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Cialis india The Good Old Days

Cialis india To say Ed Koch was the quintessential New Yorker would be a huge understatement. Cialis india Everything about Koch was New York, cialis india his accent, cialis india his brashness and his combative style all New York. Cialis india Sadly those of us of certain age see that kind of New Yorker fading away.

Cialis india The New York of the Koch era was one of the most exciting times the city ever witnessed, cialis india good and bad. Cialis india I was 20 years old when Koch took office, cialis india working for Salomon Brothers a pretty big financial institution at the time, cialis india headed by a flashy trader named Mike Bloomberg, cialis india in fact I worked in the computer room at 1 NY Plaza. Cialis india On some weekends I’d come in to do an overtime shift where I’d stay out all night, cialis india mostly in the East Village at Max’s Kansas City, cialis india and head to work and grab a two hour nap on some big executives leather couch until one of my shift mates would wake me up, cialis india but I digress. Cialis india The Koch Era was the last of the gritty, cialis india nasty days of New York. Cialis india I’m just glad I grew up then.

Cialis india I laugh when I see folks get on the subway and anoint themselves with loads of hand sanitizer, cialis india I think of the days of subway trains decked out in graffiti and who knows what else. Cialis india With all the uproar over gun control and curbing of violence, cialis india how about growing up in an age where 2, cialis india000 murders were the norm and riding the subway after 10PM meant you had better be armed with some sort of weapon to survive the trip. Cialis india I get a real kick out of going to Time Square with my kids to go to the theater and look around at the Disney-facation of the area. Cialis india It’s kind of hard to articulate this without sounding like a complete asshole, cialis india but I do miss a lot of the nastiness and out right debauchery of the old 40 Duce.

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Cialis india I guess it’s because there were no big wave of tourists coming to see the sites and the neighborhoods were still full of neighborhood people. Cialis india I grew up on a block in Brooklyn where everyone on the block knew everyone. Cialis india During the summer you could hear the TV’s blasting Mets games and Highlander games on to the streets with the familiar cry of “Yo Whad’s da Score??? “ . Cialis india The moms and grandmas would take their folding chairs outside to sit in front of the house or under a tree after the chores of the day were done. Cialis india Kids played in the street all day and night. Cialis india That was New York. Cialis india That was the New York that Ed Koch governed and governed so well because he was one of us. Cialis india Koch would tell a heckler to “shut the hell up” and it was fine because hey that’s what we do, cialis india when Bloomberg does it, cialis india we say, cialis india “look at this little pampered prick, cialis india who does he think he is”? It’s not just the fact that Bloomy is out of touch with his constituents because he’s a rich guy, cialis india it’s also because he’s not one of us, cialis india he wasn’t born here didn’t grow up here and that makes all the difference.

Cialis india I think about all the hot dogs and orangeades I devoured as kid at the stand at the 42 St Subway station while transferring  from the Sea Beach line (N train) to the IRT Flushing Line (7 train) to  get to Wiilets Pt/Shea Stadium. Cialis india I doubt that stand would have gotten an “A” rating back then. Cialis india Same with Dave’s Luncheonette that was on Canal and Broadway where you could get a hot dog in a natural casing (great crunch) a knish and a chocolate egg cream at 3 in the morning. Cialis india That’s all gone and sadly a whole generation has missed out on what gives New Yorkers such a hard shell.

Cialis india Sorry for the old guy trip down memory lane but with Ed Koch passing away yesterday it just conjured up so many memories of the era where this city was unruly and imaginative, cialis india filthy and cutting edge, cialis india menacing and remarkable. Cialis india Just like Ed Koch I am and always will be a proud New Yorker.

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Free viagra sample I don’t know how Terry Collins keeps his composure after games like last night. Free viagra sample Game after game he has to answer the same inane questions that he has no answers to. Free viagra sample Game after suck ass game, free viagra sample Collins sits there and calmly answers why the bullpen is an arson squad and why his lineup is impotent. Free viagra sample I know he has to be seething on the inside but to his credit he never lets’ the media see him sweat. Free viagra sample Well, free viagra sample maybe it’s time he started popin’ some sweat.

