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Cheap viagra uk While I was riding the Staten Island Ferry on my way home from the Mets finale at Citi Field yesterday, cheap viagra uk I was reading over the notes I took during the game. Cheap viagra uk I decided to invoke my “sleep on  it before writing” rule because it was quite an emotional day and even after “sleeping on it” I’m still having a tough time deciphering where this organization is headed, cheap viagra uk positive or negative. Cheap viagra uk It’s the most confused and befuddled I’ve ever been in my 47 years of Mets fandom. Cheap viagra uk  

Cheap viagra uk Before my stream of semi-conscience begins please turn to page 1986 in your Mets Missalette to read the words of fellow Mets blogger/fan/Staten Islander by way of Brooklyn, cheap viagra uk Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus who lays out the events of yesterday quite eloquently.

Cheap viagra uk Usually when I ride the 7 train to Citi Field, cheap viagra uk it’s filled with a full platoon of uniformed Mets fans excited to be headed to see their beloved Metropolitans. Cheap viagra uk Yesterday on an 11AM 7 train out of Times Square, cheap viagra uk I was the lone infantry man in the car. Cheap viagra uk If there was an invasion of Loyal Order of Red Legs. Cheap viagra uk I’d have fought a losing battle.

Cheap viagra uk I spent the time on the train reading this outstanding book, cheap viagra uk I had no real emotion about the day. Cheap viagra uk It wasn’t until we left the 111 St station and Citi Field was on the horizon, cheap viagra uk I stared having flashbacks to Mets games of yore, cheap viagra uk good days, cheap viagra uk days when you could not get to the ball park fast enough. Cheap viagra uk Games I went to that Tom Seaver pitched in, cheap viagra uk for some reason the game he struck out Manny Sanguillen for his 200 K back in 1975 to become the first pitcher to K 200 batters in eight straight seasons, cheap viagra uk popped in my head, cheap viagra uk another obscure game I was at that flashed in my mind was the walk off home run by Steve “Hendu” Henderson against the Giants in 1975. Cheap viagra uk What sticks out for me in that one is, cheap viagra uk my friends and I bet on the Mets in this game for the sole reason we had hung out at a bar in Bay Ridge with Pete Falcone the weekend before and he was the games starting pitcher. Cheap viagra uk I have to come clean and let you know we didn’t stay for the whole game, cheap viagra uk and we didn’t know the outcome until we got back to the neighborhood when we were informed of our “busted ass” luck.

Cheap viagra uk When I got off the train at Citi Field-Willets Point the depression set in. Cheap viagra uk The weather didn’t help that grey muggy one second it’s warm, cheap viagra uk the next it’s chilly temps, cheap viagra uk just like our Mets. Cheap viagra uk After a summit on the Shea Bridge that Ed reported on, cheap viagra uk I headed to the Shake Shack for a burger (the line was long but not the usual four wraparounds) and then made my way to my $2 (Stub Hub-a Hub-a) buck seat in Section 519, cheap viagra uk just in time to see Jose Reyes’ first at bat of the day. Cheap viagra uk Little did I know it would be his only at bat of the day.

Cheap viagra uk This is why I invoked “my sleep on it rule” because at the moment Reyes came out of the game I was one ornery fucker. Cheap viagra uk What bother me the most and still does was THE WAY he came out of the game. Cheap viagra uk Reyes should have gone to his shortstop position and have Bastia step off and call time and then let Turner enter into the game. Cheap viagra uk Would I have liked to see Reyes play the whole game? Of course, cheap viagra uk but his coming out of the game to protect a batting title is not unprecedented.

Cheap viagra uk What also conflicts me with Reyes is the fact I really like him as a player and a person and I hope he’s back as a Met next year but if he signs elsewhere I’m not going to be sad or heartbroken. Cheap viagra uk I still feel that Jose wants to stay a Met but I’m sure there will be One Dumb Owner who will make an offer that Sandy Alderson can refuse.

Cheap viagra uk It’s time for us Mets fans to face facts, cheap viagra uk and the to face those facts we are fortunate to have someone like Howard Megdal to report the facts as he does here in his piece for New York Magazine which lays out the awful truth about the Skill Sets, cheap viagra uk their finances and the direction the club his headed due to money that would have been funneled into the baseball team will instead go to lawyers, cheap viagra uk creditors and maybe the Madoff Trust.

