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Viagra alternative Aaron+Laffey+Toronto+Blue+Jays+v+Boston+Red+VpfK2r9QAVql

Viagra alternative Needing some help in the pitching staff, viagra alternative the Mets went out and signed lefthander Aaron Laffey to a minor league deal and invited him to Spring Training.

Viagra alternative The former Yankee, viagra alternative who made 11 relief appearances in the Bronx. Viagra alternative Last year in 22 appearances – 16 starts – he went 4-6 with a 4.56 ERA in Toronto.

Viagra alternative Sports betting review says, viagra alternative the 27 year-old held lefties to a .262 batting average and a .721 OPS in 148 career games, viagra alternative 65 of them starts with four teams over six seasons. Viagra alternative He also pitched for the Indians and Mariners.

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Viagra history Maine is now in Florida

Viagra history The former Mets pitcher that is. Viagra history John Maine signed a minor league deal with the Marlins and will be invited to Spring Training, viagra history the Marlins said in an email.

Viagra history He last pitched in the Majors on May 20, viagra history 2010 for the Mets before having season ending surgery on his right throwing shoulder.

Viagra history In five seasons with in New York, viagra history Maine went 39-32 with a 4.17 ERA and 467 strikeouts over 542 innings. Viagra history He battled a number of injuries with the Mets including a strained right rotator cuff, viagra history a bone spur in the shoulder and arm fatigue. Viagra history He didn’t have many sports gambling options.

Viagra history In 2011 he pitched with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, viagra history the Triple-A affiliate of the Rockies and last year he was with the Yankees organization going 8-5 with a 4.97 ERA in 16 games with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, viagra history also a Triple-A club.

Viagra history Maine pitched for two seasons with the Baltimore Orioles prior to joining the Mets. Viagra history He was part of the Jorge Julio/Kris Benson trade that brought him to New York.

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Cheap viagra online Looks like the Mets have no interest in signing RHP Jason Marquis which means either of two things; Marquis has nothing left as a pitcher or the Mets have enough faith in Chris Young making a contribution very soon and the young arms in the system are progressing nicely.

Cheap viagra online I’ve felt that taking on Marquis to a minor league deal could help both the Mets and Marquis who is what I’d call the journeyman’s journeyman and maybe being able to pitch at home here in NYC would recharge him a bit.  Marquis lives on Staten Island and was a star pitcher for Tottenville High School, cheap viagra online this past winter his daughter had a mishap on a bicycle that landed her in the hospital and was serious enough of an injury that Marquis was summoned from Twins camp in Florida back home to Staten Island. Cheap viagra online  Thankfully, cheap viagra online his daughter recovered and is doing fine today but you wonder how much of a toll that took on Marquis and what his mindset has been playing in Minnesota while his family is back in SI.

Cheap viagra online After looking over Marquis page at Baseball-Reference it’s hard to take the Mets to task for not pursuing the 33 year old righty, cheap viagra online but I wouldn’t rule out the Highlanders taking a chance on Marquis .

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Woman and cialis gotta love Hank and the Broadway Hat

Woman and cialis Most under-rated athlete in NYC

I’m soooo happy Danny Ainge didn’t my favorite Celtic RAAAAAAJJJJOOOONNN RONDOOOOOOO    

Woman and cialis It’s tough to spend time on Mets minutia today with trying to finish up loose ends at work and get ready for what should be one of the best nights Madison Square Garden has seen in quite a while as the Rangers and Flyers meet tonight and the Giants-Jets get together tomorrow and the Knicks-Celtics start the NBA season on Christmas, woman and cialis it’s hard to get worked up over Rob Johnson signing a minor league deal to fight for a backup catcher spot with the Mets .

