Viagra alternative merck Not much energy to put up a post today, viagra alternative merck watching the NY Rangers play an epic 3 OT playoff game will drain a fan. Viagra alternative merck Between watching Henrik Lundqvist kick and catch puck after puck and seeing Ranger after Ranger drop down and block pucks to the point that Dan Girardi and Brian Boyle got their best rest while getting stitched up so they could go back out to block some more pucks.

Viagra alternative merck I’m just thankful that after investing over 5 hours of hockey watching the Rangers game away with the 2-1 win and 2 games to 1 lead in the series.

Viagra alternative merck So after going to bed at about a quarter to 1 this morning, viagra alternative merck waking up at 5 AM and getting to work by 6:30AM I’m a tad fatigued. Viagra alternative merck So I’ll just say this about the three games of awful pitching in Houston, viagra alternative merck the front office has to show the fan base that they will go out and find a better option than Chris Schwinden. Viagra alternative merck I don’t want to see Matt Harvey or Jureys Familia, viagra alternative merck let them stay on their development course. Viagra alternative merck  I’m ok with Jeremy Hefner taking Schwinden place, viagra alternative merck hell a forfeit might make better sense than starting Schwinden again. Viagra alternative merck If you ever wanted to know what a 4A player looks like its Chris Schwinden

Viagra alternative merck I doubt seriously that Roy Oswalt would sign a deal with the Mets but you know what? Humor me. Viagra alternative merck Make an attempted and contact Oswalt’s agent and see what it would take to sign him. Viagra alternative merck Sweeten the deal with a clause that if he joins the Mets and they are not in contention at the trade deadline you will either trade him to a contender or release him. Viagra alternative merck As I say, viagra alternative merck I doubt Oswalt would sign with the Mets and he may not even be effective but I need a sign that the Mets are back in the baseball business. Viagra alternative merck  Even a trade for an arm, viagra alternative merck and again I’m not looking for a 1, viagra alternative merck 2 or 3 starter, viagra alternative merck in fact the perfect guy for the Mets to make a move on would be Jason Marquis. Viagra alternative merck Marquis would be a nice fit in place of Mike Pelfrey and I’d bet it wouldn’t take  much to rustler him away from the Minnesota Twins , viagra alternative merck add in that Marquis still lives on Staten Island I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to come  home to pitch.

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Online pharmacy cialis You know what? I’m glad Terry Ryan said he wasn’t interested in interviewing for the Mets GM job, online pharmacy cialis I’d want nothing to do with anyone from the Minnesota Twins organization.  It’s one thing to lose a series to the Bronx Bastards but the Twinkies laid down like dogs. Online pharmacy cialis No fight whatsoever.

Online pharmacy cialis If your a Twins fan and what I’m saying here pisses you off and you say that my Mets suck , online pharmacy cialis so who am I to call out a team for failure, online pharmacy cialis remember this, online pharmacy cialis the Mets at least split their six game this season with the Highlanders and there are only two teams the Pinstriped Pricks  fear the Mets and the Red Sox.

Online pharmacy cialis Oh so Phil Hughes is now a great pitcher after last night’s performance. Online pharmacy cialis As I said in the comments section to our resident Highlander contributor, online pharmacy cialis Michael all Highlander fans were shitting themselves silly over their starting rotation and now after playing a team that gave up, online pharmacy cialis they think they have three Cy Young candidates. Online pharmacy cialis They’ve all but forgotten their bastard child AJ Burnett, online pharmacy cialis who will have to pitch in the ALCS  and kicked to the curb Javier Lopez, online pharmacy cialis who is awaiting deportation to the National League.

Online pharmacy cialis Oh yeah I got my Highlander Hate on in full glory!!!!!

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Generic cialis soft tabs Join me today at 5PM ET for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOGTALK RAIDO. Generic cialis soft tabs My guests will be James S. Generic cialis soft tabs Hirsch, generic cialis soft tabs author of the best selling book Willie Mays: The Life, generic cialis soft tabs The Legend (Scribner) and Seth Stohs of Seth Speaks who writes extensively about the  Minnesota Twins. Generic cialis soft tabs We will discus the Joe Mauer signing, generic cialis soft tabs the opening of Target Field and who will close for the Twins now that Joe Nathan is done for the season, generic cialis soft tabs and much more.

Generic cialis soft tabs Tune in live at 5PM ET on Blogtalk Radio or listen at your leisure right here at Kranepool Society (link is on lower left sidebar), generic cialis soft tabs at my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN site (please excuse the mess it’s still under construction) or at the show page on Blog Talk Radio.

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Cialis daily canada Kudos to Paul Lukas and the great Uni-Watch site for calling bullshit on these so called retro uni’s the Mets are hawking. Cialis daily canada As Lukas so eloquently states, cialis daily canada these are the same pinstriped uniforms the Mets never wear only in a darker shade of white. Cialis daily canada Plus they still have the name on the back and of course the ugly ass black shadow. Cialis daily canada I guess the black is appropriate though as Mets fans we are always in mourning.

Cialis daily canada If the Blue Jays are dumb enough to trade Roy Halliday to either the Highlanders or Red Sox then Jeffey Skill Sets may have competition for the dopiest executive in baseball. Cialis daily canada Trading Halliday to their AL East biggest competitors would be like the Mets trading Johan Santana to the Phillies or Braves  Oh shit, cialis daily canada I hope I didn’t give Jeffey an idea?

Cialis daily canada Even though this doesn’t make sense because it’s the right move to make and the Mets the last couple of years haven’t made many right moves, cialis daily canada I still feel the Mets will be a major player in the Halladay Sweepstakes.

Cialis daily canada Mets Lifers are selling some great t-shirts that depict Keith Hernandez’ 17 and Mike Piazza’ 31 as retired numbers and shirts commemorating Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Cialis daily canada The Mets made it official naming their new and improved coaching staff for 2010. Razor Shines leaves the third base coaches box after a horrendous season there and will be relegated to first base where we can do limited damage.

Cialis daily canada Third base will be manned by Chip Hale who worked for the Minnesota Twins during the successful Tom Kelly era. Cialis daily canada (How great would it be to have Tom Kelly step in as Mets manager? In fact I may post Kelly’s picture and managerial stats once a week to get the drums beating)

Cialis daily canada Dave Jauss will be Jerry Manuel’ new bench coach but his real claim to fame is he is the son of legendary Chicago sporst writer Bill Jauss. Cialis daily canada Papa Jauss was a member of one of favorite all time TV shows The Sportswriters on TV which used to play here on the old SportsChannel network.

Cialis daily canada Back and hopefully better are Old School Dan Warthen and Randy Niemann  and of course HoJo .

Cialis daily canada The most important and some what puzzling hire was that of Terry Collins as the Minor League Field Coordinator. Cialis daily canada From reading his resume I can’t figure out what Collins qualifications are to get such an important job? It’s not like he is coming in with and championship pelts on his belt or a list of players that were developed under his rein plus last year he was managing in something called the Northwoods Summer League. Cialis daily canada When you look at his body of work hw sure has held a lot of jobs in baseball and not too many with success. Cialis daily canada I guess as long as he doesn’t curse out the bushers and take his shirt off he’ll be ok.

Cialis daily canada {UPDATE: Mark Harrington of The Buffalo News thinks Collins is not only a great hire but the guy to step in if (when) J-Man gets the ax this season.}

Cialis daily canada

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