Cheap viagra uk If you don’t have the stomach for some tough times in Flushing, cheap viagra uk it may be time for you to find another rooting interest in baseball because it looks like a very rocky road here for a couple of years. Cheap viagra uk The team in the Bronx may have some openings, cheap viagra uk especially after the Mowtown Cats sweep them in the ALDS.

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Viagra faq It was quite a night at Citi Field last night. Viagra faq The SNY crew set up shop in the Pepsi Porch and I don’t know who enjoyed it more, viagra faq Gary, viagra faq Keith and Ron or us fans watching on TV. Viagra faq Between Ron wearing a glove like a Little Leaguer hoping to catch a ball or Keith buying hot dogs for him and his mates, viagra faq it was one of the more enjoyable Mets games I’ve watched in awhile. Viagra faq   

Viagra faq There was a little bit of everything last night. Viagra faq R.A. Viagra faq Dickey showing all those of little faith that he is a legit big league pitcher and one I hope is around here for some time. Viagra faq After falling behind 4-0, viagra faq Dickey got himself back on track and as much as I love to watch a pitcher dominant a lineup, viagra faq when you see a guy start out shaky but refuse to panic and think out what pitches are working and which one isn’t and then have the ability to make adjustments on the fly is just as great to watch. Viagra faq If Mike Pelfrey could just have a sliver of R.A. Viagra faq Dickey’s guile and pitching smarts we would be talking about locking him up to a multi year deal instead of hoping he gets non-tendered in the off season.

Viagra faq Angel (El Kabong) Pagan has not been very good this season in the field and at bat. Viagra faq Pagan is another player that I’m sure will be part of a big discussion in the Mets front office meetings as to whether he’s worth bringing back next season or not. Viagra faq Pagan, viagra faq like the rest of this team is an easy guy to root for. Viagra faq He’s worked his way back from oblivion of the bushes to be a bonafide big leaguer. Viagra faq In Pagan’s defense he is not a leadoff hitter and is not comfortable in the 1 or 2 spot of the lineup. Viagra faq This season his best offensive production as come when he is slotted in the 5 or hole. Viagra faq So last night was the right spot for Pagan in the bottom of the 10th when he drilled his walk off home run. Viagra faq Good for Angel and good for the Mets. Viagra faq This is a day to reflect on the goodness of Pagan, viagra faq we’ll have all winter to debate is fate as a Met going forward.

Viagra faq The stories today are all about Carlos Beltran and what is most likely his farewell game at home as a Met. Viagra faq If anything last night was his going away party. Viagra faq The crowd seemed to feel the same way. Viagra faq I was hoping that after Beltran launched his 2 run homer in the 5th to tie the game that the fans at Citi Field would prolong their enthusiasm to the point that Carlos would come out for a curtain call. Viagra faq When was the last time a Mets player came out for bow after a home run? With today being a day game and the temperature climbing toward 100 degrees I wonder how many folks will show up for the game today (besides the day camp kids for whom the 12 noon start was scheduled for) but it would be nice if the fans gave Beltran a standing O in his first at bat to the point where he steps out of the box and doffs his helmet. Viagra faq We’re going to miss him.

Viagra faq Congrats to Mr. Viagra faq and Mrs. Viagra faq Josh Thole on the birth of their son Cameron and how about Daddy Josh hitting RBI single in the 8th to tie the game at 5. Viagra faq I hope someone saved the ball to give to Thole as it would be a great conversation piece between him and his son when he gets older to relive the night after his birth daddy got a big clutch hit for the Mets.

Viagra faq Jason Pridie will start in LF for the Mets today for Jason Bay who is nursing a sore hammy. Viagra faq Bay claims his hip and leg have been bothering him for a few days and this doesn’t seem too serious. Viagra faq I know we’d all love to see Bay take a seat on the bench but we shouldn’t revel in an injury that puts him there. Viagra faq Mike Francesa had one of the few good points he makes every now and then about calling the Pirates about taking Jason Bay off the Mets hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Viagra faq Bay is owed $35 mil over the next three seasons so if the Mets offer Bay to the Pirates along with $17-$18 mil they would save $17-$18 mil. Viagra faq I doubt the Bucs would do this but Bay did have a great six years in Pittsburgh so maybe he Bucs need a love re-connection. Viagra faq Can’t hurt to ask.

