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Over the counter viagra NEWS: Terry Collins Upset That Ruben Tejada Is Not In Camp

Over the counter viagra I am with TC 100 %, over the counter viagra don’t give me this “he’s not late” line of horseshit, over the counter viagra that’s for losers. Over the counter viagra You same Mets fans who bitch and moan that Collins has some nerve calling out Tejeda are the same bunch who is spouting the Mets suck mantra. Over the counter viagra You can’t have it both ways folks.

Over the counter viagra I’m sure Collins made it known to Tejeda that it would be in his best interest to get to camp early to work with Daniel Murphy his news keystone partner. Over the counter viagra  I don’t want to hear visa problems as the reason Tejada couldn’t get to camp early, over the counter viagra take care of your shit on time Ruben. Over the counter viagra  No excuses and to all of you comparing Collins to NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin and his insistence that if you’re on time your five minutes late, over the counter viagra let’s hope TC gets the same results two championships in four years. Over the counter viagra   

Over the counter viagra NEWS: Ike Davis Has a Slight Lung Infection

Over the counter viagra Word to Ike, over the counter viagra lay off them Lucky Strikes they’re killers, over the counter viagra switch to Newports the menthol will be soothing

Over the counter viagra NEWS: Seven Minority Owners Ready to Come Aboard

Over the counter viagra Only in the world of finance can a bunch of rich white men be considered minority anything.

Over the counter viagra NEWS: #IMWITH28

Over the counter viagra If you’re with 28 then you’ll want one of these to show your Murphy Love

Over the counter viagra  

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Cialis delivered overnight What a great touch last night by SNY to show Gary Carter’s first game as a Met ( a game I attended), cialis delivered overnight opening day 1985. Cialis delivered overnight That game brought back a flood of memories about the era in Mets history and Carter’s legacy as a NY Met.

Cialis delivered overnight I was at Madison Square Garden on the night of December 10th , cialis delivered overnight 1984 watching the NY Rangers play the LA Kings, cialis delivered overnight  between periods I strolled down to the concourse to grab a beer (my drinking days) and call Sports Phone  (once upon a time this great new service came out called SportsPhone known by its great jingle  “get all the sports scores in-stan-leeee dial 976-1313) to get some out of town NHL and NBA scores (this was also my gambling days, cialis delivered overnight oh and along with the beer in my hand and the phone receiver to my ear there was a cigarette dangling from the corner of my mouth, cialis delivered overnight yes I’d indulged in all sorts of vice back in the day, cialis delivered overnight that why I loved the 1970’s and 80’s) came a voice on the other end of the line telling me that the New York Mets have acquired Gary Carter from the Montreal Expos for Hubie Brooks, cialis delivered overnight Mike Fitzgerald, cialis delivered overnight Herm Winningham and Floyd Youmans. Cialis delivered overnight HOLLLLLLYYYYY SHIT!

Cialis delivered overnight As I made my way back up to Section 432, cialis delivered overnight it seemed all the other degenerates checking scores and their bets, cialis delivered overnight heard the Mets news as well as the Garden was buzzing. Cialis delivered overnight There was great debate amongst myself and my friends over this deal. Cialis delivered overnight At the time it looked like Frank Cashen gave up a King’s ransom for Carter. Cialis delivered overnight Brooks was coming off a nice season with 16HR and 73 RBI, cialis delivered overnight Fitzgerald, cialis delivered overnight Wininngham and Youmans were top prospects in what was at the time a fruitful Mets farm system, cialis delivered overnight but hey we got Gary Carter, cialis delivered overnight add him to Keith Hernandez and the two kids, cialis delivered overnight Gooden and Strawberry and god damn, cialis delivered overnight the Mets are going to kick some serious ass in 1984, cialis delivered overnight and they did, cialis delivered overnight going from 68-94 in 1983 to 90-72 in 1984 finishing 6 ½ games back of the division champion Chicago Cubs (somewhere in my basement is my florescent yellow CUBS BUSTERS t-shirt that had the bear cub in a circle with a red line through it, cialis delivered overnight yeah baby THE MAGIC WAS BACK AT SHEA)

Cialis delivered overnight So many on the field memories, cialis delivered overnight pop into my head when thinking of Gary Carter but so do many off the field ones as well.

