way both players make opening day as Mets without new deals. Generic cialis Now should both players get new deals? That’s the great debate. Generic cialis  I’d love to have both players in the fold for the long term but what I’d like better is for Sandy Alderson to make a solid baseball decision. Generic cialis If trading Dickey or Wright brings back pieces of solid value then make a deal. Generic cialis  Sure I’d miss them and the fan out cry would be fierce but I want Alderson to do what is best for the NY Mets in the long term not appease the fan base and worry about selling tickets. Generic cialis If Dickey and Wright can bring back a young power hitting outfielder, generic cialis a front line catcher and some bullpen depth then pull the trigger.

Generic cialis Congratulations to Ike Davis who will be honored at the 33rd Annual Thurman Munson Dinner on Tuesday February 5th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Generic cialis Davis will be given an award for his work with charities that help children stricken with cancer. Generic cialis For tickets and information about the dinner call (212) 249-6188

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Viagra price list Observations from opening day at Citi Field:

Viagra price list I’ve been going to Mets games for 48 years, viagra price list I was 6 years old in 1964 when I went to see Bob Gibson beat the Mets  on May 9 th, viagra price list and as excited as I was back then I was just as excited yesterday to be at Citi Field for opening day.

Viagra price list Outside the ball park before the game there was a great positive energy that non-Mets fans just do not understand. Viagra price list I stood near the SNY broadcast area where Bobby Ojeda, viagra price list Chris Carlin and the iconic Ralph Kiner conducted the pre-game show. Viagra price list There is a segment of younger generation Mets fans who really don’t appreciate Kiner and what he means to charter member Mets fans like me. Viagra price list Ralph, viagra price list Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson were a constant summer time companion on TV and radio. Viagra price list Nelson left in 1978 and that was shocking, viagra price list but we still had Ralph and Murph. Viagra price list Murph left in 2003 and that was sad but through it all Ralph Kiner remained, viagra price list albeit on a limited basis but Ralph always knew when to show up when you needed that boost of Mets elixir because when you’re a middle aged Mets fan the sight and sound of Ralph Kiner brings back memories of a simpler and great time of your life.

Viagra price list Lots and lots of CARTER 8 jersey’s and t-shirts on display yesterday along with signs and banners praising Carter and mourning the loss of Gary Carter. Viagra price list The Mets held a wonderful pre-game ceremony starting with the players, viagra price list coaches and manager all wearing their warm up jerseys with CARTER 8 on the back and having Carter’ jersey hanging  up in the dugout.  It was also touching to see Darryl Strawberry, viagra price list Keith Hernandez, viagra price list Bobby Ojeda and Mookie Wilson catch the first pitch from Carter’s wife and children along with the unveiling of the KID 8 patch on the outfield wall and video of Carters Mets career that would make even the most cynical Mets fan dab their eyes.

Viagra price list Seems the only people who are obsessed by the Mets attendance are the Mets Media Haters and Highlander fans. Viagra price list  The Mets Media Haters harp on this due to their lack of talent and originality, viagra price list I mean how much talent does it take to answer a telephone for five hours a day while reading a newspaper and sucking down soda after soda or sit at a laptop staring lovingly at your Derek Jeter gift baskets while writing what a great GM Pee Wee Cashman is because he is so brilliant in having a $200 mil payroll to cover up his fuck ups. Viagra price list The Highlander fan knows that the first time the Mets show any success the Highlander reign of attention in this city will be over.

Viagra price list Citi Field was jammed packed yesterday, viagra price list the line at the Shake Shack was a couple a hundred deep, viagra price list the fans lined the Shea Bridge soaking up the sunshine which could explain for some of the empty seats you’ve seen. Viagra price list The crowd responded well to the player introductions, viagra price list sure some folks felt it was a good time to boo Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay but for most part the Mets faithful was happy to see their beloved team back in action.

Viagra price list I didn’t see any of the usual Highlander fan jerk offs who come to Citi Field wearing their Jeter jerseys and caps which is encouraging.

