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Cialis angioplasty He used to be a “baby face” but after he turned in Andres Torres for missing 1st base, cialis angioplasty Beltran is now a “heel”

Cialis angioplasty The story today would have been much bigger if the Mets were fighting for a post season berth, cialis angioplasty but still the appeal at first base yesterday that Andres Torres missed the bag on his way to lead off double putting the tying run on 2nd base was an absolute joke on a number of ends.

Cialis angioplasty From the replay, cialis angioplasty it looks as if Torres heel hit the bag which is why first base umpire David Rackley, cialis angioplasty a rookie umpire by the way, cialis angioplasty call was puzzling to begin with. Cialis angioplasty I wonder if the game was at Citi Field would have made the same call, cialis angioplasty and how about Carlos Beltran making the call on the appeal????  

Cialis angioplasty The reaction or non-reaction by Torres and first base coach Tom Goodwin was more troublesome to me than the call by Rackley, cialis angioplasty Torres didn’t flip out and neither did Goodwin, cialis angioplasty even if he did miss the bag, cialis angioplasty that was a crucial moment in the game, cialis angioplasty a game that Colin McHugh struggled in  and a game, cialis angioplasty the play out the string Mets, cialis angioplasty showed some fight in coming back from a 4-0 deficit on home runs from Kelly Shoppach and Daniel Murphy , cialis angioplasty you would think either player or coach would have gone ballistic? At least Terry Collins came out to fight the call.

Cialis angioplasty I hope Terry Collins has seen the light and lets Kelly Shoppach catch every non-R.A. Cialis angioplasty Dickey start.

Cialis angioplasty Welcome back Wally Backman. Cialis angioplasty Backman along with seven of his Bison (OF’er Fred Lewis, cialis angioplasty LHP Justin Hampson, cialis angioplasty RHP Elvin Rameirz , cialis angioplasty RHP Jenrry Mejia, cialis angioplasty RHP Jeury’s Familia, cialis angioplasty pain in the ass Jordany Valdespin, cialis angioplasty and last and least C Mike Nickeas) have been added to the Mets roster for the last month of the season .

Cialis angioplasty I was out at MCU Park last night, cialis angioplasty sitting in the intermittent drizzle to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones get within one win of making the NY-Penn League post season as the Wild Card team. Cialis angioplasty  A few observations:

Cialis angioplasty RHP Luis Cessa pitched a fantastic game, cialis angioplasty he game within one out of a complete game victory, cialis angioplasty something quite rare in low A. Cialis angioplasty Cesa only K’d two batters but he got a lot of ground ball outs.

Cialis angioplasty MCU Park has to be one of tougher parks to hit home runs out of. Cialis angioplasty Yesterday the wind was blowing in briskly from the Atlantic Ocean, cialis angioplasty so anything up in the air wasn’t going out of the park. Cialis angioplasty In fact there was a ball hit high in the air that Lowell 3rd baseman called for at his position but ended up running down the line and making the play at home plate. Cialis angioplasty That’s brisk baby.

Cialis angioplasty RF Miakis De La Cruz made a sensational throw from the right field corner to nail a Lowell runner at the plate. Cialis angioplasty By the way Kevin Plawecki did a great job blocking the plate.

Cialis angioplasty Speaking of Plawecki, cialis angioplasty he had 3 hits and a Rib Eye Steak in the game, cialis angioplasty not that there is much competition but Plawecki has to be the best catcher in the Mets org not named Kelly Shoppach.

Cialis angioplasty Brandon Nimo had a hit and looked very smooth in CF on the night that his poster was the Cyclone giveaway.

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Prescription cialis

Prescription cialis Who remembers this game when The Cobra took on The Dude and was not only out at the plate but suffered a broken cheekbone too! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prescription cialis  

Prescription cialis I know the Mets need a catcher, prescription cialis Mets Fan Rich knows the Mets need a catcher, prescription cialis Sandy Alderson knows the Mets need a catcher and Terry Collins in the privacy of his mind knows the Mets need a catcher, prescription cialis so what are the Mets going to do about it?