Cialis delivered overnight I got married in 1986 (same year I dropped two bad habits, cialis delivered overnight gambling and smoking, cialis delivered overnight drinking would come ten years later) the last of four kids to leave the nice secure nest my parent had made for us. Cialis delivered overnight Most weeknights, cialis delivered overnight I’d come from work have dinner with my parents (dinner always on the table when I got home, cialis delivered overnight told you it tough leaving my happy habitat) and afterwards, cialis delivered overnight head to the living room with my dad to watch Mets baseball.  My mother, cialis delivered overnight a woman surrounded by sons, cialis delivered overnight nephews and cousins who were sports fanatics, cialis delivered overnight a woman who washed more uniforms than any clubhouse person, cialis delivered overnight never cared for sports, cialis delivered overnight that is until I move out of the house. Cialis delivered overnight The sight of my old man sitting with no one to talk about the games with, cialis delivered overnight she decided it was time to take up watching sports particularly Mets baseball. Cialis delivered overnight  Not only did she start watching Mets games, cialis delivered overnight she now wanted to go to Mets games, cialis delivered overnight WHAT? “Ma, cialis delivered overnight you want to go to Shea”  “Oh yes, cialis delivered overnight I want to go see Gary Carter” So we took her to see “her guy” Gary Carter.

Cialis delivered overnight I thought about that all the way on my commute home last night, cialis delivered overnight then I listened to all the tributes for Carter and I really felt overwhelmed, cialis delivered overnight Gary Carter was much more than a baseball player, cialis delivered overnight he was as inspirational as anyone who has ever hit this city. Cialis delivered overnight To hear Keith Hernandez weep when talking about Carter was heartbreaking. Cialis delivered overnight Listening to Ron Darling speak of Carter you could tell he held him in such high regard. Cialis delivered overnight Then I heard Doc Gooden, cialis delivered overnight who told the story of how Carter would come to the Smithers Institute where he was residing to combat his drug and alcohol addiction, cialis delivered overnight on Sunday’s after home games to make sure Gooden was okay. Cialis delivered overnight Strawberry may have given Carter the best compliment anyone can give to another human being when he said that Carter “lived his life the way I wish I could have”.

Cialis delivered overnight Carter was at times mocked for his goody-goody ways, cialis delivered overnight which some felt were phony but as they got to know him they found out his love of family, cialis delivered overnight baseball and God was genuine. Cialis delivered overnight I found it stunning that those four players who played hard and partied even harder in their youth and would ridicule Carter for his clean living ways back then, cialis delivered overnight now in their middle age wish they could have had the life that Gary Carter had. Cialis delivered overnight Don’t you wish we all could be remembered that way?

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Viagra price germany Blue sky, viagra price germany sunshine

Viagra price germany What a day to take a walk in the park

Viagra price germany Ice Cream, viagra price germany daydream

Viagra price germany Till the sky becomes a blanket of stars

Viagra price germany What is this? Positive Mets stories? And from all places the New York Post?  Hey what the hell it’s Valentine’s Day right? A good day to tone down the Mets snark right?

Viagra price germany Johan Santana is down in St. Viagra price germany Lonesome and is determined to become a contributor to the team this coming season. Viagra price germany Santana has not thrown off a mound yet, viagra price germany he may do that by the end of the week, viagra price germany but yesterday he was stretching out his arm by having a long toss catch with Terry Collins. Viagra price germany According to Santana, viagra price germany he’s done with rehab and is now working on building arm strength and working on his mechanics and getting his delivery back to where it once was. Viagra price germany     

Viagra price germany What makes me optimistic that Santana can come back is his intelligence on the mound, viagra price germany he may never get the velocity back but he’s clever enough and schooled enough in the art of pitching to make the adjustments needed to become a solid starting pitcher once again.

