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Cheapest viagra in the world Yesterday the New York Mets announced that John Franco will be indicted into the team’s Hall of Fame this coming season with the pomp and circumstance commencing on June 3rd.

Cheapest viagra in the world There has been much speculation this winter on who would be selected as the next honoree to the Mets HOF, cheapest viagra in the world some folks feel Mike Piazza should have been named and of course he should but it looks like the Mets are waiting for his enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame so they can throw a really big shindig with Mets HOF honors and a number retiring ceremony as well.

Cheapest viagra in the world Franco gets the honor this season for many reasons, cheapest viagra in the world he played 14 seasons with the Mets, cheapest viagra in the world holds the record for most saves in franchise history and most importantly he’s a Wilpon loyalist. Cheapest viagra in the world Franco holds a job with the club sort of like the Mets Ambassador to Public Functions, cheapest viagra in the world in which he’s perfectly suited for. Cheapest viagra in the world Late season, cheapest viagra in the world he volunteered his services to mentor Bobby Parnell in finding his way to the craft of closing baseball games, cheapest viagra in the world which if I were the pitching coach I would have strongly voiced my opposition to but it seems the front office didn’t have a problem with since it seems the GM really has no use for Parnell as we see with the addition of Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco which relegates to Parnell to fighting for a bullpen job. Cheapest viagra in the world    

Cheapest viagra in the world As I say, cheapest viagra in the world I really don’t want to piss in the punch here on Franco’s honor of Mets Hall of Famer but in my opinion, cheapest viagra in the world this year’s Mets Hall of Fame honoree should have been us, cheapest viagra in the world the New York Mets Fan. Cheapest viagra in the world  How great a ceremony would it be to honor the long suffering Mets fan? The team could have selected the longest tenure season ticket holder to accept the award in our behalf and then commission a plaque with a nice mosaic of Mets fans who may be the most diverse of all sports teams in this town. Cheapest viagra in the world  What better way to celebrate 50 years of Mets baseball than honoring the folks who really are the heart and soul of the organization, cheapest viagra in the world the Mets fan. Cheapest viagra in the world Without us there is no NY Mets and in this upcoming season of apparent discontent, cheapest viagra in the world what better way to show how much we mean to this organization but to honor is with a plaque in the Hall of Fame.

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Us cialis If it weren’t for the idiocy of Major League Baseball, us cialis all the talk last night and this morning would have been about the emotional and beautifully choreographed pre-game ceremony at Citi Field to honor the memory of the attack of September 11th and the first responders that gave their lives and the others who risked theirs to help others.

Us cialis I was brought to tears seeing Mike Piazza lead a parade of heroes from the right field side of Citi Field and John Franco doing the same on the left field side. Us cialis  Then having the ball park lights dim for a moment of silence followed by a spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Marc Anthony. Us cialis Franco and Piazza then took center stage in their snow white Mets uni tops with the words “9-11-01 we will never forget” embroidered on the sleeve just like it was 10 years ago, us cialis to deliver the first pitch of the game. Us cialis In an eerie silence, us cialis Franco, us cialis a “Noo Yawk” guy through and through tossed a perfect strike to Piazza, us cialis the man who made the Mets relevant again. Us cialis In fact  what struck me about last night was how sad it was for two reasons, us cialis the first was what the commemoration of the evening was for of course, us cialis the other, us cialis it reminded me when the last time the Mets were a big deal in this town, us cialis that choked me up as well.

Us cialis The Mets wore the same snow whites that they had on 9-21-11, us cialis the first sports event in NYC since the demise of the Twin Towers, us cialis but on their heads that night were the caps of the FDNY, us cialis NYPD, us cialis and PAPD the three groups the club had become very close to due to their working side by side during the awful aftermath of the attack. Us cialis At the time MLB said the Mets couldn’t wear those caps during a major league game and the Mets in turn led by Bobby Valentine told MLB to kiss their New York City ass, us cialis we’re wearing them. Us cialis  What did MLB do? Nothing, us cialis just like every other bully that is stood up to. Us cialis The Mets wore the first responder caps and celebrated in those caps when Mike Piazza, us cialis he of the NYPD batting helmet as well, us cialis hit his home run that put a smile on faces that thought they’d never smile again. Us cialis It was not just a classic NY moment or one the best moments in Mets history it showed that baseball, us cialis just like during all of the countries dark times, us cialis came through once again, us cialis it always does, us cialis its what makes baseball the great pastime it is.

