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Recreational viagra use A day later than promised, recreational viagra use sorry about that, recreational viagra use so here is the 2013 NY Mets pitching staff mid-season report card.

Recreational viagra use Matt Harvey Grade A+

Recreational viagra use Matt Harvey is sensational, recreational viagra use dominating, recreational viagra use fearless, recreational viagra use overpowering, recreational viagra use handsome, recreational viagra use intimidating, recreational viagra use charismatic, recreational viagra use ours.

Recreational viagra use Dillon Gee Grade C

Recreational viagra use Was close to going with a B for Gee since he has pitched very well of late but his overall body of work so far had me go with the C. Recreational viagra use Gee is a solid starting pitcher who in good health will give you 6 to 7 good innings which is fantastic for a #4 starter.

Recreational viagra use Jeremy Hefner Grade B

Recreational viagra use Who’d a thunk it? Hefner has been the best pitcher on the Mets not named Matt Harvey. Recreational viagra use Last year I was ready to say bye-bye to Hefner but now I find myself rooting hard for him to continue his success. Recreational viagra use  Puts ball in play but home run rate is up. Recreational viagra use Gave a B because Hefner is developing a strong dose of TWTW.

Recreational viagra use Jon Niese Grade C

Recreational viagra use Hope he gets healthy and pitches well in the second half so Mets can trade him and his team friendly contract for an outfield bat.

Recreational viagra use Shaun Marcum Grade F

Recreational viagra use Sorry he got injured and needed surgery but I’m not sorry he’ll never pitch for the Mets again

Recreational viagra use Zack Wheeler Grade Incomplete

Recreational viagra use Let him learn he’ll be fine if you think otherwise you’re an idiot

Recreational viagra use Bobby Parnell Grade A

Recreational viagra use FINALLY!!!! Parnell has emerged as the reliever we all hoped he’d be. Recreational viagra use Confidence in himself and his ability has fueled Parnell to could have been an All Star status. Recreational viagra use Still throws hard but isn’t of throwing; he’s pitching this year with pin point command. Recreational viagra use Sure it’s tempting to trade him but as Sandy Alderson said he’d have to be bowled over to deal him. Recreational viagra use Make your move Dave Dombrowski

Recreational viagra use LaTroy Hawkins Grade C

Recreational viagra use Has pitched much better than I’ve given him credit. Recreational viagra use Terrific BB/K ratio of 3.78 but he is hittable. Recreational viagra use His LOB % of 74 % has made Hawkins a go to guy for Terry Collins late in games.

Recreational viagra use Scott Rice Grade C

Recreational viagra use Seems like Rice pitches everyday not quite but I’m sure he warms up every game. Recreational viagra use The career minor leaguer walks way too many batters but he is able to get tons of ground ball outs. Recreational viagra use A classic LOOGY. Recreational viagra use  Got to give the guy props for toiling in the bushes for so long to finally make it to The Show. Recreational viagra use A Collins favorite. Recreational viagra use   

Recreational viagra use Brandon Lyon Grade F

Recreational viagra use F as in Farewell

Recreational viagra use Josh Edgin Grade D

Recreational viagra use Still waiting for Edgin to emerge as an effective late inning reliever but he needs better command of his slider to compliment his 90+ fastball. Recreational viagra use The second half of the season is Edgin’s audition to remain a Met in the future.

Recreational viagra use Greg Burke Grade D

Recreational viagra use Burke pitches from the mound down under and isn’t very effective he’s a JAG (just another guy)

Recreational viagra use David Aardsma Grade C

Recreational viagra use Was on the fence here with the C or B grade as Aardsma has only gone 17 IP he has looked like a guy who can be a good set up man to Parnell

Recreational viagra use Scott Atchinson Grade D

Recreational viagra use Suffered an arm injury that set him back a month and now he’s back and if he can get back what he had with the Red Sox and stay healthy add him to Hawkins, recreational viagra use Aardsma and Parnell, recreational viagra use that’s a pretty good back of the pen with Rice to get a lefty out.

