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Viagra pfizer online Com’on you really can’t be shocked that Jose Reyes is no longer a Met can you? I mean we’ve all been paying attention for the last year-year and a half right? Didn’t you watch the Mets last game of the season? As soon as Reyes took himself out of the game with a bunt single that all but sealed his batting crown you had to know he was right there an ex-Met. Viagra pfizer online But of course as Mets fans (and NY sports fans) we have to point fingers so with let’s make sure we point the right fingers.

Viagra pfizer online I’ll point two thumbs up to Sandy Alderson. Viagra pfizer online Finally the Mets have an adult in charge that has the balls to make the right decision for what’s best for this franchise baseball wise. Viagra pfizer online As I tweeted last night, viagra pfizer online Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon are the natural disasters who have ruined the Mets and Sandy Alderson and his staff is FEMA who have accessed the disaster which is the Mets organization from top to bottom and has put in a plan of attack to bring it back to where it’s a contender in the NL. Viagra pfizer online  This will take time as most clean ups and rebuilds after devastation seem to do.

Viagra pfizer online Two middle fingers pointed at Freddy Skill Sets, viagra pfizer online Uncle Saul Katz and Uncle Buddy. Viagra pfizer online No matter which side you fall on in the Reyes departure we can all agree that these stumbblin’, viagra pfizer onlinebummblin’ asshats need to sell the team and sell it NOW! But they won’t because they have Uncle Bud sitting in the Commissioners chair who is nothing but an enabler to the problems in Flushing. Viagra pfizer online No way in hell that Bowie Kuhn, viagra pfizer online Peter Uberoff or Fay Vincent would have put up this this destruction of the NY NL franchise. Viagra pfizer online Right now I would say the Wilpon’s are the worst owners in the history of New York sports. Viagra pfizer online Worse than Walter O’Malley, viagra pfizer online worse than Horace Stoneham, viagra pfizer online worse than even Jim Dolan. Viagra pfizer online The Skill Sets are worse because they are holding on to the team for selfish reasons for their own personal pleasure. Viagra pfizer online In their heart of black hearts they know they days as Mets owners are numbered as the debt just keeps piling up (if I had the dough I’d rent a billboard off the Grand Central with a debt clock like the one on 34 St that tracks the National debt to track the Wilpon’s debt on the Mets, viagra pfizer online Citi Field and SNY) if it weren’t for the cozy comforts of the Bud Selig’s Commissioners abode the Skill Sets would have been out on their broke ass a while. Viagra pfizer online It’s going to happen sooner or later as Selig won’t stay in office too much longer and the banks and other lenders will be calling in their markers soon as will the Federal Court that will hear the law suit by the Trustees trying to recoup the Madoff loses and of course the shysters looking to be paid for their time and trouble. Viagra pfizer online  You are living on borrowed time Skill Sets.

Viagra pfizer online One thumb up for Jose Reyes. Viagra pfizer online You were one the best and most popular Mets players of all time. Viagra pfizer online Having met you on a couple of occasions I thought you were a great guy, viagra pfizer online full of energy and you seemed to really enjoy being a Met and a New Yorker. Viagra pfizer online I’m happy for you and your family that you are all set for life financially; I wish you all the best and success in South Beach

Viagra pfizer online One thumb down for Jose Reyes. Viagra pfizer online I’m not torn up that your leaving the Mets, viagra pfizer online I know I should be but in a strange way I’m glad you’re gone. Viagra pfizer online In another administration you would have been given 10 years and $200 mil in Madoff Bucks, viagra pfizer online then you’d have been out of shape and pulling hammy’s like Turkish taffy. Viagra pfizer online You waited for the Mets to make you an offer but your agents forgot that Omar doesn’t live here anymore and were told by Sandy Alderson, viagra pfizer online “make you an offer”? No, viagra pfizer online how about you go out and find what the market is then call me back” Guess what? There was only one bidder in the market. Viagra pfizer online I’m sure Marlins President of Baseball Ops Larry Beinfest was overruled by Jeffery Loria and David Samson on this signing. Viagra pfizer online The Marlins pulled a MInaya, viagra pfizer online bidding against themselves. Viagra pfizer online Give Reyes agent Peter Greenberg credit for getting his client this deal as no other team would come close to offering it to Reyes.

Viagra pfizer online Two big middle fingers, viagra pfizer online a crotch grab and drop my draws kiss my Royal Irish Ass to the Mets beat writers who no matter how this went down would kill the Mets. Viagra pfizer online They all had two stored away on their laptops one for when the Mets sign Reyes to a long term deal so they could kill them for over paying in money and years and the stories we see today, viagra pfizer online killing them for not signing Reyes. Viagra pfizer online It goes back to the organization allowing itself to get bullied by the media and never striking back. Viagra pfizer online I’ll give props to the Late Leader of the Bronx Bastards, viagra pfizer online he knew how to get back at the press, viagra pfizer online take away their free food, viagra pfizer online fucking freeloaders. Viagra pfizer online   

Viagra pfizer online Ten fingers waving bye-bye to all the fair weather Mets fans who say they won’t go to Citi Field again and won’t watch the games on TV and on and on. Viagra pfizer online How people spend their money and time is their own business and if you don’t want anything to do with the Mets that’s fine. Viagra pfizer online We won’t miss you guys anyway.

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Viagra in india Here we go again. Viagra in india Just when it looked like the season was slipping away the message out of $iti Field is “not so fast my pessimistic Mets fan” this could be the start of an exciting summer.

Viagra in india I want to dance up and down and shoot middle fingers at the rest of the NL but I can’t because this team still has needs and I’m not confident that ownership will provide it.

Viagra in india It’s safe to assume that Jeffey Skill Sets is calling all the shots around here that Omar Minaya not only is under a gag order when it comes to speaking in public but his ability to make baseball moves has been clamped down as well. Viagra in india In a way Omar and Oliver Perez have a lot in common both have been rendered insignificant.

Viagra in india Don’t get me wrong, viagra in india I’m enjoying this recent run of winning and solid baseball being played by the Mets but as Bobby Valentine says “you’re only as good as your next day starting pitcher” so today we’re in good shape with Big Pelf and tomorrow Johan Santana against the Brewski’s looks great as well, viagra in india but when does the clock strike twelve on R.A. Viagra in india Dickey and the mystery fifth starter (playing the role of Jon Niese this weekend will be Fernando Nieve)?

Viagra in india At this point as much as I feel, viagra in india along with what looks like the majority of Mets fans, viagra in india that Jenry Mejia should have been working on his starting pitcher apprenticeship in the minors, viagra in india at this point now let him stay with the big club as a reliever. Viagra in india Mejia seems to be settling in role of late inning man and the rest of the pen has been solid now that Igarashi is back so adding a solid starting pitcher should be paramount to management to go out and get.

Viagra in india So who is out there? As much as Roy Oswalt would be a huge acquisition between the money and cost in personnel and trying to get a deal done with Drayton McClain is almost impossible, viagra in india I doubt that Oswalt will be Queens bound. Viagra in india Cliff Lee as a rental could be cost prohibitive as well. Viagra in india  If the front office could land Kevin Millwood, viagra in india Mark Buehrle, viagra in india or even Jake Westbrook it make a huge difference in solidifying the rotation and sending a message to the players and fan base that there is a real commitment to winning.

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