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Buy cialis viagra I would think by now every player on the Mets has gotten the message, buy cialis viagra you can be replaced, buy cialis viagra to that I say, buy cialis viagra it’s about time.

Buy cialis viagra I know there is a segment of the fan base who get their balls in a uproar when they hear of their favorite player mentioned in trade rumors and we can see by the group whose pissed off that Jose Reyes is now a former Met, buy cialis viagra  who will miss Reyes by the way not for his baseball prowess but because they love his dreads or he helps them sell t-shirts and don’t have the capacity to look at it as solely the baseball move that it was. Buy cialis viagra It’s the same way some have reacted to the scuttlebutt that Ike Davis and Jon Niese have been dangled as trade bait. Buy cialis viagra I know it’s been awhile since the Mets have had a true general manager running their team but I’ll let you kids in on a secret this is how you run a baseball team.

Buy cialis viagra Now before you call me an asshole (if you haven’t already) let me make it clear that I am not advocating that Ike and Niese be dealt but as a Mets fan you should be encouraged that Sandy Alderson is doing his job in trying to build this wreck of a franchise into a contending team for the long haul.

Buy cialis viagra I get it that the Mets fan base is quite diverse but you can’t keep sucking year after year and keep players just because they were drafted by the organization or have nice dimples you need players who can actually step up and win some baseball games. Buy cialis viagra Give me a flat ass, buy cialis viagra pimple face baseball player who can get on base, buy cialis viagra knock in runs or pitch seven innings a start any day of the week.

Buy cialis viagra It’s quite obvious that Alderson feels there is not one player on his current roster he cannot live without and as a fan of the TEAM that should make you happy. Buy cialis viagra When Alderson was first introduced as Mets GM he was asked about relationships with players, buy cialis viagra he let it known from the jump that he’s not here to be their friend but he would do whatever he could to help them if they needed his assistance.

Buy cialis viagra I’m sure Alderson thinks David Wright is as fine a young man as he’s met in baseball but that won’t stop him for dealing him away for a front line pitching prospect or a top flight center fielder. Buy cialis viagra  It’s not personal its business.

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Search herbal viagra As we wait for Sandy Alderson and his Front Office Posse to check  into the Motel 6 Hilton Anatole in Dallas so they can get some much needed work done to reshape the 2012 Mets, search herbal viagra let’s look at a few news items from that last few days:


Search herbal viagra I would love to hear the conversations between Reyes and his agent on their free agency game plan. Search herbal viagra So far all we’ve heard is a rumor of an imminent deal with the Fish and nothing more, search herbal viagra just a lot of speculation, search herbal viagra in fact we’ve heard about this deal for about three weeks now. Search herbal viagra  As I’ve mentioned before, search herbal viagra I love how Alderson is playing is hand here, search herbal viagra especially how he told the Mets beat writers all he knows about Reyes right now is what he reads in the papers. Search herbal viagra This guy is good, search herbal viagra very good. Search herbal viagra If by some chance Reyes comes back to the Mets he may end up paying them to play here.

Search herbal viagra By the way check out this post from Coop on the Reyes free agent saga at Kiner’s Korner a well worthy read.


Search herbal viagra Congrats to Omar as he was named the SR. Search herbal viagra VP of Baseball Ops for the San Diego Padres. Search herbal viagra As a GM and the front office face of a franchise, search herbal viagra Minaya was miscast, search herbal viagra his perfect role is that of scout and amateur talent evaluator. Search herbal viagra Safe to say Minaya will never be a big league GM again same as Willie Randolph will never be a big league manager again, search herbal viagra the jobs were just too big for both of them.


Search herbal viagra And you want to know why the Dodgers are bankrupt? Thank the baseball gods that Nick Colletti is not the Mets GM.