Recreational viagra use Carlos Torres Grade Incomplete

Recreational viagra use Torres has only pitched in 10 games but he’s been very effective. Recreational viagra use Torres is now going into the starting rotation to replace Marcum hopefully he can stretch his arm out enough to give the innings needed.

Recreational viagra use  

Recreational viagra use  

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How much to buy viagra in pounds Time for a stream of semi-consciousness not all of it Mets related :

How much to buy viagra in pounds I’m as upset as most Mets fans with the inactivity so far by the front office in procurement of players but when you look at the list of free agents still available I’m hoping its Sandy Alderson playing the supply and demand game and not the We’re broke game. How much to buy viagra in pounds  There are still some good players and some serviceable ones still looking for employment and as every day goes by without these players signed to a contract I have to believe it’s a day closer to desperation.

How much to buy viagra in pounds One player on the free agent pitchers list is Scott Kazmir, how much to buy viagra in pounds I’d love to see the Mets offer him a minor league deal and an invite to spring training.

How much to buy viagra in pounds I wish HBO’s Rangers-Flyers 24/7 could go on for the whole season. How much to buy viagra in pounds In the three weeks the show has aired, how much to buy viagra in pounds I’ve gotten a better appreciation for Coach Tortorella and his work as a master motivator. How much to buy viagra in pounds The on ice stuff is unbelievably good as Brad Richards tells Flyers career minor leaguer Tom Sestito, how much to buy viagra in pounds who is going off at the Rangers bench like a fucking moron on how he’s going to beat the shit out of every Ranger, how much to buy viagra in pounds “Wow on day in the NHL, how much to buy viagra in pounds it’s like fuckin’ fantasy camp” or Flyer Coach Peter Laviolette telling Dallas Stars to “go fuck himself” when Ott feels Laviolette disrespects his Stars teammates by using their exit to get to the locker room. How much to buy viagra in pounds  By the way, how much to buy viagra in pounds how did the Islanders ever fire Laviolette?  Oh that’s right, how much to buy viagra in pounds Mike Milburry was in charge.

How much to buy viagra in pounds I guess the euphoria over the NY Knickerbockers has died down a bit after back to back losses to Golden State and the Hollywood Fakers. How much to buy viagra in pounds It’s very hard to win in this league without a true point guard who can distribute the ball and keep Stoudimire and ‘Melo happy with dimes leading to points. How much to buy viagra in pounds  Some scoring off the bench, how much to buy viagra in pounds especially at the 2 guard would be nice as well and of course playing defense, how much to buy viagra in pounds especially in the interior is a must. How much to buy viagra in pounds But we know defense and Coach D’Antoni don’t mix, how much to buy viagra in pounds which is why Jimmy Dolan will regret the day he didn’t can Coach D and hire Mark Jackson .

How much to buy viagra in pounds In my Blue heart of hearts, how much to buy viagra in pounds I believe the NY Football Giants will beat the Dallas Cowgirls on Sunday night and win the NFC East but my stomach is still in knots thinking about the porous Giants secondary getting lit up by Tony Romo. How much to buy viagra in pounds  Just got to hope that JPP gets to Romo early and often.

How much to buy viagra in pounds The question Stephen A. How much to buy viagra in pounds Smith should have asked Rex Ryan was not if he’d take Peyton Manning over Mark Sanchez  but would Coach Big Mouth rather have Cam Newton over Dirty Sanchez? With all the Tebowing going on in the MSM, how much to buy viagra in pounds they have of course missed the obvious that Cam Newton is the NEXT BIG THING in the NFL.

How much to buy viagra in pounds If it weren’t for the assholes who make up the New York Highlander hierarchy, how much to buy viagra in pounds we NY Rangers fans would be getting ready to head to the South Bronx for Rangers-Flyers in the Winter Classic. How much to buy viagra in pounds But instead, how much to buy viagra in pounds the House That AJ Burnett Built will host a small time bullshit college football game. How much to buy viagra in pounds I guess it hasn’t sunk in to the powers that be who run the Bronx Bastards that no one in NYC gives a rat’s ass about college football but I guess they will realize it today when about a quarter of the stadium will have ass’s in the seats as opposed to the full house they would have had if they were hosting the Winter Classic.

