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Cialis overnight A quick post for today as I’m heading out to Citi Field for another Mets bloggers event.

Cialis overnight Former Mets cleanup hitter (still can’t believe this guy was the opening day cleanup hitter last season) Mike Jacobs has become the first professional baseball player to be suspended for HGH usage. Cialis overnight Jacobs took the banned substance to help with rejuvenating his body from series of knee and back injuries he suffered as a member of the Colorado Sky Sox . Cialis overnight I feel bad for Jacobs as here was a guy who played in the big leagues, cialis overnight drawing a big league paycheck but flopped to the point he headed back to the bushes.

Cialis overnight Jacobs was worried that he’d become just another guy and be forgotten by MLB GM’s even with his 23 HR and 97 RBI so desperate times call for desperate actions it seems.

Cialis overnight To his credit, cialis overnight Jacobs has taken full responsibility for his actions:

Cialis overnight “A few weeks ago, cialis overnight in an attempt to overcome knee and back problems, cialis overnight I made the terrible decision to take H.G.H., cialis overnight” Jacobs said in the statement, cialis overnight a rare confession of doping in a sport where many players who have tested positive denied ever knowingly using a drug. Cialis overnight “I immediately stopped a couple of days later after being tested. Cialis overnight Taking it was one of the worst decisions I could have ever made, cialis overnight one for which I take full responsibility.”

Cialis overnight 50 games is a serious sentence and most likely Jacobs’  done as a big leaguer. Cialis overnight Sad

Cialis overnight The Mets have suffered from a Humpty Dumpty defense this season (All the mangers horses and all the mangers coaches, cialis overnight couldn’t put the Mets defense back together again, cialis overnight or something like that) Manager Terry Collins to his credit has gotten the team to participate in taking infield before games, cialis overnight which no other teams do, cialis overnight but as Andy MuCullough lays out nicely in this piece in the Star-Ledger, cialis overnight it hasn’t help much as the Mets are statistically one of the defensive bottom feeders in baseball. Cialis overnight Add the lousy bullpen and shaky starting pitching it’s quite shocking the club is near the breakeven point in wins and losses.

Cialis overnight Welcome back K-Rod, cialis overnight the trade the worked out well for both sides. Cialis overnight Again, cialis overnight well played Mr. Cialis overnight Alderson

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Cialis delivered overnight Ike Davis was pulled from the Buffalo Bison line up today and is en route to Flushing. Cialis delivered overnight Is he the Savior? No and no one is claiming he is what he is, cialis delivered overnight is a player to get excited about watching as the rest of the team flounders.

Cialis delivered overnight If you prefer Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis at first base or Frank Catalanotto batting clean up then you deserve to have Jeffey Skill Sets as your owner and Omar Minaya as your GM.

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Buy real viagra As we sit here waiting for the Ike Davis Era to begin, buy real viagra let’s look at the trickle down effect of the promotion of Davis to everyday first baseman’s job with the Mets.

Buy real viagra Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and for a guy who was cut by the KC Royals and NY Mets within a few months, buy real viagra he still has a high opinion of himself. Buy real viagra Jacobs has made it known that he will not accept a job with the Buffalo Bisons if it means grabbing some pine. Buy real viagra Jacobs is hardly in a position to dictate when and where he’ll play, buy real viagra but with Davis coming up there is an opening for first base and Jacobs fits fine there, buy real viagra if that’s not good enough for Jacobs, buy real viagra well then good riddance.

Buy real viagra Now if Jacobs takes the assignment to Buffalo, buy real viagra how long will it last ? It all depends on how Davis fits in Queens. Buy real viagra If Ike is what we think he’ll be, buy real viagra then when Daniel Murphy comes back from his knee injury, buy real viagra then Murph needs to go to Buffalo to become a super.  What a better place and time for Murph to work on playing outfield, buy real viagra 2b and 1st base, buy real viagra hell you might as well grab a catchers mitt and learn that position to as an emergency catcher. Buy real viagra Hey you never know when your team will play a 20 inning game your versatility will come in handy.