Woman and cialis I am pumped up for tonight’s Rangers-Flyers match up at MSG. Woman and cialis Between the way the Rangers have been playing along with all the hype of HBO’s 24/7 (I need to tape Coach Tortorella’s between periods ass ripping of his team against the St Louis Blues last week  “Fucking screw it on straight, woman and cialis screw it on and let’s get ready to go each shift” has become my new mantra I’ve been using it at work all day the non-hockey fans think I’ve lost my mind but then again most of them don’t know what to make of me anyway)  and Winter Classic and first place (though very early in the season ) on the line, woman and cialis I can’t wait to get to the Garden tonight.

Woman and cialis For as long as I can remember as a NY Football Giants fan, woman and cialis I have never given the NY Jets much thought. Woman and cialis Sure I have friends who are Jets fans but there has never the animosity like I have with buddies and relatives who root for the Bronx Bastards. Woman and cialis The Jets were…. Woman and cialis Well just the Jets. Woman and cialis They played in the other conference and since they played each other, woman and cialis except for every 4 years, woman and cialis only in the preseason there really hasn’t been any reason to have an opinion positive or negative on the Jets. Woman and cialis Until now.

Woman and cialis It really hurts me to write this but there are four teams in NYC that are sports royalty, woman and cialis The Highlanders, woman and cialis Giants, woman and cialis Knicks and Rangers. Woman and cialis The Mets are the closest of the underling teams that could break into the big four, woman and cialis but not these days. Woman and cialis For all the bluster that comes from Rex Ryan, woman and cialis the Jets are not close to being in the same stratosphere as the NY Football Giants. Woman and cialis I don’t dislike Rex Ryan although he really, woman and cialis really needs to shut the fuck up, woman and cialis I do respect his coaching acumen but it’s too bad he has to take the personality of his dad Buddy because all this hot air he spews sooner or later has to be backed up with something. Woman and cialis Sure he has had success as HC of the Jets but he needs to mind his coaching manners.

Woman and cialis Head coaches, woman and cialis no matter what always show respect to one and other in public (look at the fall out from the Jim Schwatrz, woman and cialis Jim Haurbugh brew ha ha earlier this season) it’s great that Rex thinks that he is better that Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin but when you disrespect these men who have accomplished more than you ever had in this game, woman and cialis you come off like a fucking buffoon.

Woman and cialis Neither team in this contest has much to crow about this season. Woman and cialis Both teams are huge disappointments with flaws a plenty and as much as Tom Coughlin has told his players to let the Jets do the talking and keep their mouths shut, woman and cialis when you have motor mouths like Antrell Rolle and Brandon Jacobs it’s a hard to rein them in. Woman and cialis   

Woman and cialis Like I say I never gave the Jets much thought but thanks to Rex’s big mouth not only do I want to see the Giants beat the living shit out them, woman and cialis if the Jets make the playoffs, woman and cialis I’ll be rooting hard against them. Woman and cialis By the way, woman and cialis all Giants fan should be thanking Rex and his players for doing what Coach Coughlin has had trouble with so far this second half of the season, woman and cialis motivating the Giants players. Woman and cialis Rex should have gone with the let sleeping dogs lay but after seeing how the Jets put a picture of a bleeding Eli Manning on the cover of their defensive play book, woman and cialis I hope JPP knocks Mark Sanchez out of the game on the first offensive play from scrimmage. Woman and cialis   Oh and Fireman Ed is an asshole.

Woman and cialis Celtics-Knicks is a great way to start off Christmas Day and as a fan of the C’s, woman and cialis it’s good to see the Knickerbockers relevant again. Woman and cialis I am my Celtics have one more run left in them and a good start would be by beating up the Knicks on Sunday. Woman and cialis   

Woman and cialis  

Woman and cialis  

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Original brand cialis The Mets bullpen situation is such that Sandy Alderson and his staff are trying to do some creative bookkeeping to by some time.