How much to buy viagra in pounds Plus you know the NHL wanted the Rangers to play either the Montreal Canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs at Highlander Stadium but will settle for Rangers-Flyers in Philly just so the NY fan can bring his deep pockets 90 miles south.

How much to buy viagra in pounds To one and all I want to wish a Happy and most importantly a Healthy New Year.

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Buy cialis once daily  

Buy cialis once daily Lots of Mets news today to look at and I want get to it quick so I can read Howard Megdal’s new book “Wilpon’s Folly. Megdal has done what no other journalist s has attempted, buy cialis once daily he has conducted a full investigation into Wilpon’s involvement with Bernie Madoff and how December 11, buy cialis once daily 2008, buy cialis once daily the day Madoff was shown to be a world class thief and the worst day of Fred Wilpon’s life could rival the June 15, buy cialis once daily 1977 as the worst day in NY Mets history. Buy cialis once daily After I finish reading “Wilpon’s Folly” I’ll have more on the book but if you are a Mets fan and want to know the TRUTH about Madoff and what the Wilpon’s knew and when they knew it and where all this will leave our beloved Mets, buy cialis once daily you really need to get this book.

Buy cialis once daily Sandy Alderson has been named to International Talent Committee that was formed to study if MLB should institute a draft of International players. Buy cialis once daily Just one step closer to the Commissioner’s office for Alderson

Buy cialis once daily What’s this? The Mets are looking at dealing for Gio Gonzalez? It would be a feather in Alderson’s cap to pull this one off and if he feels parting with Jon Niese, buy cialis once daily Ike Davis and a minor leaguer or two is worth it, buy cialis once daily it still may not be enough to land Gonzalez.

Buy cialis once daily Wayne Hagin, buy cialis once daily we hardly knew ye. Buy cialis once daily Looks like Hagin’s days as Mets radio man are over. Buy cialis once daily Hagin never clicked with the fan base because we Mets fans are very provincial when it comes to announcers.  I’ve met Hagin a few times on the 7 train going back to the city after a Mets game and found him not only a gentleman but a great storyteller as well, buy cialis once daily but all that just didn’t translate into the radio booth during games. Buy cialis once daily A great hire to join Howie Rose in the radio booth would be Boog Sciambi.

Buy cialis once daily I’m a little late with this and I apologize as you need to check out Ed Marcus and Kerel Cooper’s video’s of Tuesdays Mets Christmas Party and the Q & A’s with Sandy Alderson, buy cialis once daily Justin Turner, buy cialis once daily Daniel Murphy and Jon Niese. Buy cialis once daily Yes that’s me asking Alderson about the catching situation.

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Viagra canda  

Viagra canda

Viagra canda The regurgitation of Jose Reyes’  free agent news   reminds me of Benjamin “Bubba” Blue in the movie Forest Gump when he talks about all the ways you can prepare shrimp, viagra canda you can fry ‘em, viagra canda bake ‘em, viagra canda sautee ‘em…………………..where only a simpleton like Gump would listen intently. 

Viagra canda Speaking of simpletons, viagra canda the Phily Phboy of the Daily News had an in depth report on the Mets choices for center field in 2012. Viagra canda Here we see with why he thinks Coco Crisp should be the club’s next CF’er:

Viagra canda Coco Crisp

Viagra canda Upside: Would be a fun name to write and say.

Viagra canda Go back to your coloring books now Andy.

Viagra canda I do agree with Martino on Pagan, viagra canda the rumblings around the team is Pagan and Ronnie Paulino have piss poor attitudes that both Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson want eradicated  from the clubhouse . Viagra canda Omar would have given both players 5 year deals.

Viagra canda No way do I want to see Rick Ankiel in CF in 2012, viagra canda I could live with Crisp and his shitty OBP for a year I guess but I’d much rather have B.J. Viagra canda Upton and make him perform for a contract. Viagra canda As I’ve written before make a big deal of Upton and Ben Zorbrist for Pelfrey, viagra canda Parnell, viagra canda Murphy and a low level minor leaguer. Viagra canda If that can’t be worked out then get creative with Grady Sizemore.

