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Buy viagra in uk The Mets bullpen situation is such that Sandy Alderson and his staff are trying to do some creative bookkeeping to by some time.

Buy viagra in uk The Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to stay an extra week in St Lonesome so to make sure his elbow is sound. Buy viagra in uk The biggest fear the team has is keeping Izzy and he craps out in May. Buy viagra in uk They have asked Blaine Boyer to accept a minor league deal when Boyer figures if he’s released he’d get a major league deal in a heartbeat. Buy viagra in uk  The two moves come with the realization that Many Acosta and his 90+ fastball will be snatched up on wavers as well. Buy viagra in uk  For a team that everyone feel s is a MLB bottom feeder, buy viagra in uk it seems there is some talent worth scheming for.

Buy viagra in uk I’d like to see Izzy staying an extra week just to prove he can pitch without pain. Buy viagra in uk The Mets want him on this team badly and if it weren’t for the pop he heard in his elbow a week ago, buy viagra in uk all this maneuvering wouldn’t be happening. Buy viagra in uk Izzy is on the record as saying he will not take a minor league deal it’s big leagues or retirement for him . Buy viagra in uk Boyer is interesting as he has also has an out in his deal with the Mets and they love his 90+ fastball that he gets down in the strike zone that converts to tons of ground ball outs.

Buy viagra in uk I’d let Acosta go and hope Boyer agrees to a Minor League deal, buy viagra in uk if he doesn’t the you have no choice but to let him go as well and take a chance on Izzy even though you know he could be done by June.

Buy viagra in uk One thing I better not see is Bobby Parnell getting optioned to Buffalo that would be a Minaya-like move.

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Generic viagra canadian First let me offer my sympathies to those of you who root for the NY Jets as I can’t even imagine what that Mets/Jets daily double fandom is like. Last night myself and Kendrick Thomas co-hosted NY Football Blogs Live on Blog Talk Radio where we broke down the Jets-Dolphins game and looked at the road ahead for the Jets and a preview of tonight’s Giants-Vikings neutral site matchup at Ford Field. Generic viagra canadian My rant against Brett Farve is worth a listen.

Generic viagra canadian By the way, generic viagra canadian as bad as Jets strength and condition coach Sal Alosi’ un-sportsman like move, generic viagra canadian tripping Nolan  Carroll as he went down the side line on a punt return was, generic viagra canadian the cries for Alosi to be fired is comical. Generic viagra canadian The NFL allows players who are convicted of DUI’s and vehicular homicide to thrive in the league but a coach doing something stupid should be burned at the stake. Generic viagra canadian  If MLB operated like the NFL, generic viagra canadian The Used Car Salesman would be America’s number one villain. Generic viagra canadian Maybe the NY Daily News Eye-Sore Team will stop wasting newsprint on the steroid witch hunt and do some real investigative reporting on the NFL. Generic viagra canadian  Yeah, generic viagra canadian fat chance.

Generic viagra canadian The Apple gets there Hudgens crossed, generic viagra canadian one Hudgens is a hitting coach the other gets hit on. Generic viagra canadian By the way that picture of Reyes with the sign is fucking hilarious and the pic of the lovely Vanessa is museum quality.

Generic viagra canadian Sandy Alderson has another thing in common with Mets fans, generic viagra canadian he won’t go out of his way to watch Oliver Perez pitch. Generic viagra canadian I know there is a lot of talk about using OP as a LOOGY and there may be some merit in that move but Perez and Castillo represent the FAIL of the Minaya administration. Generic viagra canadian Perez not accepting a minor league assignment to work out his pitching problems and Castillo after having a game winning hit last summer and acting like he just had a wisdom tooth pulled is exactly that kind of mindset that has to be eradicated in the Mets clubhouse . Generic viagra canadian I’m on board with the patient Alderson approach but some things just can’t let simmer. Generic viagra canadian Both Perez and Castillo need to be released. Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian Johnny Cueto for Jose Reyes? I’d make that deal in a heartbeat if I were the Mets before Walt Jocketty sobers up.

Generic viagra canadian Chris Jaffe has a terrific article up on The Hardball Times chronicling baseball mangers with the largest breaks in service form managerial jobs. Generic viagra canadian He has a write up on Mets manager Terry Collins in the article.