Buy real viagra With the front office finally realizing that this is the dawning of the age of Ike Davis, buy real viagra there needs to be a few more moves to that would show that the front office is serious about getting this sink ship right. Buy real viagra Please enough of Gary Mathews Jr. Buy real viagra I don’t care how cheap his labor costs are enough is enough. Buy real viagra Angel Pagan should be planted everyday in CF case closed. Buy real viagra Bring up Chris Carter. Buy real viagra Send down Jenry Meija for the good of the organization and let him start so at least by the All Star break you could put him in the rotation.

Buy real viagra While were making alterations why not bring up Bison’s pitching coach Rickey Bones and reassign Old School Dan Werthen some where in the organization. Buy real viagra It’s time for a shake up.

Buy real viagra You want to fire Jerry Manuel ? I won’t shed a tear especially when you bat Frank Catalanotto clean up (rumor has it Ron Washington called Manuel while watching the game last night to ask him if he was high) but if you tell me Bob Melvin is the replacement, buy real viagra I say why bother. Buy real viagra Bob Melvin is just J-Man without the jokes. Buy real viagra We all know who should be given the job.

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Generic viagra online

Generic viagra online It’s been a very busy morning so this will be a short post. Generic viagra online I hate weather like today as we have a 5:30 game and it’s either going to rain this afternoon or this evening and I have to plan to go home early or stay at work so I’m very indecisive on what to do kind of like the Mets on the base paths.

Generic viagra online Big Pelf was the pitcher we all thought we’d grow up to be yesterday. Generic viagra online He got ahead with his sinker and used an effective spilt as well. Generic viagra online It also helps it have a craftsman behind the plate like Henry Blanco. Generic viagra online What we need now is consistency from Big Mike.

Generic viagra online This whole Reyes in the third spot is just Jerry Manuel standing on a trap door waiting for it to open. Generic viagra online I love how J-Man tells the press he advised Reyes to stay with his game when the move is made and not try to be a power hitter. Generic viagra online What the hell is your 3 hitter anyway? He’s your best bat and one of your best power bats which is why D-Wright is the best option at the 3 spot. Generic viagra online The problem with the lineup is both Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis suck and Ike Davis is playing for Buffalo. Generic viagra online I know there are some who think Davis needs more time at Triple A but when you take into account his fine spring plus he went to one of the finest baseball schools-Arizona St.-in the country and his dad was a major leaguer so he knows the life better than most, generic viagra online that baseball pedigree tells me the risk of bringing up and under cooked Davis is better than a burnt Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis.

Generic viagra online The Wee-Fellow at the Daily News has for the most part become an irrelevant writer in this town but he is still the house organ for the Skill Sets which leads me to believe the Skill Sets some how collaborated with him on this Bobby Valentine homecoming story to reclaim the Mets managers office.

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Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra

Prescription viagra We kinda knew that Omar Minaya fancied Joel Pinerio but Jeffey Skill Sets was dead set on not paying market value. Prescription viagra This revelation comes from John Harper’ story in today’s Daily News:

Prescription viagra  So what happened? That’s what Pineiro would like to know. Prescription viagra It seems clearer than ever from reading his version of events, prescription viagra that Mets ownership simply wouldn’t let Minaya spend the money it took – two years, prescription viagra $16 million – for the Angels to get a deal done.

Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra Even worse, prescription viagra Minaya operative, prescription viagra Alex Cora, prescription viagra told his neighbor Pineiro that his signing  with the Mets was a done deal until ownership did the old double cross:

Prescription viagra   Pineiro said in November he considered the Mets to be “the front-runners” to sign him. Prescription viagra Much of that feeling was based on what he was hearing from his friend and neighbor in Miami, prescription viagra Alex Cora, prescription viagra that the Mets had every intention of signing him.

Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra Considering that Cora has a strong relationship with Minaya, prescription viagra suffice to say it was solid information.

Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra “Alex was telling me (it was going to happen), prescription viagra” Pineiro said Wednesday. Prescription viagra “I was like, prescription viagra ‘all right, prescription viagra I’m just waiting for that good thing to happen, prescription viagra and I’m ready to go.’

Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra “But it never came.”

Prescription viagra The Mets offer was 2yr/$15mil and the Angels came in at 2yr/$16mil. Prescription viagra At that point Jeffey Skill Sets folded and walked away. Prescription viagra I’ll let you insert your favorite expletive here.

Prescription viagra I hope the folks of Buffalo NY appreciate the gift us “Downstater’s” have given them with Ike Davis and Chris Carter in the Bison everyday line up. Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis over Ike Davis and Chris Carter. Prescription viagra Even Vince McMahon couldn’t make that story line fly.

Prescription viagra If Jerry Manuel wants to bat Jose Reyes in the 3 spot in the lineup go right ahead but if he better not mess with Mike Jacobs in that cleanup spot. Prescription viagra Pardon me I need to lie down.

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Buy pfizer viagra in canada If Freddi Gonzalez ever feels his job as head Fishmonger is in jeopardy, buy pfizer viagra in canada he’d better hope the Mets are on the upcoming schedule. Buy pfizer viagra in canada The Marlins have now beaten the Mets 13 times in the last 24 games.

Buy pfizer viagra in canada Yes, buy pfizer viagra in canada yes, buy pfizer viagra in canada yes I know the season is in its infancy stage but didn’t the last three games look as though 2009 hasn’t ended? If not for the big effort by Johan Santana on Monday the Mets might be 0 for 2010 today.

Buy pfizer viagra in canada Nice work by Jon Neise last night working all his pitches and hitting the strike zone on the down low. Buy pfizer viagra in canada  The way he worked his fastball and cutter was encouraging as well. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Too bad the Mets couldn’t put a few crooked numbers up for him. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Sure 3 runs allowed in 6 innings is an average performance but Niese did pitch to contact and after watching John Maine on Wednesday at least he threw strikes.

Buy pfizer viagra in canada I keep looking and looking but I can’t find where the Mets have DFA’Mike Jacobs? By the way Ike Davis had 3 hits in 4AB’s in a losing Buffalo Bison effort last night. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Just sayin’

Buy pfizer viagra in canada Should SNY start Mets telecast like an episode of 24 as a count down to when Jerry Manuel gets fired, buy pfizer viagra in canada “The following occurred between 7:10PM and 10:35PM”

Buy pfizer viagra in canada This weekend series against the Nationals is a “must-win” for the Mets. Buy pfizer viagra in canada What? Too early?

Buy pfizer viagra in canada Luis Castillo will sit out tonight’s game with calf (wink, buy pfizer viagra in canada wink) discomfort. Buy pfizer viagra in canada So tonight we get Alex “Leader of Men” Cora at 2nd base and Ruben Tejada at short, buy pfizer viagra in canada and hopefully by tomorrow Jose Reyes will be activated from the DL unless of course he eats a dozen oysters on the half shell on the plane ride from St. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Lonesome. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Oh and Michael Highlander, buy pfizer viagra in canada I’m wearing my doo-rag today!!!!

Buy pfizer viagra in canada I’m proud to say I have not watched one second of Jersey Shore being that if I want to look at wanna be tough guys and cows who have an over inflate view of their importance I can stroll the Staten Island Mall, buy pfizer viagra in canada but the commercial for Vitamin Water D-Wright shot with this cugine (pronounced COO-Jean) The Situation was pretty amusing. Buy pfizer viagra in canada D-Wright by the way had a piece of the Vitamin Water and when they were bought by Coca-Cola Wright made a nice piece of change.

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Alternative search viagra First I’d like to thank each and everyone for their kind words and condolences, alternative search viagra your kind words at this time are extremely comforting. Alternative search viagra Thank you guys so much

Alternative search viagra Poor Daniel Murphy what at time to get hurt? Just when his bat was coming around and he settling in to play first base to start the season he goes down with a knee sprain that will set him back 2 to 6 weeks. Alternative search viagra So now both Murphy and Jose Reyes start the season on the DL. Alternative search viagra How about that “unnamed Met” telling the NY Post about the club “babying” Reyes. Alternative search viagra From following this team for as long as I have I know that its’ a bad sign when “unnamed Met” shows up in the clubhouse.