Prescription cialis Alderson when asked about the catching position not just at the big league level but throughout the organization gave me an exasperated response “that it is clearly the position that need the most upgrading” So when does he start upgrading?

Prescription cialis In my way of baseball thinking catcher is a defensive position and offense I get from my backstop is a plus, prescription cialis so what happens when I have two catchers in Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas who not only can’t hit, prescription cialis they’re terrible defensibly as well? Who try to get a catcher who can at least execute the position defensively and hope he can hit a little bit to sustain a spot in the lineup. Prescription cialis Can Rob Johnson do that? I’d like to find out.

Prescription cialis Johnson was brought up with Matt Harvey as Harvey has given Johnson a ton of credit for his rise from Triple A to the big leagues. Prescription cialis Johnson caught Harvey’s major league debut which we all know was the best pitching debut in the club history, prescription cialis so you’d think Johnson would be behind the plate in Harvey’s next start right? Wrong. Prescription cialis Terry Collins had Thole behind the plate so Thole could get uses to catching Harvey. Prescription cialis Why? As we saw last night and throughout this season, prescription cialis Josh Thole is not the answer to the Mets problems at catcher.

Prescription cialis I don’t know what Alderson is waiting for to bring in a top defensive catcher. Prescription cialis The reasoning behind not trading for Ramon Hernandez was a smoke screen of we don’t want to disrupt the relationship between our catchers and pitchers in mid-season. Prescription cialis After watching Thole butcher the play at the plate that allowed Carlos Quentin to score I wonder how many of the Mets pitchers would sign on to that statement.

Prescription cialis We all know that finding an everyday catcher who fits the bill for the Mets needs-defensively strong with a decent bat-is near impossible to obtain but this off season it Alderson has to secure a catcher……….and a centerfielder……..and a left fielder…………and a right fielder…………and bullpen help…….and move Jason Bay’s contract……………..I think I’m gonna be sick………….

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Generic viagra uk supplies

Generic viagra uk supplies  

Generic viagra uk supplies Here is today’s Mets line up as the try to break through with a victory in the South Bronx:

Generic viagra uk supplies Andres Torres – CF

Generic viagra uk supplies Jason Bay – LF

Generic viagra uk supplies David Wright – 3B

Generic viagra uk supplies Scott Hairston – RF

Generic viagra uk supplies Lucas Duda – DH

Generic viagra uk supplies Vinny Rottino – 1B

Generic viagra uk supplies Omar Quintanilla – SS

Generic viagra uk supplies Mike Nickeas – C

Generic viagra uk supplies Jordanny Valdespin – 2B

Generic viagra uk supplies As Keith Hernandez would say, generic viagra uk supplies “My word”!!!!!

Generic viagra uk supplies Andres Torres AND Jason Bay at the top of the line up?????? Sure is a far cry from the days of Lenny/Mookie and Wally.

Generic viagra uk supplies So Terry Collins as taken out automatic out Ike Davis and replaces his anemic bat with Mike Nickeas and he gives #ImWith28 a well needed day off and slots Jordanny Valdespin at 2nd base. Generic viagra uk supplies I hope Valdespin goes 4 for 4 thus putting pressure on Sandy Alderson to send Ike to Buffalo and move #ImWith28 over to 1st and Jordanny to 2nd base. Generic viagra uk supplies It’s time Sandy, generic viagra uk supplies oh yeah, generic viagra uk supplies it’s time.

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Raise your hand if you remember when relievers were escorted to the pitchers mound by the bullpen cart?

Purchase viagra  

Purchase viagra Loses are never good, purchase viagra and loses that cost you winning a series, purchase viagra which would have been the third straight series the Mets  had taken from the Phuck Phaces , purchase viagraare awful but when you have a lead and the bullpen blows a win, purchase viagra that is downright  intolerable.