Search herbal viagra No doubt about it, search herbal viagra Pedro is a first ballot Hall Of Famer. Search herbal viagra I’ve never hide my man crush for Pedro and who could forget his first start with the Mets, search herbal viagra Opening Day April 4, search herbal viagra 2005 in Cincinnati where he gave up 3 runs in the first inning then settled down to K 12 Red Legs before giving way to the bullpen and suckitude closer Braden Looper losing the game. Search herbal viagra Then a week later at opening day at Shea Stadium, search herbal viagra the fans cheering every time Pedro was shown on the Jumbotron or walked on the field, search herbal viagra talk about electric. Search herbal viagra It’s sad his Mets career wasn’t very fruitful but still Pedro was the man.

Search herbal viagra  

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Discount viagra Last night I had the privilege to be invited to be part of the Mets bloggers Q & A conference call with Mets GM Sandy Alderson. Discount viagra Eric Simon and the staff at Amazin’ Avenue have done another outstanding job of putting together a transcript of the conference call (click the link and read the whole transcript it will be the most informative information you’ll get about the Mets anywhere) and I thank them very much for undertaking the chore of transcribing and crediting each blogger with a link to our sites along with our questions, discount viagra Thanks again Eric.

Discount viagra A few observations I took from the call:

Discount viagra Alderson is playing his hand in the Jose Reyes sweepstakes like a top poker player. Discount viagra In years past, discount viagra the Mets were always duped into not just setting the market price on free agents but bidding against themselves. Discount viagra His answer to the question on whether he thought of Reyes as a franchise player was 100 % spot on:

Discount viagra Do I consider him a franchise player? Yes. Discount viagra But a franchise player is only valuable as such if he is contributing to a winning franchise as opposed to simply acting as eye wash for a team that is not very good.

Discount viagra Again, discount viagra everybody loves Reyes and wants him to be a Met For Life, discount viagra yet less than 5, discount viagra000 fans showed up on the final day of the season and what may have been Reyes last game as a Met. Discount viagra That’s why Alderson doesn’t play to the lunatic fringe of Metsfandom and for that I am so grateful.

Discount viagra Alderson got into the business end of running the Mets as Howard Megdal, discount viagra who should be your go to read with the anything Mets related but most certainly on learning the financial end of what the Skill Sets and the organization are up against in these trying money times with the Mets. Discount viagra It may a bit simplistic on my part but it seems Alderson is saying that he has x-amount of dollars in his budget given to him by ownership and he has to do the best he and his staff can to fill the roster with players good enough to compete and not hurt the bedrock of foundation of the organization, discount viagra the farm system. Discount viagra There are some (I’d say a minority) of Mets fans who don’t get the fact that finances of this franchise are in a total state of flux but no matter the outcome, discount viagra it would take either a discovery of oil or gold during the renovation of the Citi Field outfield for the Skill Sets to own this team for the long term. Discount viagra  

Discount viagra I really believe Alderson enjoys doing these Q & A’s with the Mets bloggers more than dealing with the MSM. Discount viagra The first one we did last year lasted about half an hour, discount viagra then when we met with Alderson face to face at the Mets Holiday Party he joined us in our own little group for more questions and didn‘t seem to be in a hurry to get away from us. Discount viagra Last night he spoke to us for an hour and seemed to enjoy the questions and giving us insight into what he and his staff are doing to making the Mets into a top flight franchise.

Discount viagra His answer to my question was about that, discount viagra he is hell-bent in turning around the perception of the NY Mets franchise, discount viagra as much as Alderson feels there has been progress in that direction he knows the only way to advance it is for him to put together a winning team:

Discount viagra {Steve Keane (The Eddie Kranepool Society): Your first year as a Mets general manager, discount viagra how would you assess your progress that you and your staff have made in the first year with the Mets? What has been the most challenging situation or thing that’s happened with you as the GM of the Mets, discount viagra and what’s been the biggest surprise on the positive side and on the negative side?