Viagra price germany Ike is alright, viagra price germany or so he says. Viagra price germany Ike Davis is in camp early as is Daniel Murphy as both had bad season ending injuries and both are trying to come back and build on what looked to be solid offensive seasons in 2011. Viagra price germany Murphy has the added burden of working on his defense, viagra price germany and as we know Murph never shies away from working hard, viagra price germany oh yeah #ImWith28.

Viagra price germany Terry Collins is a pragmatist; he sees the landscape of the NL East and knows that his team will have to play flawless baseball to keep up in this division. Viagra price germany He also realizes that there is a lot peripheral bullshit surrounding this team and it’s his job to keep it on the periphery and focus on making the right pitch and the right time, viagra price germany get the big hit with men on base, viagra price germany and playing solid fundamental baseball. Viagra price germany It’s a tough agenda but with a season of managing this team under his belt, viagra price germany Collins should be up for the task

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Truth about cialis I think I’m just about making my final landing from my Giants Super Bowl high to where I’m ready to concentrate on baseball. Truth about cialis  In fact I have to go to a meeting tonight to place my Babe Ruth team in a league for this coming season. Truth about cialis What has me excited about the league we are about to join is we will play some of our games at the College of Staten Island field that was once home to the Staten Island Highlanders and we will play games in Brooklyn at the field at Bay 8th St where many of my childhood sports highs (ROCKNE football league championship as a 12 year old) and lows (getting a tooth knocked out with a forearm playing same league as a 13 year old).

Truth about cialis As for our Amazin’ Mets well there finally is some Mets news to talk about so let’s take a look see shall we:

Truth about cialis Story in today’s NY Times tells us something we all know, truth about cialis the Mets are under that old Sicilian curse  “Fundsalow” thus Sandy Alderson and his troops have had to be creative with the nickels and dimes that are at their disposal. Truth about cialis  The real trick to see if Alderson can truly turn water into a microbrew when one or two of the starting pitchers go down with injury and he has to find help from outside. Truth about cialis With his options limited and desire to leave the crown jewel arms on the farm we as Mets fans should start to follow the Atlantic League and some of the other Independent baseball leagues around the country as I wouldn’t be shocked it a Long Island Duck or two pitch in Flushing this season.

Truth about cialis Dear Mayor Bloomberg, truth about cialis

Truth about cialis In regard to you buying the New York Mets and your response of “Who would want to own a sports team”?  Let’s me just say “I WOULD! I WOULD!” problem is a lack of dead presidents to accomplish this. Truth about cialis  Now you sir are a man of considerable financial means of many billions of dollars, truth about cialis all you would have to do is donate about $1 or $1.2 billion of those tens of billions to me so I can buy the NY Mets, truth about cialis with all due respect your honor, truth about cialis Bill Gates and warren Buffet are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of you when it comes to philanthropic ventures, truth about cialis a move of this magnitude would most definitely raise your charitable profile. Truth about cialis    

Truth about cialis Big Pelf is looking to get the sinking feeling again on the mound in 2012

Truth about cialis What in the name of Joe Verbanic is going on in with the Bronx Bastards? First, truth about cialis Pee Wee Cashman’ wayward ways seemed to get out of hand as the trollop he has been stepping out on Mrs. Truth about cialis Pee Wee  with has gone into full fatal attraction mode and now we find out that the face of the YUCK network, truth about cialis Bob Lorenz, truth about cialis was sippin’ too much Old Grand Dad, truth about cialis got behind the wheel of his fine automobile and was pulled over by Connecticut’s Finest. Truth about cialis  Is this just the being of the end of the Highlander reign of terror?