Purchase viagra If I weren’t a Mets fan, purchase viagra I’d be doubled over laughing at the fan bases response to games the Mets bullpen blow. Purchase viagra Nothing sets this fan base off like a good old fashion late inning bullpen melt down and last night was no different.  The only issue I have with the overreaction by some of the fan base is the back end of the pen that imploded last night hasn’t been that bad of late.  I will say as a whole the bullpen has a problem with inherited runners scoring and with the exception of Bobby Parnell and Frank Francisco, purchase viagra there isn’t a reliever who can come in and get the big strikeout when it’s needed.

Purchase viagra I would have like to see Terry Collins leave Dillon Gee in finish the 7th inning. Purchase viagra Gee has pitched so well his last three starts and the double he gave up it seems should have been played better by Andres Torres. Purchase viagra Collins is going to have to have faith in his starters going deeper into games, purchase viagra especially with R.A. Purchase viagra Dickey, purchase viagra who I feel he yanks too early in starts where he’s breezing along.

Purchase viagra The Ramon Ramirez 3 run jack to J-Roll was the back breaker but then Chris Schwinden  to finish out the inning but all he did was add to the carnage. Purchase viagra What the hell is it with Schwinden ? Talk about the poster boy for the AAAA player?

Purchase viagra  

Purchase viagra Update: I just wrote a whole addendum to this post and deleted by accident so I’ll abbreviate it. Purchase viagra RHP Elvin Ramirez will be on the roster tomorrow to help out the bullpen and Jenry Mejia and Chris Young are not far behind to replace the trio of Schwinden, purchase viagra Heftner (maybe?) and Egbert.

Purchase viagra Josh Thole will be activated tomorrow as well which meand the Mets have to chose between Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson as Tholes understudy. Purchase viagra I’ll say they keep Johnson.

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Buy kazazz shopping viagra There are loses, buy kazazz shopping viagra bad loses and I can’t believe it loses which is where I’d file last night’s stunner. Buy kazazz shopping viagra To have a 4-0 lead handed to our Ace against a team that has scored the least runs in all of baseball and to do it with a Buffalo flavored lineup, buy kazazz shopping viagra it looked like this would be one the best wins of the season, buy kazazz shopping viagra but then in the 7th with one on, buy kazazz shopping viagra Santana served up an 87 mph meatball fastball to the Pirates version of Mike Nickeas, buy kazazz shopping viagra Mike McKendry, buy kazazz shopping viagra that was deposited over the left center field wall to tie the game at 4-4.

Buy kazazz shopping viagra Santana seemed to labor from the 4th inning on as he lost command of his fastball and it seemed ironic that Santana who has had a tough time recording a win when he was out pitching the opposition would be in position to get a win in game where he was ordinary at best.

Buy kazazz shopping viagra The Mets had a good shot at taking the lead back in the 8th as Kirk Nieuwenhuis got a pinch hit single to lead off the 8th and made it 3rd on a Ronny Cedeno ground out and a wild pitch, buy kazazz shopping viagra runner on 3rd 1 out all the Mets need is a fly ball but up steps Mike Nickeas who of course strikes out. Buy kazazz shopping viagra I wish Terry Collins would give Rob Johnson the bulk of the playing time while Josh Thole recuperates. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Nickeas just cannot hit and his defensive prowess quite frankly is overrated. Buy kazazz shopping viagra  I’m guessing that Johnson‘sore thumb is still a problem and the reason he’s not behind the plate every day. Buy kazazz shopping viagra  After Nickeas failed to get Nieuwenhuis home, buy kazazz shopping viagra it was left to Andres Torres and his icicle of a baseball bat to get the job done and of course he failed as well with his shitty little ground out 4 to 3.