Us cialis The Mets of 2011 asked MLB if they could have permission to wear the hats of the first responders again as they did 10 years ago. Us cialis MLB said no, us cialis just like they did 10 years ago. Us cialis This time though the Mets rolled over, us cialis scared to take a stand. Us cialis There was no Valentine, us cialis or Franco, us cialis or Ventura, us cialis or Zeile on the team to tell MLB to take their no cap memo and shove it up their tight ass’s. Us cialis The players thought about ignoring the order but claimed the organization would have been severely punished if they did. Us cialis If the Mets banded together and wore the caps, us cialis what was MLB going to do? Absolutely nothing. Us cialis  Again to beat the bully you need to stand up to the bully.

Us cialis I don’t know if I’ve told this story here but if I did I apologize but I think it should be told here. Us cialis  As I’ve mention on numerous occasions, us cialis I manage a 14-15 year old Babe Ruth Team on Staten Island. Us cialis  During the heat wave of the summer, us cialis a day that was 97 degrees, us cialis I had scheduled a practice. Us cialis We try to have at least one practice a week during the season to work on some deficiencies and to go over the pitching rotation for the upcoming games. Us cialis We also take a round of infield/outfield drills and batting practice, us cialis in all it runs about two hours. Us cialis The place we like to practice is Miller Field in the New Dorp section as it was a one time air base during WWII and has plenty of fields to choose from. Us cialis Now because of the heat I was ready to cancel practice and let the boys enjoy their pools or whatever they were doing to stay cool. Us cialis Every kid that I called said, us cialis “ah coach it ain’t that hot we can practice” my son told me he was getting texts from some players asking him to convince me to hold practice. Us cialis What could I do? They want to play, us cialis fine let’s go practice. Us cialis So with the equipment and a case of water, us cialis off to Miller Field we go. Us cialis We were the only people in the park. Us cialis Acres of land at our disposal. Us cialis As we were half way through batting practice a federal parks department employee pulls up to the field asking “who is in charge here”? “ Well, us cialis that would be me”, us cialis “do you have a permit to play here” Ms. Us cialis Fed asks. Us cialis “A permit? For what? To play baseball”? “Yes” she said, us cialis “Ah no” I say “Well, us cialis she says then you will have to leave”.

Us cialis After I stopped laughing I ask here to clear her cart from the pitcher’s mound so we could continue to play. Us cialis Again she ask me if this was an organized team and where was our permit and on and on really annoying the living shit out of me. Us cialis I told her the organization we played for and that we had permits to play games here but being a programed bureaucrat all she knew was I didn’t have permit for the field and I had to leave. Us cialis At this point I asked her what her title was and she rattled off some administrative rank, us cialis I then told her to call someone with authority to make me leave, us cialis like the Federal Park Police, us cialis and while I wait for the police to come, us cialis we will continue to play baseball.

Us cialis Well, us cialis instead of calling the police, us cialis she called her supervisor who in turn called the league president who had to come down to the park to make me leave the park. Us cialis  So while I’m being screamed at with threats, us cialis I told my assistant coach, us cialis to continue with the practice this way I’ll go argue with these women long enough for all the players get their batting practice swings. Us cialis   For a good half hour, us cialis we argued back in forth about the lack of common sense being applied here, us cialis which was enough time for the team to finish practice. Us cialis When the coach told me practice was over, us cialis I thanked the ladies and said “yeah you know what, us cialis your right we don’t belong here, us cialis we’ll leave”.