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Original viagra I don’t blame him. Original viagra We all know as does Beltran that he will not be a Met much longer.  The rest of MLB seems to know the same. Original viagra The Giants gave him and Jose Reyes a lift to Phoenix for tonight’s All Star Game, original viagra a round about way of collusion I guess and Beltran being a vet of being wooed in the last year of a deal, original viagra is enjoying the dating process.

Original viagra Not only are the Giants  interested in a relationship with Beltran but the Red Sox seem to want to pitch some woo too.

Original viagra It will interesting to see where Beltran lands and what Sandy Alderson gets back in return. Original viagra As Mets fans we should enjoy the last days of Carlos Beltran becuse we will miss him when he’s gone.

Original viagra Now the Frankie Rodriguez has signed his soul away by joining forces with Scott Boras, original viagra Sandy Alderson should allow Boras to to be his broker in dealing K-Rod out of  Flushing.  Now when he’s dealt no tears will be shed.

Original viagra What’s wrong with Mets fans not tuning in to SNY to watch Mets games? Seems the eyeballs that tune into to watch the Amazin’s have dropped off significantly and that is puzzling to me. Original viagra This team is not only winning more than we thought they would but they a very easy to root for. Original viagra I know it’s not the troika of Gary, original viagra Keith and Ron who are the best in the business.  I’d blame Chris Carlin, original viagra I think he scares kids when they see him on TV.

Original viagra It’s hot as hell upstate  so the scout masters lodge is full to capacity as we bask in the air conditioning. Original viagra Yes, original viagra we are a bunch of candy asses I admit but there ain’t a breeze to be had out here and after cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs I feel I deserve a little me time. Original viagra Besides all the kids are at merit badge classes so we have no one to yell  at.

Original viagra Go NL Go

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Viagra facts ……..Your New York Mets were winning 13 of their last 20 games. Viagra facts While you were worrying about what will happen in July, viagra facts the Mets have a winning record on the road so far this year going 10-9 and so far on this current road trip they are 3-1.

Viagra facts The Mets pitching staff has posted a team ERA under 3 (2.86) for the month so far, viagra facts led by a light’s out bullpen that is a baseball best 4-1 with a miniscule .052 ERA.

Viagra facts Frankie Rodriguez has converted his last 11 save opportunities  and Jason Isringhausen has been outstanding as the 8th inning set up man. Viagra facts With Pedro Beato, viagra facts the best reliever in the pen before he was injured and Bobby Parnell on the DL, viagra facts Taylor Buchholz and Ryota Igarashi have stepped up to fill the void. Viagra facts Spaceman Byrdak when allowed by Terry Collins, viagra facts has been doing his LOOGY thing holding left handed batters to a .231 average.

Viagra facts We know that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been carrying the offense of late (even before hi s injury Ike was slumping a bit) and that D-Wright and J-Bay have been in deep slumps (could last night ignite their bats ?) but look at the records of all the teams in MLB, viagra facts with the exception of the Phuck Phaces (I’m loving the resurgence of the Tribe but I’m not ready to put them on a level of the Phuck Phaces yet) there is no great team in baseball, viagra facts hell, viagra facts the overrated Highlanders are but 4 games over mediocrity.

Viagra facts So instead of obsessing on where to trade Jose Reyes, viagra facts Calros Beltran and David Wright, viagra facts maybe you should shut down Twitter for a night and enjoy your NY Mets. Viagra facts  I’m taking the pledge to stay off Twitter during Mets games as I’m starting to see the light that Josh Thole saw, viagra facts some of you folks make rooting for the Mets a fucking chore. Viagra facts The constant doom and gloom over every at bat is really tiring. Viagra facts Yes D-Wright has not been productive but  I urge you to read this post by James Kannengieser at Amazin’ Ave on Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) postion by position, viagra facts as tough a season as DW has had he still ranks 3rd in wOBA  among all 3rd basemen in MLB.

Viagra facts So instead of going  “you suck “ to “your great”  from one tweet to the next, viagra facts just sit back and enjoy this team and see how it plays out on the field instead of on Twitter.