Buy kazazz shopping viagra When Nickeas, buy kazazz shopping viagra Torres and Ike Davis are in the same lineup they are 3 automatic outs add in the pitchers spot that 4 outs so multiply that by say 4 times through the order, buy kazazz shopping viagra that  16 of the 27 outs you get in a game that you are giving away. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Nickeas shouldn’t start another game, buy kazazz shopping viagra Torres is ready to be regulated to 4th outfield status and Ike it seems is a DL activation away from becoming a Buffalo Bison. Buy kazazz shopping viagra When Vinny Rottino gets the nod over you, buy kazazz shopping viagra lefty or no lefty, buy kazazz shopping viagra it’s safe to say you’ll be headed upstate soon.

Buy kazazz shopping viagra Now if the top of the 8th didn’t piss you off enough, buy kazazz shopping viagra the Mike Baxter-Kirk Nieuwenhuis mix up of Neil Walker fly ball sure had to. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Simple “Fundies” right there, buy kazazz shopping viagra it’s the centerfielder is king of the outfield and to their credit both Baxter and Kirk took responsibility for the screw up for what became the winning run on 3rd base. Buy kazazz shopping viagra As bad an offensive team as the Bucs are, buy kazazz shopping viagra they at least were able to get the runner on 3rd home with less than 2 outs.

Buy kazazz shopping viagra  

Buy kazazz shopping viagra  

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Levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra I’m sure many Mets fans bailed out of this game after the 2nd inning, levitra vs viagra down 4-0 with Miguel Batista on the mound in Filthadelphia really doesn’t make Mets fans very optimistic but maybe this team and the manager are telling the truth that they don’t listen to the negativity from the media and some in the fan base and they really don’t give a shit what the naysayers think of them.

Levitra vs viagra Last night Batista started off shaky but after the 2nd inning, levitra vs viagra he settled down to give the team a very good 3.1 innings until he ran out of gas. Levitra vs viagra Manny Acosta took over and came up huge getting out of a 2nd and 3rd 1 out jam with a ground out by Joe Blanton and punching out J-Roll to keep the score deficient to 3 runs.

Levitra vs viagra I love when a player steps up when all eyes are on them to make decisions by the front office difficult. Levitra vs viagra Andres Torres came back to the team when his understudy Kirk Nieuwenhuis broke out as a major contributor to the team. Levitra vs viagra  Torres has stepped in and produced both at bat and in the field and now the Mets will have a major decision to make when Jason Bay comes back. Levitra vs viagra There is no place for Bay on this team right now and if Bay is force fed into the lineup while this outfield is as productive as it is, levitra vs viagra the front office will take a huge credibility hit with the fan base. Levitra vs viagra  While Bay’s ribs are healing hopefully Sandy Alderson is exhausting all options to deal Bay. Levitra vs viagra Any type of removal from the team of Bay is going to coast money so if the Skill Sets want to prove to the fan base that they are back in the game they will authorize Alderson to move Bay by any means necessary.

Levitra vs viagra The word on Josh Thole is not very encouraging. Levitra vs viagra It seems Thole has been concussed before so it looks like a stay on the 15 day DL is more realistic than the short stay 7 day concussion DL. Levitra vs viagra This will be a huge problem for the Mets in two areas. Levitra vs viagra Between Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson, levitra vs viagra the Mets just took a major downgrade in the catching department. Levitra vs viagra Nickeas can’t hit but he’s superior to Johnson behind the plate and quite frankly Johnson is only in the big leagues because of the dearth of catching talent in baseball. Levitra vs viagra One thing is for sure, levitra vs viagra Johnson will not be behind the plate with The Dickster is on the mound as Johnson has a problem catching conventional pitches he’d need a tuna net to catch the knuckle ball.