Viagra price list The Mets have made an upgrade on the main scoreboard to where it’s  setup like Gameday on a virtual scorecard showing not only what the player has done in previous at bats but also showing you the location of balls put in play in those AB’s. Viagra price list The pitchers line as well as pitch count, viagra price list pitch selection and pitch count are there as well as both lineups, viagra price list the player at bat’s season stats and career numbers as well.

Viagra price list I have never bitched and moaned about the prices at the concession stands but $6.80 for a Nathans Hot Dog is ridiculous. Viagra price list Compare that to $11.50 for a turkey with mozzarella and gravy on a semolina hero at Mama’s of Corona, viagra price list why would you go for the hot dog?

Viagra price list Nothing better than watching Johan Santana work. Viagra price list Frist two innings he had a bit of a command issue, viagra price list which is to be expected as I’m sure his adrenaline was flowing like Niagara Falls but it was the 5th inning that really sent the message as to what a competitor he is and why Santana is one the best starting pitchers in baseball. Viagra price list He wanted badly to get 5 innings in today as his pitch count was limited to 80-85 so he knew this was his last frame of the day. Viagra price list Getting Freddy Freeman out on strikes to start the inning was big because Santana killer Matt Diaz doubled to left and you could see the finish line of this start was near.

Viagra price list After getting Jason Heyward to fly out to Bay, viagra price list all Santana needed was one more out but he struggled against Tyler Pastornicky and Tommy Hanson walking both of them to load the bases for leadoff hitter Michael Bourn. Viagra price list  This was the at bat of the game. Viagra price list Santana fell behind Bourn 2-0 giving the crowd of Mets fans an uneasy feeling since it was September of 2010 when we last witnessed Santana pitch we forgot how much heart this man has on the mound. Viagra price list He got Bourn to hit a comebacker to him and with what adrenaline was left nearly threw the ball over Ike Davis head but Ike caught it stepped on first inning over with no Braves crossing home plate. Viagra price list Welcome back Johan.

Viagra price list Andres Torres pulled up lame in the 7th on Pastornick’s triple and while I hate to see anyone get hurt, viagra price list I hope Torres takes all the time he needs to get that calf 100 % so we can get a good look at Kirk Nieuwenhuis as the everyday center fielder. Viagra price list Hopefully when Torres comes back it will be as the 4th outfielder, viagra price list

Viagra price list Daniel Murphy 2 for 4 yup #ImWith28

Viagra price list  

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Cialis 30 Mg

Buy generic viagra Now that we have the holidays out of the way, buy generic viagra we can now look forward to spring training for what should be quite the interesting Mets season.

Buy generic viagra Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue had an interesting post today on how bad will the Mets be in 2012? Of course the number one item on his list of things that will impact the season is the Skill Sets financial situation, buy generic viagra something that will most likely overshadow what goes on, buy generic viagra on the field but Simon also touches on the health and availability of Johan Santana, buy generic viagra the hitting of Jason Bay and David Wright and where the offensive production lost from Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will come from.

Buy generic viagra So my question to you my loyal readers, buy generic viagra what is your expectation for the Mets this coming season? What is a realistic expectation of this team and what will be their standing in the NL East, buy generic viagra a division that could be up for grabs if the reports of Prince Fielder signing with Washington are true. Buy generic viagra Can you see anything short of a last place finish in the division? Right now, buy generic viagra I can’t.

Buy generic viagra Where do you see Johan Santana this season? For me, buy generic viagra I’d be surprised if we see Santana pitch for the Mets before June.

Buy generic viagra What to do with David Wright? Wright is not a player, buy generic viagra right now that could realistically bring back a treasure trove of young talent but what if he is invigorated by good health and more friendly dimensions of Citi Field and puts up a .300/.380/.500 line with 15-17 HR’s and 75-80 + RBI by the All-Star break, buy generic viagra do you keep him and hope a new owner comes in with cash to re-sign him or is the lure of young robust baseball players to tempting to turn down in a trade?  I’m still undecided on this one but I am leaning towards a deal if the Mets get back a blue ribbon prospect or a young Major Leaguer under club control.