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Who should not take viagra pic courtesy of Bob’s Blitz

Who should not take viagra No Mets game last night so I tuned into the NY Highlander-Chicago White Stockings game from the South Bronx. Who should not take viagra I had two options on where to watch the festivities, who should not take viagra ESPN or YUCK. Who should not take viagra The one outlet I wanted to watch it on CSN-Chicago (I know I’m in the minority but I enjoy listening to Hawk Harrelson do White Sox games) was blacked out because MLB Extra Innings feels that since I live in a NYC zip code I enjoy watching the YUCK Network, who should not take viagra which could not be further from the truth. Who should not take viagra In fact, who should not take viagra I rarely watch the YUCK Network, who should not take viagra but last night I did and all I can say is, who should not take viagra whatever SNY is paying Gary Cohen, who should not take viagra Ron Darling, who should not take viagra Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt they are getting away cheap, who should not take viagra in fact if I were the agents for those gentleman I would use tape of the games on YUCK to get my clients big pay raises.

Who should not take viagra I started off watching this game on ESPN and was quite happy that Sean McDonough was the play by play man. Who should not take viagra Then when I heard Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone chiming in, who should not take viagra I ducked for cover. Who should not take viagra Sutcliffe always sounds like he had a few Rob Roy’s before the game and Boone brings nothing of substance to the telecast. Who should not take viagra In fact these three men in a booth is a disaster on every sporting event except for Mets games on SNY. Who should not take viagra Gary, who should not take viagra Keith and Ron are the gold standard for the three man booth. Who should not take viagra The Mark Jackson, who should not take viagra Jeff Van Gundy duo would work very well as a three man booth if the third man wasn’t Mike Breen.Put Marv Albert with those two and you’d have the basketball version of sports broadcasting nirvana.

Who should not take viagra So back to YUCK I go and as I tune in Michael Kay brings in Kim Jones to the broadcast. Who should not take viagra Jones is a very good nuts and bolts reporter having been the Giants beat writer and general NFL correspondent for the Newark Star-Ledger but as a “personality” well she’s lacking in that department . Who should not take viagra When she fills in on WFAN she comes off at times as a female version of Mike Francesa, who should not take viagra but anyway, who should not take viagra Kay brought her in to take about Phil Hughes and his “dead arm”. Who should not take viagra Jones went on a dissertation that made me think Highlanders fans have a problem comprehending information as Jones spoke…….very……..slowly…….and…..accented……some….key…..words……in…..her……report……like….it…..was…..remidial…….tv………watching……….

Who should not take viagra The fact that she reported that Hughes stopped his throwing session because his arm felt very heavy, who should not take viagra to me was a major story and one if I were of the Highlander persuasion would cause me some alarm. Who should not take viagra When Jones threw it back to Kay, who should not take viagra he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Who should not take viagra To his credit, who should not take viagra Al Leiter, who should not take viagra a man we all know who pitched in the big leagues, who should not take viagra showed the kind of concern I would have thought the newly wed Mr. Who should not take viagra Jodi Applegate would have. Who should not take viagra  As Leiter spoke about the effects of this on the Highlanders and on Hughes himself, who should not take viagra Mr Applegate asked “Al did you ever go through a dead arm period”? Now if Leiter and Kay weren’t BFF’s I’m sure Letier would have exposed Kay for the fraud he is. Who should not take viagra Just about every pitcher deals with a dead arm problem, who should not take viagra mostly in spring training but the bounce back after a day or three and Leiter was making it known that this situation with Hughes could be very serious. Who should not take viagra I guess Kay was more concerned with going home and having some Chicken Parm and then sharing the wedding bed with Madame’ Applegate.

Who should not take viagra For an extra added attraction, who should not take viagra former Met Philip Humber, who should not take viagra now a ChiSox pitcher was in the midst of no hitting the Bronx Bastards. Who should not take viagra It was hard not to know the BB’s were hitless as Kay mentioned it every ten seconds. Who should not take viagra When Alex Rodriguez got the first Highlander hit in the 7th    there was a sigh of relief coming from the YUCK booth because not only was the calamity of the Highlanders being no hit averted but now it was time for some good old fashion  Mets bashing, who should not take viagra everybody take your pants off WOOOOO-HOOOOOO.