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Cheap link suggest viagra My good buddy Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus over at The Real Dirty Mets has a very good column posted this morning on the patients Mets fans will have for the team this coming season. Cheap link suggest viagra Ed asks the questions will fans show up at Citi Field, cheap link suggest viagra if the team gets off to a slow start will fans call for Terry Collins and Sandy Aldersons head and how much more cat calls will we hear from the stands of Citi Field for the Skill Sets to sell? All very good questions.

Cheap link suggest viagra This off season has been as dormant of any positive Mets news in a long long time. Cheap link suggest viagra The specter of the Madoff trustee law suit and the teams financial straits have overshadowed any baseball move made by the club as all the moves and non-moves have been money driven. Cheap link suggest viagra That being said, cheap link suggest viagra I can’t wait until training camp opens as we can finally get back to discussing hitting, cheap link suggest viagra pitching and defense and hopefully some baseball related story lines.

Cheap link suggest viagra The die hard “the Mets are in my blood” fan will come out to Citi Field no matter what this coming season brings.  With all the talk of boycotts and protest and insurrection by a part of the fan base, cheap link suggest viagra let me say don’t count on me for support. Cheap link suggest viagra Am I pissed off about the way the Skill Sets have run this franchise and besmirched the good name of the New York Mets? Oh hell yeah! Do I wish they were gone from their seat of power as owner of the team? Double oh hell yeah? But will I abandon my Mets fandom? Infinity hell no!

Cheap link suggest viagra If Terry Collins can continue to move this team in the direction he has and improve on how they fundamentally play baseball, cheap link suggest viagra then this could be a very interesting season. Cheap link suggest viagra Two major things have to happen for the Mets to play above all expectations this coming season, cheap link suggest viagra they must master the fundamentals of baseball and they have to stay healthy, cheap link suggest viagra those two aspects of the game will be the difference in whether the dormant Mets fan will come out to Citi Field or will stay home. Cheap link suggest viagra The Mets do not have the raw talent to be a contender for a division or a wild card berth, cheap link suggest viagra but if they limit the mistakes on defense and on the bases along with staying healthy, cheap link suggest viagra especially the very fragile starting pitching, cheap link suggest viagra the Mets could be the big story of the 2012 baseball season.

Cheap link suggest viagra If the Mets do become this out of the blue story , cheap link suggest viagrano one in the fan base will give a rat’s ass about the owner. Cheap link suggest viagra We care about the Skill Sets now because we’re bored and angry, cheap link suggest viagra bored because there hasn’t been anything baseball related to discuss thus we’ve started to turn on ourselves (just check out Twitter any afternoon) and angry because we want to have a team we can be proud to call ourselves fans of. Cheap link suggest viagra  What the Skill Sets have to worry about is that the die hards don’t become the minority among the fan base.

Cheap link suggest viagra  

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How to buy viagra It will be tough to read any Mets news this week as NYC has turned its sports eye to this Sunday’s Super Bowl (with a squint at Madison Square Garden as Knicks fans await the firing of coach Mike D’Antoni and Mike Woodson taking over for the season) and the over saturation of information that will come out of Indianapolis all week. How to buy viagra One of the more interesting aspects of this fountain of information is the two sports radio station in town going head to head on Radio Row.

How to buy viagra David Hinckley has a column in today’s NY Daily News on how both station will be on Radio Row fighting for guests and for the ears of the New York sports fan.  What makes it even more interesting is FAN is the flagship station for the NY Giants games and WEPN carries NY Jets games. How to buy viagra Both station have players under contract for weekly spots with Anonte Rolle , how to buy viagra a provocative weekly guest of Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts and Eli Manning who calls in to Michael Kay show each week.

