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Cialis cheap A day later than promised, cialis cheap sorry about that, cialis cheap so here is the 2013 NY Mets pitching staff mid-season report card.

Cialis cheap Matt Harvey Grade A+

Cialis cheap Matt Harvey is sensational, cialis cheap dominating, cialis cheap fearless, cialis cheap overpowering, cialis cheap handsome, cialis cheap intimidating, cialis cheap charismatic, cialis cheap ours.

Cialis cheap Dillon Gee Grade C

Cialis cheap Was close to going with a B for Gee since he has pitched very well of late but his overall body of work so far had me go with the C. Cialis cheap Gee is a solid starting pitcher who in good health will give you 6 to 7 good innings which is fantastic for a #4 starter.

Cialis cheap Jeremy Hefner Grade B

Cialis cheap Who’d a thunk it? Hefner has been the best pitcher on the Mets not named Matt Harvey. Cialis cheap Last year I was ready to say bye-bye to Hefner but now I find myself rooting hard for him to continue his success. Cialis cheap  Puts ball in play but home run rate is up. Cialis cheap Gave a B because Hefner is developing a strong dose of TWTW.

Cialis cheap Jon Niese Grade C

Cialis cheap Hope he gets healthy and pitches well in the second half so Mets can trade him and his team friendly contract for an outfield bat.

Cialis cheap Shaun Marcum Grade F

Cialis cheap Sorry he got injured and needed surgery but I’m not sorry he’ll never pitch for the Mets again

Cialis cheap Zack Wheeler Grade Incomplete

Cialis cheap Let him learn he’ll be fine if you think otherwise you’re an idiot

Cialis cheap Bobby Parnell Grade A

Cialis cheap FINALLY!!!! Parnell has emerged as the reliever we all hoped he’d be. Cialis cheap Confidence in himself and his ability has fueled Parnell to could have been an All Star status. Cialis cheap Still throws hard but isn’t of throwing; he’s pitching this year with pin point command. Cialis cheap Sure it’s tempting to trade him but as Sandy Alderson said he’d have to be bowled over to deal him. Cialis cheap Make your move Dave Dombrowski

Cialis cheap LaTroy Hawkins Grade C

Cialis cheap Has pitched much better than I’ve given him credit. Cialis cheap Terrific BB/K ratio of 3.78 but he is hittable. Cialis cheap His LOB % of 74 % has made Hawkins a go to guy for Terry Collins late in games.

Cialis cheap Scott Rice Grade C

Cialis cheap Seems like Rice pitches everyday not quite but I’m sure he warms up every game. Cialis cheap The career minor leaguer walks way too many batters but he is able to get tons of ground ball outs. Cialis cheap A classic LOOGY. Cialis cheap  Got to give the guy props for toiling in the bushes for so long to finally make it to The Show. Cialis cheap A Collins favorite. Cialis cheap   

Cialis cheap Brandon Lyon Grade F

Cialis cheap F as in Farewell

Cialis cheap Josh Edgin Grade D

Cialis cheap Still waiting for Edgin to emerge as an effective late inning reliever but he needs better command of his slider to compliment his 90+ fastball. Cialis cheap The second half of the season is Edgin’s audition to remain a Met in the future.

Cialis cheap Greg Burke Grade D

Cialis cheap Burke pitches from the mound down under and isn’t very effective he’s a JAG (just another guy)

Cialis cheap David Aardsma Grade C

Cialis cheap Was on the fence here with the C or B grade as Aardsma has only gone 17 IP he has looked like a guy who can be a good set up man to Parnell

Cialis cheap Scott Atchinson Grade D

Cialis cheap Suffered an arm injury that set him back a month and now he’s back and if he can get back what he had with the Red Sox and stay healthy add him to Hawkins, cialis cheap Aardsma and Parnell, cialis cheap that’s a pretty good back of the pen with Rice to get a lefty out.

Cialis cheap Carlos Torres Grade Incomplete

Cialis cheap Torres has only pitched in 10 games but he’s been very effective. Cialis cheap Torres is now going into the starting rotation to replace Marcum hopefully he can stretch his arm out enough to give the innings needed.