Levitra vs viagra The other obvious problem is replacing Thole’ bat. Levitra vs viagra  With Ruben Tejada on the DL, levitra vs viagra the bottom third of the Mets batting order could become a Black Hole. Levitra vs viagra The Mets have to hope that Valdespin can hit at least .250 and get on base at least MLB average of .315 because what can you expect from Nickeas at the plate a .220 BA ?  When Johan Santana and R.A. Levitra vs viagra Dickey start it would not be crazy to bat them 8 and Nickeas 9th.

Levitra vs viagra While your sitting at your computer at lunch time checkout Greg Prince’s writeup of the Mets 50th Anniversary Conference at Hofstra University. Levitra vs viagra You can thank me later.

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Does viagra expire For some reason I had a problem getting the site to load but seems like we are good to go now, does viagra expire so let me put up a late day stream of Mets consciousness:

Does viagra expire The 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets conference on now in Day 2 at Hofstra University and from hanging out on Twitter it looks like it’s been a success and a lot of fun, does viagra expire a true tribute to Dana Brand. Does viagra expire I will be out at Hofstra tomorrow and I will join a panel discussion with Taryn Cooper and John Coppinger with Greg Prince as our moderator.

Does viagra expire As we all know the Mets played a solid 1-9 “homegrown” lineup yesterday for the first time since September 19th 1971, does viagra expire a 5-2 Mets win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium. Does viagra expire The lineup for that game was:

Does viagra expire Teddy Martinez 2B

Does viagra expire Bud Harrelson SS

Does viagra expire John “The Hamer” Milner LF

Does viagra expire Ed Kranepool 1B

Does viagra expire Mike Jorgensen CF

Does viagra expire Ken Singleton RF

Does viagra expire Duffy Dyer C

Does viagra expire Jerry Koosman P

Does viagra expire Interesting as well about that home grown lineup was having three homegrown New Yorkers in there as well, does viagra expire Kranepool of the Bronx, does viagra expire Jorgensen of Bayside Queens and Singleton of Mt. Does viagra expire Vernon.

Does viagra expire It’s real early in the season but a positive sign for this team is that they are 5-1 in 1 run games and 7-1 in games of 2 runs or less, does viagra expire only good teams mange that kind of record.

Does viagra expire Here’s your line up for tonight as the Mets start Chris Schwinden in Big Pelfs rotation spot against LHP Drew Pomeranz

Does viagra expire  Kirk Nieuwenhuis – CF

Does viagra expire Ruben Tejada – SS

Does viagra expire Daniel Murphy – 2B

Does viagra expire David Wright – 3B

Does viagra expire Scott Hairston – LF

Does viagra expire Lucas Duda – RF

Does viagra expire Zach Lutz – 1B

Does viagra expire Mike Nickeas – C

Does viagra expire Chris Schwinden – RHP

Does viagra expire So Ike Davis sits against Pomeranz a neophyte big leaguer, does viagra expire very interesting move by Terry Collins

Does viagra expire  

Does viagra expire  

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Generic viagra blue pill 25mg

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg The good news is the Mets are 6-3 and took 2 of 3 from the Phuck Phaces in Filthadelphia. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Should they have swept?  It not only would have been very sweet but I would have had a much better vibe about this team than I do this morning if they did. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Do not get me wrong, generic viagra blue pill 25mg I am very happy with this start and any time you can go to Filthadelphia and win a series is a solid positive but again the Mets allowed a team to get 4 or 5 outs in an inning will be the difference between the club staying in playoff contention or dropping to the second division. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg  The Mets are just not good enough to make a lot of mistakes.

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Mike Pelfrey had another solid start yesterday, generic viagra blue pill 25mg sure that WHIP of 1.80 is not good at all and he does leave pitches up in the zones that get smashed but yesterday after the first inning that looked like the beginning of a disastrous start, generic viagra blue pill 25mg Pelf made adjustments and relied a lot on his sinker, generic viagra blue pill 25mg a 90+MPH sinker I might add, generic viagra blue pill 25mg and got ground ball out after ground ball out. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Nice job out of Pelf.