How to buy viagra WEPN has never made a dent in the ratings and as the Great Sports Pope, how to buy viagra Mike Francesa likes to say, how to buy viagra “Dey cum ta wawr wit pea shootas” .WEPN’s biggest problem is they can’t decide if they want to be national sports radio broadcasting in NYC or a hybrid National/Local station. How to buy viagra To be honest here, how to buy viagra I’ve kind of weaned my way off WFAN. How to buy viagra I’ll listen to the station at work but when I’m in the car I’ll listen to Sirius/XM radio, how to buy viagra mostly MLB Radio. How to buy viagra   

How to buy viagra As much as I would love to listen to someone other than Francesa, how to buy viagra when I tune into the Michael Kay Show it’s the sports talk equivalent to fingers nails on a chalk board. How to buy viagra  What make it worse is I really like Don LaGreca and I’ve always felt he was being wasted as a second banana on the Kay show.

How to buy viagra When you look at the WEPN line up, how to buy viagra it’s no wonder it gets miniscule ratings. How to buy viagra  Even though Mike and Mike is an ESPN infomercial, how to buy viagra I kind of enjoy listening to them but again they are a National show which makes it more puzzling why they follow M & M with the totally unlistenable Colin Cowherd, how to buy viagra again another National show.  At 12 noon the station puts on its best effort of the day in airing Ryan Ruocco and Robin Lundburg. How to buy viagra Ruocco and Lundburg are young and come with a fresher, how to buy viagra hipper way of doing sports talk that is quite refreshing, how to buy viagra the problem is they only get two hours of air time as at 2pm WEPN turns into old foggey radio with the Mike Lupica Show. How to buy viagra Lupica has not been relevant on the New York sport scene in about 10 years when he was at least watching sporting events on television (stories were all around that Lupey never attended games he wrote about it seems he’s beneath siting in a press box) what line of thinking is going through WEPN program director Dave Roberts head that he feels an hour of Lupey is better radio than an extra hour of Ruocco and Lundberg?

How to buy viagra Sure it’s a tough task to overtake WFAN in the ratings as they are the founding fathers of sports talk radio not just in NYC but the country but it can be done if you go out a get younger hosts who are social media savvy who can talk about multiple subjects instead of beating listeners to death with Rex Ryan coaching critiques and 1960’s Yankees retrospectives. How to buy viagra WEPN is missing a great opportunity to reach hockey fans by not giving LaGreca a weekend hockey show especially with the station airing NY Rangers games. How to buy viagra Same for doing an NBA show. How to buy viagra I know Stephen (Screamin’) A. How to buy viagra Smith can polarized listeners but he is in tune with the NBA and by paring him up with the underutilized and underrated Larry Hardesty I’m sure they would move the rating needle north.

How to buy viagra When you think about it here we live in a city that is sports crazy with multiple teams in four major sports but we don’t have a decent sports talk radio station to listen to. How to buy viagra Sad, how to buy viagra don’t you think?

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Get viagra avoid prescription  

Get viagra avoid prescription  

Get viagra avoid prescription Lots of Mets news today to look at and I want get to it quick so I can read Howard Megdal’s new book “Wilpon’s Folly. Megdal has done what no other journalist s has attempted, get viagra avoid prescription he has conducted a full investigation into Wilpon’s involvement with Bernie Madoff and how December 11, get viagra avoid prescription 2008, get viagra avoid prescription the day Madoff was shown to be a world class thief and the worst day of Fred Wilpon’s life could rival the June 15, get viagra avoid prescription 1977 as the worst day in NY Mets history. Get viagra avoid prescription After I finish reading “Wilpon’s Folly” I’ll have more on the book but if you are a Mets fan and want to know the TRUTH about Madoff and what the Wilpon’s knew and when they knew it and where all this will leave our beloved Mets, get viagra avoid prescription you really need to get this book.