Viagra canda Joel Sherman and his one note band has more Reyes Reruns. Viagra canda Lather Rinse Repeat.

Viagra canda The Mets lost their Director of Amateur Scouting, viagra canda Chad MacDonald to the Padres where he will be new GM Josh Byrnes right hand man and as much as it’s sad that MacDonald, viagra canda a force behind last year’s Mets draft that got high marks from those who follow amateur baseball, viagra canda it is refreshing to see another team coveting a member of the Mets front office. Viagra canda Really who ever wanted to steal Tony Bernazard away from the Mets? The UFC? The Mets will stay in house by promoting scout Tommy Tanous to MacDonald’s old post.

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Natural viagra alternative Let me offer my condolences to you NY Jets fans out there and I know the Mets/Jets connection runs deep (most people when they hear I’m a Mets/Giants fans seem very surprised. Natural viagra alternative What surprises me are the number of people I know who are Highlander/Jets fans those are really rare birds) and team just could not overcome that brutal first half. Natural viagra alternative  

Natural viagra alternative Meanwhile, natural viagra alternative just 22 days until pitchers and catchers so while you long time Jets fans but those Richard Caster jersey’s in moth balls and the bandwagon jumpers run to Models to get their money back on their SANCHEZ 6 shirts they wore yesterday, natural viagra alternative let’s turn our attention to our favorite baseball team, natural viagra alternative besides it’s 7 degrees in NYC today so thoughts of warm breezes and palm trees are in order:

Natural viagra alternative Ed Ryan writes about how keeping Ollie Perez around is bad karma and in a way I agree. Natural viagra alternative If I had my way both Perez and Castillo would be bad memories and the fact is neither one of these slugs will make the team, natural viagra alternative the question is can the Mets get even a low level minor leaguer for either player and that’s why they’re still around. Natural viagra alternative The Mets have a better shot of getting something of low value for Castillo, natural viagra alternative especially if a team loses a second baseman during spring training. Natural viagra alternative Perez looks unmovable as no fan base would ever accept their team taking on this lead weight. Natural viagra alternative  The funny part is last week when Mike Pelfrey was asked about Perez, natural viagra alternative he was quite diplomatic saying the understood it’s been rough for him but Pelf claims Ollie would report every day and workout and go to the bullpen and not really make any waves. Natural viagra alternative Pelf hinted it would have been nice if Perez took the assignment to Buffalo and if he just showed up and ate seeds in the dugout that would have been a problem. Natural viagra alternative Still it’s a thorn in all Mets fans sides seeing both Castillo and Perez in blue and orange and none of us will be happy until we see DFA next to both their names.

Natural viagra alternative The Mets Police asks the question ‘Would you want a Mets FanFest” Well, natural viagra alternative since I’ve be advocating this for a few years now I guess my answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! Mets PoPo also asks where should it be held and what players, natural viagra alternative current and former, natural viagra alternative would you like to see at this event. Natural viagra alternative Most fans would say have it at Citi Field on a Saturday but I think the Javits Center would be better and make a weekend deal out it. Natural viagra alternative You would love to have all the current players attend and as many former one’s as you can. Natural viagra alternative The Mets could sell a lot of merchandise and season tickets at the event as well. Natural viagra alternative You could have Gary Cohen and Howie Rose hold a Mets trivia contest too. Natural viagra alternative I hope you’re reading this David Newman. Natural viagra alternative      

Natural viagra alternative Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has a follow up to his 15 Worst Endings To A Regular Season Game with 10 Worst Endings to Postseason Games. Natural viagra alternative Both posts are based on a column by Joe Posnanski on The Agony of Defeat but in his posts, natural viagra alternative Chris doesn’t use any of the items that Joe Pos had. Natural viagra alternative The Mets made the list twice. Natural viagra alternative Guess which games they are?

Natural viagra alternative I got some exciting news from Bill Ivie of I-70 Baseball Radio:

Natural viagra alternative  I-70 Baseball Radio will air tonight and announce to the world one of
the largest and most unique baseball sites to come about in a long
time.  The site will go live in a few weeks but tonight we will make
everyone aware that it is on it’s way.