Cialis cheap  

Cialis cheap  

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Herbal alternative to cialis I haven’t done a mid-season Mets report card in a few years since around this time the last six years I’ve been sitting in a camp site upstate for a week at Boy Scout Camp, herbal alternative to cialis it was nice to turn in my spatula and large paddle to stir 20 gallon containers of Kool Aid to a younger group of fathers, herbal alternative to cialis and enjoy the All Star Festivities, herbal alternative to cialis which as we all know will be played in our home Citi Field.

Herbal alternative to cialis I went to the MLB All Star Fan Fest this past weekend at the Javits Center and I thought it was fantastic.  I went with my son, herbal alternative to cialis which of course made the day even better, herbal alternative to cialis and we soaked in all the Fan Fest had to offer. Herbal alternative to cialis I spent more money than I had wanted as we both left with Matt Harvey jerseys and All Star T-shirts along with a couple of autographed baseballs of Gaylord Perry and Rollie Fingers. Herbal alternative to cialis I amaze myself with how excited I get when I see guys I watched as a kid and just want to say hello and tell them how much I enjoyed watching them play. Herbal alternative to cialis My son wants to run the other way when I’m in that mode but later he laughs about my enthusiasm. Herbal alternative to cialis He was really falling over when we met Jack Morris and all I kept telling Morris how he should be in the Hall of Fame and how I always enjoyed watching him pitch and compete. Herbal alternative to cialis I guess it was a bit over the top as my son said “Com’on fanboy let’s get some lunch”. Herbal alternative to cialis Sure I go overboard but on the way home all I could think of was how an event like Fan Fest just reaffirms how much I love baseball. Herbal alternative to cialis It’s a good feeling.

Herbal alternative to cialis One of the great displays at Fan Fest is the Fan Auction that is being conducted by Hunt Auctions. Herbal alternative to cialis It’s a silent auction and the items up for bid range from autographed baseballs signed by Babe Ruth to a copy of the NY Post the morning after the NY Mets won the 1986 World Series that is autographed by the team. Herbal alternative to cialis There was one section of the auction that was both intriguing and a bit sad.

Herbal alternative to cialis It seems the estate of Warren Spahn has put up every piece of memorabilia from his outstanding career up for auction. Herbal alternative to cialis Uniforms, herbal alternative to cialis caps, herbal alternative to cialis gloves, herbal alternative to cialis trophies including his 1957 Cy Young Award, herbal alternative to cialis all up for the highest bidder to own. Herbal alternative to cialis   I’m not going to judge the Spahn family for putting all these items up for sale as I don’t know the family or money situation but it’s still sad to see all of Spahn’s trophies and what he achieved in a great baseball life, herbal alternative to cialis up for sale.

Herbal alternative to cialis BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! To the New York Mets for inducting Mike Piazza into the Mets Hall of Fame. Herbal alternative to cialis Well deserved!

Herbal alternative to cialis Enjoyed listening to Kevin Burkhardt on the play by play for yesterday’s game. Herbal alternative to cialis The beauty of having Burkhardt on the broadcast team is he can move from a reporter’s role to play by play and mesh perfectly with Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling since the whole crew along with Gary Cohen has great chemistry. Herbal alternative to cialis  

Herbal alternative to cialis Next post will have the Mets report card!

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Viagra in philippines Who remembers this game when The Cobra took on The Dude and was not only out at the plate but suffered a broken cheekbone too! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra in philippines  

Viagra in philippines I know the Mets need a catcher, viagra in philippines Mets Fan Rich knows the Mets need a catcher, viagra in philippines Sandy Alderson knows the Mets need a catcher and Terry Collins in the privacy of his mind knows the Mets need a catcher, viagra in philippines so what are the Mets going to do about it?

Viagra in philippines Alderson when asked about the catching position not just at the big league level but throughout the organization gave me an exasperated response “that it is clearly the position that need the most upgrading” So when does he start upgrading?

Viagra in philippines In my way of baseball thinking catcher is a defensive position and offense I get from my backstop is a plus, viagra in philippines so what happens when I have two catchers in Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas who not only can’t hit, viagra in philippines they’re terrible defensibly as well? Who try to get a catcher who can at least execute the position defensively and hope he can hit a little bit to sustain a spot in the lineup. Viagra in philippines Can Rob Johnson do that? I’d like to find out.