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra Alderson: I look at things in three areas. Discount viagra The organization as a whole, discount viagra the infrastructure, discount viagra what’s happening in player development and scouting, discount viagra and what’s happening at the major league level.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra Organizationally, discount viagra I’m very pleased with where we are. Discount viagra We’re not fully where we want to be. Discount viagra In the areas of structure and process and personnel, discount viagra we’re making a lot of progress. Discount viagra We made some personnel changes last year, discount viagra we’ve made a few this year. Discount viagra The more important changes organizationally have come in the area of process as we blend the pre-existing staff with newly added staff. Discount viagra From an organizational standpoint, discount viagra we’ve made some progress.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra Player-development-wise, discount viagra we’ve made significant progress, discount viagra I think our approach to the draft last year was a departure from previous years, discount viagra and I think at least early returns are that it was a positive change. Discount viagra If you look at our top prospects, discount viagra we were able to add to that list not only from not only the further development of existing players, discount viagra but also from the draft as well as the trade, discount viagra most prominently the trade for Zack Wheeler. Discount viagra I think player-development-wise, discount viagra the continued development of Matt Harvey and some others, discount viagra and remember at this time last year, discount viagra Matt Harvey had never thrown a professional pitch. Discount viagra I think some very positive things are happening at the player development and scouting level.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra At the major league level, discount viagra I’m very pleased with Terry Collins last year and I think our major league staff will be even stronger this year than it was. Discount viagra Dave Hudgens did a great job in refocusing our offensive philosophy. Discount viagra I think we’ve made a lot of progress philosophically at least in how we are approaching the game, discount viagra not just in respect to hitting, discount viagra but a more aggressive approach, discount viagra a more accountable approach that Terry has demanded.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra If you tie those three things together, discount viagra what I’d hoped to achieve in the first year primarily was to change the perception of the organization. Discount viagra Despite the fact that we didn’t finish over .500, discount viagra I think overall, discount viagra the way the team played, discount viagra some of the other things that happened over the course of the year, discount viagra did help to change the perception of the organization and its direction and its chances of success in the future.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra My biggest disappointment going back to last year was just the way we finished the season. Discount viagra We finished poorly, discount viagra we started poorly. Discount viagra Part of that was attributable to injury, discount viagra but some of it was a result of weakening the team later for long-term benefit. Discount viagra I think for example, discount viagra if we’d kept Frankie Rodriguez, discount viagra we would have finished well over .500. Discount viagra I think that the lack of a closer cost us a number of games.

Discount viagra  

Discount viagra But, discount viagra the overall perception did change. Discount viagra I think that there is some greater confidence in the future for the Mets and that was an important thing to accomplish. Discount viagra I think the way we finished detracted from that somewhat, discount viagra I think we were able to move people’s thinking in that direction.}

Discount viagra I’d like to thank Danielle Parillo and Shannon Forde for putting this and all the Mets bloggers event together and of course a big thank you to Sandy Alderson for his time and insight    

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Buy viagra low cost I was so pissed that I missed hearing Sandy Alderson on the SNY telecast last night. Buy viagra low cost But, buy viagra low cost thanks to Chris McShane at Amazin’ Avenue who transcribed the whole interview Alderson did with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, buy viagra low cost I’m caught up with what the Mets GM is looking to accomplish going forward with the team. Buy viagra low cost What has me puzzled is the Mets fan/blogger fixation on what Alderson said about changing the dimensions and height of the Cit Field outfield wall, buy viagra low cost from reading the McShane’s transcript of the conversation, buy viagra low cost that was the least interesting feature to me.

Buy viagra low cost I’m not saying reducing the height of the Great Wall of Flushing or bringing in the right/center Mo Zone is not good thing, buy viagra low cost in fact I’m all for it but Alderson’s insights on player personnel and his approach to the off season was much more newsworthy.

Buy viagra low cost To me more important than wall renovations is what is the GM’s plan of attack for re-signing Jose Reyes. Buy viagra low cost It seems like Alderson has a preempted strike ready to fire as he has tabbed October as Jose Reyes Month. Buy viagra low cost I get the vibe that he has an offer already to be presented a figure in years and money that he won’t go over. Buy viagra low cost Alderson has made it known he will not get into a bidding war over Reyes. Buy viagra low cost He has been nothing but complimentary of the shortstop as has Terry Collins, buy viagra low cost who is on record as saying he can’t fathom the Mets without Reyes or David Wright for that matter which I’m sure is the company line. Buy viagra low cost I’m interested in this negotiation to see if Reyes takes a little less money or years to stay with the only organization he’s ever played for or does he move on and take the best deal out there. Buy viagra low cost I still think that while Alderson will make a very good offer to Reyes, buy viagra low cost he won’t be heartbroken if another team comes in and blows the Mets deal out of the water. Buy viagra low cost No question he wants Reyes back but he won’t break the Skill Sets fragile bank account to sign him.