Buy generic viagra When I go to opening day at Citi Field, buy generic viagra who else will be there? If you are a true blue Mets fan and having been going to Mets games your whole life I can’t see how now you decide to sit this season out. Buy generic viagra No one has a right to tell you how to spend your time or money but as Boggy said, buy generic viagra “a hot dog at a ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”. Buy generic viagra So true, buy generic viagra I mean today when I left for work I had on a sweater, buy generic viagra coat, buy generic viagra scarf and wool hat. Buy generic viagra You know what? That sucks. Buy generic viagra I want to wear shorts and t-shirt and have a scorecard in my hand. Buy generic viagra I have made peace with myself that the Mets will not be very good this season to the point that 100 losses would not shock me. Buy generic viagra However, buy generic viagra there is still a part of me that small sliver of Mets fan naivete` that still has me holding out hope that this season could be full of surprises and I want to be there to enjoy them. Buy generic viagra  I know all the die-hards will be out at Citi Field on Thursday April 5th at 1:10PM, buy generic viagra will you be there? If not tell me why not?

Buy generic viagra It’s funny the other teams I root for in other sports are playing at a level where they are contenders for championships in their respective leagues but it’s the Mets that are on my mind the most  and my biggest concern. Buy generic viagra Crazy shit eh?

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Cialis Prices

I read the news today oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh

Levitra vs. cialis You know what I want for Christmas? Just one day of positive stories about the Mets. Levitra vs. cialis I just want to read that they are in final negotiation with a player that has potential to be the missing piece to making the team a serious pennant contender or that if you are thinking of going to a Mets game at Citi Field you better get your tickets now as it looks like every Mets game this summer will be a must see or that Baseball America has rated the New York Mets their Organization of the Year or that Kevin Burkhardt has been named as Howie Rose’ partner on the Mets games on WFAN More on that below). Levitra vs. cialis Just something I can smile about. Levitra vs. cialis PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Levitra vs. cialis Every morning I turn on my computer and say out loud, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis “Can’t wait to see what happy horseshit the Mets are up to today” it’s become my morning mantra. Levitra vs. cialis Well, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis today if Mets horseshit were dollar bills the Wilpon’s worries would be over.

Levitra vs. cialis First there was the story in the NY Times about what you get as a $20 mil minority investor in the NY Mets. Levitra vs. cialis I have to say after reading some of these “perks” I’m not rushing out to sell a kidney to raise cash to get these lucrative advantages of ownership:

Levitra vs. cialis Access to Mr. Levitra vs. cialis Met, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis the team mascot, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis although the degree of access is not entirely spelled out. Levitra vs. cialis It definitely means you, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis as a part-owner, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis can schmooze with Mr. Levitra vs. cialis Met at Citi Field. Levitra vs. cialis It’s less clear whether you could get him to come to your child’s birthday party without a fee.

Levitra vs. cialis I love Mr. Levitra vs. cialis Met but to tell you the truth he’s not a great conversationalist, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis he never has anything to say, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis kinda like Ed Coleman’s Mets Reports on WFAN

Levitra vs. cialis A formal business card, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis complete with the prominent designation: “Owner”.

Levitra vs. cialis Only if I can get a business card with a picture of me and Jeffey that says “I’m With Stupid”

Levitra vs. cialis And if you are a wealthy doctor, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis commodities trader or real estate mogul who wants to try to swat the ball over the newly pulled-in outfield fences at Citi Field on a Mets day off, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis you are entitled to attend what appears to be an exclusive kind of fantasy camp: “Owners’ workout day.”