Who should not take viagra Kay went into full rant about the Mets never having been on the celebratory side on a no-no but of course pitchers who at one time toed the rubber for the Amazin’s have and of course he couldn’t wait to felate  his partner Leiter by bringing up his no hitter against the Colorado Rockies when he was a Marlin.

Who should not take viagra After ten minutes more of the reading of names of former Mets pitchers who pitched no hitters with clubs other than the Mets I was done.  I watched the rest of the game on ESPN which was more entertaining anyway as Rick Sutcliffe was on his 5th drink by the time I tuned in.

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Buy generic viagra First let me say Shana Tova to all of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah at sundown this evening.

Buy generic viagra Well just when I want to abandon this Mets season along comes Dillon Gee to shed a bit of light on the darkness of another post season-less season in Flushing.

Buy generic viagra Gee’ start even energized the broadcast booth last night as Ron Darling was as excited as we seen him in a long time as he watched Gee show a nice grasp of the art of pitching. Buy generic viagra Gee was quite effective using a sharp breaking ball that the TV crew said was a curve but Gee himself told Kevin Burkhardt that it was a slider that he relied on most of the evening as he could not get good command of his curve and that helped him set up his low 90’s fastball to keep the Nationals hitters off balance. Buy generic viagra That is the definition of pitching , buy generic viagrastaying  ahead of batters and keeping them off balance and for one night at least, buy generic viagra Gee showed a ton of promise as an arm to look at for 2011.

Buy generic viagra For all the grief I give the Skill Sets, buy generic viagra the one thing I’ve always admired about them was their commitment to our armed forces. Buy generic viagra If you go to games at Citi Field you know that the club acknowledges wounded vets by giving them much deserved VIP treatment at Mets games. Buy generic viagra They were the driving force in the caps worn and sold during Memorial Day and 4th of July by players and fans with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior program and they make sure that the players make a trip to Walter Reed Hospital when the club plays the Nats in D.C., buy generic viagra which has a profound effect not only on the heroes who were injured in battle but on the Mets players as well. Buy generic viagra Guys like David Wright, buy generic viagra R.A. Buy generic viagra Dickey and Angel Pagan are up front about their feeling toward the trip in fact the whole Mets organization steps up big time by going to Walter Reed to lift the solders morale. Buy generic viagra  Well, buy generic viagra almost everyone.

Buy generic viagra It seems Oliver Perez, buy generic viagra Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran were the only member of the team to not make the trip to Walter Reed. Buy generic viagra  Why these three decided not to go has not been explained. Buy generic viagra Hopefully those with access to the players will ask them why they blew off this very important trip. Buy generic viagra  The fact that it was these three who were absent proves out why the vast majority of Mets fans can’t stand the trio.

Buy generic viagra Perez and Castillo should have been dumped a longggggggggggggggggg time ago but it should not be a shock that these two selfish shitheads would not go to a hospital to visit injured soldiers. Buy generic viagra Maybe they were embarrassed that as much as they suck at what they do and lack any balls to step up and make a positive contribution to the team , buy generic viagrashamed them from showing up. Buy generic viagra As for Beltran, buy generic viagra he did himself no favor in the eyes of Mets  fansfor not showing up.

Buy generic viagra As far as I’m concerned Perez, buy generic viagra Castillo and Beltran are three no good scumbags for not appearing. Buy generic viagra  I defended Beltran when he came back from injury and a lot of folks blamed him for the second half demise of the club. Buy generic viagra I have never been a fan of Beltran even though he is a great player (most long time readers know I was no fan of Mike Piazza’ either as Piazza and Beltran have the same “me” attitude just my opinion) and I think he is sometimes attacked unfairly but after being a no show yesterday, buy generic viagra my Beltran defense rests.

Buy generic viagra If there is a silver lining to this embarrassment, buy generic viagra it’s that maybe NOW Jeffy Skill Sets, buy generic viagra getting embarrassed by these three, buy generic viagra will finally realize that they all need to go no matter what the monetary cost. Buy generic viagra  I would have a ton more respect for the Skill Sets if they sent both Perez and Castillo home right now and informed Beltran that the club will do all they can to move him to a new team. Buy generic viagra I just hope that Beltran didn’t blow off this hospital visit because of his discontent with Mets management because if he did then he’s a gutless coward.