Us cialis I didn’t give a shit about the two Federal Flunkies but the woman who ran the league was so mad at me she stopped talking to me. Us cialis It didn’t bother me in the least, us cialis you know why? She couldn’t do anything to me, us cialis what could she do, us cialis tell me I can’t manage the team anymore? No. Us cialis Luckily I had all the parents of the kids behind me 100 %. Us cialis That’s why I took the stand. Us cialis I knew there was nothing anyone was going to do to me to make me regret my decision.

Us cialis As I told the Feds, us cialis this will make a great story in the Staten Island Advance “Youth Coach and kids Thrown out of Park For Playing Ball” or maybe one of the local TV stations would love to expose the story, us cialis I had me some bullets in my gun. Us cialis  Sometimes you have to take a stand.

Us cialis That is what has me pissed off at the Mets, us cialis especially David Wright. Us cialis If Wright led the way and wore the NYPD cap he wore in the dugout on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING! If the whole Mets team would have worn the caps on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING!

Us cialis The bad publicity from this should be a huge embarrassment to MLB and I can’t believe no one in the P.R. Us cialis department didn’t beg Bud Selig or Clueless Joe Torre, us cialis who by the way showed is true colors as a big time phony, us cialis  to let the Mets wear the caps.

Us cialis You know what in the long run maybe MLB was right did it really matter if the Mets wore the first responder caps? No one was watching anyway, us cialis especially with the Jets-Cowboys game on NBC.

Us cialis Enjoy those single digit post season ratings in the post season Bud, us cialis you douchebag.

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Buy viagra uk Took a day off from blogging and social media to celebrate my son’s birthday by spending the day in the city and taking in a performance of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark. Buy viagra uk The show itself was entertaining it’s no Guys and Dolls but hey what is! I was disappointed in the music since Bono and The Edge wrote the score and the only song I really enjoyed was when Patrick Page, buy viagra uk who really saves this show as his role as Green Goblin was the highlight of the performance, buy viagra uk sings A Freak Like Me Needs Company to open a second act that salvaged the show for me. Buy viagra uk The high flying Spider Man and Green Goblin scenes are spectacular as is the make up job doen on Page as the Green Goblin .  Just the fact that Spidey made it this far on Broadway is an accomplishment.

Buy viagra uk On to the Mets, buy viagra uk in no particular order:

Buy viagra uk The news that John Franco and Mike Piazza will be the participants in the first pitch of the game on September 11th and the Mets will wear caps of the first responders of that tragic day, buy viagra uk will help bring some joy to Mets fans on what should be proclaimed a National Day of Mourning. Buy viagra uk It’s still hard to believe that it will be 10 years since the attack, buy viagra uk of all the scenes of carnage and despair of that day, buy viagra uk the vision of seeing the smoke smoldering from the wreckage of the Towers, buy viagra uk from my bedroom window still haunts me.

Buy viagra uk When I first heard about Howard Johnson playing for the Rockland Boulders this weekend so he could join his son Glen I thought it was a silly stunt but then I thought it’s an Independent League so really who cares?

Buy viagra uk Jason Bay to center field? Flanked by #ImWith28 and The Dude? Better find some pitchers with a high GB/FB ratio.

Buy viagra uk Safe to say something will happen with the dimensions of the Great Wall of Flushing, buy viagra uk like cutting the wall in half to 8 ft. Buy viagra uk I’ve stood on the warning track under that Great Wall and that is some rarified air up there. Buy viagra uk Bringing in the fences is not needed but an 8 ft left field wall will make a big improvement and hopefully help the stigma that David Wright and Jason Bay seem to have with the wall.

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Don’t sleep in the subway, where to buy cialis darling

Where to buy cialis Don’t stand in the pouring rain
Don’t sleep in the subway, where to buy cialis darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, where to buy cialis you’re beside me again

Where to buy cialis So here we are arriving yet again for another Subway Series that has surpassed his expiration date a while ago.  As Mets fans, where to buy cialis we have to endure anther three days of watching Luis Castillo drop a pop up and Rogers Clemens take off Mike Piazza’ head because we live in a city where the main stream media, where to buy cialis both print and electronic have thrown in the towel on creativity and substance.