Levitra vs. cialis Yeah great idea so I hit a ball out over the right center field fence and David Wright drops down in the fetal position sobbing and sucking his thumb

Levitra vs. cialis Parking will not be a problem for new owners, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis the document makes clear. Levitra vs. cialis A single spot at the ballpark is reserved for anyone who signs on for $20 million. Levitra vs. cialis The chance to throw out a game’s first pitch will be an annual privilege. Levitra vs. cialis Every minority owner will be assigned a team executive, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis who will be charged with tending to an array of possible needs, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis season tickets for family members among them. Levitra vs. cialis The document suggests, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis however, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis that those tickets will cost money beyond the $20 million investment.

Levitra vs. cialis Parking is not problem for me now, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis the 7 train “parks” at the Willets Pt station and then picks me up at the same place after the game, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis for $4.50 round trip, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis such a bargain. Levitra vs. cialis An assigned team exec? No way, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis I want my own usher, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis in fact I want the fat usher with the long greasy hair in a ponytail in the field level who was telling everyone to leave after the final out of last game of the season just so I can fire the fucker. Levitra vs. cialis By the way as a minority owner can I fire and hire people? Forget throwing out the first pitch you can keep all the perks just give me that privilege and you have a deal.

Levitra vs. cialis  

Levitra vs. cialis Moving on, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis it looks like the reports of the Mets shutting down their Rookie League Kingsport team was erroneous; it’s the Gulf Coast Mets who play on the back fields of St. Levitra vs. cialis Lonesome that will be axed. Levitra vs. cialis Either way this is not good news and just proves that full blown bankruptcy for the Skill Sets is on the horizon as they nickel and dime their way as owners of NYC’s National League baseball team. Levitra vs. cialis  When you can’t afford to run a minor league team at the lowest level of pro ball it’s really a cry for help.

Levitra vs. cialis Pretty soon all they will close all the concession stands at Citi Field and every game will feature a Pot Luck Dinner. Levitra vs. cialis Bring your own plates and eating utensils too.

Levitra vs. cialis Word on the street is Wayne Hagin will not be back in Mets radio booth next season. Levitra vs. cialis Hagin is a nice guy but I won’t miss him and I doubt many other Mets fans will either, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis he just did not click with the fan base, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis a fan base I might add that is spoiled due to the great announcers of Mets games over the years (no not you Lorne Brown or you Steve Zabriski) the names being mentioned to replace Hagin are Sirrus/XM’s and former Mets GM Jim Duquette who is terrific on MLB Radio, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis Ed Coleman (thumbs down) Chris Carlin (no thank you) and Billy Sample ( no Mets or NY ties so no way)   but the man I nominate to work side by side with Howie Rose is Kevin Burkhardt. Levitra vs. cialis Burkhardt is currently the radio play by play voice of the Dallas Cowboys and has been with SNY covering the Mets as an in game reporter, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis studio host and play by play man as well. Levitra vs. cialis  With all due respect the gentlemen mention in the NY Post article for the job, levitra vs. Levitra vs. cialis cialis Burkhardt’s name should be at the top of the list.

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Viagra Online Sales

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery It was quite the day at Citi Field today as the organization announced plans for the celebration of its 50th Anniversary. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery  I was fortunate to have been invited to the festivities of the day and as I left Citi Field I felt invigorated about being a Mets fan.