Viagra in philippines Johnson was brought up with Matt Harvey as Harvey has given Johnson a ton of credit for his rise from Triple A to the big leagues. Viagra in philippines Johnson caught Harvey’s major league debut which we all know was the best pitching debut in the club history, viagra in philippines so you’d think Johnson would be behind the plate in Harvey’s next start right? Wrong. Viagra in philippines Terry Collins had Thole behind the plate so Thole could get uses to catching Harvey. Viagra in philippines Why? As we saw last night and throughout this season, viagra in philippines Josh Thole is not the answer to the Mets problems at catcher.

Viagra in philippines I don’t know what Alderson is waiting for to bring in a top defensive catcher. Viagra in philippines The reasoning behind not trading for Ramon Hernandez was a smoke screen of we don’t want to disrupt the relationship between our catchers and pitchers in mid-season. Viagra in philippines After watching Thole butcher the play at the plate that allowed Carlos Quentin to score I wonder how many of the Mets pitchers would sign on to that statement.

Viagra in philippines We all know that finding an everyday catcher who fits the bill for the Mets needs-defensively strong with a decent bat-is near impossible to obtain but this off season it Alderson has to secure a catcher……….and a centerfielder……..and a left fielder…………and a right fielder…………and bullpen help…….and move Jason Bay’s contract……………..I think I’m gonna be sick………….

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Women does viagra work Sorry for the hockey interuption. Women does viagra work This young manin the picture is Rick Nash he is a good solid hockey player. When Nash woke up this morning he was a Columbus Blue Jacket and now he is a New York Ranger. Women does viagra work Many NY Ranger fans are doing the happy dance when this was announced. Women does viagra work Nash coming to the Rangers had a price, women does viagra work three very good Rangers are now Blue Jackets. Women does viagra work Thank you to Brandon Dubinsky for 8 teriffic years as a Ranger same to Artem Anisimov and Tim Erixon  all the best   

Women does viagra work All I asked for was a summer of competitive baseball, women does viagra work why is that so difficult? The Mets are in the midst of another second half free fall as they have won just one game in their last ten. Women does viagra work The last three seasons after the break have been disasters for the Metropolitans:

Women does viagra work 2011 31-40

Women does viagra work 2010 31-43

Women does viagra work 2009 28-47

Women does viagra work During this recent run of losing baseball, women does viagra work I’ve thought about a question I posed to R.A. Women does viagra work Dickey back in the winter of 2010, women does viagra work about the time Terry Collins was named manager, women does viagra work I asked Dickey what happened in the second half of the season that led to slide he said after a long pause, women does viagra work “lack of preparation” I asked by whom, women does viagra work the coaches or players and Dickey replied “both”. Women does viagra work Last year’s collapse and now this latest second half losing streak does not in my view, women does viagra work fall under the lack of preparation or commitment , women does viagra work it seems like it’s more like a lack of major league readiness and an overachieving first half.

Women does viagra work We have gone over the faults of the bullpen ad nauseum  and yes those sixteen blown saves and twenty loses are the biggest kick in the nuts this season but there are still many holes on this team that need addressing and no mid-season deal can cure them.

Women does viagra work The Mets outfield is a mess. Women does viagra work There is not one solid “every day I can count on you” player that plays in this outfield. Women does viagra work Scott Hairston is very good vs. Women does viagra work lefties and as a pinch hitter but Hairston is what he is, women does viagra work a bench player and when bench players start to get regular work, women does viagra work you get to see why they are bench players. Women does viagra work I really like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and I want him to be a Met for a long time. Women does viagra work He plays terrific defense and he has that “baseball makeup” that scouts love. Women does viagra work He also has a lot of holes in his swing and is quite perplexed by the breaking ball to the point where he is putting up Kingman-esque strike out rates. Women does viagra work Lucas Duda plays right field like the displaced first baseman that his is. Women does viagra work It’s hard to get on him for the awful reads he gets on fly balls as he was put there for his bat, women does viagra work and that bat has gone limp. Women does viagra work In Duda’s last 18 games he has 1 HR and 2 RBI. Women does viagra work That is not the production you need from your corner outfielder. Women does viagra work What more can you say about Jason Bay? At the end of this season Bay his agent and Sandy Alderson need to sit down and figure out an exit strategy for Bay. Women does viagra work It would be best for both parties to part ways. Women does viagra work Andres Torres does nothing useful and I’m guessing he is just here until Mike Baxter gets healthy and is re-activated. Women does viagra work Torres should not be taking playing time from anyone. Women does viagra work  Is Jordany Valdespin an outfielder? An infielder?  A bench player? Late for dinner? See a pattern here?