Where to buy cialis In reading some of these stories this morning about both teams you’d think the Highlanders were having some kind of special season, where to buy cialis maybe they are in a negative kind of way. Where to buy cialis The Mets on the other hand are mocked because they have suffered a series of injuries that have forced the club to go with players summoned from their Triple A team in Buffalo. Where to buy cialis Why this is supposed to be embarrassing is beyond my comprehension, where to buy cialis shouldn’t it be a positive that the club has lost Johan Santana and then Chris Young to shoulder surgery, where to buy cialis Ike Davis to a sprained ankle, where to buy cialis David Wright to a stress fracture in his back, where to buy cialis Pedro Beato to tendonitis, where to buy cialis and Angel Pagan to the chic aliment of sore oblique muscle and still play winning baseball (17-11) after a horrendous start of the season?  So the players that have been brought in to replace the injured have stepped up in such a way that the team is playing as good as any team in baseball. Where to buy cialis Isn’t the mark of a good team that they have guys who step up when other guys go down with injury?   

Where to buy cialis It’s ok to say that Terry Collins is doing a fine job as manager. Where to buy cialis It’s ok to say that slowly but surely Sandy Alderson is changing the culture of the organization. Where to buy cialis It’s ok to go to Citi Field and root for this team.

Where to buy cialis Are there any Mets fans who feel the Highlanders are “rivals” to the Mets? Because they’re not. Where to buy cialis The Highlanders are more of a nuisance than anything and their fans a very good source of comedy relief. Where to buy cialis Yesterday after the Mets win, where to buy cialis I left the radio when the Sports Bloviator came on. Where to buy cialis I was in the midst of writing up a bunch of paper work so I left him on. Where to buy cialis Boy, where to buy cialis am I glad I did. Where to buy cialis When he went to the phones, where to buy cialis he took calls from Highlander fans in a rage over Joe Girardi taking out Bartolo Colon and replacing him with Mariano Rivera. Where to buy cialis  I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence and Francesa couldn’t believe these callers were saying these words of blasphemy. Where to buy cialis  

Where to buy cialis It’s the same attitude many Highlander fans have with Derek Jeter. Where to buy cialis Mets fans have a higher regard for Frank Taveras than the Highlander fan has for El Capitan. Where to buy cialis Why? Beats me, where to buy cialis some things just can’t be explained.

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Viagra sales canada There were a few interesting Mets news items so while I try to wake up and start to focus on the series with the Phuck Phaces let’s take a gander:

Viagra sales canada The Pedro Feliciano Highlander/Mets feud just won’t end. Viagra sales canada The Mets, viagra sales canada particularly Old School Dan Warthen, viagra sales canada seem to be the most level headed in this whole deal. Viagra sales canada Warthen told the truth, viagra sales canada that the Mets felt giving Feliciano a multiyear deal was dumb since they worked the shit out him the last three years. Viagra sales canada Now Pedro has a broken heart and had decided to take his frustrations on, viagra sales canada Ike Davis? What the hell did Ike do to you Perpetual Pedro? Very surprised by the way Feliciano has reacted. Viagra sales canada He always came off as muy macho. Viagra sales canada I guess when you don those Highlander pinstripes in turns you into a whinny bitch.

Viagra sales canada Speaking of Old School, viagra sales canada it seems he’s like Felix the Cat as he unveils his bag of tricks, viagra sales canada on wheels no less.

Viagra sales canada There are still plenty of tickets left for the Friday home opener and for Saturday’s game you could get a ticket for the less than the price of a Shake Shack burger. Viagra sales canada When I clicked on the Mets website I see they have now added a coupon for a $10 credit for food or merchandise to be used the day of the game you purchase tickets for. Viagra sales canada At least there is a sign of creativity coming out of Citi.