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Brand viagra

Brand viagra Have you noticed that the Mets telecast on SNY has turned more into a sports/general interest talk show than focusing on the action on the field? Not that I have a problem with that, brand viagra not at all, brand viagra in fact if it weren’t for Gary Cohen, brand viagra Keith Hernandez, brand viagra Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt along with Bobby Ojeda in the studio, brand viagra I don’t think I’d be watching many more Mets games. Brand viagra As much as I love our announcing crew though, brand viagra it’s a sad state of affairs when they are the main draw to watching Mets baseball.

Brand viagra During the game yesterday, brand viagra Gary posed the question to Hernandez about dangling the names Jose Reyes and David Wright out there as pieces in trade talk. Brand viagra Hernandez said (paraphrasing here) “of course you would; you’d have to as a GM just to see who is interested and what kind of package you’d get in return.” Now Hernandez DID NOT say Yes dump them, brand viagra get rid of them, brand viagra off with them. Brand viagra He just said what any smart thinking Mets fan would say, brand viagra you have to at least see what you can get for either or both.

Brand viagra I am in no way advocating the trading of Wright or Reyes, brand viagra in a perfect world both players would continue their careers as Mets and retire as Mets, brand viagra I would be very happy if the end of their Mets careers finished with “…and they lived happily ever after…” but as we know too well we Mets fans live in a imperfect world.

Brand viagra When I Tweeted that I agreed with Hernandez on this issue you would have thought I opened up a Mosques R Us on Cortlandt St. Brand viagra The question I posed is this, brand viagra Say the Skill Sets hire a new GM like Kevin Towers, brand viagra or Mark Shapiro or even promote John Ricco and they get a call from an team with a deep farm and young players who are on the Major League team already. Brand viagra For either player I want a at least a starting pitcher, brand viagra a second baseman, brand viagra an outfielder and prospects (of course the Mets will throw in a few other players as well) as you see it would take a blockbuster to have me trade Wright and or Reyes but as a GM you have to see if that blockbuster is out there.

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Cialis 50 mg

Cialis 50 mg Saturday ramblings in no specific order:

Cialis 50 mg While I applaud Jerry Manuel for yanking John Maine the other night and showing that if you don’t perform you’re gone, cialis 50 mg Manuel went a bit too much and it show how much he really can’t stand Maine when it was reported to Manuel that Maine said “he wanted to pitch so badly he’d go out and throw left handed” to which Manuel said with his Gangsta’ laugh “That’s not out of the question , cialis 50 mg he might have more stuff lefty” funny line but said at the wrong time. Cialis 50 mg There’s nothing to joke about here with this team. Cialis 50 mg The only fans buying tickets to Mets games at $iti Field are the opposing teams fans.  If you’re a Mets fan why would you want to sit in $iti Field and get ridiculed for three hours. Cialis 50 mg Mets fans have been on an island the last few years, cialis 50 mg the players and management couldn’t care less that everyone who knows us as Mets fans repeatedly asks us the questions about the team failure and get the badgering for the failure of this team and organization. Cialis 50 mg I don’t mind it from friends and family but it’s the front running douchebag Highlander fan who’s knowledge of the team goes as far as wearing a 2 JETER t-shirt and that the organization has won 27 World Series and if you’re a true Highlander fan that person should embarrass you as well.

Cialis 50 mg David Wright has argued more third strikes this past month than he has his whole career combined. Cialis 50 mg At some point the home plate umpire needs to tell Wright, cialis 50 mg “it’s not me, cialis 50 mg it’s you” The “hasn’t been good since the beaning” theory is starting too look spot on after each Wright at bat. Cialis 50 mg Maybe it’s not Hojo’s fault but I just wonder if a different voice would help Wright at this point ? It’s just too easy to pitch to David right now. Cialis 50 mg Start him off with an inside pitch and work your way outside, cialis 50 mg he won’t stride toward the outside at all. Cialis 50 mg The ground out he hit against Rivera to finish the game was the pitch he used to go to right center with, cialis 50 mg now with this too long swing of his you get a little fart of a ground ball.