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery I’ve all but given up trying to explain to non-Mets fans why it is I love this team so much. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery It’s like looking at one of those pictures where if you stare at it a 3D figure pops off the page or when you look at a cloud formation and see a horse or George Washington’s face and the person with you says they don’t see a thing, buy generic cialis expressdelivery when I see a Mets uniform or a collage of events like the video we saw at today’s press conference it’s makes you want to shout I SEE IT!  I SEE IT! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery Hard to imagine it is 50 years since Joan Payson brought National League baseball back to NYC. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery What’s even harder for me to believe that I’ve been attending Mets games for the past 47 of those years. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery  When  I saw David Wright come out in the retro home uni, buy generic cialis expressdelivery  ivory colored with blue pinstripes and Mets in blue with orange trim and WRIGHT 5 on his back and Lucas Duda standing tall in the classy road gray with NEW YORK in old English style letters  (Ike Davis wore the snow-white uni with the same blue and orange Mets and NO BLACK SHADOW!!!!!!) all I could think of was Jack Fisher handing me a peach between games of a double header in 1965, buy generic cialis expressdelivery weekend series at Shea when the Dodgers and Giants would come to town with Koufax and Mays, buy generic cialis expressdelivery listening to my father talk about “this Seaver kid” in 1967, buy generic cialis expressdelivery relatives and family friends who were Brooklyn Dodger s fans happy in 1968 that Gil Hodges was coming back to the Mets to be their manager, buy generic cialis expressdelivery being 10 years old and shocked to find out that Yogi Berra played for the Yankees???? WOW! Crying when Jimmy Quals broke up Tom Seaver’s perfect game and brought to tears again nine years later when Seaver was shipped out to Cincinnati, buy generic cialis expressdelivery the euphoria of 1969 and 1986 and the heartbreak of the 2000 World Series and 2007 NLCS. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery The Mets are a microcosm of life, buy generic cialis expressdelivery great times, buy generic cialis expressdelivery tough times, buy generic cialis expressdelivery and puzzling times.

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery As I said Mets bloggers were invited to the presser and I was pleased to sit with Ed Marcus, buy generic cialis expressdelivery Greg Prince and Matt Cerrone but there was one blogger at event today who in the words of Yogi “made this day necessary” and that’s Shannon of The Mets Police. Shannon through his site pushed management to bring back Banner Day and to drop the black jerseys and caps (I am thrilled to report that the black cap with the blue bill is gone for good) and for that we Traditionalist Mets fans are forever grateful.

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery With so much gloom and doom coming from the fan base so far this offseason it was nice to be a part of a positive Mets day.

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery Now for the hold on to your Mets cap part of the post, buy generic cialis expressdelivery I got to meet David Howard today and it was a very pleasant experience (no, buy generic cialis expressdelivery I’m not going soft here I’m just being honest) we shook hands and spoke  and had a few laughs and we even talked about our kids, buy generic cialis expressdelivery see on the kick off of the Mets Golden Anniversary it’s all good.

Buy generic cialis expressdelivery  

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Viagra Good Morning

Viagra side effects Man, viagra side effects 25 years ago. Viagra side effects So where was I 25 years ago tonight when the most famous ground ball in baseball history went through the wickets of Bill Buckner?

Viagra side effects I wasn’t at the game, viagra side effects I was home watching with my wife as we were in month seven of our marriage. Viagra side effects The only game of the series I attend was Game 1, viagra side effects the game that turned on a ball getting through the legs of Tim Teufel, viagra side effects a play that gets lost in the Buckner Blunder, viagra side effects ruining a beautifully pitched game by Ron Darling with help from Roger McDowell. Viagra side effects  

Viagra side effects One of the issues with watching Mets games on TV back in ’86 was Bay Ridge Brooklyn was NOT wired for cable television back then. Viagra side effects There was a whole quagmire with franchise rights by the cable companies, viagra side effects if you wanted the lucrative Bay Ridge, viagra side effects Dyker Heights account you had to take the less desirable East New York, viagra side effects Flatbush area as well. Viagra side effects So after all the graft and bribes were dished out, viagra side effects I think it wasn’t until 1988 when we Bay Ridgeites  got  hooked up to Time-Warner Cable, viagra side effects so back in ’86 I spent most of my time in the numerous bars of Bay Ridge that were equipped with these enormous satellite dishes on their roofs to watch Mets game televised on SportsChannel. Viagra side effects  So when games were on “free TV” I’d give my wallet and liver a break and stay home.

