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Viagra levitra I have no idea what kind of scheme Mortimer and Randolph Duke Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul have up their sleeve but I’m sure it’s destined to fail. Viagra levitra  I don’t know if it’s some boost of confidence that the Madoff fiasco won’t hurt them as much as first thought, viagra levitra or they sold off some real estate from their Sterling Equities properties, viagra levitra or they finally realized that David Einhorn was ready to pay them $200 mil to be a minority owner but read the fine print that tilted everything in favor of Einhorn taking total control of the franchise, viagra levitra but something has stopped the Skill Sets from checking that box that says I agree to the terms of this contract.

Viagra levitra What does this all mean? I have no clue and we won’t have a clue until the season ends and Sandy Alderson sits down with Jose Reyes’ representatives to talk contract. Viagra levitra Just when I thought the Mets had the upper hand in the Reyes negotiations, viagra levitra the advantage has swayed back to Team Jose. Viagra levitra  All the talk of finding more investors at a $15-$20 mil price tag to make up for the money the Skill Sets told Einhorn to put back in his pocket, viagra levitra better be used in part to re-sign Reyes or it won’t matter which uncle, viagra levitra aunt or next door neighbor ponies up the dough, viagra levitra the Skill Sets have put the bulls eye right between their eyes with the fan base. Viagra levitra  If the Jose Reyes signs with another team at a price and contract terms that are not outlandish, viagra levitra you might as well as turn Citi Field into a permanent soccer pitch.

Viagra levitra I have ZERO faith that Freddy and Uncle Saul have a plan to save the franchise, viagra levitra this latest scheme of selling more shares in the team has FAIL written all over it, viagra levitra especially when the say they will sell to “friends and family” isn’t that how they got into this mess in the first place?

Viagra levitra The clandestine ways of this ownership is why there is such a disconnect with them and the fan base.  I believe nothing that comes out of the mouth of Freddy Skill Sets and his incompetent son. Viagra levitra  I’m sure I’m not alone.

Viagra levitra What really sucks about this whole ownership in an uproar news, viagra levitra is the focus had finally shifted from the owner’s box to the dugout. Viagra levitra  The recent winning streak after such a poor showing against the Phuck Phaces shows that Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have changed the culture of the clubhouse. Viagra levitra The malcontents and slackers who Omar Minaya protected instead of eradicating are gone and players who are committed to winning have been replaced. Viagra levitra Sure the record is not pretty but that will come, viagra levitra the biggest obstacle with this team was the acceptance of being lazy and just not being committed to winning baseball games that had been festering like an untreated infection, viagra levitra is gone and that is the biggest story of this season.

Viagra levitra Who wasn’t excited by Chris Capuano start last week? Who doesn’t enjoy watching R.A. Viagra levitra Dickey pitch and then hear his post game comments?  Who isn’t excited watching Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada? Who can’t wait to see Matt Harvey, viagra levitra Jeurys Familia, viagra levitra and Zack Wheeler make their way to Citi Field? Let’s just hope that the Skill Sets, viagra levitra as is their way, viagra levitra don’t fuck this up.

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How to get viagra no prescription When I was first notified of this event I thought it was stupid. How to get viagra no prescription Why? Because it’s pretty obvious that Mets fans don’t want Reyes going anywhere and I don’t think Sandy Alderson wants him to go anywhere and no matter how much you stomp your feet and scream that won’t put funds in the in Mets empty coffers.

How to get viagra no prescription But my view of this event has changed and I now feel this is a great time an opportunity for Mets fans to show the new minority owner that Reyes (and David Wright) needs to be A Met 4 Life. How to get viagra no prescription  Frankly I would love to protest the keeping of Reyes by having a mass walkout of Citi Field during the bottom of the 5th inning of a game, how to get viagra no prescription just to show the Skill Sets and Minority Einhorn, how to get viagra no prescription what the ball park will look like next year without our beloved shortstop.

How to get viagra no prescription I know I’m putting too much faith in Minority Einhorn to stepped up and kick some Wilpon ass but I have to believe the Stealth Bomber GM (Sandy Alderson) will have a big say in this as well. How to get viagra no prescription  Alderson chucked Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo not only because they sucked but he felt negative fan sentiment was so strong, how to get viagra no prescription it was the right thing to do. How to get viagra no prescription Now with that same Mets fan passion in a positive way, how to get viagra no prescription Alderson seems to have gotten the message that he needs to be as creative as possible in keeping Reyes a Met. How to get viagra no prescription If he doesn’t then the message will be sent to the Mets fan base, how to get viagra no prescription WE DON”T WANT YOU EITHER!