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg I know Mike Nickeas is here for his defense but I don’t see how he is this solid defensive receiver. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg  Throwing out Juan Pierre at third was more on Pierre being an idiot making the third out at third base, generic viagra blue pill 25mg than Nickeas being Jerry Grote. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg I’ll give Nickeas a bit of a hat tip as he seems to call a decent game but his backhanding of balls in the dirt and inability to keep balls in front of him has me turned off a bit.

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Teams that have 2-1 leads going into the 7th inning have to get those last 9 outs and the ones that do are the teams that are pennant contenders. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg So far the bullpen has done a great job (Bobby Parnell, generic viagra blue pill 25mg Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco) but yesterday when the frontline relievers weren’t used and the second tier arms came in the game, generic viagra blue pill 25mg the results were a disaster. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg It wasn’t all Ramon Ramirez, generic viagra blue pill 25mg Miguel Batista and Manny Acosta’ fault as Ruben Tejada made a bad throwing error and Scott Hairston played left field like he had marbles instead of spike on his shoes but again this team has a super model thin margin of error.

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Congrats to Mets Fan Rich for sending in the correct answer to yesterday’s trivia question (R.A. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Dickey gave up 6 HR’s in a game tying a modern MLB record) and winning the VIP tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival showing of Knuckleball! On Saturday April 21 at 8PM. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg This event is open to the public for FREE. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg So come on down and get a chance to meet R.A. Generic viagra blue pill 25mg Dickey, generic viagra blue pill 25mg Charlie Hough, generic viagra blue pill 25mg Tim Wakefield and Jim Bouton.

Generic viagra blue pill 25mg  

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Levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra As I sat and watched last nights game and another Mike Pelfrey melt down I wondered if Mike Pelfrey still had minor league options and would the Mets make a move to send him to Buffalo? I was set to tweet this to find an answer  and just as I was about to type, levitra vs viagra Gary Cohen (belated Happy Birthday to Gary by the way) answered my question for me, levitra vs viagra yes Pelf has options and Cohen took it a step further and asked would the Mets send him to Buffalo? Cohen and Ron Darling thought that might be the move to make but Keith Hernandez was not in favor. Levitra vs viagra If you ask me, levitra vs viagra if you can option Pelfrey to Triple A then you have to do it for his sake, levitra vs viagra the teams sake, levitra vs viagra and maybe the least, levitra vs viagra for the fans.

Levitra vs viagra It’s to the point where watching Pelfrey pitch has become very uncomfortable. Levitra vs viagra The hand licking thing is really, levitra vs viagra really annoying, levitra vs viagra it’s like a nervous twitch. Levitra vs viagra  I always get the feeling we are one hit or walk or balk away from Pelfrey  curling up on the mound in the fetal position and sucking his thumb. Levitra vs viagra Especially in Philadelphia where he routinely melts down.

Levitra vs viagra The 4th inning last night was a prime example. Levitra vs viagra You knew as soon as Ryan Howard hit that home run, levitra vs viagra Pelfrey was done for the night. Levitra vs viagra That home run would stay in his head for the rest of the start. Levitra vs viagra There is no “turn the page” in the Mike Pelfrey Playbook.  After the home run, levitra vs viagra next batter Ben Francisco gets a base hit and steals second because Pelfrey is still thinking about the home run and Josh Thole is still a green horn behind the plate and that’s a problem as well. Levitra vs viagra Pelfrey needs a veteran catcher to call the game for him. Levitra vs viagra He’s stated this as the less he has to think the better he is, levitra vs viagra that’s why he loved pitching to Henry Blanco, levitra vs viagra and to an extent pitched his best game of the year throwing to Mike Nickeas. Levitra vs viagra If the front office feels they want to keep Pelfrey up here then they should make Pelf become Ronnie Paulino’s pet project and have him become his pitching chauffer.