Alternative search viagra Back to Murphy and first base, alternative search viagra I cannot believe the Mets will start the season with Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis at the position. Alternative search viagra What message does that send to Ike Davis? “Kid we feel you’re a big league player right now but you know we have to delay that service time clock as much as possible”. Alternative search viagra  That’s the only reason they have not grabbed Davis out of minor league camp yet they are still deciding if it’s worth starting the arbitration eligibility clock.

Alternative search viagra Alex Cora at short and Mike Jacobs at first for opening day UGHHHHHHHH!

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Cialis trazodone Trying to write something creative this morning and it’s just not happening so I’ll just throw some shit on the wall see what sticks:

Cialis trazodone If Jose Reyes is 100 % healthy then why not let him start on opening day? Why is it even a question? His legs don’t seem to be any problem so if his thyroid levels are fine then why wouldn’t Jose be at shortstop on Monday?

Cialis trazodone I would love to be in the room when soon to be Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z sit down and talk to LeBron James about joining the Brooklyn Nets. Cialis trazodone Mr. Cialis trazodone Prokhorov is going to be the most newsworthy sports owner this town has seen since a big blowhard ship builder from Cleveland rolled into town.

Cialis trazodone This Monday has been renamed Monumental Monday. Cialis trazodone Opening day at $iti Field. Cialis trazodone The NCAA Final and two hour episode of 24. Cialis trazodone  I’m busting sweat just thinking of how the Jack Bauer, cialis trazodone Dana Walsh  interrogation scene will play out.

Cialis trazodone Major tip of the BLUE Mets cap to Shannon Shark over at Mets Police for uncovering the Fanwalk faux pau naming Sid Fernandez the winner of Game 7 of the’86 World Sereis when it was actually Roger McDowell who earned the win. Cialis trazodone At the time that game was over, cialis trazodone we really didn’t give a rats ass who go the winner to tell the truth all I remember is pandemonium in the streets of Queens and that for one on the dozen or so times in my life I woke up the next day in my bed having no recollection of how I got home.  Ahhhhhh good times. Cialis trazodone Also Mets Police is recruiting for the Blue Cap Army to meet up Monday at $iti Field.

Cialis trazodone It’s a three man race to grab the 25th spot on the Mets roster. Cialis trazodone The candidates are Mike Jacobs, cialis trazodone Frank Catalanotto and Chris Carter. Cialis trazodone Very tough choices. Cialis trazodone The first one I’d dismiss in Jacobs who is a hit a home run or miss guy and a not very good first baseman. Cialis trazodone It was commendable of Jacobs to put on the catcher gear and volunteer to be the emergency catcher. Cialis trazodone How often do you need an emergency catcher? Carter has earned the name The Animal for Jerry Manuel and Catalanotto is a savvy vet who can play just about any position on a baseball field. Cialis trazodone If I had to make the choice, cialis trazodone I’d take Frankie The Cat.

Cialis trazodone Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes

Cialis trazodone Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new and improved LMILLZ

Cialis trazodone I don’t look at Darryl Strawberry as being a quitter for leaving The Apprentice, cialis trazodone it’s more like he was bored and tired of the stupid tasks he was asked to do. Cialis trazodone Whoever signed off on making this show two hours should BE FIRED! Thank God for TiVO. Cialis trazodone By the way as soon as Cyndi Lauper and Summer Sanders are fired I’ll be done with The Apprentice.

Cialis trazodone So long Chris Coste, cialis trazodone Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Cialis trazodone It looks like the new McFadden’s at $iti Field is going to be THE place to be.

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Ordering cialis gel Last week at this time, ordering cialis gel it was Armageddon outside my house with rain and wind. Ordering cialis gel Today, ordering cialis gel the sun is shining and the temperature’s soring to the mid-70’s today so this will be a real quickie post as  I’m going out to play, ordering cialis gel I may even break out the shorts, ordering cialis gel but before I head out a few items:

Ordering cialis gel Looks like Mike Jacobs is the in line for the 25th spot on the roster as he not only will give Daniel Murphy a run at first base bit he is valuable and an emergency catcher. Ordering cialis gel Jacobs has no problem stepping in if asked to catch, ordering cialis gel in fact he has order a catchers mitt and is working down in the bullpen to hone his skills. Ordering cialis gel Carlos Delgado was a catcher at one time but he made it known under no circumstances would he go behind the plate. Ordering cialis gel  One more reason why I’m glad Delgado’s gone.