Women does viagra work The catching situation is a mess as well (file this under lather, women does viagra work rinse, women does viagra work repeat) not just for the big league team but throughout the organization as well (we’re counting on you Kevin Plawecki )

Women does viagra work David Wright has been an MVP quality player and after a disastrous start to the, women does viagra work Ike Davis has found a pulse but you still have to question if Ike is the guy to man first base in the seasons ahead. Women does viagra work Ruben Tejada looks set at shortstop for the next ten years and Daniel Murphy at second base……………………..there’s a big question. Women does viagra work #ImWith28 has busted out of his slump and is producing now but he could bring back value if Alderson touted him as a 3rd baseman as 3rd basemen will be demand this winter.

Women does viagra work Lots of work is to be done to get this Mets team up and running as a true contender. Women does viagra work A reliever at the deadline is not the answer. Women does viagra work  

Women does viagra work  

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No prescription viagra You always tell kids in Little League (as Ron Darling stated) when a ball goes under a fence, no prescription viagra raise both your arms straight up in the air. No prescription viagra Willy Taveras  must have missed that lesson when he was seven but his folly is Omir Santos gain with an inside-the-park-grannie.

No prescription viagra Ollie Perez threw strikes today and the Nationals and most of them were tattooed by Nationals batters. No prescription viagra The Mets will spin OP performance like a Maytag washer. No prescription viagra Don’t worry he still feels great and looks very fit in his snow white’s.

No prescription viagra On the other hand, no prescription viagra Hisanori Takahashi was incredible punching out 6 in 3 innings of work. No prescription viagra That’s NON-ROSTER LHP Hisanori Takahashi. No prescription viagra LHP Pat Misch also was stellar in his 3 innings at work. No prescription viagra Sometimes the solution to your problems are right under your nose.

No prescription viagra Frenchy loves to show off that cannon he has throwing out Kevin Mench and Pete Orr at the plate. No prescription viagra Each play was no contest.

No prescription viagra Big Pelf took a shot off the leg yesterday but and X-Ray didn’t show any damage. No prescription viagra Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

No prescription viagra Everybody Loves Ike

No prescription viagra Has Charlie Samuels lost his mind? How the hell does Chris “The Phuckin’ Phillie” Coste get uni number 3 ?

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Best viagra alternative Baseball’s garage sale begins tonight A/K/A the non-tendered players go on the free agent market and there are some players on the list that would help the Mets immeasurably like:

Best viagra alternative RHP Kevin Corriea

Best viagra alternative The Padres are trying to have the lowest payroll since the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings started paying players so a very good #4 pitcher like Corriea will be sitting out there to the highest bidder. Best viagra alternative Right now Corriea would be better than anyone other than Johan Santana in the Mets rotation.

Best viagra alternative Garret Atkins/Ryan Garko

Best viagra alternative Either player would be an excellent compliment to Daniel Murphy as a right handed hitting tag team partner at first base.

Best viagra alternative RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Best viagra alternative Yes he is coming off injury and yes he is a Highlander but Wang is perfect for the Mets if sound as a ground ball pitcher, best viagra alternative Wang won’t be ready to pitch until May but Omar has signed bigger question marks than Wang so he’s worth an incentive laden contract. Best viagra alternative I’ll be surprised if the Highlanders let him go though.

Best viagra alternative Alex Cora is in mid season form. Best viagra alternative I guess the Mets will extend his contract now.

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As great as it was to watch are darling boy, cialis soft D-Wright get an opposite field base hit to beat Puerto Rico, cialis soft it all went to shit with the news that he fouled a ball off his big toe in game that meant NOTHING!!!!!! To make it worse, cialis soft Wright is the lone 3rd baseman left on Team America so he stayed in the game –clearly in pain- and has made it known that no matter what the Mets say, cialis soft he will play this weekend in the semi-finals, cialis soft even with only nine toes. Cialis soft Add that to OP and his mid season pitch count and that the returning Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are exhausted from this bullshit tournament, cialis soft we of the Flushing Faithful are holding our breath that the Mets won’t have to add injury to the list of enemies to start the season.


You know you’re a red neck when…………………..