Natural viagra alternative In addition, natural viagra alternative we will feature a “I Miss Baseball” discussion and talk
to quite a few writers for the new site on the air about their passion
for this game.  We will also open the phone lines to anyone that wants
to call in and talk about why they love baseball.  Writers for the new
site are coming from all directions and backgrounds from people that
are new to the writing game to some of the most successful writers on
the internet today.

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Viagra recipe

Viagra recipe We are so starved for Mets news that a deal for a backup shortstop for a 27 year old minor leaguer is being critiqued like the David Cone for Ed Hearn deal.

Viagra recipe That’s not to say it’s not a deal to discuss. Viagra recipe By acquiring shortstop Chin-lung Hu from the Dodgers for LHP Mike Antonini it solidifies Sandy Alderson’ statement that Ruben Tejada will be the everyday short stop in Buffalo in 2011 and that’s a good thing. Viagra recipe  It also says there will be some competition for bench positions come spring in training camp.

Viagra recipe Hu has shown a good bat in Triple A but his minor league offense has not translated well in the big leagues. Viagra recipe If anything he’s known for his glove at short and the Mets have not had a true backup at shortstop so this is a positive as well. Viagra recipe   

Viagra recipe Hu has played some second base but if he makes the team it will be as Jose Reyes understudy.

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What Is Better Than Viagra order viagra order viagra order viagra order viagra Before I get on with this quick post on the Christmas Eve let me first wish one and all a happy and healthy Christmas. order viagra This will be it around here for today and tomorrow but before we break for Christmas a few quickies: order viagra order viagra Please Theo Epstein do us Mets fans a favor and sign Jason Bay. order viagra Theo, order viagra you are a bright young GM and you played this perfectly as the only suitor for Bay is this broken down NL team with no direction home. order viagra Bravo Theo, order viagra bravo. order viagra order viagra Fernando Martinez can you be a has been even though you’ve never been? I wish MLB Network would do a show like E Entertainment does on Hollywood stars who fall to shit about ball players or future phenoms who never make it as F- Mart’s story would be epic. order viagra Who knows, order viagra now that Martinez has fallen off the major league wagon he can go back to being a minor leaguer learning to play baseball. order viagra order viagra Couples split all the time but I was so sorry to hear about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins breaking up. Now Sarandon is a great actress and I can’t pass by a display of lemons at the supermarket without think of her in the film Atlantic City but it’s Robbins, order viagra who is more than just a great actor, order viagra he is a great sports fan that made pause to feel upset of this breakup. order viagra I have met Tim Robbins twice in my life both at sporting events. order viagra Once at Shea as he is a big Mets fan and another time at Madison Square Garden as he is also a huge Rangers fan and a hockey player. order viagra I never knew how tall Robbins was until I met him in person, order viagra I’m 6ft and he is about a head taller than me. order viagra When I saw him at MSG, order viagra he was hanging out near the ice watching warm-ups like us other Rangers fans and when I recognized him I said that I had met him at Shea and in fact it was after the 2007 season or as we call it the Great Collapse of ’07, order viagra and we commiserated while watching the Blueshirts skate in warm ups He could not have been more gracious and being that we are the same age we not shared love of Mets and Rangers but rock music as well. order viagra I hope to run into again sometime this winter at MSG or at $iti Field in the spring. order viagra order viagra Speaking of MSG, order viagra I can not believe it’s been 30 years since the Boston Bruins-Mike Milburry, order viagra Peter McNab, order viagra Terry O’Reily-stormed the stands at the Garden, order viagra right in front of me. order viagra My friends and I had season tickets in Blue Seats and when there were two minutes left in every home game we used to “make the move” downstairs to watch the end of the game, order viagra hear the 3 stars of the game and then head into the Manhattan night. order viagra There was tension in the building most of the night as there were with most Ranger-Bruin games. order viagra But when Milburry hopped over the glass followed by his teammates all hell broke lose. order viagra The funniest part of that night was when I got home and my mom and dad sitting in the living room by the phone. order viagra They were watching the 11 O’clock news and saw the riot, order viagra they both swore my friends and I were involved. order viagra Ah, order viagra good times.

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