Viagra sales canada People ask me why I’m not a big Mike Piazza fan, viagra sales canada well read this and click on the link to the radio interview of Piazza and Roger Clemens and that should explain why.

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Female viagra viagra woman Psssst….check it out, female viagra viagra woman check it out Black Mets jersey’s and caps……check it out, female viagra viagra woman check it out…..I got PIAZZA, female viagra viagra woman REYES, female viagra viagra woman RODRIGUEZ, female viagra viagra woman WRIGHT……check it out…………………OH SHIT THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Female viagra viagra woman Its almost getting to the point where I’m sympathetic of the plight of the Skill Sets. Female viagra viagra woman  It’s bad enough that Bernie Madoff fucked them over but how about their beloved pasty face clubbie Charlie Samuels and the way he took the owners trust and as in turned robbed the team blind?

Female viagra viagra woman With all the stories during the off season into spring training about the Madoff scandal and the fall out of the words of the Trustees of the victims of the scandal the Samuels’ saga has gone unnoticed until the last couple of days as the NYPD and Queens DA’s office have descended on St. Female viagra viagra woman Lonesome to get some answers and to build a case against Samuels.

Female viagra viagra woman The cops are talking to players especially Frankie Rodriguez who was so close to Samuels, female viagra viagra woman he slept on his sofa during when he was bounced out of his home after his assault charge, female viagra viagra woman and to Mike Piazza who also confided  with Samuels.

Female viagra viagra woman While the cops are in Florida getting statements, female viagra viagra woman cops here in NYC are trying to match the stolen property from the Mets clubhouse to memorabilia dealers in the area to solidify their case against Samuels  .

Female viagra viagra woman This will be just one more bullshit distraction that seems to follow this organization. Female viagra viagra woman  If the Skill Sets can save their ownership of the team I hope they learn a lesson from all this and stop being so naïve and start running the Mets like a business instead of some mom and pop candy store

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Adviser finance order viagra The Greatest!!!!!!!

Adviser finance order viagra This off season Ed Marcus (a/k/a RustyJr) of Real Dirty Mets took on the project of asking his readers to send in their list of the Top 50 NY Mets of All-Time. What’s great about the list that Ed tabulated as we enter the 50th season of Mets baseball, adviser finance order viagra there are three generation Mets fans, adviser finance order viagra the oldtimers (my crowd) who have lived through the best and worst of this franchise, adviser finance order viagra the early to mid 40’s Mets fan who aligns very close with the old timer but didn’t witness the ’69 Championship but reveled in ’86. Adviser finance order viagra Then there is the young guns of the Mets fandom, adviser finance order viagra the 20-30 something’s who are sick and tired of the previous generations (especially the old-timers) talking about the halcyon days of the franchise.

Adviser finance order viagra When I look at the list (Ed has the list of the top 50 posted today but you should look in the archive of that site to read the essay he put together on each player which are well researched and well written especially for you neophyte Mets fans who need a history lesson) there were some pleasant surprises and a few head shakers as well.

Adviser finance order viagra At the last game at Shea Stadium, adviser finance order viagra Felix Millian(#50) was introduced and fans my age were clapping and imitating Millian batting stance complete with choking up half way up on our makeshift Mets magazine/bat. Adviser finance order viagra More surprising to me was Little Al Jackson coming in at  #35 who has been in the organization as a player/coach/instructor from day 1. Adviser finance order viagra Robin Ventura was a shocker at #9 as he played only three seasons with the Mets with 1999 his best, adviser finance order viagra the other two were so-so although like I told Ed I still have my “Mojo Risin’” t-shirt from the 1999 post season.