Anyone have Mackey Sasser’ phone number?


The Mets do not want to see Billy Wagner ever again. Cialis soft Forget about him coming back in September to fortified the bullpen it’s not happening. Cialis soft Remember how Wagner bitched and moaned about coming into non-save situations and not starting innings and not coming in for 4 outs saves so where exactly does he fit in here? He’s not going to close or set up a save hell, cialis soft he isn’t even going to be the bridge to the set up man (that looks to be Bobby Parnell) so he doesn’t fit here anymore. Cialis soft It’s not personal, cialis soft it’s business.


Au revior Chief, cialis soft unfortunately your time has come as Livan Hernandez has won the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation. Cialis soft The back ups for the starting rotation are Tim Redding, cialis soft Jon Niese, cialis soft and Nelson Figueroa and if it goes any deeper than that it won’t matter anymore as we will all be looking for the start of NFL training camp if it comes to that.

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{ I wrote this post at about 9AM this morning but forgot to hit the publish button. Get online viagra Yes, get online viagra I’m an idiot) 




The Collapse2007 is dead and buried, get online viagra thanks to a couple of grave diggers named Santana and Delgado. Get online viagra Johan Santana did what an ace does, get online viagra prevents long losing streaks and then we have Carlos Delgado who has transformed himself in mid season, get online viagra the likes I don’t think has been seen in baseball ever. Get online viagra I don’t have the time or patience to research it but if anyone can tell me different let me know what player has gone from shit to sugar in mid-season like Delgado? I mean those were M-V-P chants I heard last night from Shea right? I wasn’t sure as my head felt like it was injected with Novocain listing to Joe Morgan’s analyisis of the game. Get online viagra


So the Mets are in the same spot as they were before Friday’s game two games up on the Phellatios instead of being even. Get online viagra If you’re the Phellatios, get online viagra even with two of three weekend you’ve got to be somewhat verklempt after last nights game because you are banking on the Mets folding up like a home mortgage lender and you find out that will not happen again for two reasons, get online viagra the Mets strong starting pitching and new leadership in the managers office. Get online viagra Now that the Mets held serve they must, get online viagra MUST beat the ever loving shit out the Nats and Braves this week, get online viagra as if any lesson was learned from last year it’s take no opponent for granted as these two teams hate the Mets and will be at their best to try and beat them.


Pardon me for not panicking about Billy Wags being done for the season. Get online viagra Of more concern is  the up and down starts by Petey as the bullpen looks to be in descent shape but the starting rotation can not have another member go down. Get online viagra The pressure is on Santana, get online viagra OP and Big Pelf to keep up their stellar starts but if Petey is not going to give the Mets effective starts then J-Man will have to act and from what we’ve seen so far if you perform you play is the Warlord Jerry’s Golden Rule.


Now if Wags is gone for the year then I don’t want to here a word about him or out of him until spring. Get online viagra Now I know I’m prick for saying that but I’m of the mindset if you’re injured and can’t play then get out of the way. Get online viagra Cold hearted yes but it’s the only way to go. Get online viagra Losers make excuses for poor play due to injury (see Highlander, get online viagra New York, get online viagra Girardi, get online viagra Joe, get online viagra Clueless) Wags is out. Get online viagra No problem. Get online viagra  Luis Ayala is doing fine and I also think Al Reyes will see some significant innings as will Ricardo Rincon. Get online viagra The Mets have the arms what is needed is the execution.


Do you get the idea that Warlord Jerry looks at Aaron Heilman like the Jets looked at Baby John in West Side Story? What is J-Man quote? “Gangsta’s take the field, get online viagra ladies take the bus”? Looks like J-Man gave Heilman an unlimited Metro Card.


Same with Gimp Castillo, get online viagra by playing Damien Easley in both games it shows J-Man was true to his word that he doesn’t care about contracts he is playing his best guys. Get online viagra


According to ESPN MLB Schedule the match ups the next four games, get online viagra the Mets will see four LH starters (Jon Lanan-Odalis Perez for the Nats Denver School Superintendent Mike Hampton and Jo-Jo Reyes of the Braves) so my question How does J-Man get Danny Boy Murphy at bats? Out of the next four Murphy has to get at least one start and if a righty comes in, get online viagra then Murphy should be put in for either Tatis or Evans which ever gets the start. Get online viagra



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