Generic viagra canadian “Hey Davis you suck” “Earn your money Baron”, generic viagra canadian LA Clipper fans heckling their point guard Baron Davis? Nope. Generic viagra canadian It’s Clippers owner Donald Sterling sitting at courtside at the Staple Center berating his point guard during a game. Generic viagra canadian I can’t get on Sterling too much, generic viagra canadian if I owned the Mets I’d probably act the same way.

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Viagra sample Mets beat the Nats last night an all is forgiven until you realize that Johan Santana can’t pitch everyday and the big boppers at bat still can’t hit with RISP and did I mention they beat the Nationals?

Viagra sample Mike Silva have you been reading my mind again (really Mike that is one place you DON’T want to go) ? Watching Jesus Flores block pitch after pitch last night from Scott Olsen like it was a catching drill then hitting a 2 run bomb off Frankie Rodriguez in the 9th all I could think was how could Omar lose this guy in the Rule V draft? When the shitty deals that Minaya has made during his term here you hear about Heath Bell, viagra sample Brain Bannister, viagra sample and Matt Lindstrom but with the dearth of catching on the Mets (and in baseball) losing Flores may be Minaya’s biggest failure.

Viagra sample Sometimes I wonder if I give Mets management too much grief. Viagra sample Then I read something like this, viagra sample and I think maybe I don’t kill them enough. Viagra sample How can you object to fans posting K’s for your Ace? OK so it was obstructing your precious advertising ribbon (Forget $iti this park should have been named PennySaver Field or YellowBook Field for all the adds around it) but isn’t there anyone with the last name of Wilpon that has an once of common sense and respect for their fans? What will it take for the Skill Sets to stop acting like pompous assholes when it comes to fan relations? A few games with 12 or 13, viagra sample000 people in attendance? If the Skill Sets don’t think that could happen take at look in Baltimore where the novelty of the new ball Park wore off and now it’s a ghost town. Viagra sample A good burger and fires will only get you so far around here.

Viagra sample So J-Man now says he won’t ask for an eighth reliever to join the pen. Viagra sample I guess he realized that if you need eight arms in the bullpen who might run the words WE SUCK on those precious ad ribbons boards at $iti Field

Viagra sample Nelson Figueroa took a Valium and realized he ain’t as hot as he thinks he is and is shuffling of to Buffalo. Viagra sample Face it all you Figgy groupies, viagra sample if your boy was any good he’d be wearing an Angels uni right now.

Viagra sample I’m going to the game tomorrow to bask in the near 90 degree temps but I think the Skill Sets Posse is after me so I will go to the game disguised as Hilda Chester this way they will never suspect a thing. Viagra sample Oh and I’ll ask the Hospitality Agents if Don Newcombe is pitching today.

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Some interesting linkage today dealing with our Mets and other baseball topics also remember tonight at 9PM EST its Pro Baseball Central with our guest tonight Craig from the Marlins blog FISH STRIPES as we continue our segment of keeping the NL East enemy close.


Looks like Omar has decided to solidify the pen by offering LOOGY extraordinaire Will Ohman a contract, viagra canadian who if he signs would be the final pieced in the pen.  I liked Omar’s idea of having some spots up for grabs as to infuse some competion in camp but after two seasons of bullpen malaise Minaya wants to build the best bullpen he can and by adding Ohman (.197/.285/.318 vs. Viagra canadian LH) he would do just that.


It would set the pen up to look like quite strong:


Frankie Rodriguez

J J Putz


Sean Green

Duaner Sanchez

Tim Redding


Pedro Feliciano L

Will Ohman L


The back end with Rodriguez and Putz is solid. Viagra canadian Green could be the guy that guy that breaks out big if Old School Dan Werthen can get him to keep his fastball down and work his slider as when he does he gets ground ball out. Viagra canadian He doesn’t give up a lot of extra base hits but he needs to work on his control as his BB/K rate of 36/62 needs improvement. Viagra canadian Hopefully Duaner returns to his Dirty days after battling injury and bad attitude. Viagra canadian Redding will compete for the 5th spot with the Chief but I have confidence that Freddy Garcia will win that battle and Redding will be the long/swing man. Viagra canadian That leaves Feliciano and maybe Ohman as two top lefties in the pen. Viagra canadian On paper it’s a pretty impressive pen and one Omar should be proud of putting together but let’s see how it plays out on the field.