Buy viagra low cost One of Alderson’s concerns was rushing pitchers to the big leagues but also doing a balancing act getting some of the minor league arms a bit of a push to move them along. Buy viagra low cost Under Omar MInaya’s regime the club loved drafting collage pitchers to where a team like St. Buy viagra low cost Lucie is overstocked with 24 and 25 year olds which it sounds like is very frustrating to Alderson. Buy viagra low cost When you’re that age and still pitching in A ball, buy viagra low cost you’re at the shit or get off the pot stage of your career.

Buy viagra low cost Alderson sounds like a Mets fan when he talks about the bullpen and how blowing late game leads, buy viagra low cost a la Bobby Parnell, buy viagra low cost takes the heart out of everyone when it’s on an almost daily basis. Buy viagra low cost Safe to say, buy viagra low cost Alderson has seen enough of Parnell closing to know he needs to put finding a closer on the top of his shopping list. Buy viagra low cost Also clearly stated, buy viagra low cost he will go outside the organization to find one. Buy viagra low cost  Looking at guys like Greg Holland of the Royals, buy viagra low cost Mike Adams of the Rangers, buy viagra low cost Rafael Betancourt of the Rockies and Sean Marshall of the Cubs there are some interesting options for Alderson out there.

Buy viagra low cost Alderson is happy with the number of innings his starters have given him but now he wants them to improve the quality of those innings. Buy viagra low cost I believe that Jon Niese and Dillon Gee will and of course R.A. Buy viagra low cost Dickey will give a quality start just about every time out but we still have no idea what Johan Santana will give you on the mound next year and of course there is the elephant in the room known as Mike Pelfrey. Buy viagra low cost From Alderson’s comment it seems that Pelf will be back next season but in what capacity?

Buy viagra low cost What we have Mets fans is one busy and interesting winter coming up ahead of us and the brain trust of our team. Buy viagra low cost Right now is the lull where the team plays out the string as October on will be the most interesting time for the Mets since before the All Star break.

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Viagra sale online I was fortunate to be invited to a conference call last night with Sandy Alderson and my fellow Mets bloggers. Viagra sale online This is the second cc Alderson has done with bloggers and he seems genuinely happy to talk to us and values our input about the team. Viagra sale online As great as it was talking to the Mets GM, viagra sale online the biggest kick for me was reading all the Tweets from other baseball bloggers who were soooooooooooooo jealous that we were granted access to Alderson and reading how they wish the head of the team they root for would give the same courtesy. Viagra sale online Imagine that, viagra sale online the same wise ass’ who like to joke and make sarcastic remarks about the Mets, viagra sale online are envious of Mets bloggers.

Viagra sale online I’m slowly getting used to the frank and honest way Alderson does business, viagra sale online whereas in the past, viagra sale online I’ve always felt you had to read between the lines to find the truth out of anything coming out of Flushing , viagra sale online but now it seems we’re getting the straight skinny from the Mets GM.

Viagra sale online On the release of Castillo and Perez, viagra sale online Alderson said that to some extent fan sentiment was a factor in releasing both players, viagra sale online more so in Castillo’s case as the front office had hoped that Perez could make some kind of contribution. Viagra sale online Alderson felt it was only fair that the new regime look at both players first hand instead of relying on hearsay. Viagra sale online  

Viagra sale online With Emaus winning the 2nd base job, viagra sale online it’s clear his Rule 5 status helped him in winning the job over Justin Turner who had options. Viagra sale online Alderson said that Emaus would only make the team as a starting baseman and not a bench player. Viagra sale online  Alderson said he was happy that Emaus has come around with the bat and has shown signs of being effective turning the DP.