Get viagra avoid prescription Sandy Alderson has been named to International Talent Committee that was formed to study if MLB should institute a draft of International players. Get viagra avoid prescription Just one step closer to the Commissioner’s office for Alderson

Get viagra avoid prescription What’s this? The Mets are looking at dealing for Gio Gonzalez? It would be a feather in Alderson’s cap to pull this one off and if he feels parting with Jon Niese, get viagra avoid prescription Ike Davis and a minor leaguer or two is worth it, get viagra avoid prescription it still may not be enough to land Gonzalez.

Get viagra avoid prescription Wayne Hagin, get viagra avoid prescription we hardly knew ye. Get viagra avoid prescription Looks like Hagin’s days as Mets radio man are over. Get viagra avoid prescription Hagin never clicked with the fan base because we Mets fans are very provincial when it comes to announcers.  I’ve met Hagin a few times on the 7 train going back to the city after a Mets game and found him not only a gentleman but a great storyteller as well, get viagra avoid prescription but all that just didn’t translate into the radio booth during games. Get viagra avoid prescription A great hire to join Howie Rose in the radio booth would be Boog Sciambi.

Get viagra avoid prescription I’m a little late with this and I apologize as you need to check out Ed Marcus and Kerel Cooper’s video’s of Tuesdays Mets Christmas Party and the Q & A’s with Sandy Alderson, get viagra avoid prescription Justin Turner, get viagra avoid prescription Daniel Murphy and Jon Niese. Get viagra avoid prescription Yes that’s me asking Alderson about the catching situation.

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Viagra blog Every morning I check my e mail and Twitter hoping there is some kind of Mets news to read about and to discuss, viagra blog today I’m hoping all is quiet on the Flushing Front because I am exhausted from yesterday even though I didn’t do a damn thing but watch TV. Viagra blog  

Viagra blog One of the best features of having FiOS is the NFL Red Zone Channel. Viagra blog You get live cut ins of every NFL games without commercial interruption and when your team is playing on Sunday or Monday night, viagra blog Red Zone is wonderful. Viagra blog I watched most of Patriots-Redskins (Tom Brady is totally frustrated that the Pat defense is so bad he has turned into an Arena Football League QB having to put up a zillion points to win a football game) and then switched over to Ch 5 to watch Tebow Time (I get that a lot of people are turned off by the religious zealotry of Tebow as people like that get on my nerves as well, viagra blog but you have to put that aside when looking at this guy. Viagra blog The most over used phrase in sports in “he’s a winner” but the fact is Tebow is a winner. Viagra blog He’s won at every level of football he’s played including QBing two National Championship teams and he’s won a Heisman Trophy. Viagra blog  I get that he is as inaccurate a passer as the local weatherman with a winter forecast but he does make big plays when it’s needed and his teammates believe he makes them and the team better. Viagra blog That’s all that counts. Viagra blog )

Viagra blog After all that I was still waiting for the main event of the evening, viagra blog Giants-Cowboys. Viagra blog I was totally pissed off that this game wasn’t the 4PM FOX game as I wanted to watch the finale of Boardwalk Empire. Viagra blog I would have put up with the insufferable team of Joe Buck and Troy Akiman just to find out what happens to Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmondy. Viagra blog Giants-Cowboys took precedent over the illegal activities in Atlantic City. Viagra blog     

Viagra blog As much as the Mets put me through the ringer, viagra blog the angst they’ve given me over the last couple of season can’t compare to the love/hate I have for the NY Football Giants of the last couple of years.

Viagra blog I don’t think there is a player or coach on this Giants team I haven’t shouted profanities at my TV at this season? Head Coach Tom Coughlin annoys the living shit out of me with all his reactionary faces to every single play. Viagra blog No one gets more “YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING FIRED” rants than Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride (a Jets fan buddy and I got into a heated discussion over lunch on whose team has the worst OC my Giants with Gilbride or his Jets with “That asshole Shotty”) I cannot stand Brandon Jacobs (not as much as a despised Jeremy Shockey and Palxico Burress when they were G-Men) and there are many times where Eli Manning goes from looking like Johnny Unitas and then like Dave Brown but I never curse at Eli, viagra blog I  like Eli a lot to the point I feel right now he’s the best quarterback in the history of the New York Giants.  That brings me to last night’s Giants-Cowgirls game.