Cialis 50 mg Benny Agbayani left the Chiba Lotte Marines because of the way the treated Bobby Valentine. Cialis 50 mg Mike Hampton on WFAN yesterday said Valentine was the best manager he ever played for. Cialis 50 mg  John Franco and Mike Piazza have said the same about Bobby V. Cialis 50 mg You think any of the current Mets will have such loyalty to Jerry Manuel when he’s given his walking papers?

Cialis 50 mg Let Bob Melvin or Terry Collins finish the season and then bring back Bobby V in 2011.

Cialis 50 mg Kevin Russo ? Who the fuck is Kevin Russo? Now every year when this played out Mayor’s Trophy series is played we’ll have to read a Where Are They Now feature on Kevin Russo as he works as a valet parker at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

Cialis 50 mg Welcome back Uncle Elmer.

Cialis 50 mg So Roy Oswalt has agreed to be traded, cialis 50 mg good for him, cialis 50 mg would he be a fit on the Mets?  Hummm  tough to say. Cialis 50 mg At first glance you’d say of course but he’s 32 yrs old with a history of back trouble and his contract runs through 2012 with $15 mil for this year and $32 mil the next two years but there is a $2mil buyout in 2012. Cialis 50 mg It’s not the money that would scare me off but the back issue would and the fact that Oswalt is a countryboy and played in a city that watches baseball until football training camp opens so that would be a concern as well but what would it take personnel wise to bag Oswalt ? Would the ‘Stros take a big bag of junk like Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo ? Or Perez and Fernando Martinez (can we all agree it just isn’t going to happen for this kid?)  and a low level busher?    Like I say the point is moot the Skill Sets won’t pay the money.

Cialis 50 mg It may be ridiculous that the Highlanders have this ban on iPad’s and laptops by fans coming into The Mall on River Avenue and they are ridiculous with their law and order policies on what you can and can not bring into the park (I want to know how much of a kickback security gets from the bowling alley across the street for holding bags? What’s the number for NYC Consumer Affairs ?) but really why do you need to use a laptop or iPad as a fan during a game ? Sit back and watch the game don’t make a job out of it.

Cialis 50 mg Time to finish things off on the parquet floor starting tonight, cialis 50 mg as pissed as I am over the Mets who cower under the bed when things get tough, cialis 50 mg I have to make a 180 degree move as a Celtics fan. Cialis 50 mg The C’s are so confident they border on cocky but when Paul Pierce looks in the camera and tells Celtics fans that “we’re coming home to finish this off” and ends it with a wink , cialis 50 mg I believe him, cialis 50 mg I mean he is The Truth right? But what I love is the way the team leaders are not afraid to call out anyone on the team, cialis 50 mg I still laugh at Big Baby Davis after fouling in a bad spot in the game and getting called out from the bench by Kevin Garnett yelling “ I know , cialis 50 mg I know I fucked up, cialis 50 mg I fucked up”   Can I get David Wright to do that just once?

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Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning The less said about last night’s game the better. Viagra good morning However it is a testimony to Gary Gohen, viagra good morning Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling that I kept the game on just to hear what the trio had to say. Viagra good morning When they took phone calls and a caller asked “why is it the first baseman is left out when the ball is thrown around the horn” and Gary and Ron tried to find a good answer for that, viagra good morning Hernandez gave a classic Keith Hernandez answer saying he didn’t know but he was glad he didn’t to be bothered being involved in the ritual when he played. Viagra good morning It’s Keith world and we are all lucky to be living in it.

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning For all the bitching and moaning I do about the team and its management, viagra good morning there are certain events that make me smile and appreciate being a Mets fan. Viagra good morning Two things I read this morning showed me what being a Met and being a Mets fan is all about:

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning On this date in 1963 a rookie pitcher for the Mets by the name of Grover Powell, viagra good morning beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-0 in his first major league start. Viagra good morning In Powell’s next start he went up against the Pittsburgh Pirates and was struck in the face by a line drive off the bat of future Mets 1969 hero, viagra good morning Donn Clendenon. Viagra good morning Powell never won another game in the big leagues again. But he did find fame and fortune as a childrens television performer.

Viagra good morning Dave Singer of NY Sportsdog wrote a post today on why the Mets should honor the 30th anniversary of the 1979 team. Viagra good morning This is why Mets fans are the greatest and funniest people on earth.

