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Ladies viagra Mark it down on your calendar May 27th it will be Banner Day at Citi Field and before you read anything else today you MUST read Mets Police posting today on what Banner Day means and how you should properly behavior on this day.

Ladies viagra Yeah, ladies viagra Yeah I know the owners suck, ladies viagra team sucks, ladies viagra Citi Field sucks yada, ladies viagra yada and more endless yada. Ladies viagra That’s why it is time for you to stop all of your sobbing (right Ray?) and get involved in something that is fun and a big part of the fabric of what it is to be a Mets fan.

Ladies viagra I hope all you red-ass Mets fans know that any derogatory signs or banners you feel is your right to bring to Citi Field that day will never make it on to the field and before you kill the Mets for screening the banners that will be on display think about what’s worse screening banners or being refused access to use the rest room during God Bless America?

Ladies viagra How great is it to be Steve Cohen? Cohen is a true hedge fund impresario. Ladies viagra He is in the running for ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers but he also is buying a minority stake in the Mets. Ladies viagra It’s a win-win all around for Cohen, ladies viagra if he gets the Dodgers, ladies viagra he becomes sole owner, ladies viagra if he loses out on the Dodgers, ladies viagra he’ll still have his wallet in the door to be sole owner of Mets. Ladies viagra In fact I wouldn’t be shocked if Bud Selig is working a backroom deal with Cohen, ladies viagra Wilpon and MLB to drive up the sale price of the Dodgers with Cohen getting a bigger piece of the Mets, ladies viagra still a minority share but more that 10-20% with the agreement that is the Wilpon’s have to sell they sell outright to Cohen.

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Viagra prescription drug A few quick hits as my workload is piling up and next week is a real shorty for me:

Viagra prescription drug I guess I’m numb to MLB screwing with the game that I’m not upset over the adding of a second wild card, viagra prescription drug maybe as soon as this coming season. Viagra prescription drug In fact as a Mets fan, viagra prescription drug I should be ecstatic about it as it gives the team a better chance to reach the organizations goal of “meaningful games in September”.

Viagra prescription drug  I would even go further even further with the destruction of what was once sacred the 162 games season and a true league champion, viagra prescription drug and abolish the division structure and make two 15 team leagues and have the first 8 teams make the playoffs. Viagra prescription drug I guess it’s the NHL/ (defunct) NBA fan in me that would like to see this. Viagra prescription drug Cut the season to 148 or 150 games and start 1 plays 8, viagra prescription drug 2 play 7 and so on, viagra prescription drug 7 game series. Viagra prescription drug  You’d have to have a balanced schedule, viagra prescription drug which  you should anyway with a wild card spot in play, viagra prescription drug and with 15 teams per league, viagra prescription drug there has to be an interleague game every day. Viagra prescription drug Hey can’t have anything but anything that gets the Mets closer to a post season berth gets my vote. Viagra prescription drug  

Viagra prescription drug Check out Ed “Rusty Jr.” at the Real Dirty Mets as he has posted video of the Mets bloggers talking with Howie Rose and David Wright.

Viagra prescription drug I guess you heard that the Skill Sets have seven investors lined up to buy a minority share of the club for $20 mil. Viagra prescription drug I am proud to say I have inquired about buying in and have 20 of these bills ready for delivery to get my piece of the Mets pie.  NYUCK! NYUCK! NYUCK!

Viagra prescription drug As we get closer to Thanksgiving I just want to say how thankful I am that I am not a fan of the NY Jets. Being a Mets fan is agonizing enough but I really feel for the Mets/Jets fan of which they are plentiful. Viagra prescription drug With that said, viagra prescription drug Dirty Sanchez sucks, viagra prescription drug Rex needs to shut the fuck up and Brian Schottenheimer makes the awful Kevin Gilbride look like Vince Lombardi in his heyday as NY Giants OC.  By the way, viagra prescription drug for all the insults hurled at Tim Teabow, viagra prescription drug he may not be a work of art and statistically unimpressive but the results are there as the Broncos are tied for the AFC West lead with Oakland. Viagra prescription drug Who’da think it Teabow in the playoffs and Dirty Sanchez on the couch.