Viagra sale online My question to Alderson was about the fight for the last spot in the bullpen, viagra sale online but first I added a bit of editorializing:

Viagra sale online “Between the offseason and spring, viagra sale online it seems that there’s a minority in the fan base and a majority of the mainstream media that likes to dwell on the negative things that go on with the organization. Viagra sale online They seem not to want to talk about that the team offensively has been terrific this spring, viagra sale online it seems that batters have been taking to Dave Hudgens’s way of hitting, viagra sale online a lot of walks, viagra sale online a lot of doubles, viagra sale online and the defense has been pretty good, viagra sale online too, viagra sale online maybe very good this spring, viagra sale online but the big thing is the pitching. Viagra sale online The pitching has been outstanding this spring and hopefully it will carry over to the season. Viagra sale online Now you spoke about the bullpen, viagra sale online and you do have decisions to make. Viagra sale online How close is it in that seventh spot? It seems that we kind of figured the first six guys are in that pen, viagra sale online and that last spot, viagra sale online that seventh spot, viagra sale online seems to be the one that’s up in the air. Viagra sale online How are you going back and forth on that decision?”

Viagra sale online Here is Alderson’ reply:

Viagra sale online “That’s a very good question. Viagra sale online If you look at the guys who are competing for the last two or three spots. Viagra sale online You’ve got a young kid, viagra sale online a Rule 5 pick who is untested, viagra sale online who has improved, viagra sale online we think, viagra sale online greatly since the beginning of camp, viagra sale online at least mechanically, viagra sale online has shown a lot of command, viagra sale online has shown good velocity, viagra sale online and we think has real upside. Viagra sale online As compared to somebody like Jason Isringhausen, viagra sale online who is a veteran presence and not only because of what he can do on the mound but how he might influence the rest of that bullpen, viagra sale online is an attraction for us. Viagra sale online Then you’ve got a couple of guys, viagra sale online [Blaine] Boyer, viagra sale online Manny Acosta, viagra sale online who are very, viagra sale online very close in terms of overall results, viagra sale online but they get there in different ways. Viagra sale online Boyer is basically a ground ball pitcher. Viagra sale online Acosta has the livelier fastball and is more of a strikeout guy, viagra sale online maybe a little more command, viagra sale online but occasionally gives up a three-run homer as he did yesterday. Viagra sale online So not only is it a close competition, viagra sale online but interestingly, viagra sale online each of those guys represents a very different choice beyond how they perform, viagra sale online and that’s what we’re trying to balance right now is the desire to win, viagra sale online the feel-good story of somebody like Jason Isringhausen, viagra sale online who has also performed well, viagra sale online against the potential of somebody like Pedro Beato, viagra sale online and then the two guys that we brought in. Viagra sale online And we haven’t resolve those yet. Viagra sale online We just had a meeting today with some of the front office people here with the coaches and Terry Collins and we resolved a few things but the bullpen is still unresolved.”

Viagra sale online The problem is Boyer , viagra sale onlinewho has had a great spring, viagra sale online has an out clause in his contract to become a free agent if he doesn’t make the OD 25 man roster. Viagra sale online In a perfect world I believe Alderson would take Izzy north and hope Boyer doesn’t get a ML contract from another team and he signs him to a minor league deal. Viagra sale online The odds of that are slim.

Viagra sale online There were great  questions  from all who participated and to read the entire transcript check out the post Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue   put together in detail of the conference call.

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Buy viagra pills Just  a few more comments on last nights conference call with Sandy Alderson, buy viagra pills a doff of my Mets cap and a bow to the guys at Amazin’ Avenue for transcribing the entire call, buy viagra pills thank you guys.

Buy viagra pills Last year at this time I was quite disgusted with the Mets front office, buy viagra pills the manager, buy viagra pills players and the owner. Buy viagra pills After listening to Alderson last night my attitude has done the ol’ 180 degree spin. Buy viagra pills  He took over an organization that had some huge cracks in its foundation and as any home owner knows cracks in the foundation spell disaster.  Alderson is not just going to patch the foundation of the Mets, buy viagra pills he is going to rebuild it so it’s rock solid.