Levitra vs viagra The decision on what to do with Pelfrey becomes even dicier with Dillion Gee still here. Levitra vs viagra It’s clear, levitra vs viagra if the Mets are not going to put Gee in the rotation then they need to send him to Buffalo and let him pitch every fifth day. Levitra vs viagra It’s not fair to him. Levitra vs viagra His mind set is as a starting pitcher and I felt Terry Collins (who did an awful managerial job last night, levitra vs viagra how do you walk Brain Schneider intentionally with two out and the pitcher up next?) did Gee a real disservice by bringing him in relief like he did. Levitra vs viagra Collins wanted to start Gee last night to give Pelfrey a couple of more days to get over the flu bug that wore him out. Levitra vs viagra Collins let Pelf talk him into giving him the ball. Levitra vs viagra I hope TC learned always go  with your first instinct next time.

Levitra vs viagra So my patience is up with Pelfrey and a shuffle up to Buffalo or a trip to Dr. Levitra vs viagra Phil’ couch look to be in order. Levitra vs viagra As for Pelfrey being the ace of the staff, levitra vs viagra that was some made up main stream media mumbo jumbo bullshit. Levitra vs viagra As Bobby Valentine says, levitra vs viagra the ace of your staff is that day starting pitcher. Levitra vs viagra Amen!

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Buy Viagra Woman

How to get cialis Another game another win, how to get cialis and the Tea Party Mets fans have quieted down as there isn’t anything to get hysterical about.

How to get cialis I’m not ready to block out the month of October yet on my calendar, how to get cialis as the caliber of opponent  has not been challenging during this win streak but again good teams put the bottom feeders away and it’s made this weekend’s games in Philly a must see.

How to get cialis Chris Young admitted after the game that his command was off but he hadn’t pitched in over two weeks and at 88 pitches he made the mark that club set for him. How to get cialis The home runs were a product of not being able to hit his spots but then again they were all solo shots.  The big test will be today for Young when he gets to the park. How to get cialis If he feels as good as he said he did last night after the game, how to get cialis then it’s a win and if he does feel fine to make his next start, how to get cialis then you’ll see Dillon Gee go back to Buffalo.

How to get cialis It also helps that the bullpen has settled in to a groove and Terry Collins has a reliever for every situation. How to get cialis The back end is set with Taylor Bucholz and Pedro Beato as 7th inning or 8th inning guys depending on the status of set up man deluxe Jason Issringhausen followed by closer for now Frankie Rodriguez.  You also have Tim Brydak and Ryota Igarashi as the LOOGY/ROOGY Yin-Yang and the Gee/Carrasco long man role. How to get cialis It’s always nice when relievers know their set roles. How to get cialis It’s a beautiful  thing.

How to get cialis I’m looking forward to Friday night’s game against the Phuck Phaces just to see who catches Big Plef. How to get cialis  Even with Joe Blanton going for the Phuck’s, how to get cialis I be surprised if Josh Thole is behind the plate. How to get cialis I could see Mike Nickeas or Ronnie Paulino getting the task to talk Pelfrey through his start. How to get cialis The Mets could activate Paulino and keep Nickeas up going with three catchers for this game only and sending Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. How to get cialis Then after the game send Nickeas to Buffalo as well and bring back DJ Carrasco to take up long man duty in the bullpen. How to get cialis If Nickeas catches Pelfrey then it would give Paulino a chance to work with Pelf between starts. How to get cialis Listen, how to get cialis if finding a personal catcher for Mike Pelfrey translates into quality starts then I’m all for it. How to get cialis Josh Thole shouldn’t be upset, how to get cialis it’s not personal it’s business.

How to get cialis I guess we won’t be hearing any of the stupid trade Ike talk anymore huh? How about Ike for MVP?

How to get cialis I’m ready to throw some batting practice today to my team so I have go out and re-stock the medicine cabinet with some Extra Strength Tylenol and some Icy-Hot patches. How to get cialis Later!

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