Free viagra sample Collins has protected his players better than a grandmother at the local playground but maybe it’s time to take the protective bubble wrap off his precious players. Free viagra sample Maybe it’s time for Collins to take a page out of the John Tortorella book of press conferences and just come to the podium and say “We sucked today and at this point in the season we, free viagra sample the baseball people of this organization, free viagra sample need to sit down and figure out which way we want to go here because as it stands now we are on the road to nowhere”. Free viagra sample Then just get up and walk out.

Free viagra sample This team is making blogging about them tougher and tougher each and every day. Free viagra sample The past four seasons  Mets fans have had absolutely nothing to root for. Free viagra sample Checkout the second half records for this season and the last three:

Free viagra sample 2012 9-22

Free viagra sample 2011 31-40

Free viagra sample 2010 31-43

Free viagra sample 2009 28-47

Free viagra sample You know who I feel sorry for? The poor bastard in the ticket office who has to call season ticket holders to persuade them to renews their seats. Free viagra sample  You would have it easier trying to sell Mike Bloomberg an NRA membership than Mets season tickets.

Free viagra sample It’s August 16th we should be following every move being made in the National League and hoping the Mets can grab a waiver wire deal to solidify their spot in a post season run. Free viagra sample Instead I have Kelly Shoppach, free viagra sample a catcher I’ve wanted on the Mets for the last two years, free viagra sample better late than never I guess. Free viagra sample This weekend I should be riveted to the Mets-Nationals series in D.C., free viagra sample instead on Saturday I have to have my bagels and coffee ready for 10AM for the start of Aresnal-Sunderland match on ESPN by the way, free viagra sample any football fans out there care to comment on Van Persie going to the Red Devils????? and at night, free viagra sample the Giants-Jets exhibition game that has become a must watch since the Rex Ryan era.

Free viagra sample Something’s gotta give in Flushing this off season, free viagra sample The Skill Sets have to find a way to raise the payroll and Sandy Alderson has to get creative in trades to put a team on the field that is competitive for more than 81 games, free viagra sample if not what’s the incentive to buy tickets in 2013?

Free viagra sample Please no more promotions, free viagra sample new uniforms  food items or post game rock concerts, free viagra sample just go out and get some GOD DAMN BALLPLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does viagra expire Not for anything but as long as Mike Bloomberg has been Mayor of NYC, does viagra expire the town ran like Swiss clock. Does viagra expire Crime dropped, does viagra expire tourism rose, does viagra expire snow was removed in a timely fashion and there was never much controversy, does viagra expire until he told the voters of NYC to shove their term limits referendum up their ass, does viagra expire “I want to be King of NYC forever”

Does viagra expire Unfortunately, does viagra expire like a  rotting fish or a visting relative who over stays his welcome, does viagra expire Bloomy is starting to stink. Does viagra expire Whether it’s his appointment of Cathie Black as President of Board of Education, does viagra expire whose solution to over crowding in NYC public schools is to tell people to practice birth control and then at a meeting of parents of children who will be displaced by their school closing, does viagra expire ignores them as she falls into a Blackberry induced stupor. Does viagra expire Of course there is his cluster fuck of snow removal, does viagra expire his annoyance with cops and firefighters who after pulling out bodies and trying to save lives on September 1tth 2001, does viagra expire have developed illnesses that have rendered them disabled and are collecting pensions. Does viagra expire Pensions that were earned from blood, does viagra expire sweat, does viagra expire tears and collective bargaining.

Does viagra expire Now to add to his tarnished legacy he is failed attempted at a joke against the Irish  while speaking at the Irish Historical Center in Manhattan has solidified to me that Bloomy has lost his mind and this city.

Does viagra expire Bloomberg own the NY Mets? HA! He can kiss my narrow back Irish-American ass.

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