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Cheap generic viagra  

Last night I was fortunate enough to be a part of the fastest hour of radio ever on The Kult of Mets Personalities with the crew of Kiner’s Korner and Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest. We spoke of our late friend Dana Brand, cheap generic viagra and then we got into our thoughts on the soon to be minority owner, cheap generic viagra David Einhorn.

Cheap generic viagra To me Einhorn missed his mark yesterday to get Mets fans behind him, cheap generic viagra all he had to do was say he was investing not only $200mil to bail the organization out but he’s also throwing in an additional $45 mil for the sole purpose of buying out Jason Bay’s contract and as for Jose Reyes, cheap generic viagra “Jose, cheap generic viagra have your people call my people”.

Cheap generic viagra Born in Jersey and raised in Milwaukee and a neighbor to the Selig’s this is no co-winky-dink that he was brought in as a minority owner of the Mets. Cheap generic viagra Plus he’s not paying $200 mil for a good parking spot and a cushioned ball park seat; he’s here to fix what’s broken and to take over the whole operation.

Cheap generic viagra As we discussed on the podcast last night, cheap generic viagra Einhorn made his money taking over companies that were swimming in red ink and making them solvent again. Cheap generic viagra The Skill Sets have proven that running the Mets and investing money is way beyond their “Skill Sets” level.

Cheap generic viagra Listening to Boomer and Carton this morning, cheap generic viagra Carton was his buffoon self mocking Einhorn on his voice and not being very tall, cheap generic viagra one thing Carton forgot is Einhorn is as ruthless as any organized crime capo or any so called “Gangsta” . Cheap generic viagra I worked on Wall St for a few years and the only business that is close to it in ruthlessness and taking people down and not giving a shit is the drug trade. Cheap generic viagra  As we’ve seen over that the past few years, cheap generic viagra Wall Street guys like Einhorn just don’t give a fuck on whom they have to step over to win. Cheap generic viagra If Einhorn has to jack up Freddy and Uncle Saul and smack the shit out of Jeffey to make the Mets profitable for him to takeover when (not if it’s when) the Skill Sets have to sell, cheap generic viagra he doesn’t want to buy a loser.

Cheap generic viagra Einhorn has said he will be in the background and not heard from. Cheap generic viagra I remember a ship builder from Cleveland saying that nearly 40 years ago in the Bronx. Cheap generic viagra That $200 mil Einhorn is putting down is no gift, cheap generic viagra it’s a down payment.

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Generic cialis soft tabs I was set to write about the new minority owner (soon to be majority owner?) David Einhorn, generic cialis soft tabs until I found out about the passing of Dana Brand. Generic cialis soft tabs To say I’m shocked and saddened is an understatement.

Generic cialis soft tabs When Dana wrote his book Mets Fans, generic cialis soft tabs he was gracious to invite me to the book launch party. Generic cialis soft tabs Dana was a long time reader of this blog and never hesitated to tell me how much he loved my writing, generic cialis soft tabs this from a professor of English and American Literature at Hofstra University who gained his PhD from Yale, generic cialis soft tabs loved reading what I wrote. Generic cialis soft tabs It was because of that, generic cialis soft tabs the e-mails I receive about my needing an editor and a grammar course made me laugh, generic cialis soft tabs if Professor Brand liked my work what the hell did I care what anyone else thought.

Generic cialis soft tabs I had attended a few games with Dana and I got to meet up with him at the last game at Shea Stadium. Generic cialis soft tabs Dana and I grew up in the same era and whenever I’d mention bringing my Boars Head bologna sandwich, generic cialis soft tabs Wise onion garlic potato chips and my Key Food Root Beer left in the freezer overnight and wrapped in tin foil, generic cialis soft tabs he give me that big hearty laugh of his as he had the same game day routine. Generic cialis soft tabs  We all did, generic cialis soft tabs it was a big part of Metsfandom.

Generic cialis soft tabs It’s why whenever we met at Citi Field we acted like a couple of old farts, generic cialis soft tabs when he’d look around and say “eh, generic cialis soft tabs it’s not Shea and shake our heads. Generic cialis soft tabs We both knew, generic cialis soft tabs when Shea was gone so was a major part of our lives as Mets fans.

Generic cialis soft tabs I am going to miss Dana tremendously as will all of the Mets Bloggers who knew but no one will miss him more than his family and to the Brand family I offer my most heartfelt condolence.

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