Viagra side effects Game 6 was on a Saturday night, viagra side effects I remember we went for an unusually early dinner (my kids have a hard time believing that the same couple who fall asleep on the couch at 9PM used to go out until 4 or 5 the next morning on a regular basis. Viagra side effects It’s the same way their stare at our wedding picture in which I have this incredible crop of curly brown hair. Viagra side effects The tilt their heads from side to side like it’s some abstract painting in a gallery trying to figure out who the guy is with their mom. Viagra side effects Lovely.) and then came home. Viagra side effects Before getting home I stopped at the deli on 5th Ave to pick up some Molson Golden for my game libation. Viagra side effects My wife sat with me for the first few innings (she is not big on watching Baseball or any sport on TV, viagra side effects she’ll go a games in person and enjoy it but to sit and watch on TV? Ain’t happening) then decided she go to the bedroom and watch something else. Viagra side effects Of course she fell asleep, viagra side effects so it was just me, viagra side effects Vin Scully (Mets fans were very upset with Scully’s critiques of the Mets during this series)  Joe Garagiola and my six bottles of Molson.

Viagra side effects Everyone knows about the bottom of the 10th inning of this game but the inning that gets lost in history is the bottom of the 8th where the Mets were down a run. Viagra side effects Former Met, viagra side effects Calvin Schiraldi comes in for the Red Sox to help preserve the lead and bridge to Bob Stanley, viagra side effects the Boston closer. Viagra side effects After a Lee Mazzilli (pinch hitting for Jesse Orosco) leadoff single, viagra side effects Davey Johnson went against the Earl Weaver book he was weaned on, viagra side effects to play small ball. Viagra side effects Lenny Dykstra comes up (by the way after six Molson on top of the cocktails I had at dinner, viagra side effects I’m now talking to the TV like I’m sitting with Scully and Garagiola. Viagra side effects I wish there was Twitter back then, viagra side effects my drunked Tweets would have been memorable) and lays down a sac bunt that he beats out, viagra side effects so now the Mets have 1st and 2nd no outs. Viagra side effects  Wally Backman comes up and he lays down a sac bunt that moves Maz to 3rd and Nails to 2nd after an Intentional Walk to Keith Hernandez to set up a double play at any base, viagra side effects up stepped Gary Carter.

Viagra side effects Here is why Mets fans love Gary Carter, viagra side effects nobody loves a pressure situation and came through in those situations like Kid. Viagra side effects  That’s why when you sit in Citi Field and the Get Well Soon video comes on the screen, viagra side effects everyone stops and watches. Viagra side effects That’s why when I see Ron Darling in the Stand Up For Cancer PSA, viagra side effects with his I Stand Up For My Catcher sign, viagra side effects I get a lump in my throat. Viagra side effects Gary Carter was a great Met, viagra side effects retire his #8 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra side effects I digress, viagra side effects Kid comes though with a Sac Fly scoring Maz and we are tied at 3.

Viagra side effects After the top of the 10th where Rick Aguilera gave up 2 runs, viagra side effects all I need is a hand gun as I’ve turned into Elvis Presley , viagra side effects looking to shoot my TV. Viagra side effects After two quick outs in the bottom of the 10th I am one ornery intoxicated Mets fan, viagra side effects with my TV remote in my hand I was ready to turn off the set as there was no way I was watching the Red Sox celebrate this World Series (the pain of 1973 was flashing through my mind) but then, viagra side effects he comes that man again, viagra side effects Gary Carter with the base hit but here I was pissed at Kid for that hit. Viagra side effects Please put me out of my misery already but my misery turned to ecstasy.


Viagra side effects My wife thought I’d lost my mind, viagra side effects I told get up and get dressed we got to go out. Viagra side effects She looked at me like I was nuts but then she heard all the commotion coming from 5th Ave and then the phone started ringing as friends and family wanting to talk about the most improbable win in Mets history. Viagra side effects There was no sleep that night/early mornings, viagra side effects bars and clubs of Bay Ridge were hoppin’ till sunrise and so was I.

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