Adviser finance order viagra Of course I feel Ed Kranepool should have placed higher but that’s my personal bias. Adviser finance order viagra I can see Mike Piazza at #2 even though I’m not a big Piazza fan (Jerry Grote is still the best catcher in Mets history with Gary Carter close second) and of course the #1 choice will always be the #1 choice as he is then, adviser finance order viagra now and forever THE FRANCHISE, adviser finance order viagra George Thomas Seaver

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Trying viagra All you fellows who have someone
And you really care, trying viagra yeah, trying viagra yeah
Then it’s all of you fellows
Who better beware, trying viagra yeah yeah
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A few of your buddies they sure look shady
Blades are long, trying viagra clenched tight in their fist
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Trying viagra I don’t know what is more of a mess the Skill Sets finances, trying viagra the shity weather or my garage but I know one thing I’m sick of all three.

Trying viagra Last night on the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Baseball Talk, trying viagra Ed (Rustyjr) Marcus of the Real Dirty Mets joined me for the half hour podcast, trying viagra where we discussed the Skill Sets and Sandy Alderson’s stewardship it is well worth a listen.

Trying viagra Tomorrow at 11:05AM ET I will be a guest on Gotham Baseball LIVE with Mark Healy and Joe McDonald.

Trying viagra So it seems Sandy Alderson shopped Carlos Beltran and David Wright this off season and to that I say good for him. Trying viagra Nothing against Beltran or Wright but this is what a GM does. Trying viagra Instead of Mets fans getting all up in arms about these trade innuendoes, trying viagra you should be happy that there is someone in charge of the organization that is not personally attached to the players. Trying viagra No matter how good or bad Beltran performs this season this is his last go round as a Met. Trying viagra As for Wright, trying viagra I’d love to see David play his whole career in Flushing but if there is a deal out there that brings back talent that could fill one or two positions of need (starting pitcher and second base) you’d be foolish to go against it.

Trying viagra Mike Piazza was at the Thurman Munson Dinner last night and of course the subject of the Skill Sets finances came up. Trying viagra Piazza made it known he won’t be making a bid but it sure seems he feels the organization needs new leadership:

Trying viagra I’m being very optimistic about it, trying viagra” Piazza said. Trying viagra “I think sometimes there’s a silver lining to these situations. Trying viagra Maybe whoever gets involved with the team will want to go in the direction they need to go.

Trying viagra

Trying viagra “Again, trying viagra you do as an ex-player, trying viagra now as a fan, trying viagra you hate to see turmoil in the organization. Trying viagra But, trying viagra on the same note, trying viagra maybe there will be a positive that comes out of this and they’ll take on someone who truly loves the organization and wants it to get back to the top because, trying viagra lord knows, trying viagra they have some work to do.”

Trying viagra With all the Skill Sets stories out it took none other than Jonah Keri to put it in the right perspective, trying viagra looking at the whole body of the Skill Sets work they’ve done a bad job of running this organization.

Trying viagra Too bad Jeff Pearlman wasn’t around 100 years ago

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Price check 50mg viagra

Price check 50mg viagra Angel Pagan and Mike Piazza (among other sports stars) will be honored at the 31st Annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner, price check 50mg viagra Tuesday February 1at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC . Price check 50mg viagra Both Pagan and Piazza will be honored for the work with various charity endeavors.

Price check 50mg viagra Pagan, price check 50mg viagra 29, price check 50mg viagra is a rising star with the New York Mets, price check 50mg viagra with the 2010 season rating as his strongest to date during a five-year career. Price check 50mg viagra An outstanding fielder, price check 50mg viagra Pagan made strides with the bat last season, price check 50mg viagra setting  career highs in hits (168), price check 50mg viagra runs scored (80), price check 50mg viagra home runs (11), price check 50mg viagra RBI (69), price check 50mg viagraand stolen bases (37). Price check 50mg viagra The native of Puerto Rico was originally drafted by the Mets in 1999, price check 50mg viagra but reached the majors for the first time in 2006 with the Chicago Cubs. Price check 50mg viagra Pagan made an impact off the field for the Mets in 2010, price check 50mg viagra and was the Mets nominee for the 2010 Roberto Clemente Award. Price check 50mg viagra He was one of the first Mets to participate in the June “Teammates in the Community Week, price check 50mg viagra” planting new trees in community gardens in Spanish Harlem. Price check 50mg viagra Pagan also proudly supports City Harvest, price check 50mg viagra food and rescue organization dedicated to feeding New York City’s hungry men, price check 50mg viagra women and children. Price check 50mg viagra He hit the streets of Manhattan this year to raise awareness for City Harvest’s Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign and has visited Hour Children Food Pantry in Long Island City to help distribute more than 1, price check 50mg viagra000 pounds of food to needy families during the busy holiday season.