Ordering cialis gel Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has a must read column on the shakedown artists at the World Anti-Doping Association who keep trying to embarrass MLB to the point it sends more cash it’s way for the witch hunt of chasing athletes for PED use. Ordering cialis gel  I know the Congress and the President  have a lot on their plate these days but someone needs to reign in the FBI agents wasting money and man power chasing down Barry Bonds, ordering cialis gel Roger  Clemens and other athletes about their use of PED’s. Ordering cialis gel  You want to say Bonds and Clemens are assholes ? You get no argument from me but if you’re going to start putting people in jail for that then Glen Beck needs to be on Death Row.

Ordering cialis gel Jenry Mejia pitched yesterday and is slated to go again today. Ordering cialis gel Not a good sign if you ask me. Ordering cialis gel Looks like Manuel is pushing for Mejia to join the Mets bullpen when the right move would be to let him start in Buffalo. Ordering cialis gel Also John Maine goes today against the Cardinals, ordering cialis gel time to step up Johnny.

Ordering cialis gel The Nationals have sent Jesus Strasbug  to their minor league camp. Ordering cialis gel  Look for Jesus to be resurrected sometime in May, ordering cialis gel as it will buy the Nats an extra year of control over the Savior.

Ordering cialis gel Johan Santana BELIEVES!!!!! Someone has to I guess.

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Generic viagra Less than three weeks to go before opening day and we can only hope the baseball gods gives weather like today. Generic viagra How does 70 degrees sound ? So today seemed like a good day to take a look at what the 25 man roster for the Mets could look like on April 5th.

Generic viagra 1st base

Generic viagra Daniel Murphy is making Omar’ job very difficult by having a lousy spring, generic viagra while Ike Davis has done everything short of healing Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran of their woes. Generic viagra With both those bats out of the lineup to start the year, generic viagra it will be very interesting to see if the club is bold enough to give Davis the opening day start.  If Davis does make the big club does Murphy stay as a lefty bat off the bench over Mike Jacobs?

Generic viagra 2nd base

Generic viagra For all the shit I give Luis Castillo he is producing offensively, generic viagra Alex Cora will be his understudy

Generic viagra 3rd base

Generic viagra D-Wright. Generic viagra ‘Nuff said

Generic viagra Shortstop

Generic viagra Just give the damn job to Ruben Tejada already. Generic viagra Let him play as much as possible at the position to be ready for opening day. Generic viagra Alex Cora is what he is a backup. Generic viagra Between Tejada and Castillo, generic viagra Cora will get enough playing time to be effective.

Generic viagra Catcher

Generic viagra Barajas/Blanco.

Generic viagra LF

Generic viagra Jason Bay

Generic viagra CF

Generic viagra Here is where it get interesting again. Generic viagra As great as Fernando Martinez has played this spring and by the way, generic viagra if there is any positives coming out of St. Generic viagra Lonesome it’s we have discovers life on the farm. Generic viagra The death of the Mets minor league system has been greatly exaggerated. Generic viagra Maybe this is F-Marts coming out party but with his history of injury as much as the Mets would love to give him the CF job until Carlos B comes back, generic viagra it may be better for him to go to Buffalo and get 400 AB’s. Generic viagra It’s also easier to send Martinez down as both Angel Pagan and Gary Mathews Jr are producing this spring. 

Generic viagra RF

Generic viagra For all the positive influence stories about Frenchie so far this spring has anyone noticed he’s been awful at the plate? Good thing he has endeared himself with Wright and HOJO otherwise the discussion would be keeping F-Mart over Frenchie in right.

Generic viagra Tomorrow I’ll look at the pitching and bench. Generic viagra Busy day today.

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