Buy viagra pills The Tea Party segment of the Mets fans base are clueless in their negativity on the direction of the team. Buy viagra pills For all of you dolts who are calling talk radio and ranting how you’re not going to buy tickets or Met merchandise, buy viagra pills I guess you were happy with the past administration (for now on the past GM name will not appear on this site ever again) and maybe if the former GM get another job running a team (doubt it) you can switch your rooting interest.

Buy viagra pills Howard Megdal ran a campaign for GM this past summer on a platform of Logic, buy viagra pills Transparency and Passion well we didn’t get Howard as Mets GM but Sandy Alderson has embraced those three characteristics very well.

Buy viagra pills So all you disgruntled so-called Mets it’s fine that you stay away from Citi Field but when the ship gets back on course don’t be a hypocrite and jump on the band wagon, buy viagra pills use your heads and jump on now.

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Buy cialis online canada This evening, buy cialis online canada Mets GM Sandy Alderson will sit down for a conference call to take questions from some Mets bloggers. Buy cialis online canada It just so happens that yours truly was invited to participate in this conference call.

Buy cialis online canada Remember back on November 4th how I ranted about not being asked to contribute to the last bloggers conference call and I also made this statement:

Buy cialis online canada I have found out from some very good sources that I have as much chance of being invited to a bloggers event at Citi Field as Keith Olbermann has of being the keynote speaker at the Tea Party Convention.

Buy cialis online canada Well guess what? The devil wears North Face. Buy cialis online canada  Not only was I asked to join the conference call but I have been invited (and I’ve accepted graciously) to attend the Mets Holiday party at Citi Field. Buy cialis online canada Some law enforcement buddies of mine have offered me their Kevlar vest for the occasion. 

Buy cialis online canada First thing I’ll do when I arrive at the festivities is check for plastic drop cloths on the floor as I don’t want to wind up like my buddy in the picture above, buy cialis online canada Tommy DeVito.  It should be an interesting afternoon.

Buy cialis online canada I may have to designate a search and rescue team to come look for me on Tuesday afternoon.

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Viagra effects on women So now that our weekend of fun (no Highlanders or Phuck Phaces in the World Series) and we await what I think will be a terrific World Series, viagra effects on women it’s time to look at what is taking so long for the Skill Sets to figure out who will be the next leader of the baseball operations.

Viagra effects on women On Mets Minor League Blog, viagra effects on women they feel it’s up to Uncle Saul as to who will get the GM job. Viagra effects on women Freddy Skill Sets is in the pro-Alderson camp, viagra effects on women while Jeffey is leaning towards Josh Byrnes due to both of them being similar age. Viagra effects on women It’s this kind of bullshit that brings out the nastiness in me when it comes to Jeffey, viagra effects on women he’s done this with players (Al Leiter, viagra effects on women John Franco and Tom Glavine) he did it with Omar and with John Ricco as well. Viagra effects on women Doesn’t this little shit have friends of his own? But then again who would want to be friends with this dolt? So the third and final vote comes down to Uncle Saul Katz. Viagra effects on women Whoever Uncle Saul picks most likely will be the next American Idol Mets GM. Viagra effects on women Why do I have the feeling the Skill Sets will fuck this up?

Viagra effects on women If Jeffey Skill Sets sent me e-mails like Metstadaums has on his site, viagra effects on women I would be waiting with heighten anticipation to receive them.  

Viagra effects on women Metszilla has a link to a 2008 interview that Sandy Alderson did with the site Ducksnorts when he was in charge of the Padres. Viagra effects on women It is a fascinating read.