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Viagra overnight So Bobby Valentine is trying to put together a group to buy the Mets or at least a minority share. Viagra overnight I doubt that BV has the coin to pull this off but he what he does have is the “it” factor and the ability to front the franchise in a positive way unlike Freddy, viagra overnight Jeffey and Uncle Saul who infuriated the fan base. Viagra overnight If he can get some deep pocketed investors to join him and let him be the out front guy, viagra overnight it could be interesting

Viagra overnight  With the passing of Duke Snider yesterday, viagra overnight lost in the days news was the untimely passing of former Met Greg Goosen. Viagra overnight Last night the Mets 1965 Yearbook played on SNY and there was Goosen shown as one of the up and coming young stars of the Mets along with “Robust” Ron Swoboda, viagra overnight Johnny Lewis and Ed Kranepool. Viagra overnight Goosen was also a key figure in Jim Bouton’ classic book, viagra overnight  BALL FOUR. Viagra overnight One story, viagra overnight when Goosen was a teammate of Bouton’s on the 1969 Seattle Pilots on a bus ride passing an old building  that had an inscription” Erected in 1883″, viagra overnight to that Goosen replied “that’s some long errection. Viagra overnight R.I.P. Viagra overnight Greg.”

Viagra overnight Sniff, viagra overnight Snifff what kind of smoke is that, viagra overnight that Chipper Jones is blowing up the Mets ass? Hickory? Mesquite?

Viagra overnight On my last visit to Citi Field, viagra overnight I wrote about Josh Thole being a good guy and helping me get access onto the media scrum by moving a chair and taking my backpack for me now if that weren’t enough to endear Thole to me it was announced that he will be the Mets union rep this year. Viagra overnight So now Thole and I are Union brothers in arms. Viagra overnight Sorry all you wanna be union busters!!!!!!!!

Viagra overnight How in the world could anyone watch the Academy Awards when the Knicks-Heat game was on at same time? I’m not even a Knicks fan but I was glued to that game. Viagra overnight As a basketball fan it’s good to see the Knicks and St Johns back on the right track and have the city talking basketball again.

Viagra overnight Oliver Perez still sucks.

Viagra overnight Mets and Nats today in St Lonesome. Viagra overnight Big Pelf makes spring debut, viagra overnight Dan Murphy plays 3rd base, viagra overnight F-Mart DH, viagra overnight Castillo gets another start at 2nd Base

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Buying viagra in canada The company line out of Freddy, buying viagra in canada Jeffey and Uncle Saul has been, buying viagra in canada this situation with the Madoff swiddle DOES NOT EFFECT THE OPERATION OF THE NY METS, buying viagra in canada well that seems to be an untruth or as a we say in Brooklyn a bunch of bullshit.

Buying viagra in canada The Skill Sets announced today that they are looking to add a “strategic partner” a/k/a deep pocket investor, buying viagra in canada to take a minority share of the ball club. Buying viagra in canada The reason they need to raise cash fast (I guess Cash 4 Gold couldn’t cut it for the Skill Sets) and the only asset they have that would bring them the coin they need is the Mets. Buying viagra in canada So much for the bullshit that was thrown at Mets fans that the New York Mets baseball team will not be effected by the Madoff heist.

Buying viagra in canada Not only is Sterling Equities the subject of lawsuits but the Wilpons are now talking abour personal law suits that will be brought against them. Buying viagra in canada Who knows what will come out in these court cases about what the Wilpon’s knew and when they knew it?

Buying viagra in canada In my uneduated opinion, buying viagra in canada this looks to be the start of the Fall of the Skill Sets Empire. Buying viagra in canada I’m sure as soon as this news broke, buying viagra in canada Jim Dolan got on the horn to make his offer.  I don’t know the what the details of the Mets/Wilpon ownership share is with SNY but Dolan would love to his hooks on SNY and fold it into MSG network and have the Mets as his much needed summer programing.

Buying viagra in canada The Skill Sets will have no shortage of suitors to get on board but it could come with a price more than money. Buying viagra in canada I’m sure there will be a right of first refusal clause in any deal and I’m sure there will be a sign off on any contracts or deals that the next investor would want. Buying viagra in canada So whoever becomes the new Skill Sets partner has them by the balls. Buying viagra in canada Who knows how much it will cost in legal fees and payouts to settle this Madoff mess?  This could be the first step in having new ownership for the NY Mets.

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