Viagra blog As I’m watching this game I went over in my head how much I hate the Dallas Cowgirls. Viagra blog Then I started thinking what opposing team of my favorite teams do I hate the most? I ran through all the teams I root for Mets, viagra blog Giants, viagra blog NY Rangers, viagra blog Boston Celtics and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and came up with this list:

Viagra blog Los Angeles Lakers

Viagra blog Philadelphia Flyers

Viagra blog Dallas Cowboys

Viagra blog Philadelphia Eagles

Viagra blog USC

Viagra blog Philadelphia Phillies

Viagra blog  I put the Lakers first on the list because in this modern day of teams fraternizing and always hugging and laughing with each other, viagra blog when the C’s meet up with the Fakers there is true unadulterated hate between them. Viagra blog These are the two greatest organizations in the history of the NBA  and neither would piss on the other if they were on fire. Viagra blog I love that.

Viagra blog I guess it goes back to 1974 when the Flyers beat the Rangers in the playoffs and the whole Broad Street Bullies era took off. Viagra blog To this day Bobby Clarke is the opposing player I hate to most.

Viagra blog The Cowboys? Jimmy Jones, viagra blog the whole stupid star at mid-field, viagra blog Americas Team my ass

Viagra blog The hate for the Iggles is a family hand me down. Viagra blog My father never got over Chuck Bednarik’ hit on Frank Gifford.

Viagra blog Still remember how upset my old man was after the Anthony Davis game when USC came back to beat Notre Dame that sealed the end of the Ara Paseghian era at South Bend.

Viagra blog Now when it comes to the Mets it’s hard to find a real rival. Viagra blog When the Mets were good in the 80’s the rivals were the Cubs, viagra blog Pirates, viagra blog Cardinals. Viagra blog Then it was the Braves and lately the Phillies but there has never been that one team with a long history of a rival with the Mets. Viagra blog I never looked at the Highlanders as a Mets rival but more of a neighbor I just ignore.

Viagra blog I was ready to bail from the Giants game right after the Tony Romo 50 yard TD pass to Dez Bryant that put the Cowgirls up 34-22 with like 4 minutes left in the game. Viagra blog I was thisclose to clicking the DVR for Boardwalk Empire but I was just to numb to change the channel. Viagra blog I just kept thinking “well, viagra blog as bad as this loss is at least there will be a house cleaning of the coaching staff and the Chin will take over” next thing I see Eli marching his team down the field, viagra blog shredding a Cowgirls  secondary and going to TE Jake Ballard who looked like Gulliver to the Dallas Lilliput DB’s for a TD that brought the Giants to within 5 of the Cowgirls with just 3 minutes and change left in the game. Viagra blog Unfortunately the Giants had to go back on defense. Viagra blog I have no faith in the D which really really bothers me because the Giants have always been known for their D-Fence. Viagra blog Miraculously the D steps up at the most crucial time in this game, viagra blog well mostly Jason Pierre-Paul and Chirs Canty did the steppin’ and the Cowgirls had to give Eli back the ball.

Viagra blog For all the hype that Tim Tebow gets, viagra blog Eli Manning is becoming one the best QB’s in pressure situations in all of football. Viagra blog Manning would not disappoint leading the Giants to a game winning TD drive. Viagra blog Does K Gilbride ever get it through his head that Eli in the no-huddle is as good as brother Peyton in these situations? Give Eli the keys to the offense and sit back and look like a genius why don’t ya.

Viagra blog Of course even after the Jacobs TD this game wasn’t over not until JPP says it’s over with his huge block of a last minute Dallas attempt of a game winning field goal. Viagra blog The NY Football Giants are in 1st place in the NFC East and control their fate to get to the post season. Viagra blog All this happened in a matter of minutes.