Brain Schneider doesn’t want to be a part of a platoon at catcher. Viagra canadian That’s fine but for that to happen he needs to do three things, viagra canadian (1) Stay healthy, viagra canadian last year he pulled a hammy in spring training and that hurt him in more ways than one (2) Tell Team USA thanks but no thanks if they call for him at the WBC and (3) Don’t suck. Viagra canadian Not just with the bat even though that was a problem but more so with his glove and calling a game, viagra canadian the two areas he was a big disappointment with last year. Viagra canadian Schneider needs to understand he’s not here for his stick.


Welcome to the MIKE FRANCESA IS A BIG BLOW HARD CLUB, viagra canadian  Ryan Church. Viagra canadian The club meets Monday-Friday from 1-6 at this location.


The more the Used Car Salesman opens his mouth the more he proves my point that he is a total asshole.


Neil Best of the outstanding WATCHDOG blog (some day Neil will reciprocate a link) has a transcript of Ron Darlings appearence on MLB Network. Viagra canadian I was intrigued about this quote:




“The leaders were Hernandez and Carter, viagra canadian guys who had come over and learned winning baseball from where they played, viagra canadian but I think even more importantly you say ‘had fun’ and you’re right, viagra canadian it is a different time [now], viagra canadian a lot of the stuff that happened in ’86 certainly couldn’t happen now in 2008 and 2009 but that team was so solid and I’ll tell you the nature of that team. Viagra canadian We were coming back we had lost a 4 game series in Chicago, viagra canadian we get into St. Viagra canadian Louis about 8 o’clock at night and Davey Johnson pulls the bus over at a Morton’s Steakhouse. Viagra canadian He rushes the entire team in and we all go in there and sit, viagra canadian after a 4 game loss, viagra canadian heads down, viagra canadian the whole team sat in there for 3-4 hours and just kind of discussed how the game went. Viagra canadian That’s how close they were.”


I can’t imagine what this site would be like if I was bloging back in the day. Viagra canadian I’d would have started a blog just on the comings and goings at Rusty’s as that was the place to be back in the day.



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Cialis order The movers and shakers of MLB are setting up shop in Las Vegas and hopefully there will finally be some kind of movement via free agent signings or trades as the tedious off season is killing me. Cialis order I can’t read any more stories about closers and where C C will land and corner outfielders I need something of substance and hopefully something will break and and we will be all over it here at the Kranepool Society and of course with our nightly broadcast at Pro Baseball Central beginning tomorrow night at 10 PM click the link on the upper right hand corner of this page or go to Pro Baseball Central or to blogtalkradio.

Cialis order  

Cialis order Greg Prince and I are in the same boat so to speak as we loved K-Rod but now find ourselves leaning toward Kerry Wood.

Cialis order Why trade for Jason Marquis when the free agent market is full of Jason Marquis? Good move by Minaya turning that deal with the Cubs down as he wants to use Heilman as a chip to pry Houston Street from the Rockies. Cialis order The way the closer market is playing out how about if Omar were to land Fransisco Rodriguez, cialis order Houston Street and Brian Fuentes? Not only would that bring the bullpen up to championship level it’s not so far fetched that it couldn’t happen.

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Generic cialis next day shipping First off I hope all of you went to vote and if you didn’t what are you waiting for? While I was waiting to cast my vote (I’m sure everyone knows you I voted for) I read the Mets news of the day via Adam Rubin. Generic cialis next day shipping After reading how Omar states the starting 8 from last year could be intact for ’09 and Scarface Bernazard proclaiming that if Brian Funetes and K-Rod get to greedy the Mets are set to go with either Bobby Parnell or Eddie Kunz as the closer as Bernazard says “what are supposed to do if we don’t sign a closer, generic cialis next day shipping not play”? Well if the plan is what way laid in Rubin’s Daily News story, generic cialis next day shipping then yeah you’d be better off.

Generic cialis next day shipping I’m sure this is just a smoke screen, generic cialis next day shipping Minaya at his sandbagging best as Jeffey Skill Sets told us in his message to the fan base, generic cialis next day shipping that there will be “addition by subtraction” but now his Brain trust tells us different. Generic cialis next day shipping Here’s an idea for Omar, generic cialis next day shipping Tony B, generic cialis next day shipping and John Rico, generic cialis next day shipping stop with the fucking mind games and roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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