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What is cialis professional Is that a light I see at the end of the Mets spring training tunnel? This has been one of the most uninspiring Mets camps in a while, what is cialis professional sure Johan Santana’ comeback (He is pitching today vs. What is cialis professional the Cards) has been the best news and watching Matt Harvey (discount yesterday’s appearance) Jureys Familia and Zack Wheeler give Mets hope along with the stellar relief work by neophyte pitcher Josh Edgin, what is cialis professional that future of the team isn’t as bleak as many think.

What is cialis professional In fact there is (are you sitting down) POSSITIVE news out of St. What is cialis professional Lonesome that David Wright will play today and bat 3rd. What is cialis professional Also, what is cialis professional Scott Hairston and Andres Torres seem to be ready to roll once again, what is cialis professional which makes me wonder if hearing Terry Collins talk glowingly about Matt Den Dekker and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, what is cialis professional help speed up the healing process for the two veteran outfielders. What is cialis professional That’s something that has been missing for a few years with the Mets; the vets seem complacent knowing there is no one in the high minors to take their place. What is cialis professional That’s changed and that’s good.

What is cialis professional That’s it for me today, what is cialis professional I have a head cold that is now settling in my sinus so I’m going back to lay down  but I will make sure I’m in front  my TV at noon for the Tim Tebow presser because I’m sure if I put my hands on the TV while Tebow is speaking, what is cialis professional he’ll cure me.

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Viagra on line order 48 hours until opening day and Mets fans are getting their finest Mets regalia ready for opening day. Viagra on line order  The jersey’s are washed and hung, viagra on line order the Mets caps with a nice bend of the brim and you can almost taste the garlic-parmesan  fries . Viagra on line order The weatherman claims it will be 70 degrees on Monday so a nice blue three quarter sleeve under your brand new egg shell pinstripe home uni may do. Viagra on line order By the way , viagra on line order what will the Mets be wearing on Monday ?  I would home the new pinstripe uni’s and all blue caps. Viagra on line order Pomp and Circumstance will be there as well (Pomp never travels without Circumstance but Circumstance has had a stellar solo career). Viagra on line order  So the fans will there, viagra on line order the new uni’s will be there, viagra on line order the new Mets Hall of Fame will be there, viagra on line order the old Home Run Apple will be there, viagra on line order the new  and improved Mets décor of $iti Field will be there but there will be something missing on Monday ? Know what it is? OPTIMISIM. Viagra on line order Sure there will be some in attendance who preach “My Mets Right or Wrong”? but those of us who have waited through a winter of frigid temperatures, viagra on line order snow storms, viagra on line order and record rain and flooding not seen in these parts since an ark ferried animals in pairs, viagra on line order know  the motto for the 2010 Mets: HOPE FOR THE BEST, viagra on line order EXPECT THE WORST.

Viagra on line order I would love to be optimistic, viagra on line order to sit here and tell you this Mets team will contend in the NL East and come September, viagra on line order will be in the thick of the pennant race. Viagra on line order I would love to tell you I feel the Mets will be a n “Aw Shit!”  team:

Viagra on line order “Who we playin’ in our next series”

Viagra on line order “The Mets”

Viagra on line order “Aw Shit, viagra on line order there on tough team right now”

Viagra on line order But………..I can’t.

Viagra on line order Now that’s not to say I won’t root, viagra on line order root-root for the home team and it’s a damn shame if they don’t win, viagra on line order but looking at the 25 players coming North and the management making the decisions , viagra on line order I can’t make a case for the NY Mets to make it to the 2010 post season.

Viagra on line order The biggest mistake management made this off season was not deciding to either  fire Jerry Manuel  or extend his contract for another year. Viagra on line order  Manuel’s job status is going to become daily fodder on blogs, viagra on line order newspapers and most importantly sports talk radio. Viagra on line order You know early on Manuel will make a move or non-move that will have Mets fans heads explode and odds are he’ll makes such a misstep when the next day is an off day so the angry mobs can spew and spew.  You either have confidence in the skipper or you don’t , viagra on line order right now the only reason Manuel was not fired is because the Skill Sets couldn’t stomach paying him $1 mil to sit on his front porch back home in Cali.

Viagra on line order Omar Minaya is a bit of a different case. Viagra on line order He’s still around due to money but he won’t be fired not when he is owed three more years of salary if anything he will be given a position as a high paid scout. Viagra on line order There are no more free lunches in Flushing.

Viagra on line order Just looking at the personnel, viagra on line order the best you can hope is 81 wins, viagra on line order and that’s without any of the medical disasters of last year. Viagra on line order  The front office talks about confidence in the starting pitching, viagra on line order especially Ollie Perez and John Maine but they jettison Jon Niese , viagra on line ordera player who at the start of spring training it was said would be used slowly due to his surgically repaired hammy.

Viagra on line order The bullpen will be made up of an All Star closer (Frankie Rodz) a LOOGY turned set up man (Vitamin Pedro) two pitchers from the Japanese League (Ryota Igarashi and Hisanori Takahashi) who are not the first Japanese pitchers to fling for the Mets but hopefully they are the first two to do it with some success, viagra on line order a middle reliever who made the team because he makes $975K (Sean Green) over a guy who is a Man of the People (Nelly Figs) who would make just over league minimum, viagra on line order a guy who is a long reliver in starters clothing in Fernando Neve and a twenty year old, viagra on line order Jenry Mejia who really should be learning his craft in the bushes but is here to save the manager from an all expenses paid summer vacation.

Viagra on line order The offense is in disarray as well with three starters out. Viagra on line order Carlos Beltran is working out and could be ready by sometime in May (June?) he’s on the DL because he went to a doctor to get his aching knee looked at instead of subscribing to the Mets method of handling injury by rubbing dirt on the injured body part  and having the gall to let the doctor remove twenty five bone fragments without saying “May I?” to the Jeffey Skill Sets. Viagra on line order The other  two  starters on the shelf, viagra on line order  were struck by illness (Jose Reyes) and a good old fashion baseball injury (Daniel Murphy sprain knee sliding into second base) Reyes should be back by the weekend and Murphy hopefully in a few weeks , viagra on line order but both these injuries wreck havoc on the line up as Alex Cora and Mike Jacobs are hardly the right understudies for the jobs. Viagra on line order Neither  is Fernando Tatis, viagra on line order a nice man from what I’m told but he has this nasty habit of killing rally’s by hitting into double plays at the most inopportune times and quite frankly should not be on this team over  a guy like Chris Carter who is younger and has a work ethic and intenseness that is sorely lacking on this team.

Viagra on line order The other problem and unlike Jay-Z the Mets seem to have more than 99 problems, viagra on line order the biggest being that  every team in the NL East has gotten better. Viagra on line order  Last year the only team in the division the Mets won the season series from was against the Nationals (10-8).  Against the Braves they were a woeful  5-13. Viagra on line order The Phillies beat the Mets 12 out of 18 times and they dropped 11 of 18 to the Marlins. Viagra on line order It wasn’t just injuries that lead to this kind of suckitude.

Viagra on line order So where do I think our beloved Metsies will finish ?  Believe me I ‘d love to say the Mets will be a positive surprise this season but I doubt they will even be a .500 team. Viagra on line order  The Mets and Nats will fight it out for 4th place

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