Viagra blog PHEWWwwwwwwwwwwwww! I’m exhausted time to get to bed. Viagra blog Or so I thought. Viagra blog My wife tells me “you have to watch Boardwalk Empire, viagra blog you won’t believe what happened” Aw shit, viagra blog I’m now I have to sacrifice another hour of sleep. Viagra blog It was well worth it, viagra blog I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen yet but HOLY SHIT, viagra blog HOLY SHIT!

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Remember this? Mex’s power nap!

Viagra online mexico I don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm or a sign that the Mets will remain dormant in winter time news but there is absolutely  nothing baseball wise coming out a of Flushing. Viagra online mexico I can get pushing the new uni and all the pomp and circumstance for this season 50th Anniversary but for the love of Casey Stengel is there any baseball news of substance coming from the front office?

Viagra online mexico Here’s what we’re stuck with today as “Mets news”

Viagra online mexico Lenny Dykstra fucked up his life and now is in rehab and when he gets out he will be a new man and yada yada yada. Viagra online mexico You know what, viagra online mexico Frank Cashen should be given more credit than he ever has for when you look back at the Mets of the 80’s for all their on field success there were a lot of them who couldn’t handle the fame, viagra online mexico fortune and everything that goes with it (I thank you all-Freddie Mercury) . Viagra online mexico With all the celebrations of the ’86 Mets maybe we should reflect more on this bunch as failures, viagra online mexico who if they had any kind of self-control would have won multiple championships.

Viagra online mexico Adam Rubin writes about the Skill Sets asking for a non-jury trial when their case against the Madoff trustees goes to trial next March. Viagra online mexico  The judge in the case however ruled in favor of Piccard so the case will be heard by a jury. Viagra online mexico I agree with Michael Kline who feels the Skill Sets will be hurt by a jury trial as this case is complex and a jury of 12 laypeople may not get the whole understanding of the facts to make a fair judgment. Viagra online mexico  A jury trial will hurt the Skill Sets for sure.

Viagra online mexico Please Sandy gives us something to chew on, viagra online mexico a bone, viagra online mexico anything………………………..

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Where did viagra come from  

Where did viagra come from I thought I’d look at some of the Mets news of the day before I start reading more into the new CBA that seems to have those who follow amateur baseball and player development up in arms with how many restrictions there will be on clubs when it comes to drafting players from the June entry draft and players from the International player pool.

Where did viagra come from It figures when the Mets have made it their mission statement to invest in the draft and in cultivating home grown talent that these new restrictive rules go into effect.

Where did viagra come from If we see Adam Lowden roaming the outfield of Citi Field in 2012, where did viagra come from it won’t be a good sign.

Where did viagra come from Jose Reyes finished 11th in MVP voting, where did viagra come from to me that does not translate into a 6yr/$120 mil player

Where did viagra come from Jerry Seinfeld just got a dog and he named him Jose after Jose Reyes, where did viagra come from he’s a cute little dog but he’s no Shamsky. Where did viagra come from By the way why can’t celebrity Mets fans like Seinfeld, where did viagra come from Jon Stewart, where did viagra come from Matthew Broderick, where did viagra come from Ray Romano, where did viagra come from Kevin James, where did viagra come from Chris Rock to name a few form a syndicate and buy out the Skill Sets?

Where did viagra come from That’s it for today and until Friday unless Bernie Madoff sends Freddy Skill Sets a note from the big house on where he buried the missing millions he pilfered (I have a vision of the boardwalk at Brighton Beach as a starting point) and the Mets announce the signing of Reyes, where did viagra come from  Albert Pujols , where did viagra come from Mark Buehrle and C.J. Where did viagra come from Wilson if not enjoy your Thanksgiving, where did viagra come from put your worrying about the Mets on the back burner and look around the table at dinner and give thanks for those who are with you and remember those who aren’t.

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