Viagra effects on women Sometimes I just can’t figure out our fan base. Viagra effects on women Daniel Murphy is back playing after a devastating knee injury. Viagra effects on women He’s playing 2nd bas in the Dominican League and from some of the stuff I read on Twitter you’d think that Murphy is solely responsible for the suckitude of the franchise. Viagra effects on women Am I saying that Murph is the answer at 2nd base ? No. Viagra effects on women But I see no reason why he and Nick Evans can’t be viable bench pieces next season. Viagra effects on women What I can’t understand is, viagra effects on women Murphy is the kind of player most Mets fans feel the team needs. Viagra effects on women He shows up to spring training with the pitchers and catcher. Viagra effects on women He will play any place the manager asks him. Viagra effects on women He plays that balls to wall hustle that it seems the majority of the fan base is clamoring for, viagra effects on women so tell me all you Murphy haters out there, viagra effects on women what is it that bothers you about him? I know he’s a player without a position but as a sub or spot starter, viagra effects on women I feel Murphy would make a solid contribution to this team. Viagra effects on women The comments section is now open for all of you to let me know how much of an asshole I am over this.

Viagra effects on women Tomorrow night on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO my guest will be Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr of The Real Dirty Mets blog. Viagra effects on women Ed and I will discuss the hunt of a new Mets GM and all things Mets. Viagra effects on women That’s tomorrow Tuesday October 26th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Viagra effects on women   

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Pfizer viagra cheap You know what? I’m glad Terry Ryan said he wasn’t interested in interviewing for the Mets GM job, pfizer viagra cheap I’d want nothing to do with anyone from the Minnesota Twins organization.  It’s one thing to lose a series to the Bronx Bastards but the Twinkies laid down like dogs. Pfizer viagra cheap No fight whatsoever.

Pfizer viagra cheap If your a Twins fan and what I’m saying here pisses you off and you say that my Mets suck , pfizer viagra cheap so who am I to call out a team for failure, pfizer viagra cheap remember this, pfizer viagra cheap the Mets at least split their six game this season with the Highlanders and there are only two teams the Pinstriped Pricks  fear the Mets and the Red Sox.

Pfizer viagra cheap Oh so Phil Hughes is now a great pitcher after last night’s performance. Pfizer viagra cheap As I said in the comments section to our resident Highlander contributor, pfizer viagra cheap Michael all Highlander fans were shitting themselves silly over their starting rotation and now after playing a team that gave up, pfizer viagra cheap they think they have three Cy Young candidates. Pfizer viagra cheap They’ve all but forgotten their bastard child AJ Burnett, pfizer viagra cheap who will have to pitch in the ALCS  and kicked to the curb Javier Lopez, pfizer viagra cheap who is awaiting deportation to the National League.

Pfizer viagra cheap Oh yeah I got my Highlander Hate on in full glory!!!!!

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Buy viagra no prescription So I’m still a man without a home, buy viagra no prescription a work home that is as the renovation of my office is taking on a rebuilding of London after WWII feel to it, buy viagra no prescription but I figured give a little bit of an opinion of the last few days as per the Mets GM search and the post season:

Buy viagra no prescription It looks like Sandy Alderson is very much interested in running the Mets baseball ops and I as giddy as a character on GLEE if he gets the job. The fact that John Ricco was retained by the Skill Sets bodes well for Alderson coming on board and grooming Ricco to learn the GM the right way.  

Buy viagra no prescription Look I’m not happy with the Phuck Phaces domination of the Reds and Halladay’s no hitter, buy viagra no prescription but I have to give him his due, buy viagra no prescription that was one of the greatest pitched games I have ever seen from a guy not named Seaver.

Buy viagra no prescription Is it worse to not make the playoffs where at least you know your team needs to make some big changes or is it better to win your division but get your ass kicked in three games like the Twins? Just once I’d like to see the Twins step up in a post season match up vs. Buy viagra no prescription the Highlanders.

Buy viagra no prescription Same with the Rays, buy viagra no prescription this is not the way to get folks to come out and support you

Buy viagra no prescription My boy Tim Lincecum was down right nasty last night as he dominated the Tomahawkers. Buy viagra no prescription Anyone for a NLCS Lincecum v. Buy viagra no prescription Halladay? Fuck Yeah!!!!

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