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning The Mets were 63-99 that year under the ownership of Madame` Lorinda de Roulet and the managerial leadership of one Joseph Torre . Viagra good morning If you think this season is bad, viagra good morning I got news for you kids, viagra good morning if didn‘t live through that 1979 season you don’t know what suffering is. Viagra good morning No one and  I mean no one went to Mets games in 1979 except for a bunch of 20 something’s who received plenty of free tickets and would go to games just hang out and drink beer and smoke a little herb (back then you sat in the Upper Deck with a bottle of booze and some smoke and just laughed your ass off, viagra good morning awwwwwwww good times kids, viagra good morning good times) It was back in ’79 when I nearly got my ass kicked by Crazy Horse (Tim Foli) as we walked down to seats behind the Mets dugout to break balls. Viagra good morning Foli was on deck to pinch hit and I guess he got tired of me telling him how much he sucked, viagra good morning that he came up to the rail screaming at me to shut the fuck up or he’d kick my ass, viagra good morning in which I laughed at him some more and told him “if you feel froggy then leap asshole”, viagra good morning pissing him off even more. Viagra good morning As the rent-a-cops came running toward us to see what the commotion was, viagra good morning my buddies and I thought that would be a good time to make a run for the exit and head back to Brooklyn.  

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning Funny thing was right after that incident, viagra good morning Foli was dealt to the Pirates for Frankie Taveras. Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning Two Non-Mets, viagra good morning baseball items:

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning Only 23 days until the New York Rangers go to camp. Viagra good morning Unlike the Mets, viagra good morning the Rangers are stocked with young talented players and The Prospect Park gives you the low down on the Baby Blushirts.   

Viagra good morning Newly promoted Brunley beat the Red Devils of Man U for the first time in 40 yrs.

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning Tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio it’s Pro Baseball Central with yours truly and Joe McDonald and our guest for the evening Rich Mancuso. Viagra good morning Check us out live or later on the podcast which you can listen to right here at the Kranepool Society site or at our Pro Baseball Central site.

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Sam Hollbrook almost did what the NL has not been to do all year, cialis and levitra get the best of Johan Santana. Cialis and levitra Hollbrook was embarrassingly inconsistent last night calling balls and strikes to the point that either J-Man or Old School Dan Werthan should have gotten themselves tossed out of the game going after the inept Hollbrook. Cialis and levitra It’s not a question of not giving Santana the inside of the plate as Santana is savvy and knows if your not getting that part of the plate move on to something else but when an ump gives you the call in the first and second inning then doesn’t give it to you in the third and fourth, cialis and levitra that’s a problem.


Maybe it was poetic justice that crew chief Larry Vanover ruled Daniel Murphy’ hit in the 6th a home run as I ‘ve seen the replay so many times I have a serious craving for a hero sandwich (SUBWAY got there money’s worth for that billboard ) and I still can’t say for sure if Murph’s hit was a homer but it was defiantly good to see him break his slump. Cialis and levitra Hopefully J-Man doesn’t sit him Friday night.


It’s just two games so I am really really restraining myself with young Fernando Martinez as first impression has been underwhelming. Cialis and levitra It is inexcusable for F-Mart not to run out that pop up in the 6th . Cialis and levitra He should be busting ass on a foul tip no less a pop up maybe it was the starry night, cialis and levitra maybe he heard some distant drums? Or the sound of a bugle calls from a far? I don’t know was there something in the air last night Fernando?


Mets Police Chief, cialis and levitra Shannon Shark has a must read piece about the scam job that is being perpetrated on Mets fans buying tickets to Mets games in advance. Cialis and levitra The Skill Sets look like they picked up some tips from Bernie Madoff with this scheme.


Wilson Valdez gets to wear #4? Are you fucking kidding me?


Sure we all know that Carlos Beltran is having a career offensive season so far but did you know that when it comes to facing a pitcher for the second time in a game he is the best hitter in all the land?


On this day in 1957 the NL owners voted unanimously in favor of the Dodgers and Giants move to Cali. Cialis and levitra


Don’t forget tonight there is no Mets game but there is another edition of PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL at 9PM EDST. Cialis and levitra Tune in and call in at (646) 595-4462. Cialis and levitra If you can listen live then catch the show on our podcast here.



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