Price check 50mg viagra Piazza, price check 50mg viagra 42, price check 50mg viagra may have been the top offensive catcher of all time. Price check 50mg viagra A .308 career hitter with 427 home runs and 1, price check 50mg viagra335 RBIs, price check 50mg viagra Piazza played for 16 seasons, price check 50mg viagra including an eight-year stretch with the New York Mets following a three-team trade from the Dodgers via the Marlins. Price check 50mg viagra The 1993 Rookie of the Year, price check 50mg viagra and a 12-time National League All Star selection, price check 50mg viagra Piazza was peerless amongst catchers with the bat during his career, price check 50mg viagra and the Norristown, price check 50mg viagra Pennsylvania native is the all-time leader in homers for a backstop. Price check 50mg viagra In a career filled with big home runs, price check 50mg viagra Piazza’s most memorable long-ball was a go-ahead two-run shot off of Atlanta Braves’ reliever Steve Karsay in the first game back in New York following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Price check 50mg viagra The popular Met also contributed to the team’s 2000 World Series appearance by hitting 2 key homers in wins over the St. Price check 50mg viagra Louis Cardinals in the NLCS. Price check 50mg viagra Piazza participates in Michael Jordan’s Make-A-Wish charity golf and softball events, price check 50mg viagra and has worked closely with Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

Price check 50mg viagra For tickets and information on the Munson Awards Dinner contact 212-249-6188

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Alternative viagra external

Alternative viagra external I hope you are all enjoying this St Stephen’s (my namesake) Day nice and warm as we here in NYC are looking at a foot-foot and half of snow with blizzards conditions tonight which should make the morning commute just a joy.

Alternative viagra external Of course there is no Mets news but I did read an interesting post today by my buddy Mike Silva, alternative viagra external where he ranks his top ten Mets teams of all time. Alternative viagra external As I commented on Mike’s site, alternative viagra external it’s hard not to just award the top two spots on this kind of list to the 1969 and 1986 Mets, alternative viagra external as they are the only teams to bring home a championship trophy to Queens.

Alternative viagra external Silva mentions the 1997 team in his honorable emotions and when you look at that team, alternative viagra external there are some much underrated players in Mets history on the roster. Alternative viagra external Todd Hundley doesn’t get the mentions he should as his spilt with the club was not amicable, alternative viagra external as he lost his job for the fact that Mike Piazza was a catcher and when he was asked to move to the outfield he was offended and really didn’t help himself with his playing left like a kid given a plate of Brussels sprouts. Alternative viagra external   It wasn’t all Hundley’s fault as the front office didn’t handle the situation as they should, alternative viagra external such as dealing Hundley.

Alternative viagra external That team could get on base led by John Olerud with a .400 OBA followed by Hundley at .394 (and a team leading OPS of .943 on the strength of 30 homers) Edgardo Alfonzo at  .391 and Lance Johnson at .385

Alternative viagra external The pitching was good too led by Bobby Jones and his 15 wins and Rick Reed who won 13 games was the ace of the staff. Alternative viagra external The bullpen led by John Franco closing out games and Greg McMichale taking care of the 8th inning moved this club to a +17 over the  ’96 team in the win column in Bobby Valentine’ first full season as Mets manager.

Alternative viagra external Besides the World Series winners, alternative viagra external who do you think were the best teams in Mets history?

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