Original brand cialis The Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to stay an extra week in St Lonesome so to make sure his elbow is sound. Original brand cialis The biggest fear the team has is keeping Izzy and he craps out in May. Original brand cialis They have asked Blaine Boyer to accept a minor league deal when Boyer figures if he’s released he’d get a major league deal in a heartbeat. Original brand cialis  The two moves come with the realization that Many Acosta and his 90+ fastball will be snatched up on wavers as well. Original brand cialis  For a team that everyone feel s is a MLB bottom feeder, original brand cialis it seems there is some talent worth scheming for.

Original brand cialis I’d like to see Izzy staying an extra week just to prove he can pitch without pain. Original brand cialis The Mets want him on this team badly and if it weren’t for the pop he heard in his elbow a week ago, original brand cialis all this maneuvering wouldn’t be happening. Original brand cialis Izzy is on the record as saying he will not take a minor league deal it’s big leagues or retirement for him . Original brand cialis Boyer is interesting as he has also has an out in his deal with the Mets and they love his 90+ fastball that he gets down in the strike zone that converts to tons of ground ball outs.

Original brand cialis I’d let Acosta go and hope Boyer agrees to a Minor League deal, original brand cialis if he doesn’t the you have no choice but to let him go as well and take a chance on Izzy even though you know he could be done by June.

Original brand cialis One thing I better not see is Bobby Parnell getting optioned to Buffalo that would be a Minaya-like move.

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Buy href viagra Ollie Perez has signed a MINOR yes MINOR league deal with the Washington Nationals. So when the Mets asked OP to go to the bushes he and Scott Boras said “nada” but when the best deal you can find is a bush league contract with a bottom feeder team it’s a deal.

Buy href viagra The Nats better hope Ollie-ittes isn’t contagious or they will have more to worry about than Stephen Strasburg’s Tommy John-ed elbow .

Buy href viagra Enjoy the bus rides, buy href viagra Ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra It looks like the Mets front office feels the bullpen situation is bit dicey, mexico pharmacy generic viagra with Kelvin Escobar hurting and the lack of a second lefty to take the pressure of Perpetual Pedro, mexico pharmacy generic viagra they have signed RHP Kiko Calero and are courting LHP Joe Biemel.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Calero has a history of arm/shoulder injury but his biggest asset is he works cheap, mexico pharmacy generic viagra a minor league deal that turns into a major league deal for $850K When Calero is on he is quite effective with his slider and he also a fly ball pitcher who could thrive at $iti Field National Park . Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Biemel is doing a song and dance about how much he wants, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I guess he hasn’t figured out that the Mets have started throwing nickels around like they are manhole covers, mexico pharmacy generic viagra but the Mets have the calendar on their side as they saw with Calero who wasn’t happy to be out of work so long but took what he could get.  

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra We all love Ike Davis and we all hope he becomes the 30+ HR 100+ RBI guy we have been dreaming of and his Granny yesterday in St. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Lonesome was baseball Viagra no doubt about it but let’s not get premature about pushing him North as the every day first baseman for opening day. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Let’s have Ike get about 100 or so AB’s as a Bison and if he’s producing, mexico pharmacy generic viagra by all means bring him up. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Between Davis, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Jenry Mejias, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Fernando Martinez and Josh Thole its clear the Mets fan wants a homegrown star to root for maybe this one time the bad fortune of the organization turns and these four kids turn out to be the real deal.

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Viagra faq

Viagra faq   9 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra faq I’ve had it uptohere with everyone panicking over the impending snow storm heading to NYC by tonight. Viagra faq Yes it is going to snow and snow a lot, viagra faq about a foot and yes all the assholes will attack the local supermarket to buy 10 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread because we all know a snowstorm in NYC is worse than an earthquake in Port A Prince. 

Viagra faq Its fucking incredible how people shit themselves when they here of a snow storm coming. Viagra faq It snows, viagra faq you shovel, viagra faq it piles up and guess what? IT GOES AWAY!!!!!!! In the fifty-one years I’ve been breathing and living in NYC THIS HAPPENS EVERY WINTER. Viagra faq DDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL WWIIIIIITTTTHHHHH IIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !

Viagra faq Now that I got that out of system, viagra faq The Mets will now slice the center field wall in half to a new height of 8 ft. Viagra faq Also the player’s moms will be responsible on a rotating basis to provide orange slice for each home game.

Viagra faq Marcus Thames (as pointed out by our resident Highlander fan Michael) has signed a minor league deal with the Bronx Bastards. Viagra faq I called Omar Minaya for to ask about the Mets having any interested in Thames or any other free agent still on the market. Viagra faq Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Viagra faq EKS: Omar, viagra faq with the team not making many moves this off season and basically going with the same starting pitching staff that was dreadful last season, viagra faq is there any interest in a pitcher like Jarrod Washburn?

Viagra faq Omar Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Viagra faq EKS: Marcus Thames signed a minor league deal with the team in the Bronx. Viagra faq A pretty good righty bat who can play outfield and first base, viagra faq did you have any interested in bringing Thames into the Mets fold?

Viagra faq Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Viagra faq EKS:  Thanks for your time Omar.

Viagra faq Sorry I got to go now and head to Shop Rite before all the olive loaf and liverwurst is gone. Viagra faq I don’t know if you heard but a BIG FUCKING SNOW STORM IS COMING!!!!!!!

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How viagra works

How viagra works  

How viagra works The All Star break is over and we head for the second half of the season tonight on Pro Baseball Central we will discuss the Mets disappointing first half and what direction this team needs to take which  is one of the great complex question of our time, how viagra works plus we will monitor the Mets-Braves game live. How viagra works We will also talk about the NY Highlanders with our guest Rebecca Glass the author of the Highlander blog This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes. How viagra works Join us live at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio live or listen to the podcast at your leisure at our site or right here at TEKS.

How viagra works  

How viagra works After The Used Car Salesman ranted and raved about Manny Ramirez going to the bushes to get in shape before ending his 50 game sentence the Phillies after signing Petey to a $1.5 mil deal was placed on the 15 day DL with a “strained (wink-wink, how viagra works nod-nod) shoulder. How viagra works This was done because Petey wouldn’t sign a minor league deal so the Phills skirted the issue with the bogus DL placement. How viagra works Am I a bitter jilted Mets fan? YES. How viagra works Yes I am. How viagra works I’m not rational when it comes with Petey going to the Cheesesteakers I’m the jilted lover who will now try to make his life miserable.

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50 mg cialis

My post on my first visit to $iti Field is getting flamed on the BBTF by some of the Mets fans on board. 50 mg cialis Who knew there was such an upscale clientele amongst the Primates?  Some blue blood named The District Attorney is killing me for attacking for taking the Skill Sets to task for catering to the upper crust. 50 mg cialis I’m pretty sure this District Attorney guy is a Wilpon relative (David Howard?)

50 mg cialis



Add another former Staten Island Highlander to the Mets fold as Willy Mo Pena joins Omir Santos (anyone remember Jason Anderson? He was the first SI Highlander to reach the big leagues so they had a  night for him at the Richmond County Ballpark to retire his number, 50 mg cialis the night  of the ceremony guess what team Anderson played for? Yup, 50 mg cialis the Metsies )  as SI Highlander alumni to join the Mets.


No problem here with signing WMP as he is a right handed bat that hits lefties pretty well, 50 mg cialis (.277/.339/.457) and his coming back from shoulder surgery. 50 mg cialis It’s a minor league deal so no big woop.


Maybe just maybe the Skill Sets are finally listening to the fan base. 50 mg cialis It seems all the negative press from the Doc Tags The Wall Incident has made the team realize that they may have something here allowing former Mets greats to give an autograph and have it displayed around $iti Field. 50 mg cialis Check out The Mets Police who has details of how the Skill Sets could right the wrong of the lack of Mets-centrisity in $iti Field.





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